Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Meowww =^..^=

What is it about kitty cats that makes my heart purr? I couldn't love my little furrbabies any more than I do. They are just so adorable. I hope to get some pics of them here soon. Cedrik, our American Persian, is the sweetest lil thang. He's a cream colored, golden-eyed male w/ such a fiesty personality. All of our cats have such different personalities that it seems impossible for me to believe that anyone could hate them. But there are those that do. One of my gf's hates cats. She's terrified of them. I've tried to explain the difference between house cats and feral/wild cats, but a lot of ppl in this part of the world don't see the difference and can't stand animals, period.

Sadly enough, many dogs in this country, if wondering around on their own, will be shot on the spot.. but that's a different blog all together.

Last night while trying desperately to get to sleep, I had to contend w/ not one, not two but three snoring counterparts. Not only was my hubby unit falling asleep and giving me little snippits of snoring treasures, but two of our cats were also joining in the festivities. I had to wake up our kitty, Puss, (who's part Maine Coon) three times so that I could try to fall asleep. The thing about Puss is that she wakes up but falls right back to sleep in a matter of minutes and usually snores louder than the time before. Its always a race against time to see who can get to sleep the fastest... me or her. And, last night, our lil Cedrik was also snoring at the foot of the bed. My husband is dead to all of it, as I lie awake hoping for a peaceful slumber that never seems to come.

Thank goodness Cedrik finally stopped snoring and then, at some point, I drifted into slumberland and no longer heard the little snorts of Puss by my side. She's such a sweet little thing.... even tho she's not little.


What has happened to Tom Cruise? I think he's gone insane. Or... is it Scientology??!!!!

There is this website that I read quite frequently that's all about dissing TC and Scientology. It's called ScienTOMogy. It's the funniest stuff I've ever read. The guy who posts all the info hates Tommy boy and only shows just how bizarre he's truly become... it's frightening when you realize just how far TC's gone. He's losing his mind. You guys have to check it out. The address is http://www.scientomogy.info/. He also has another site that links to this site and it's http://www.scientomogy.com/.

He has the South Park episode that Tommy got banned in the UK because it talks the truth about Scientology and about TC being "in the closet" - you know... homosexual. If you haven't heard the rumors and, believe me, they are rampant and have been spreading for years, then you want to download this episode of South Park from the site. In the episode, it shows TC getting upset about not being the best actor ever and he goes in the closet and wont come out. Then John Travolta comes to talk him out and he winds up going in the closet - because there have been rumors for years that he's gay too - and then R. Kelly goes in the closet to get them.... it's just tooooooo funny.

This guy also has so much stuff on Scientology and all the really bizarre crap that they do. I'm really baffled as to why all of these actors are in to this cult. You have Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Kelly Preston, Lisa Marie Presley, her mother - what's her face - and now Tommy is trying to get Katie Holmes to join in all the fun.

The guy that hosts this webpage is now being followed and stalked by Scientology members. They've tried suing him to get his webpage taken off the net, and now they've called his work and made up lies on him - trying to get him fired - it's really kinda scary and makes you wonder about just how powerful these ppl are and what they're capable of doing.

Check it out and see for yourself! And we thought Michael Jackson was freaky! Well... he is too... but Tommy is pulling a close second.

Sleepless in Bahrain

Another sleepless night in Bahrain. This makes the 2nd night in a row, and I'm getting really sick of it. If it's not the roosters across the street cockle doodle dooing at 1:00 a.m. - I really feel like killing those damn birds - then it's the delivery bikes going down the streets of our neighborhood, or the ambulance going to the hospital not far from our house, or the cars racing down the freeway out by the embassy or the children crying and crying in the flats across the street because their parents REFUSE to put them to bed at a decent hour.... and then you have the prayers starting up just when you get to sleep and the feral cats fighting....

Will this madness ever end?????

I think we're gonna have to install some sound proof glass in the windows of our bedroom cuz this little country gurrrrl needs her sleep!

Monday, February 27, 2006

5th Grade Teacher having sex w/ 11 yr old student??!!

What is the world coming to? I'm starting to wonder why teachers get into their profession! Is it for the sex or is to teach?!

Today I read about a 5th grade teacher who was caught having sex w/ her 11 yr. old student. The teacher is 36 yrs. old. Now, there are a lot of ppl out there - movie stars and such - who marry someone who is considerably younger (look at Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones), but at least they are adults... this teacher/student thing is nothing but child molestation and/or sexual assault.

But you know... w/ the way the U.S. is and how sexually driven the society has become, it's no wonder that this is happening in the schools and elsewhere. You have music videos that are showing nothing but scantily clad women gyrating to the latest hip hop songs, women who can't sing but sell sex and therefore they become famous (not only in the U.S., but even here), and then you have television programs that are hugely successful based on sex or extramarital affairs (Desperate Housewives, Sex and the City... which are funny and I loved Sex and the City!), and then you have the likes of Paris Hilton who make sex videos and she becomes famous for "One Night in Paris"... and let's not forget Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee's adventures... so, what does the world expect? Sex is becoming the norm, no matter what age you are in the U.S.

Some European countries tend to think Americans are prudes because we frown on such behavior and of such outward displays of sexuality (or at least we used to be this way... I mean pretty much you don't see any naked ladies in magazines unless there's a plastic cover over it), but... I really wonder, is it so bad not to want this on the TV and in every advertisement or everywhere you look? Haven't we become, as a society, to desensitized to all of this sex sales propoganda? I think we have and it's a shame. I'm not saying that we should try to hide children from life or teach them that sex is bad... that's not what I'm saying.... there's just an appropriate time for such things in life and 11 is a bit young, wouldn't you agree?

puff, puff, puff goes the cancer stick

Today in the Bahrain Tribune (www.bahraintribune.com), there is an article on page 2 w/ the heading "BD500 fine for smoking proposed". This makes me laugh because I wonder how in the world they propose to enforce such a ban in a country where many feel they are above the law, and tend to do whatever they want w/out a care in the world.

The article talks about implementing a ban on smoking in public places... i.e. the malls, public transport, government bldgs., educational institutions, places of worship, sports halls, and health facilities. Ha! An MP says that this should be a reality this year. It will never work. They might as well file this away and pretend they never brought it up.

When I first moved to Bahrain, I was shocked at the fact that smoking was allowed in the malls and, really, everywhere. Most restaurants don't even have non-smoking areas and I really don't think that most ppl who smoke give a crap about whether they are offending or bothering the person at the table next to them. Now, I do know there are those out there that do care and I have seen this first hand, but... I have also been out w/ smokers and, more often than not, they will light up, puff away and blow the smoke right in your face, just for spite.... or they don't even notice because they don't give a crap.

I can't even imagine walking around Seef Mall and not seeing half of the population in this country smoking. And... a lot of these are young guys, who are way too young to be smoking. So, you tell me... how will they ban this and what actions will be taken to stop/ban smoking in public places? Will they get smoking police out on the streets to rip the cancer sticks from the fingers of the perpetrators? OR will they arrest you on the spot, take you to jail and make you pay the 500 fine or take you in front of the judge who will, in turn, adjourn the hearing for another six months.... heheheheh, this gets funnier by the moment.

Truly though, how are they gonna enforce this ban? The police here don't even give tickets to Bahrainis usually (out of fear - from what I've heard), so will it be that they enforce this ban on the expatriate community? hmmmm... food for thought.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Living the life of luxury...

Again, another story about a housemaid killing herself - this time by hanging. There's a story today in the GDN about a Filipina housemaid who hung herself just after a month of being in Bahrain. The sponsors don't know why, they gave a suicide note to the authorities who are checking it out... but will it really tell the truth of what happened? I wonder what the truth is. This housemaid even had a Bachelor's degree, and here she was working as a housemaid. The poor soul. I would bet that she was lied to before coming to Bahrain and promised something glorious, and then wound up working as a housemaid/slave pretty much.

The housemaid situation in this country is something else. I mean, here you have people who are too poor to feed their own families, and they have housemaids. You have people who physically abuse their housemaids and then you have those who sexually abuse them, some just verbally abuse them, while others treat them as slaves and/or animals. I've never seen anything like it in my life. But, I wasn't raised here and we didn't have housemaids so it's all new to me. I will say though, not all Bahrainis treat their housemaids poorly, but there are those who do.

In the U.S., housemaids are not the norm. Matter of fact, most ppl I know have never had a housemaid or if they do, the cleaning lady comes in once a month or once every two weeks and helps to pick up and such - with most stipulating that they "don't do windows". I used to work for a guy that had a cleaning lady that would come once every couple of weeks, and his wife would pick up before she'd arrive so that the cleaning lady wouldn't think they were dirty people. Imagine! But, here in Bahrain and in the Gulf States, you have people who work their housemaids to death, and not only that, but they work for several houses in the family and hardly make anything for doing this. Not only do they clean, but they watch the children, do the madam's hair, toenails, fingernails, waxing... everything.

It's a luxury that many can't afford in the States.... I wonder what would happen if it became like this here. Would Bahraini's start doing manual labor, in their own houses? hmmmm.... I wonder.

We have a housemaid and we've had our own share of problems for whatever reasons. She told us recently that her father had passed and she wanted to go back to Indonesia. We found out that it was a lie and that she did the same in Doha prior to coming to our house, and when she first arrived in to Bahrain she worked for a family for just two days before insisting to leave them. I'm sure she doesn't want to be a housemaid. Who does!? It's not my favorite thing to do, but I have always done it myself. Honestly, I find it to be good therapy, and boy does it work off the calories! So.. what do you do? My husband wants to keep her until we get back from our holiday or even maybe until her contract is finished, which isn't until December, but I really don't care either way. I know I don't want her lying and saying things that aren't true, which she has done, but I can't control it. I think that when we come back from holiday, we're going to let her go. It's for the best really. Some times, some of the things these women do to their employers sorta scares me.... I'd rather not be subject to such... if I have the option, and I do.

And if she's unhappy and doesn't want to be in this country doing this hard labor, then who are we to keep her here. I don't believe in this. She is human after all.... and me, personally, I think about what it would be like to live in her shoes for a month or so.... then... it's an easy choice to make.

Crime, crime & more crime

Seems like all you read about lately, in the Bahrain English newspapers, is about some housemaid being physically abused, laborers being abused, someone being killed, houses being broken in to, or cold stors being robbed. When I came here three years ago and got the GDN (www.gulf-daily-news.com) daily, I don't remember reading about so much crime on the streets of Bahrain. As a foreigner/outsider - to some degree - I can only guess at what the "real" reasons are for so much crime in this country, but the truth seems to evade me, and even the police and/or authorities; for it seems that most of these cases go unsolved and/or the people responsible are never brought to justice, or if they are, they get charged and have to pay a very small amount of money or spend a very small amount of time in jail. Justice doesn't seem to prevail in this country, that's for sure.

About a year ago there was a Filipina woman that went missing here in Bahrain. Her daughter came here to find her, but she wasn't even allowed to go into her mother's apartment for months because the authorities wouldn't allow it. This woman's mobile phone, her passport and car keys were found, but she was gone - not to be seen again. I can't imagine losing my mother in this way - not knowing what happened, and not getting a lot of help from the right people. I wonder if this case will ever be solved.

Yesterday in the GDN and again today, there was and is a story about a Bahraini man who locked six Indian laborers in the back of a freezer truck for 24 hrs. over a visa dispute. If it weren't for a tip-off to the Indian Embassy, these men may have never been found. They were in an abandoned scrap yard in Hamad Town, locked in the back of this freezer truck (the freezer wasn't on... thank God for them). The same Bahraini man took another Indian guy, made him lie down and put a bathtub over him and then parked his jeep on top of the bathtub so the guy couldn't get out. He left him there over night, come to find out. All of this was done over visas and about who was working for who - it's being said that this Bahraini was mad because these guys weren't working for him, so I guess he wanted to teach them a lesson they'd never forget. I wonder what will happen to this Bahraini man for doing this. Maybe just a slap on the wrist. I mean, can you imagine how these laborers felt? For over 24 hours, they were locked in the back of this truck.... not knowing if someone would find them, if anyone knew that they were there. It must have been a nightmare for them, and what will they get for this? They were sent back to their flat/home in Manama and I'm sure they are back at work today.... sweating away for hours on end for a measly sum of money. And then what about the guy under the bathtub all night long, on the ground... not knowing what was going to happen to him. It's truly horrible.

I'm wondering who tipped off the Indian Embassy. Was it an Indian or a Bahraini? Thank God he had enough guts to do it, or these laborers would probably be dead. Thankfully it isn't summer here.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

PMS..... women...... guys..... stuff......

Men have to admit... they have it pretty easy. Except of course if they're living w/ a female suffering from PMS. You can run, but you can't hide! Right, guys!??

Really though, men have it way too easy compared to us females. We have that special little friend that comes by to say hello every month, and then the cramps, the pMs, getting pregnant, carrying the baby, having your body do all kinds of crazy things while your belly gets two sizes or so larger, nothing fits, you can't sleep - and think about it ladies... what if your favorite position to sleep is on your belly! - (do men have a clue?), and then.... giving birth. That's always amazed me, unless you have a c-section. Guys, have you ever thought about how a baby's head that size comes out of a ......... I think we all know what happens next ;)

I've not had the pleasure of giving birth, but all my friends and family say that you forget the pain..... I can only imagine how it hurts while you're livin' it. But... what's even more fascinating to me is how men in the U.S. videotape their wives giving birth and then the couple show this videotape to their friends/family and, yes indeedy, to co-workers! Now... isn't that some nice frosting for the cake? Hurry everbody... get your popcorn.

I wonder what these ppl are thinking. Are their heads screwed on properly? Who, in their right mind, would take a video to work and show everyone what they looked like giving birth? Why doesn't anyone object? I sure as hell would. Truly, I don't even want the mental picture of that.

I used to work w/ a girl that did this. Thank God I didn't work there then, but she told me all about it. Fun, fun.

Am I the only one that thinks this a bit odd? Do men videotape births here? Ok, ok... I guess a few pics here and there of the woman's face - to later use as bribery - but that's it. We took pics of my husband's sister when she was in labor, and she about killed us ;) ;) , and I know I sure as hell don't want no pics taken of me during a time like that.... so WHY would a woman want the birth videotaped? To show little pooky when he gets older? Wouldn't you think that would scare a child for life? hehehehe

Aaahhh.. anyway... here's a cute joke about PMS (courtesy of www.basicjokes.com).

A PMS Guide

DANGEROUS: "What's for dinner?"
SAFER: "Can I help you with dinner?"
SAFEST: "Where would you like to go for dinner?"

DANGEROUS: "Are you wearing THAT?"
SAFER: "Gee, you look good in brown."
SAFEST: "Wow! Look at you!"

DANGEROUS: "What are you so worked up about?"
SAFER: "Could we be overreacting?"
SAFEST: "Here's fifty dollars."

DANGEROUS: "Should you be eating that?"
SAFER: "You know, there are a lot of apples left."
SAFEST: "Can I get you a glass of wine with that?"

DANGEROUS: "What did you DO all day?"
SAFER: "I hope you didn't overdo today."
SAFEST: "I've always loved you in that robe."

peace out!


You know these little stands that are set up outside of the various stores that sell corn? I see them all the time, but, I'll have to admit, I've always thought it a bit strange to sell corn like this, and corn isn't usually the type of food that I think about eating or crave when out shoppin'.... so I've never splurged.... until.....

today. My sister-in-law got some when we were leaving a shop, w/ all the fixin's, and it was deliche! They added a tad of butter, lemon juice, and all these spices. ummmmmm... makes me hungry just to think of it. It was soooooo good and fresh and crisp! I've really been missin' out, that's for sure, and for all of you that haven't tried it, you should.

So, the next time you see the little American girl piggin' out on the corn, you'll know who it is! ;) ;)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I Eat My Words!

The glorious rain has arrived! It's heavy w/ thunder AND lightening!! aaaaaahhhhhh.... beautiful rain. Alhumdallah......

Drip, drip, drop

little April shower.....

okay, okay, I know it's only February, but I can still dream!

We got a few, teeny, tiny drops of rain today. The sky is grey and it looks like it could downpour, but it won't. Oh well....

If only it would rain to quinch my soul..... hmmm, this reminds me of a poem I wrote a while ago. I hope you guys enjoy it!

The Rain

Sorrowfully calling out my name
Beckoning me deep within its soul
It's a tearful surrender
Here now, all around

Its sadness greets you with a smile
By the mere touch of a drop
It soaks me from within and
The puddles that are made
Seem to disappear within the day

The rain
Crying is made simple today
Because of the rain
Simpleton, that's what it calls me and
The day is lonely no more

It is my friend, the rain
A shoulder it gives me
As it says hello
It feels my needs
It quenches my soul

(c) February 2006

Take care everyone! :) Peace, love, out

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Thai Masseuse

I guess it's been about six months ago or so that I went to this new *jack of all trades* salon around the corner from our house to have my hair styled. Everyone here does it, so I figured, hey... why not. I usually do my own hair but it's nice to be able to just chill and have someone else fuss w/ it for a change.

Well, while there, I ran into this Thai girl that had come over to my in-laws a while back to do their hair. She seemed like a nice girl and, come to find out, she's also a masseuse... go figure (she's a hair dresser, masseuse, manicurist, waxer... you name it, she does it). So, she enticed me into having a massage. Sounded good to me so I went back that afternoon for my first Thai massage. Well, it was nothing like I expected. It hurt so much that, at several points, I felt like screaming... but.... I didn't. Not wanting her to see the true wimp that I am! ;)

At the end of the massage, or ... what I thought was the end, she told me to sit down, which meant to sit up, so I followed her orders. I sat up and she got in back of me. I thought she was about to perform some newfangled type of massage. She took my head and w/out a moments notice, she popped my neck, and boy did it pop. Then she did the other side, lickety-split. My heart started racing and I just sat there not knowing what to say really. My sister's husband is a Chiropractor and it's dangerous for someone to give you an adjustment w/out being qualified to do so. Was she qualified to do that??? Do all Thai massages involve this?

Well, I've never been back but come to find out she left that place and has opened a Thai restaurant. My body hurt for days after that massage, and I guess.... to be a drama queen... I'm lucky she didn't break my neck!

Qualified Trainers??

In thinking about my earlier "work it baby" post and Limber Girl, I started to seriously doubt the competency of the so-called trainers at this facility. I've tried three different gyms here in Bahrain, and they are all basically the same in that they hire these girls/trainers/Filipinos to do these fitness tests on the clients and then they give you basic instructions on how to use the various machines. In all the times that I've used these gyms, I've not seen a truly qualified trainer - not even once. I've been working out for more than 12 years, albeit in the States, but I know a thing or two about trainers and gym equipment, and muscles.

I asked the "trainer" about Limber Girl and told her that I wasn't trying to piss her off because I know from experience that the way to use free weights is totally different than what she was doing. For anyone whose worked out w/ weights, you know that slow, controlled movements is the way to lift. If you have to use your body to get the weights up in a bicep curl, then the weight is either to heavy or you need guidance on how to use the dumb bells properly. The instructor said something like - oh, she was working out both her biceps and back when she was doing that exercise - well, I remember listening to Limber Girl that day and she said, specifically, that she thought she was working out her biceps and triceps. And then the trainer went on to tell me that Limber Girl has tons of experience in lifting and she's been at this gym for a while. Well, that's the first time that I've seen her there and, to me, she had no muscle tone whatsoever, but that's not the point.

I just know that this particular trainer spends way too much time trying to get everyone into her beg. step class and not enough time giving crutial info to the clients on how to use the equipment and free weights properly. I hope that someone doesn't wind up getting hurt because w/ the laws as they are in Bahrain, I would seriously doubt if the gym or the trainer could be held responsible for such. These trainers are brought in from these Asian countries and I really wonder if they have any training or diplomas in this field.

Here, at this gym, if you're over 75 kilos then you can't even use some of the equipment. Now... how in the world is someone supposed to be able to lose weight if they're not even allowed to use some of the machines?

Monday, February 20, 2006


I wonder what it is about living in a foreign country that makes you appreciate where you came from all the more?! Now, after living in Bahrain for three years, I've realized how much I took for granted back in the States. Don't get me wrong, the U.S. has its own set of problems - with some being far worse than others - but there's something about the U.S. that's hard to find any place else.

I love the rain and it's only rained .... like, four times this past year here in Bahrain, and really, I wouldn't even call it rain. I miss the thunderstorms w/ heavy downpours that soak you a minute after you walk out of the house. I miss blue jays, cardinals, mockingbirds and squirrels. I miss the array of goods at the local Tom Thumb, Simon David or Whole Foods. I miss the huge pet stores that can fill an hour in your day w/out a problem. I miss the parks where you can go rollerblading for hours, bicycling and/or walking/running for eternity.... okay, I'm getting a little above myself, but seriously - I do miss it.

I do really like Bahrain though. Some days when I'm out, I watch people going about their business in these small villages and I appreciate the goodness of life here. The local food is really good and cheap, and there are NO TAXES due in April! The fruit... well, it's the best I've ever had. To have fruit like this in the States, you'd have to pay Harry & David a small fortune for the privilege of being able to sink your teeth into their succulent flavors.... and let's not forget the coffee shops, the shesha, and schwarma. mmmmmm.... nice.

Well, we'll be heading back to the States at the end of March for a month. I'm looking forward to seeing my preppy sister and her family and my **mom**. I can hardly wait. I'm gonna take my hubby to DisneyLand, Knotts and Vegas. My mom's bday is at the end of March and she loves Vegas, so it'll be blast. I'm gonna spend some quality time w/ my mom and maybe teach my lil sis some belly dancing moves.... if I can learn any before we go!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Work It Baby

Yesterday at the gym, I was on the treadmill next to a smelly girl that had bathed herself in perfume before getting a good workout on..... I'm not one for fancying up before going to the gym and, to be honest, the perfume wasn't bad but it just made me sick to be breathing it in for more than 20 minutes while walking right next to her. I wish I had the gutts to say something to smelly girl, but it always seems to come out the wrong way and I wind up pissing someone off.

Then, as I started my weight routine, there was a girl, I'll call her Limber Girl, lifting weights and all I could do was sit there in amazement, watching her.... it looked to me like one - the weights were way too heavy for Limber, but she'd never admit it, and two - at any moment her body might split in half because of the way she was lifting these weights. (let me emphasize that she had gotten her whole body into the routine by swinging herself backwards and forwards to some type of rhythmic motion) So.. I dared to dream the impossible and thought she might like a little bit of friendly advice!.... HA!!! what a joke. If looks could kill, I'd be dead. She said thank you but I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she hated me for interrupting her precious routine and adding my two cents worth of info on lifting, and really, she could have cared less about what I had to say. She immediately called the trainer in to see if what I said had any merit and.... hehehehe, I was right. She's an idiot and if she wants to pull a muscle or strain her back, then so be it. That's the last time that I'll try to be nice and give helpful advice.

There were two other girls sitting on a couple of machines when I approached Limber Girl and they sat there with their jaws gapping open - I think pretty much in total disbelief that I had said something to Limber Girl. Makes me wonder if she's not part of the Al Khalifa family or something. I have no idea who she is and really don't care, but I do wonder if Limber will be there today and, if so, maybe the whole gym will be against me. I can't wait to see.