Tuesday, June 01, 2010

well..... hello

So many things have been going on... been wanting to write for a while, but have also been thinking about not blogging again or creating new acct where i can be myself, talk about what i want w/out the fear of someone knowing me or telling other ppl that i don't want to know....

been doing swim training to become a coach/swim instructor. started this about 4 wks ago. love it. am training at the dilmun club and the british school. love both places, but would really like to get in the pool and swim laps w/ the kids at the school since it's been forever and a day since i've done any real swimming and i find that i'm not too sure that my strokes are proper and being the perfectionist that i am, i have to know that my strokes are spot on. so will see what i can do about getting in the pool w/ someone that can give me real advice and push me.... so that i'm ready for my testing in november. i'll test for my level 1 then which will qualify me to give classes under another instructor until i take my level 2 test. then i'll be qualified to teach anywhere in the world.... but am hoping that i might be able to stay on at the british school. that would be a dream..... :) so i have my fingers crossed and am hoping.

i'm doing this in the afternoons so it's been up to daddy to watch naief and keep him busy pretty much until bedtime. so far so good. :)

what else???? not sure if i mentioned that someone took our dog. i came home one afternoon and the dog was gone. i have no idea what happened. i still think about him... look out for signs and wonder if he's dead or roaming the streets.... i have no idea... but it all makes me very confused w/ sadness and anger.

on family news, naief and i got over the hand, foot and mouth virus two wks ago. what a terrible, awful virus. horrible fever, chills, ulcers in the mouth, on hands, feet, ears, around mouth and nose. the blisters dry up like chicken pox, so after that happens, you're clear to go out and about, since it's very, very contagious. naief is a lot better now, but we both seem to have a cough that wont go away.....

other than that.... not much going on. been taking care of myself. giving myself the permission to get manicures and pedicures which is really helping to keep my nails strong and healthy. it's been forever since having nice nails.... so it's fun to see them on myself. also been having regular facials which has given me a nice boost of self esteem. dyed my hair real dark, colored my eyebrows and eye lashes, so i'm a dark bruneete now. :) i like it. i also cut my hair short, so i feel like a new woman on a new mission with life.

oh yeah, also been watching a lot of documentaries and conspiracy theories about the U.S. and their involvement in 9/11. i'm convinced they were behind it.....utterly convinced. not only that, been watching all sorts of things about different wars and all things that U.S. has done to involve themselves with things to get money...... never been a history buff so this is very eye opening for me.

hope all of you have been good. peace to you.