Monday, October 29, 2007

Killer Puppy on the Loose

Imagine those headlines... and imagine a killer puppy looking like him..... awwww, who couldn't love a killer puppy looking as sweet as this!!

This is one pic from the birthday/Halloween party we went to this past Sat. It was so much fun and Naief really had a good time. He didn't cry one time, loved being around all the kids, and he even got to sit at the table like a big boy (in a booster seat) when we ate and had cake. He swung his little legs and seemed to be on a little heaven cloud.

One nice woman came up to me at the party and said that when she came in she actually thought Naief was a little dog and wondered when my friend, H, had gotten it. ;) I think the fact that Naief is still crawling really made the outfit! Not sure that everyone got the scary blood thing... but I did tell everyone he was a killer puppy... seeing that the theme was scary, atlho only the bday boy and his brother, and Naief, held firm to that. :)

I was really pleased at how well it went. I was worried he'd get tired, but he didn't really show any signs of that until the end. He loved all the toys and the balloons. I was worried that he might pop one in his hand or something, and even though he got ahold of a few, none popped... thank goodness. There was one little boy, in particular, who was so sweet to him. He'd come up and bring toys to Naief and even squat down to play w/ him. He was 19 mths and I found myself in amazement at the fact that this little boy didn't try to slap him in the face, kick him, pinch him or head butt 'em or anything (which is the case I'm usually up against)... not one child did anything mean to him... it was such a beautiful release... I can't even tell you how peaceful that was.... and all these kids were all around 2 yrs.

I really enjoyed the party and so did hubby ..... me, because there were other mommies to talk to and I was able to see that Naief is normal or behaving the way he should at this age, and hubby got to spend some quality time w/ the guys. I also found out that Qatar Airlines flies straight to the U.S. now. I didn't know this. You can pick up a flight outta Doha and fly right into D.C. No stops, nothing. This is good to know. I hate having a 7 or 8 hr layover in London.

btw... my dear friend, Puppy... I hope I did you proud w/ his outfit!! :) Next year we may do Chucky!!! he he heeeeeee

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

i'm not answering

I'll tell ya... I get so freggin sick of ppl calling and not hanging up after a few rings. It would be different if we didn't have a baby, but Lord knows they don't think about that, now do they?!!

I don't know what's up w/ my in-laws, specifically my SIL, but when she gets a hair up her ass, she doesn't seem to be able to get it out.

I'm so tired of her calling and letting the phone ring off the hook. The baby is sleeping and the fact that she doesn't give a rat's ass is really more than I can take... but, I guess that's why they have silence on the phone? Right!?

So... if you call and I don't answer, maybe THE BABY IS SLEEPING!!!!

sorry friends... I'm online and thought I'd just send these happy thoughts your way! :)

Isn't it nice to know I haven't lost my spunk?!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

weekend plans

Can't hardly believe it, but we have a babysitter for tonight and me and Hashim are going out on a little date to our favorite restaurant!! Needless to say, I'm thrilled. Can't even tell ya how long it's been since we've been outta the house w/out the baby. I'm having her come early so that Naief is still awake because I've noticed that whenever we've left him w/ my MIL - and he's sleeping - he wakes up and goes into fits. So... my hopes are that we'll avoid this by having him awake w/ her and me around... that way, we can say goodbye to him and he knows that everything is ok... or at least I'm hoping it works out so well.

This weekend will be a busy weekend. Me, hubby and Naief will be meeting up w/ some of our friends that we met in our Lamaze class - both women had their babies before me... one is two months older than Naief and one is three months older (I think he's that age... and I hope she and her husband are coming) - so it should be quite an experience because Naief loves other babies. And another good thing is that both women are very open minded and we all think a lot alike, so it'll be nice to swap stories and have things in common. I'm really looking forward to that.

It's hard when your friends don't have children, especially when you're consumed w/ your child. Because at this age and being a new mom, it's impossible not to be consumed. Everything revolves around being a mother. You think, eat, breathe baby stuff.... or at least I do. That's probably why I don't remember anything any more and my brain feels like mush most days.... unless you wanna hear a lullaby, play patty cake or get on the floor and make babbling noises... then forget talking to me! :)

I'm also gonna be meeting a girl that left a comment on my blog some time ago who is pregnant right now and will be having her baby around Naief's bday next year... I think she's due around the 6th of Feb., if I'm not mistaken. I'm excited because she's from the States, loves cats, has a similar taste in music.... and did I say pregnant?!! :)

Anyway... nice weekend to you guys... hopefully the weather will be cool... I'm really enjoying the fact that the weather is changing. I can't hardly wait for the day when we don't have to run the a/c.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A fieldtrip and the dirty corniche

Last night/late yesterday afternoon we decided to take the baby to the corniche to walk around a bit. The place was super crowded w/ families picnicking on the lawn, children running around playing soccer, and most of the swings were taken, and the little carnival thing they have there was full of children and families. We decided that daddy would swing w/ Naief for the first time, and I wanted to see how he responded to grass... since he's never felt it before, so we head out in search of an empty swing.

All the playgrounds were packed w/ screaming children... and since I thought it would be nice to have one that wasn't surrounded by yelling kids, we walked down to where the big shooting water fountain thingy is, and found a swing set that wasn't taken. Hashim gets on and I place Naief in his lap and they start to swing. I get in back of daddy to push a little... and whatta ya know, he gets sick to his stomach. No, not Naief, Hashim. I could hardly believe it... since it's usually me that gets sick from things. Isn't it weird how when you start getting older, all the things you liked as a kid change... and wind up making you sick. I can think of several... roller coasters, cotton candy, swings, riding in the back seat of cars... :)

So after getting off the swing, we head over to look at the big shooting water fountain thingy (can't remember what it's called). There was a cool breeze coming off the sea and Naief seemed captivated by the water sounds and looking at all the ppl. What I found most interesting was how dirty the place was. There was garbage everywhere. It's starting to look like Egypt, was my first thought. I wish I had had my camera because I'd post the pics for you all to see... there was stuff everywhere.

We went to Egypt some 3 years ago and I was taken aback by all the garbage everywhere. While in Cairo, we took a day trip to see all the pyramids and such, and while riding around looking for a place to eat, I was really disgusted by all the banks (by the streams and such) that were made outta garbage. It was everywhere... every place you looked... garbage. And this is what I saw at the corniche.

I found myself wondering why so many ppl don't give a crap about their environment here. There are trash bins everywhere, but instead of getting up and taking their trash there, they dump it right where they are... even if it means on the banks near the sea, on the side walk, on the lawn... anywhere is their trash can.

What a great example parents are setting for their children. This is one thing that really bugged me about Bahrain when I moved here, and it still does. How ppl liter and how there isn't any recycling program in place. No one seems to give a damn about what they're doing to this island, and there seems to be no program in place to teach ppl and/or children. And, anyone who knows me well, knows that I'm huge on recycling. I'm a tree hugger and have been for years. I'm always on my sister to recycle... even pissing her off the last time we visited her in Cali because of her tendency not to recycle! Atlho I've heard she's getting better... let's hope!

Anyway... as we're walking over to the grassy area to relax a bit and to let Naief feel grass for the first time, I can't help but to be sickened by the smell of trash everywhere. Really, it was disgusting. And here you have families w/ small children out in this filth...

but... back to the story...

We get a place in an open area, take him from his stroller and sit him down on the grass. What does he do?? He sits in one place and doesn't move. He lifts his hand to crawl and instead of moving, he leaves one hand in the air, one hand on the ground, looks at me and cries. He hates the grass!!!! I laugh hysterically... because he's sooo funny to look at. I can't get over that he doesn't like the grass. I guess because it's not too soft and it pricks his little fingers in a way that he's not used to...

So, we move to another area and again we sit him down on the grass. Again, he won't move. He looks over at me and cries. I stand him up (he's barefoot) and he won't move... just wants me to hold him. Hashim takes out his bottle, I start to feed him and as soon as one of his feet touch the grass, he starts to cry. It's so funny.... and something I never expected. Here his mommy loves the grass, loves to sit on it, lay on it, and my little boy hates it.

After I guess about 10 minutes, we get up and start making our way back to the car, which is a good hike, and since it's a little hotter than we expected, the smell of the trash is a much stronger than I'd prefer, so we pick up th pace and by the time we reach the car, we've both worked up a good sweat, which I'm happy about because I need the exercise. As we're walking tho, I find myself looking around at all the ppl, their blankets/rugs, all the food, and I wonder what they'll do w/ all the leftovers. Leave it there, throw it in the trash.... what.

Again... why don't ppl care about this small island, I ask myself again and then I ask Hashim? Do they realize that after a number of years, there'll be so much trash here that it might just look like Cairo?!! Why don't they pick up after themselves? Why don't they teach their children to pick up after themselves?!! A part of me believes it's because the housemaids do everything for them and they've become lazy... or is it just because no one cares???

Other than the trash, the smell in some areas, we had a nice time. I enjoyed watching all the kids play, seeing Naief's face while Hashim was holding him and swinging, and seeing the look of horror on his face when we put him on the grass was priceless and made it all worth it. I'm hoping we can do it again next weekend. Maybe by then they'll have this place cleaned up... but I doubt it.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

which way is up?

These are some pics of Naief in his first jellabeya, if that's how it's spelled. We also bought him a thobe and he wore it on the first day of Eid, and I must say, he looks adorable in it! :) If you want to catch his pic, go to Hashim's blog and it's there.

Can't hardly believe that Ramadan is over. It sure flew by... usually, in years past, it seemed to drag. I guess because I wasn't fasting.. or maybe because we have a baby now.

Naief is good, but has been changing a lot. He now puts his arm in the air as if he's going to wave, but hasn't figured out the waving bit yet. He'll look up at his arm, move his fingers and stare in amazement. He's also screaming now.... all places, all times. He screams from joy and screams a lot in anger. His favorite time to scream is at bed time. He enjoys those blood curdling screams that make him cough.... I'm hoping it's a phase and something all babies go thru, if not... I think we're in trouble. He's not much on routines... altho I'm sticking to my guns and keeping him on one, but most nights I have to make him go to sleep. Would you mothers say this is the way to go?

There are a few things that are worrisome to me and am hoping that you mommas out there can give me a few pointers. First, he absolutely hates to sit in his highchair and when I put him in it, he screams for a bit and then refuses to eat. Breakfast seems to be the easiest time, but forget lunch and dinner. Once he starts screaming at lunch, I can hardly get him to eat anything substantial and it worries me quite a bit. He'll settle down for a bit but once he's finished, he's finished and will scream 'maaaaaa' and insist on my taking him out of it.

He was acting like this in his car seat, but has settled down quite a bit, altho today we had the same problems. I'm letting him cry it out, both in his highchair and in the car seat, but is this normal?

He does the same thing in his stroller. It seems to be happening in any place where he's tied in. He seems to hate riding in his stroller and cries and cries until we take him out. I'm wondering if herein lies the issue. We're taking him out. If we don't, he won't stop screaming and crying, so I give in and take him out. So... he knows this and works it for all he can get.

The part about the highchair is that I don't think he's getting enough to eat. I read on the net that they'll eventually start eating, but when will this happen? When I stop putting him in the chair? I've tried feeding him in his walker, but I can't keep him still long enough to get anything in him and then he's going from place to place and is usually not interested in eating.

He's also still sleeping w/ us, which I love, but he keeps me awake almost all of the night. I'm dead tired most days, and I'm starting to think we should start trying to get him into his own bed. His crib won't fit out of the door of his room, so I'm thinking of a part-time solution for now, and then when he gets a little older, I'll move him into his crib.

The problem is that he moves a lot in the night. He's either rolling around, twitching, or kicking the covers off, and w/ all of this, it keeps me up. I'm a terribly light sleeper w/ the slightest thing waking me... so imagine how it is w/ a baby that doesn't sleep in one place!

So... when you mothers were feeding your baby solids, did you stick to just one item or feed a variety of food at each feeding time? I usually try to feed at least 3 different foods in the mornings, 2 or 3 things at lunch and then 2 at night. I have also started w/ snacks like pudding and such, but he's not too keen on it. He'll eat some and then snub the rest. He likes fruit, but I don't want to feed him only fruit. He's a bit stubborn when eating and insists on my feeding him quickly. He's been like this since he was newborn... it's almost as if he thinks he'll die if he doesn't get another mouthful of food as quickly as possible. And what happens is that he gets mad and then refuses to eat the rest because I didn't get it to him fast enough. This is when he starts his screaming stuff.... it first started during the first week of Ramadan at my in-laws.... as it was his first go at eating solids and he loved them... but now, because of all the fuss and such each night, he's now throwing fits and I'm at a total loss. Maybe now that Ramadan is finished and he's eating at our house again, he'll settle down... or at least I hope.

Eid Mubarak to all my Middle Eastern friends and happy day to all my other blogger friends out there. :)

I will add that he seems more like a little boy now than a baby. He likes to crawl away from us now while squealing, especially when we're acting like we're gonna get him... and it's too adorable. He's pulling up to a lot of things and baby talks like crazy. His hair is really thin and some are pressuring me to shave it - thinking that it'll grow back thicker, but I don't believe it'll do anything. My sister, Jahooni, had thin hair as a baby and now has the thickest hair I've ever seen, and we didn't shave her head. I've seen babies that are 10 mths old and they have no hair at all... I wonder what ppl think that means?!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Dress up time

One of my favorite holidays is Halloween. I've loved it since I was a child. My mom made many of my costumes and, every year, I couldn't wait to get out of the house to trick or treat for candy.

This year, one of my friends is having a Halloween/birthday party for her 2 year old son. She's invited us, which I'm really happy about, but, for the life of me, I can't figure out what to dress Naief up as. I asked if the adults were dressing up as well and she said "as you like"... so, we can dress up if we want, which I'd love to do, but not sure if Hashim will go along w/ it. I told him today that he's a party pooper because he said he wouldn't, but I'm hoping he'll change his mind.

So... what do you guys think... what should I dress Naief as? The theme of the party is "scary". I've been thinking a zombie, but Hashim's first choice was an American soldier! heheheheh But hey.. where would we find a helmet?!! We also thought about terrorist, but I don't think too many ppl would find that funny... it is, but in a sick way. Which is the way I do best! Imagine strapping little bombs (fake of course) to his chest, under his clothes and stuff. Yeah... I know it's demented... but I LOVE IT!!

We've looked at Toys R Us for costumes but they don't have anything for a baby. I think we'll look at Seef Mall. They have a costume place there... but I'm thinking they'll probably have nothing for his size.

So bring on your suggestions. Remember... I don't have a sewing machine and I've never made an outfit. But I can sew by hand....

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Creepy Crawlies

Who out there is afraid of bugs and insects? It seems that a lot of ppl in this part of the world are terrified of them. I know Hashim is... not every kind, but most.... ok, maybe all of them.

It makes me laugh... and I sometimes want to get one just to put it on him!! :) yeah, mean, but I just can't help it.

I'm not really afraid of any of them. I don't like or rather hate roaches. If one got on me, I'd probably scream. They have flying roaches in Texas and I was always terrified, when I saw one, to try to make it go away for fear it would fly over and land on my shoulder, head or something. If it did... I'd probably wig out and have a heart attach or something... so I can understand how Hashim feels... but it still makes me laugh.

Last night I was watching AFV on Channel 4. It's America's Funniest Videos and, gosh, do I find myself laughing uncontrollably w/ this show. Especially last night... because what were they showing... ppl scared outta their wits because some bug had flown onto them or this one showed a guy going crazy coz his friend had put this big lizard thing on him.

Which gets me to lizards. Why are so many ppl afraid of these little guys?

We house-sat for my in-laws back in the summer and my husband's older sister was there, and one night she started screaming, got up on the couch and demanded that we kill it. "It" turned out to be a lizard. Poor little guy. He was terrified and every time we found him, he'd run for his dear life.

So... what did we do? Instead of allowing the housemaid to kill it, I got a cup, caught it and took it outside... BUT... before I could get it outside, it jumped outta the cup and headed into the kitchen outside. I got down and caught it in my hand... it squealed! I didn't even know they made sounds....

I took it in my hand and carried it out front, put it on a tree and then told my SIL that she was safe. She laughed, not believing I had picked it up. They're not dangerous - except if you eat them. They're not slimy or anything. They don't move when you have them cupped in your hand, and even after you sit them down, they'll stay in one place for a bit.... but never has one ever tried to bite me or anything.

I can remember when I was a young girl and I'd go to Florida for the summer to visit my cousin and aunt who lived there. This is when I became up close and personal w/ lizards. They were everywhere. You'd go into the bathroom and they'd be hanging around on the walls. They were in the living room, bedrooms... everywhere. Not once did one try to hurt me, get on me or anything. And, actually, they're really good at keeping bugs away. I think my aunt liked them for that reason... but I can't remember.

I used to be afraid of spiders until I watched Charlotte's Web. I won't let them crawl on me or anything and still get afraid if one comes down in front of me while driving, but I don't kill them if I see them in the kitchen and elsewhere.

So... what bugs and insects are you afraid of? Have you ever been bitten by one? Or stung?

I've been stung by a wasp long ago... I think on my 13th birthday. It really hurt and I'm always careful if around these things because they're moody... but, even w/ that happening, I love bees. Especially big fat bumble bees! Aaaaahhhh, to see them bouncing from bloom to bloom... they don't have them here... I wish they did.

I plan to raise Naief to respect all creatures. I don't want him to be afraid of bugs, insects and such, and hopefully through my guidance they won't scare him. I think maybe Hashim was taught to fear them and that's why he's afraid... but who knows. I should ask him. :)

Have a great day.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


can hardly believe that tomorrow naief will be 8 mths old! seems like only yesterday that i was in the hospital about to have him.

he's growing so fast. he's pulling up to things now... loves standing. his little legs wobble, but so far, he hasn't fallen down, and it doesn't deter him whatsoever. he laughs all the time now... it just tickles my heart. he loves it when i make animal sounds, faces or weird noises w/ my mouth... he giggles and it makes him so happy. he's also wanting to be closer to his daddy now... reaching out to him when i'm holding him and preferring to be around him in the afternoons...

he still has the sweetest breath, is cutting teeth like crazy... having cut his 7th one just yesterday or day before, and is eating lots of different foods now. he loves fruit, isn't keen on plain yogurt, and takes after mommy and daddy w/ his love for bagels and cream cheese! :)

he's having a lot of stranger anxiety now and separation anxiety. this seems to be the worst... but it's grown on me. at first i found myself getting a bit unnerved by it, but now i try to remind myself that this time will pass fast and soon enough he won't need his momma at all. when i pick him up, i love how he clings to me. he squeals usually and will pull his head back far enough to look into my eyes and then smile. i just love it.

he races around the house in his walker... i'll have to get it on video; chasing the cats and getting into whatever is within reach. when he's crawling... watch out. he's a little booger because his mind isn't easily changed. they say that all you have to do is take your child's mind away from what they want, but it isn't so easy w/ him. he gets very determined and remembers. if i move him or take him to another spot, he turns himself around and heads right back towards what he originally wanted. his latest wanting is during iftar. he has decided that he wants to handle the tea pots. refuses to do anything else but try and crawl and get them. no matter if i play w/ him... when he's had enough, he's back to crawling towards them.

i love his little voice... the way he coos. it's so precious and i just wish i could catch it on video. but usually his whole little persona changes once the video camera is taken out. it's only recently that he's started to smile when we take pictures. he's also very talkative when he's out in his walker hunting cats... even raising his arms and squealing loudly.... i only hope to capture these moments. me though... i'm bad about remembering to get the camera and catch it... but hopefully w/ time, i'll remember these things.

he's still crying w/ my MIL. my FIL can hold him and he doesn't cry... he doesn't want to be held long, but he doesn't cry. last night my MIL held him for a bit and he was okay, but it seems like after about 5 mins. he's had enough and refuses to calm down until we take him. i find myself wondering what she thinks. i wonder if he's afraid we'll leave him or something. one time we left him w/ her while he was sleeping and when he awoke, he apparently cried for 30 mins straight. i don't know if he remembers this, but there's something about her holding him that he doesn't like.

he's feeling better now. still has that stuff in his chest real bad and you can hear it when he breathes and he's still coughing, but all in all he's better. i've decided not to take him to the daycare until he's older. i just can't see exposing him to all those things while he's still a little one.

oh yeah... for someone who doesn't like to shop, i found the cutest clothes at the Baby Gap for him. since he'll be one soon enough, i bought a couple of pairs of jeans and the cutest little t-shirts. i can't wait until he can wear them... they also have the cutest little sneakers. i haven't bought shoes for him as of yet... waiting until he starts to walk... but gosh... i really wanted to get him a pair of those. i was really impressed by the selection there.... usually you don't find cute clothes for boys but they had some of the most adorable little outfits! :)

i guess the only thing that worries me right now is his weight. he's not gaining the way i expected him to. his belly should be, in my eyes, bigger than it is now... but since he doesn't eat as much as i thought he would, it seems to be rather flat. you can also feel his ribs and they were poking out pretty bad in the front (not as much now). being sick, cutting teeth and such took a little toll on his body and his ribs are still pretty visible, but it's getting better. the dr. said he should triple his weight from birth by the time he's one yr old.. he's doing fine... but since i'm big on chubby babies, i was thinking he'd be a lot fatter by now... i guess w/ time it'll come.

happy day everyone :)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Cat Food Tester

Naief getting into the cat bowls. He thought he'd try few bites of the cat's food :)