Tuesday, March 02, 2010

cats and the dog

Haven't seen two of my cats in two days. One has taken to staying outside, which worries me a bit, but.... she's staying close, so that's good. I called the two missing cats today, but have yet to hear or see them. Maybe they'll come out in a day or so. Hashim saw Petunia last night which calms my nerves a bit.

Snoop Dog (scooby) loves to chase the cats. He barks at them like mad, but gets low on his front legs, like wanting to play, so I know it's all out of innocence.... altho they don't care about that. They hate him. Yesterday, he spent all afternoon barking at Puss. She's top cat and refuses to play nice.... but seems to be making a stab at playing nice.... even jumping up next to him on the sofa this afternoon. She didn't stay long and hissed and spat once, but didn't strike him. That's a very good thing. :) I could swear he smiled and was so happy. He's dying to be friends.

Cats and dogs are soooo different. I can see why some ppl are cat ppl and some are dog ppl. I'm letting my guard down this time around and trying to be less afraid. Dogs scare me a bit. Once, as a young girl, I was babysitting for a friend and their young doberman scared me. He/she played rough and I was too young to understand. We also once kept a dog for someone... I think it was a grown doberman and it took to my mom and stepdad's room. He/she would lay on the bed and growl at me sometimes when I'd go inside. I thought it was possessed or something.... so I was terrified of it. Terrified of that room after the dog left.... even had a ghostly experience while playing with a friend of mine in that room.

Frankie, my oldest cat, is really sick. He spent the night at the vet's night before last and they took blood and gave lots of meds for him to take over the next 3 days. His blood was fine, which surprises me since I thought his kidney's were failing. They're fine. His thyroid is okay, altho the symptoms he's having is caused by that. Hashim told them that he's having massive diarrhea, but since he didn't have that problem while in their care, they aren't too worried. Today, he's gone twice in various places and is peeing all over the house.... but maybe it's because he has a bad cold and I can only imagine how he must feel w/ the diarrhea. Imagine how sick you feel when you're having that.... with a bad cold on top of it and always being hungry and thirsty. Poor guy. He's only a year older than Puss and Aimee and they're both healthy.... so my heart pours out to him.

I fixed boiled chicken today and gave him a bunch of it. I'm mixing some of it w/ Snoop's food as well... but he still isn't eating a lot. I think the cats are eating a good portion of his food and he ate a tiny bit this morning when I sat down next to his bowl... so I'm gonna try getting down on all fours and pretend to eat it and see if that makes a difference. I'm trying to be real positive and give 'em lots of positive energy about his food... so I'll give it a little more time. It worries me though, since Henry did the same and was sick. I don't want to take him to the vet too quickly for fear it'll stress him out, so I'll wait at least two weeks, then make an appt to have his teeth cleaned and have him neutered.

Yesterday he spent a good hour humping our bedroom comforter. Naief laughed and asked, "momma, what is he doin" and I laughed and told him that he's crazy. Do dogs stop this once they're fixed???? I can only imagine if he gets Naief down or something or starts it w/ me!!!

Frankie used to do that to Jewels when he was younger and he's been fixed since he was 8 wks old.... so I guess they do it regardless. Lord help me :)))

Honestly, I feel like I have a house full of kids! I've gotten a headache for the last two days with his barking... but I'm trying not to let it unnerve me. I do raise my voice and tell him to quiet down and stop barking... but even with that, I have to be careful because Naief mimics everything I do and he'll start raising his voice or yelling at the animals to stop barking or fighting and such.... :)