Friday, February 27, 2009

am lovin' the weather

Aaaahhh, this time of year is so nice. I love the temps. Today was hot, but not that ...water running down your thighs and armpits type of hot.... it was a pleasant hot. :) Probably in the low 90s, I'd say, since tonight when we were coming home - around 6, it was about 83.

We took Henry to the date farm in Budaiya this morning (where the Sheikh who owns the property allows dog walkers to go, I just recently found out... from an expat, no less) for what turned out to be an hour walk. This place is huge. We could have walked further, but decided to make our way over to where the camels are kept... btw... Henry really enjoyed the walk. The camels were covered in flies and Naief couldn't stand them flying around and landing on his face, so we didn't spend a lot of time near them, but they were all so interested in Henry. I'm happy to say that Henry didn't get sick inside the car on the way and even sat w/ his head towards the window to get lots of fresh air on the ride to (whish is a first... wondering if he thought we were taking him back to the BSPCA during prior car rides since he really enjoyed it today). I was pleased :) He's a good dog.

Could hardly believe the living conditions of the workers at this place tho. Some were living in shacks... shacks that looked to be made out of palm leaves... for ppl who have sooooo much money... to have hired help living in shacks... it surprised me. Then, in another area, they had workers living in a string of small bldgs. When we walked past, sorta reminded me of a small village or something. Music was playing, ppl were outside sweeping... even a few kids were playing outdoors. No one was bothered by the dog, which was a nice, welcomed change. Apparently, a lot of ppl take their dogs to walk through this farm.

We have a busy week coming up. Will be the first time that Naief is busy w/ mommy for almost every day of the week, so am wondering how that'll be. We have a couple play dates, a bday party, lunch w/ friends, swimming, baby gym... phew. I'm tired just thinking about it. :) We have a play date tomorrow and it'll give buba some time to work in the studio... so I'm hoping some new music is in the works or will be after tomorrow.

Picked up a friend and her daughter last week for the baby gym and when I got there to get them, dear friend has just gotten out of the shower, so needless to say, we didn't leave at the time I said we HAD to leave to get to said class on time.... which, was correct and we wound up being over 15 mins late. I hate to run late to anything... and found myself not wanting to go w/ her next time so as not to run late. Yeah, I know, only 15 mins., but when it's a class for kids, every minute counts, and this class is only an hour.

And... she's supposed to go to a play date tomorrow at a friend's house w/ me and Naief, and I'm thinking I should tell her that it starts 30 mins earlier, just so that she'll get up, get dressed and ready w/ lots of time to spare. Why do so many ppl take soooo dang long to get ready???? Some days it drives me batty!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

this it's touched me....

Am almost finished reading Marley & Me. Wow.... it has touched my heart in so many ways. The writer, John Grogran, is an amazing story teller.... his family, his life has touched the deep emotional strings inside of me, and Marley.... the dog.... I laughed, cried and cringed w/ them through all of their ups and downs.

It has given me a different view of Henry.... different view of dogs, in general. Helped me see a lot of things, and respect and love the nature of dogs... especially Henry.

I got this book before I realized a movie had been made... only picked it up because we had only just gotten Henry and I wanted to get an idea of what a bad dog was.... just in case Henry wound up being similar. Only after starting to read it did I see that a movie had been made. My older sister is also reading w/ me, so it's been nice to hear her thoughts.

I wont give anything away... just wondering if anyone else had come across and read this book. I love it.... and forever my heart will feel differently.

There are really good excerpts from the book that I'd like to share....

On page 243, chp 24, John Grogan says, "Marley reminded me of life's brevity, or its fleeting joys and missed opportunities. He reminded me that each of us gets just one shot at the gold, with no replays. One day you're swimming halfway out into the ocean convinced this is the day you will catch that seagull; the next you're barely able to bend down to drink out of your water bowl."

pg. 279, chp 28, he says, "A person can learn a lot from a dog, even a loopy one like ours. Marley taught me about living each day with unbridled exuberance and joy, about seizing the moment and following your heart. He taught me to appreciate the simple things- a walk in the woods, a fresh snowfall, a nap in a shaft of winter sunlight. And as he grew old and achy, he taught me about optimism in the face of adversity. Mostly, he taught me about friendship and selflessness and, above all else, unwavering loyalty."

I needed to read this book.... not only because it's opened my eyes and my heart, but when someone asked me last night WHY we had gotten a dog.... this is why...

pg. 281, chp 29, he says, "Animal lovers are a special breed of human, generous of spirit, full of empathy, perhaps a little prone to sentimentality, and with hearts as big as a cloudless sky."

I only wish some ppl could understand .... but some will never know this sort of love for animals.

I cried so much today while reading. Many times I had to put it down and wait a bit before being able to pick it up again.... it made me think a lot about my cat, Frankie, who seems to be on the verge of death some days and then 'making it' the next. I know what's ahead of me and I'm truly dreading the day..... but instead of being angry because he's dying... which I've been for weeks now, I'm trying to take a different approach.... and I hope, when the time comes, it helps.

Monday, February 09, 2009

locks too long?

Seems that a few or many in the family believe that Naief's hair is too long and "isn't nice", as his little 3 1/2 yr old cousin put it, after flicking his finger thru his hair and asking me, "what's wrong w/ Naief.... his hair (flick) not nice".

I think it's adorable and don't intend to cut it any time soon.... what I don't get is why it's such a big deal to others??

Funny that my SIL doesn't realize that children say the darnest things... and repeat everything they hear!

I got angry and let that anger get the best of me and found myself flicking my fingers close to his hair (not in it - since it's so short) and telling him that his hair isn't nice and it's rude to say such things. he told me that he didn't care.... and continued with, "his hair, not nice". (let me add... i've tried to believe that this little boy is sweet... but i'm starting to believe otherwise)

when hashim came in, he told him that it's rude in arabic and then told him how others will say bad things about you when you say such things, to which he replied, "oh naief, you're so beautiful". hashim then asked if his mother had said such a thing and he said ..... yes (of course).

so manipulative at such a young age....

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

He's growing up!!!

Today is Naief's 2nd Birthday!!! I can hardly believe it's been two years! This morning I looked at the clock, it was 8 and I delivered him at 8:04 a.m. Seems like not long ago he was this small little baby, so frail, so dependent on Momma and Buba for everything... and now....

he's so independent, doesn't want kisses from Momma, even says 'no' when I tell him I love him!! :((( and is going through a major temper tantrum throwing phase!!! The very kind I was terrified of!!!!! but... I ignore him and it's not long before it's finished. He hates not being able to control me. I guess that's why he's angry and doesn't want no kisses or lovies.... :(((

I feel very happy, but also sad. Been on the verge of crying most all day. A friend who delivered two months before me called this morning to wish Naief a happy birthday. Why I started crying while on the phone w/ her is beyond me... but it just sorta set the tone for the entire day. Even doing this post, I've teared up!

His grandparents are throwing him a bday party at the school tomorrow.... so we'll go today and buy hats and a few things. I'm wondering how it'll be for him. This morning when he got up, I sung happy birthday to him, but he doesn't really understand. I hung a little happy birthday banner and blew up a balloon, but he didn't seem interested. So I hope that he doesn't get scared tomorrow and is able to enjoy it. I took him over to the school today to see Momma Ouda (his grandmother) and to play with the kids, but he was very shy. He warmed up after a bit and enjoyed playing with his older cousin, climbing on the slides and then playing more later.... so I hope that it's just because he hasn't been out in a while. He's missed his last two baby gymnastics classes and we haven't been on any play dates for a while, and I can tell the difference. (we've all been sick for the last two weeks with a flu type virus which equals little sleep and grumpy behavior)

On another older sister donated one of her kidneys to her significant other and I'm really proud of her. Takes a lot to be a donor and many ppl are afraid of it, but she wasn't. She's doing good now.... will be recouping for about 4 wks, and M is doing really well. His body doesn't seem to be rejecting the kidney, so that's really good news. :)