Sunday, August 31, 2008


wow... another year, another wrinkle, a walking, talking, little boy, a new part-time job...

so many new things... as well as a new year for this old soul inside of me. yes, today's my birthday, and you wouldn't think it, but i actually forgot this morning. it wasn't the first thought that crossed my mind (which is a first, lemme tell ya)... i didn't feel like pulling the sheets over my head or dread getting up and out of bed to face that 'birthday' day, and i didn't moan from the thought of it when hubby got up and sang, "happy birthday to you", while i was still snuggling next to the little one.

really, this is a first and i wonder why. why no complaining on my part? no bad mood because i'm another year older, no ..................... , no .................. , nothing. where has it all gone? why did i forget that it was my birthday? hmmmm.....

my friend, bint battuta's birthday is tomorrow, and then my friend, puppy, has one on the 7th of this month, and then another blog friend, rain, has one coming up... but i can't remember the date (i'm so bad w/ dates!!)... and i'm sure there are some others if i just think hard enough, but why put my precious brain and the few brain cells i have left thru such daunting tasks!!? ;) so i wont! :)

our wedding anniversary is also coming up.... strange since i NEVER remember it!! this year i did... that's a first! so many good things in such a short time frame. :)

anyway... instead of going on and on and on.... i'll just end it here and say, "Happy Birthday friends!!! May your day be filled with happiness, peace and love, and may the year bring you fabulous surprises around every corner of your world."

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

last wknd's horse adventure

Last weekend was an easy weekend, in that there wasn't a lot to do, so we decided to take Naief to one of the riding schools in Sa'ar to see the horses. It was Friday and this particular stable was closed, but there were guys there cleaning and they allowed us to go in.

The place was huge with more than 25 stables, all full of horses of various colors and sizes. They were so beautiful. I love horses. Always have, but there's a small part of me that is afraid of them for some reason. I'm not afraid of donkeys or mules (they are extremely gentle creatures), but horses ... I don't know, I get a little spooked sometimes.

Naief seems to have taken on that same feeling... for he loves looking at them, and loves when me and daddy make horse sounds when we're looking at pictures, singing or playing, but to get up close, it frightens the day lights outta him! ;)

When we walked in, there were a few horses that started naying... (is that the right word?!!), so he and I walked over to the stable area with daddy going right up to one of the biggest ones there, talking and gently rubbing this big animal. I started, slowly, to walk to where he was, but as soon as I got even a little close, Naief started screaming with fright. This is the 2nd time this has happened.. the first being when we stopped along the side of the road one day when some guys were out riding horses... he did the same, but I figured it was because it was his first time up close to such a big animal.

So... I backed up and we walked around to the other side of the stables where there were three huge riding areas. One horse that was out was so very old. Don't think I've ever seen a horse this old... made me a bit sad for some reason.. and then in the other area there were two huge, and I mean HUGE, male horses. They immediately came to the fence as we approached, but since Naief started squirming, I didn't go too close. Hashim soon followed and went right up to one of them and the horse took right to him. He loved Hashim, matter of fact. He started licking him, allowed Hashim to hug him, so I went a little closer, stuck out my arm - let him smell me - and then tried to pet him and the horse did this snort thing that caused a huge gush of air to come from his nostrils, so I backed up a bit. Maybe he could sense Naief's uneasiness and mine.. not sure, but even still, he was so beautiful, and I loved standing there watching as Hashim rubbed him, talked to him... and such.

Wish I had taken apples...

We walked further down to where there were two women out w/ the horses. One was bathing a horse, while the other woman took one out into the riding area and worked w/ him. There were two dogs running around and one came right up to me and Naief, jumping up to say hello, which caused Naief to cry. I bent down, but it scared Naief too much and the dog ran away. I tried again, later, to call the dog to come to us, but he wanted no part of the child that was in my arms! ;)

Naief loved Cody, my sister's dog, when we were in California, and, at some point, we want to get a dog, but I guess he's being overly cautious right now and is afraid of most everything it seems. I've noticed his uneasiness around strangers a bit as well, so I'm assuming it's a stage.

Anyway... I loved this place. They had cats roaming around ... which very much pleased Naief. I let him down and he ran after a few of them, but since they were content not to be bothered by anyone, they ran away as soon as he got close. :)

Hashim and I talked about getting a horse or starting riding lessons... it would be really nice to be able to do either... altho I think having a horse would be a lot of work... and I'm not sure either of us have the time to devote to such, but it would be fun to take some riding lessons or at least go and visit the horses more often.

As we were leaving, we heard the dogs barking from the BSPCA that is just across the dirt road (probably 10 steps away). You couldn't see inside, but it sounded as though there were 20 or so dogs inside. It's sad to think about those dogs wanting and needing a home... only to be put down after a few days if no one has adopted them. Sad that so many ppl refuse to take care of their animals and so many wind up paying the price for it. I wish ppl had a different attitude towards animals in these parts. So many see it as a burden instead of something that can light up your life in so many ways and bring joy to all around them, especially children.

But anyway....

oh yeah... about a week 1/2 ago, me, Hashim and Naief were outside in the front yard and guess who we heard? Henry!!! There's no mistaking his call. I was so happy. It's weird because I had been thinking about him just a few days before that, so I was just thrilled to hear him. I called back to him and looked around, up in the trees, but saw nothing. I really hope it was him and, if so, I'm really glad to know he's still alive!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

USA vs. Brazil.... and other stuff

Saw the volleyball finals this afternoon and, boy, was it good!! The women were neck in neck for most of the game... altho, Brazil did pull ahead in the first quarter, the US won the 2nd and then Brazil won at the end.... they were so happy. I just love to see teams (individuals) so happy when they win a gold medal. Seems like such a long time ago that I'd see players crying when their national anthem was playing. I don't think I've seen such in a good while. This year... not once have I seen it. Shoot... I cry and I'm not even playing!! :)

Pretty soon the Olympics will be coming to an end. It's been a good year. China has really competed well... winning several gold medals and showing true sportsmanship - even in the face of controversy - w/ reports that a few of their gymnasts are 14, when the age of an Olympian has to be 16. Even w/ this said, I'm really happy they had a chance to shine and that so many countries were able to win gold medals for the first time ever.

I really enjoyed watching the power lifting. Saw a friend's countrymen doing well and felt really happy when China won at least two gold medals in this competition. I also really enjoyed watching track and field... boy, that Jamaican guy can run!! Did anyone see him running the 200M?!! Wow!!! As the announcer on Dubai Sports says, "Ya Salam" (wow)!! I heard that many times today while the volleyball game was going on! ;) I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the Russian woman winning at the pole volt. She broke her own world record, matter of fact. That was exciting stuff... lemme tell ya!! The one thing I did regret was not being able to see more gymnastics. Seemed like I might have been the only one in this part of the world really interested because Dubai Sports wasn't interested in showing too much of it... but oh well.

I also missed some of the best swimming competitions as well. Was talking to my sister on the telephone one morning - my time - and she was right in the middle of watching one competition, which was taped, and I had missed all of it. It was when Phelps was winning big time, so I was a bit down about that. I did catch a lot of diving, which I love... and, again, China was kicking butt w/ that.

Soon it'll be over and my world will be back to normal :'( ... Olympicless... so sad.


I will add, on a personal note, that I have reconnected w/ my older sister after two (edit: I'd say it's been more like 4, after seriously thinking about it) years, and I'm really happy about this. My younger sister was instrumental in helping this along, and if it hadn't been for her, don't think it would have happened so soon if at all because I am one stubborn thing when it comes to matters of the heart.

I've really missed talking to her over the last couple of years... finding myself longing to call her many a day, but didn't, and only wishing that we were close like before.... but now, things are ok again. I made the initial call to her. I think it was around 3:00 a.m. her time... and when she answered the phone, I couldn't even talk. My voice cracked and that was it. I knew if I tried to carry on a conversation, all to be heard would be tears/sobs of joy... but when you're in the midst of such, they don't sound so joyful, now do they?!!

My mother is there visiting w/ her right now and flies back to Florida to spend the rest of her summer w/ her sister, my auntie. Gosh, it's been forever since seeing my auntie... something like .... gosh, I don't know, probably 20 years!!! No kidding. The last time I saw her, I was a teenager. She moved to Florida w/ her husband and that's the last I saw of her. She has since visited my sister in California and I was able to talk to her on Skype, which was good, but ain't it weird how no matter how long it's been, there's still something that connects family. I can truly say that I hardly know her now, but am starting to get to know her again through emailing and pictures... and I'm really happy for it.

Ramadan is almost upon us. This year I will be cooking at home and treating my own family to good home cooking and homemade desserts. I'm excited for many reasons... the main one, our family can start our own tradition w/ respect to Ramadan and it really tickles me that it has the possibility of becoming truly special and, two, I don't have to put up w/ any outside 'stuff'.... if you know what I mean?!! :)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Who will it be?

Barack Obama


John McCain

Just watched 'the Place for Politics - Forum on the Presidency - on MSNBC. Pat Roberts thinks John McCain was funny, at the top of his game... while Barack Obama seemed terrified and a college sophmore that was facing finals w/out studying... the woman on the panel is also very much against Barack Obama. I find myself in total disbelief when I sit and listen to this stuff.

MSNBC is obviously very pro-Republican. Republicans never cease to amaze me.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

my first trauma experience

This morning around 9:30 a.m., I was in the bedroom getting ready for the little swimming party we were gonna have at our house... everything was going fine until I heard Naief make some type of sound. I turned around and saw what I thought was paint on his forehead... then he cried out. As I moved over to him, I realized he had fallen and cut his forehead wide open on the corner edge of the wall!!! As I approached him, he started crying and the opening gushed blood.

I terrified me... but it's amazing how fast your instincts or something takes over. I swooped him up in my arms, carried him to the bed and put his pajama top on the opening. phew.... it was bleeding soooo much! I called Hashim and told him to come immediately that Naief had fallen and busted his head open, then hung up.... we're a one car family, which isn't good for times like these. Thank goodness he only works about 6 or 7 mins. away and was able to get here in no time, altho it seemed like a lifetime.

I called my SIL and cancelled the pool party, crying as I told her what had happened. She told me she'd come immediately. Naief started to cry again and as I tried to soothe him, my SIL arrived, looked at him and said, "yellah, let's take him to hospital"...

All the while, Naief is going in between crying and staying completely calm. So calm that it amazes me. He doesn't try to push the washcloth w/ ice from his forehead... he doesn't do nothing but stay still.

We see Hashim on our way. He goes home to get insurance information and we go to the hospital. I take him to the emergency room where they tell me that he'll have to have stiches because it's so deep. You wouldn't think that a wall could cause a gash so deep.... or at least I never thought about it.

Hashim arrives shortly after, signs in and gets his file and then we wait on the dr. It's probably 10 mins, if that, and the dr. comes and my SIL is told to leave the room, Hashim leaves the room and I stay there to talk to him. There were 3 other nurses and the dr. My SIL comes back and tells me to go that she'll stay there w/ him, so I go out, only to pace the floor as I hear Naief screaming and calling, "momma".

It was sooo terrible. I wanted to run to him, lift him up in my arms and take him away from there, but I knew I couldn't. They inject him w/ pain med on the site, after rolling him up in a sheet to keep his arms and legs from moving, then cover his face w/ this cloth and then start the procedure. He starts screaming bloody murder.... first "momma" and then "bubba"... over and over again. It's terrible to hear your child scream from pain and fear, let me tell ya. I start to cry and Hashim goes in to comfort him or try the best he could. Poor little thing... my heart breaks for him.

Finally, the dr. finishes. He's crying so much, is blood red and sweating sooo much. He wants me, but all I can do is stand there and tell him, "it's ok, momma's here". They wrap his head up in a bandage and then it's ok for me to take him in my arms.

We have to wait just a little bit while the dr. finishes up the paperwork, then we're allowed to leave.

He's okay, but will be dealing w/ pain today.

It's so scary when you see how fast something can happen. I'm so thankful he's okay. He's been so good through this and only cried a little this afternoon and touched his head so I gave him pain meds. He's sleeping now... he was so exhausted.

You know... it truly touched my heart at how fast my SIL responded to my need for help. It's hard not having your family when things like this happen. I'm so thankful she lives across the street and that she cares enough about us to come so quickly. It makes me feel so loved. :'(

Sunday, August 10, 2008

swimming competitions & not eating delimma

Watching the women swimming competitions right now. I think swimming has almost become my favorite sport... altho I do enjoy sprinting, track & field and such. Yesterday I was watching relay swimming competitions, in the bedroom, while Naief was napping. I got so excited that I screamed out when America came from third place to take the lead.... it was SOOO exciting! I couldn't help but jumping and screaming... and wouldn't ya know it... I woke him up! :) so we sat and watched together... he loves the water and I only hope that he grows up to enjoy the events as much as I do... I know Hashim is really getting into it, which I love... so maybe we'll wind up being one happy Olympic cheering family! :)

We watched volleyball last night which was incredibly exciting. USA vs. Japan... wow... those girls could play. I love volleyball... loved playing in high school... Hashim as well... so it was reallly fun to watch two incredible teams up against each other. I thought for sure that Japan would win, but we pulled through at the end.... I am always amazed and thrilled at how the US is able to come from behind and pull off victories... really shows you how dedicated they are... makes me proud.

I saw President Bush in the stands cheering on the American team in the swimming competitions. He didn't know the camera was on him and, you know, he was so excited, cheering and waving his flag. Gave me chills to see him like that... like a real person.

Still haven't seen this Bahraini guy come up to compete... hopefully I'll catch it... coz I've realized that it's much too difficult to abandon all else to watch the Olympics when you have a little one at home!! It's totally impossible :)


One thing I wanted to ask you mother's and father's out there is this... Naief has gotten a big independent streak as of late. Before, he would sit in his highchair and eat on his own, sometimes allowing me or bubba to help him if he wasn't getting enough on his spoon and whatnot, but NOW.... there is no help allowed and he's basically gotten to the point that he wont eat. He hates sitting in his highchair now... I'm assuming that he feels he's too big or some such - not sure - and when he does sit there, he's more interested in playing w/ his food than eating. If I try to feed him, it makes the whole situation worse. He'll shut his lips as tight as possible and move his head from side to side as fast as possible. Yeah, I've stooped to begging, but it does no good. At that point, he wants to get down and wont eat anything at all.

This has been going on for a few wks now. I called the dr. last week and told him because I'm really worried about it. I noticed the other day that he had little circles forming in the corners of his eyes... I'm assuming from a lack of food or something or maybe it's just my worrisome nature that causes me to think that, but, seriously, this child is hardly eating. He's still taking a bottle, which has been my saving grace and his, for he'll take a bottle over everything else.

I'm starting to wonder if part of it is due to the independent streak and maybe it's scaring him a bit. He wants it, but then doesn't. I know children go thru this.

The dr. said that it's normal for him to be doing this... that most children go through this phase.... phew.. that took a lot off of my shoulders, but what about not getting enough nutrition?! He recommended a vitamin that will boost his hunger... "hmmm", I thought, and decided to get some. We picked it up and after reading the pamphlet inside, this vitamin supp could cause him to become a bit tired or act as a stimulant.

I've been using it for 3 days now and it's good. He's eating better, altho didn't eat a lot today... only took two bites of lunch and one bite of breakfast (i never force food on him... if he doesn't, eat, then i let him down or put the food up). He did eat some pita bread w/ cream cheese after getting down from lunch, but that's it - and only a half sandwich. I made foul for breakfast, but, like I said, he refused it. I'm assuming he doesn't like foul. ;) or maybe he doesn't like it the way I fix it! I read where it can take up to trying something 15 times before a child will eat it.

I don't know... I feel like I don't know what to do. I don't want to get into a habit of making him special food... actually I refuse to do this. I've done the whole, "he'll eat when he's hungry" thing, but I swear to you... he'll go and go w/out eating. Now, he'll eat tons of fruit, but that's about it... except for chips! In-laws gave him bags of chips while he was visiting and now that's all he wants... if he sees a bag or such. I made the mistake of giving it to him... because you want to make your little one happy, but I honestly wish he had never tasted a chip!

Does anyone have any advice to give this momma that's at her wit's end? Have you gone thru this before and if you did, what did you do.. how did you get your little one to start eating again? Any tips or tricks??

Friday, August 08, 2008

Bravo! China

China should be proud!!! What an incredible opening ceremony. The part where the Olympic rings come up from the ground and float in the air - amazing, all the drummers - WOW, bringing the old and new together to create one was magnificent, all the shots of the crowd, the athletes coming in at the end and China's team - their smiles, their enthusiasm, the speech from the President of the Olympic Committee - superb, the incredible feeling I got when, not only Bahrain, but many of the Arab countries came onto the field - I felt such pride and joy for these teams (which is a first :) ), and then to see the American team come onto the field and President Bush - I felt such happiness... gets me every time.

I'm not sure what it is, but every 4 yrs, I completely abandon all else to sit and watch every possible piece of the Olympics... I just love the summer games. And to think, Bahrain has a 16 yr old competing ... in swimming. I'm thrilled. What an accomplishment... this young man should be proud.

The one thing that was disappointing is that Bahrain didn't have anyone there representing. What's up w/ that? Did no one go to back the team? Or did they not show the ppl in the stands?

I got tears in my eyes when Iraq came in... having been told by the commentator that they made it just in time.... how proud they must be.

I can't wait to start watching. Some of my favorites are gymnastics, long distance running, track and field, swimming, diving.... hmmmm... and sometimes I love to watch the rowing competitions. aaahhhh... I'm just thrilled that it's on Dubai Sports and in English!!! :)

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

18 mths here and gone

18 mths has come and gone.... ok, by one day, but yesterday seemed to last a loooooonnng time, especially by early this morning when I hadn't seen but an hour or so of sleep.

Naief went to the dr. yesterday to get checked for his cough and what I thought to be a sore throat, and wound up getting his 18 mth injection. I've been dreading these last couple of injections... with a real fear inside of me of autism. This fear has been constant for a while, so I'm thankful they're over and hope that the next few months are smooth sailing, even though the dr. told me I had no reason to worry since the 1 yr vaccine was the 'real' worry, in terms of autism. Nice that he didn't mention that at the time! and blew me off when I addressed my worries the first time.... you know, are there any good pediatricians in this country?? I swear.. when I read my baby books, I feel like there's something really missing when we visit the dr., but anyway...

So... he gets checked out... ears, throat, nose, chest and back, and all is ok, altho I am told to give him Actifed until the runny nose and coughing clears up, then ... the big injection is given. I told Naief beforehand, which worked the last time. He didn't shed a tear w/ his last injection, but not so lucky this time around. He cried and cried hard... but stopped soon after ... as soon as his eyes found something else more interesting, which was a blessing.

He seemed well enough... running and playing at home, but went to bed early since he hadn't had a real nap yesterday, but I guess around 9 or so last night, he awoke crying like I've never heard him cry before. It scared me, matter of fact. Don't think I've ever heard him cry with such deep sounding pain.... so I got inside beside him and tried to comfort him as best as possible, only to realize he had a fever and let out blood curdling cries if I touched his right leg - which just so happened to be the leg where he got the shot.

I felt the site - really hot - so I asked hubby to go and get a cold pack, then picked Naief up and put him on me. I guess after about 20 mins or crying, he started to settle down.... until I put the cold pack on his leg, and then, once again, he cried so heavy that I worried whether or not everything was ok. We gave him some pain/fever reducer and I kept assuring him that it would stop hurting shortly. Off and on he cried ... I guess for another 40 or so mins., until he fell asleep.

He slept only a bit and wound up being up most of the night w/ pain and a medium fever... as well as momma. It was really sweet actually coz throughout the night, I'd hear, "momma", and I'd answer him, only for him to be quiet - but moving his one good leg and arms about - and then I'd hear another, "momma"... I guess to make sure I was awake with him. :) Hashim said it reminded him of me when I really can't sleep coz I'll often wake him to tell 'em I can't sleep... not really sure of what I want or need since his waking wouldn't make my ability NOT to sleep any better.....

And low and behold, my little boy does the same thing :) !!

This morning was very restless w/ his body having muscle spasms from lack of sleep... so he'd go to sleep, sleep for about 30 mins and wake up crying... go back to sleep, sleep for another 20 or so mins., wake up and repeat again. I found myself getting into the same rhythm... since he was sleeping on me and still not able to move his leg.

Around 11, he awoke wanting to watch TV... so I turn on the tube, put on some cartoons as he laid quietly.... I guess around 12:30 or 1, I get him up to try and work out his leg. It was so sweet... he hobbled around w/out putting any real pressure on his leg... reminded me of an old man. :)

He's now better, altho he's still running a fever that peaks every 4 hrs or so, is coughing, sneezing and still having some bad leg pain... but all in all, he's doing a lot better than early this morning... thankfully.

I truly hate these injections... seems like every time he gets them, they either make him sick or make his leg hurt, bruise him or some such. Poor little guy.... hopefully in a few days, it'll all be a distant memory.

Friday, August 01, 2008

the new 'buzz' do

The first pic was taken right after his cut. These are the little cars the kids sit in while having their hair cut.

The second was on our way home. He has something all over his mouth... and, no, we don't walk around like this (miss thang), he had just finished eating something... and it was just too cute to pass up! :)

He's becoming so independent. Just amazes me to see him changing every day. He's talking a little. Says "habeby (dear, love) and hathe (means 'this' - not pronouncing the 'h' too well ) in Arabic, and says things like "I want this/that/these, down, ball, bird", and is trying to say/repeat words I say (English)... it's really sweet and I love listening to his little voice. He jabbers all day about this and that. I have some of it recorded, so maybe I'll post a little of it. Not sure you all would find it as adorable as I do... but you just might :)

anyhoo... wanted to let you guys see his new do. ;)