Wednesday, August 30, 2006

these really piss me off !

Today I'm in a horrid mood. Been some things as of late that have really pissed me off and figured why not blog about 'em. Some of these things have been happening for a while and have reached a boiling point... some things just recently happened... but really it doesnt matter cuz all of it has pissed me off.

1) I'm SO freakin sick of ppl staring at me! It happens all the time and I'm just really tired of it. It happens everywhere. Doesn't matter if I'm in the car, walking into a store or what. It happened the other night, matter of fact. Me and the hubby were on our way out of Marina Mall and several women passed us while walking to the car. Well, they don't just look at me, but they stare me up and down. I guess they didn't like that I was wearing a dress... GOSH... a dress of all things! And.. a dress that had a hemline which hit right at my knee... so you know I was sinning cuz I was showing a little skin on the legs.

And... this wasn't the only time. While walking in the mall that night... I had so many looks. It wasn't like the dress was revealing. I had a shirt on underneath that came to my neck and the dress, like I said, came below the knee area. Sometimes I think they stare at me, then look at my husband in order to figure out if he's Bahraini or what, but it aggravates me. I sometimes feel like bugging out my eyes and looking at them the way a child would. But I don't. Once in the car there were these girls staring at me in the car next to us, instead of turning away like I usually do, I sat there and stared even harder at them. The girl got so upset that she turned and told all of her friends then they all started looking at me. I didn't lose my gaze.

Sometimes I get in a fiesty mood and feel like saying something to them.... asking them what they're looking at... do they have a problem.... is there something I can help them with.... or even to say "did you mother ever teach you that staring is very rude!!!"... BUT... I don't say a word.

2) I'm so sick of people butting into line ahead of me... thinking they have the God given right to do so because they're .... WHAT? Better than me? Bahraini? What?

This happens so frequently and I'm just too nice... I know it.. and I'm tired of it and need to get over it. I don't say anything, but boy do I fume. The other night - same place: Marina Mall - I was standing to get some of that tasty, delish corn.. and this woman walks up w/ child in her arms, smiles in my direction and then proceeds to butt right in front of me and when the man asks for my order, she hands him the cash and tells him what SHE wants!!!! I couldn't believe it. I turned around, looked at my husband and said nothing. I wanted to smack some sense into her... ask her if she was raised w/ any manners... but I doubt she'd give a shit. If she gave a shit, she wouldn't have done it in the first place!

Then, we were looking at cell phones the other day and these two girls walk in. They start interrupting the sales guy to ask him prices on phones while he's talking to my husband... which I find terribly rude. I mean, come on... how long would they have had to wait? A minute... ok, maybe 3 minutes. And then... while the guy was explaining the phone and such, they came over and one of them pushed in front of me while I was standing there. Oh gosh... it totally pissed me off... but again, I didn't say anything. I stood my ground w/ fierce determination that if she bumped into me again, that I would say something. But... I didn't get the chance. She stood there, hanging over the counter saying anything to get the salesmen's attention. Anything for attention, right?!!!!!

And... it happens all the time when I'm in a store about to pay. When there are obviously lines to the counter for ppl to pay, and they're taking the next in line... it never ceases to amaze me how some woman will come up, go straight up to the counter and insist on being waited on first. This is particularly irritating in that you usually have been standing in line for a good 10 mins or so... because people aren't fast in this country. First, you get slow sales ppl.. then you get the person who's buying the stuff asking tons of questions or just messing about on the phone, or not paying attention, or laughing, or yelling at their children... so... it does take some time to get checked out.

and my last bitch for this post will be:::::::::::::

3) Being ignored when you're trying to talk to someone. Now... this REALLY bothers me in a big time way. And it doesn't happen just now and again... it happens way too often to think about. It's maddening really. I find it at work too often. There's one person in particular... I'll call them Freaky Frigid (why, I don't know... but), well, when I hear them w/ other ppl, they are so talkative... gabbing about anything and everything, laughing, flirting even... BUT.. when I go there for business, they won't even look at me in the eyes. I try to be nice, but am totally ignored. My husband says it's because they respect me. But... I don't get it. My friend, Cyn, told me that it's all about the arranged marriage thing. That I married for love and they know it so they don't try to be all friendly w/ me because of it but w/ the others, they can be all nicey, nicey because the chances of the other person being unhappy is prolly pretty high.

Well... I don't know what it is... but this Freaky Frigid isn't the only person who does it. Really, I'm starting to wonder if it's not a control issue. The other night I was talking to this person and in the mid of the sentence, I looked at them and they were totally ignoring me! Didn't even look in my direction so I stopped talking mid-sentence and they didn't even notice! What in the hell is up w/ that?!! I don't do that to them, but it seems like if I don't talk about gossipy things or have something bad to say about someone, then they aren't interested in my thoughts, points of view, etc. I'll swear, I felt like getting up and pulling my hair and slapping the shit out of them. I would NEVER be so rude! But.. I feel like starting to do exactly that.

And.. their spouse does the same thing. They'll start talking to me and want my complete and total attention - believe you me - but... if I start saying something, they look off to the TV, and never say another word until they want to be heard again or to gossip. And... even if I raise my voice and try to ask them a question, they act as though they can't hear me! What in the hell is up w/ this?????????? Are all Bahraini's like this? Or is it me? I'm not the only one who experiences it. Several of my expatriate friends experience the same exact thing.... and it happens the same exact way. So... I think it's just total, freakin' ass rudeness. They could care less... their only desire is to hear their own voice, or feel like you are not worthy. Which.... totally pisses me off. I get to the point that I don't give a crap and refuse to even open my mouth and utter a word. How fun is that?! But... it seems to work miracles. I just sit and daydream... in my own little world. It works best, I have found.

You know... if I don't talk strickly fashion, music videos or gossip, I find that people aren't interested. Why is that? I'm sick of being the one pampering their every need.... listening to their every word... and REMEMBERING what they say. Shit, a few ppl can't remember what we've said if their life depended on it. This is something else that I can't quite grasp. I keep wondering if it's just a way of having total and complete control and making sure that you don't change up the story or something. I don't know. I'm tired of trying to figure it all out. The hell w/ them. I'm sick of it.

Ok... now I feel better :) Aaaaahhh... gosh, only if I could rat these ppl out. But... I won't. I'll play ms. nice girl... but watch out! ;)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Do You Believe?

The second week of August brought a few surprising articles to the GDN... two sets of ppl saw what they believed to be a UFO in the skies above Bahrain.

Then, I guess, about three or so days later, someone wrote into the 'letters' section of the GDN saying that she had also seen another or the same UFO above the Tree of Life.

The pictures above were taken by one couple who saw the UFO as they were driving their car along the Sitra Causeway on August 9th. Another guy came forward the next day and said he saw a UFO above the Bahrain Financial Harbour as he was driving home from work. He told friends but everyone dismissed it.

Leading experts in Bahrain are dismissing the claims of a UFO and say that there is a reasonable explanation for what they saw, altho none is given.

I, for one, do somewhat believe in UFOs. My mother, a couple of her sisters, my older sister and some of my older cousins saw a UFO some 40 odd years ago in Indiana. They were outside and one flew above the trees while they were visiting either my aunt or grandmother in the country. It hovered there for several seconds and then flew away faster than you can blink your eye. My mom said there was a definite sound, lights that would go on and off, and it's something she'll never forget.

I'm a huge fan - or rather used to be - of The X-Files and I love alien types of movies. I especially liked The Arrival w/ Charlie Sheen, I loved Signs w/ Mel Gibson, and we watched The Forgotten lastnight w/ Julianne Moore, and it was actually pretty good. I'm also a fan of the different series that have been on TV like Taken and such.

There was a book that I was reading years ago about alien abduction and it was so frightening that I had to stop reading it. When I moved to Bahrain, I got rid of that book and now wish I hadn't. I tried looking for it on but couldn't find it, so I won't be able to tell ya the name of it... but the book disturbed me in a big way. I found myself being afraid to fall asleep at night and such or being afraid of being taken by aliens. I've always been fascinated, and somewhat scared, w/ the possibility of such things, and, actually, I worked w/ a lady whose husband truly believed he had been abducted by aliens and even had marks on his body to prove it. He's a very smart man, worked for some major newspapers in Dallas and also worked for several TV stations, and when it came to aliens, he was a true believer.

The movie Signs really spooked me out because it was believeable, I thought. The story behind the crop circles that appear in the U.S. and in Europe is something I've heard before and sorta believe, it was spiritual in a sense, and kinda freaky when it came to the aliens... but freaky in a scary way. The movie w/ Charlie Sheen, The Arrival, gave me the same type of feeling. It was more over the top but I liked it. There were things in that movie that were very believable but things that were also really out there and crazy. But I liked the whole setting taking place in Mexico and such and really liked how the story developed.

You know, the whole Scientology thing is about aliens. I don't believe in Scientology and don't know that much about it - other than what I've read online - but I do know they believe that we all came from aliens.

Who knows what was in the skies above Bahrain back on August 9th.... maybe they were spy planes or even flying saucers built for spying - it's been thought and talked about for years in the U.S.... but I do believe something was in the sky that night. Maybe, indeed, they were aliens checking out this little country of Bahrain. Do you think?!! ;)

Monday, August 28, 2006

traditional Arab bathrooms/toilets and such.....

After reading Leilouta's blog about her husband using one of the toilets in Tunisia for the first time (the ones on the ground), it got me to thinking about the first time I used one of these toilets. I'll never forget it.

I was at a birthday party on the beach w/ my husband and his friends. Everything was going fine until I had to make a potty break, so I walked to the nearest little girl's room w/ the only other girl at the party. When we get there, it's pretty dark inside but the moon is shining, so you can see your surroundings. I open the first stall and the toilet is on the ground. I think "ok" and I move to the next stall. Same thing. So I move to the last stall and, again, the toilet is sitting on the ground. Now remember, I had NEVER seen anything like this. I was visiting Bahrain for the first time and no one had ever told me about toilets on the ground. I was a bit surprised, to say the least.

Well, coming from a background of camping out as a child, teenager and such, and learning early on to make due w/ what ya have, I went in, closed the door and proceeded to use a toilet that wasn't really a toilet to me, but a whole in the ground. I had on jeans... so can you imagine how difficult it is to squat at one of these things while wearing jeans!! It's not easy... I'll tell ya that much. I guess the girls wearing abayas and such have an easier job w/ it... but I found it to be quite an interesting little toilet journey.

I'll have to admit, it'd be a lot easier if they had little handle bars or something to hold on to. But NOOOO... no such luck. AND.. to make matters worse, there is NO toilet paper. Just a hose to spray yourself off w/. Which is the case w/ all the bathrooms in this part of the world. You'll find a spray hose next to the toilet but a lot of times, no toilet paper. I don't like not having toilet paper... actually, I hate that but the hose is a good way to clean up, but... I don't get the no toilet paper thing. To me it's messy and who wants to be wet??!! after going to the bathroom?!


This brings up another issue... I was reading this girl's blog a while ago and she was talking about westerners walking around w/ "shit smeared asses", to directly quote her. I guess she believes this because we don't have spray hoses in our bathrooms... but to me, these things don't get you clean, and the only true way to get clean is by the use of toilet paper. Yeah, I know... what a weird topic to talk about, but it's the truth. I mean, you can't get clean just by water alone, and I have seen several houses in my time of being in Bahrain that don't supply toilet paper in the bathrooms, and I've gone into various public bathrooms that have the toilets on the ground and/or regular toilets but no tissue paper but they all have spray hoses.

So... my question is... how do people stay clean here? Using the bidet? Well, ok.. that's one solution, but still... no toilet tissue... so, what do you do? Ok, there's soap and.... I guess you use your hand. Is that why some ppl say that Arabs don't use their left hands to eat w/ and such? I've read blogs where ppl have talked about this but never given reasons... which has always left a question in my mind... and I've asked my husband and he says it isn't the case, but it's not the feeling I get after reading some of these blogs and such. So... what gives?!

My husband told me that you're raised not to use toilet paper... only the spray hose. Ok, I understand it's a different culture, different traditions and such.... but... toilet tissue is such a clean way of doing things. He told me that at the schools, most of the toilets are on the ground and you'll never find toilet tissue... NEVER.

I don't know... I remember when I was a young girl and would visit my cousin's house. She lived in what we referred to as the boondocks. Meaning... WAY out into the country. Well, they had a nice house w/ bathrooms, but... they also had an outhouse. All the children were made to use the outhouse. It really smelled bad! And there were always flies and such flying around, but you did have toilet tissue. Not that it mattered but... there were no fancy toilet seats or such... just hard wood and a lid that you lifted and closed down after each use. Honestly, it was gross and I always hated going to the outhouse. I thought my aunt was crazy for making us kids use that, but... it didn't stop her. Actually, we'd get in trouble if she caught us using the bathroom in the house and the last thing you wanted was to get in trouble at this aunt's house... because she could be quite mean w/ the switches! So you learned real quick not to mess w/ her.

I can remember going into my husband's bathroom in the States and he had this watering pot/can next to the toilet. I've seen this before cuz my older sister had some friends from the Middle East when she was in college and they always had these things in the bathrooms - reason: the U.S. doesn't have spray hoses next to the toilets... ANYWAY... the hubby isn't the only one who had these watering cans next to the toilet... all of his friends had them as well or the ones we visited. It's kinda funny to go into the bathroom and see these. At first you kinda wonder what it's all about but then.... it's no big deal. Just like the hoses here... at first it takes some getting used to when using them, but then... you understand the reason behind it. One thing you have to be careful of is a hose that gets a little outta hand... don't want that or you could wind up seriously wet! I guess mastering these things takes a little time.... or maybe I'm a little slow! ;)

The only thing I don't understand the reason behind... is why the toilet tissue is missing from so many places and why so many ppl don't use toilet tissue. But then again, they probably think we're weird for using toilet tissue. Go figure.

Friday, August 25, 2006

fridays, fridays, fridays

well, the weekend is basically over and tomorrow it's back to work. boring, long summer months w/ nothing to do. there's nothing that makes the day go slower than a day sitting at your desk w/ absolutely NO work.

the weekend was pretty uneventful altho my SIL did get a little kitten for her son. the kitten is the cutest little thing and full of such spunk. she runs around w/ major attitude - gosh, i can only imagine what it'll be like when it gets older! her son loves the kitten though and i think they'll become the best of friends. the kitty already likes chasing him or running after them. she puffs up her tail and gallops across the room and she plays w/ him when he's near her.

at first i was really against them getting a kitten for him. he's young and little kids don't know how to handle animals. but, he's really good w/ her and hasn't tried hurting her or anything and she isn't a bit afraid of him. he has a sweet little heart and i'm sure she can sense it. my other SIL hates animals and is completely against animals in the house.... so this will be a tough fight to win. i'm hoping she comes around... but it could take a while. if only she could see how absolutely sweet and adorable the little thing is... but i'm not sure she'll allow herself that luxury. they've had to get rid many a cat because of it... and i just hope beyond all hope that this little kitty isn't the next in line. it breaks my heart each and every time and, really, i've grown quite cold over all of it... but i'm hope that this time it'll be different.

hubby has been pretty busy in the studio but, even still, we snuck away for a good breakfast this morning at Johnnie Rockets. don't know if any of you have tried the place but it's really good. they have american style breakfasts and they're yummy. much better than Fuddruckers... but I've never been a fan of that restaurant. i happen to like omelettes and Johnnie Rockets does 'em up like no one else from what i can tell. they have good french toast and pancakes too, and the place isn't costly.

i've been waiting for over a week now to get a box thru FedEx from my mother and sister. it really eerks me because FedEx is known for their speedy service (and you pay out the wazoo for this service!), but this box is taking an especially long time. it finally arrived into Bahrain yesterday but i couldn't pick it up because it had to go thru customs. now... i hope it's ready tomorrow. i'm so anxious to get this box. it's filled w/ all sorts of goodies and birthday presents!!!! :) which... happen to be my favorite... well, ok... i love christmas presents too :)

my sister packed some beer nuts in the box for the hubby... i'm wondering if they'll pull them because they say "beer". i hope not. it's not that they're made w/ beer... they're just called beer nuts. w/ all the commotion and such in london as of late... i sure hope i get some of things i know my sis sent... like my favorite shower gels from Bath & Body Works. i'm practically out of everything and it'll really piss me off if they're pulled from my box. my sis sent some Kool Aid too.... yummmm... can't wait to get that. i'm asking for one flavor that i love but i'm not sure they found.... Jamaica flavor... it's so good. but i don't think they found it this time. i've loved Kool Aid since i was a young girl. i made some a few wks ago and served it to a friend of hubby's, but it didn't have enough sugar and was too weak (which i always have probs w/)... so i'm sure he wasn't too impressed and wondered what in the hell i was going on about. i've finally found a good pitcher though that i can judge the water level... so the last few pitchers i've made have been quite good. i've wondered why they don't sell that here... and another item that i'd love to see in the stores is Country Time Lemonaid. mmmmmm... now i love that stuff!! i haven't had that in so long. it's delish! so refreshing.

in these hot summer months, i find that i really long for these things. i've been making Kool Aid like crazy over the last few months. i suck it down before the hubby even gets a few glasses! he likes to sneak in the kitchen and drink it all and not tell me.... so i have to drink it before he can! ;) ;) lucky for both of us that my sis is sending more! and it better be plenty if she knows what's good for her!

well, that's about all for me. i've pretty much had a non-eventful weekend but i hope all of you that are about to start yours have a great one! and for all of you about to start back to work.... fun fun fun fun fun! NOT

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Disney night

Day before yesterday I had a great movie watching day. First, I lucked upon Lady and the Tramp on the Disney Channel... have always loved that animated movie, and then later in the night me and the hubby watched Cars.

I have so many of the old Disney movies on VHS... yes, VHS. I've collected and saved them for years for when I have children... figuring it's something we can do as a family. Lucky for me the hubby likes animated movies too! :) My niece loves Disney movies and before coming to Bahrain, I loved sitting w/ her watching some of her favorites and some of mine too! I can't wait to share this with a child. One of her favorite is Mary Poppins and she loved The Wizard of Oz... but I can't remember is that's Disney or not. The Wizard of Oz always terrified me as a child. I was so afraid of the bad witch! I loved it when they killed her in the end!

When I was a little girl, every Friday night there was a Disney movie on TV. Our family never missed it. All of my family would sit down in front of the TV and watch whatever Disney movie was on that night. I can remember Tinkerbell flying across the screen doing her magic (I LOVE Tinkerbell - even as an adult!!), the Disney music coming on... and then the movie would start. Those were the days. I loved it. Not only did you get the animated movies, but you also got some of the great old classics. Movies like Shaggy Dog (the original), The Love Bug, Winnie the Pooh, Mary Poppins, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, That Darn Cat, The Jungle Book, Escape to Witch Mountain, The Apple Dumpling Gang (an all time favorite), The Shaggy D.A., Freaky Friday, Pete's Dragon... my list could go on and on. These are favorite memories of mine and I cherish them. There's nothing like being able to sit down with your family and watch fun movies like this!

Even today, there are so many Disney movies that I want to get on DVD. Cars being one of them. It was such a sweet movie. I loved it. I even cried a bit near the ending... which some of you may laugh at, but... it was quite touching. But, you know... I've cried w/ Disney movies for as long as I can remember. I always cried w/ Bambi. It's always touched my heart and is probably my most favorite of all. I love little Thumper! and you can't beat the music in the Disney movies. April Shower is one favorite of mine. The music is always so fitting... it's gets dramatic when something bad is happening - which you can always count on in Disney movies - and then it's highly animated during the happy scenes. But, I loved it as a child and I love it now. :)

For any of you that love animated movies and/or Disney movies, Cars is definitely worth watching. It's such a sweet and funny story. One of my favorite lines is: "he's as happy as a tornada in a trailer park" (be sure to say w/ heavy hillbilly accent!!)

Anyway... felt like doing a little reminiscing.

happy day everyone!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Downtown Beirut

For any of you that might be interested in taking a tour of downtown Beirut... my husband put a vlog on his site (Alfanan's Radio) w/ footage of Beirut from our trip there last July. It has some nice footage of beautiful sites and it also shows the destruction caused from their last war. Also shows Hariri's memorial site.

Makes me wonder what it's all like now.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

beautiful clouds & our visit to the vet

After talking about how there aren't any clouds in Bahrain, I got this wonderful surprise the other day when driving home.... I looked up and the sky was full of these beautiful, glorious clouds. It looked as if God sent these just for me. It was if he was saying "ok, here'r the clouds you've been waiting for missy"... and I was so happy. I so love clouds and these were especially pretty. And.. the ones in the distance even, sorta, look like mountains - which I really loved. So... I can't say that Bahrain doesn't have nice clouds because it just isn't true. And... I've even been known to say the sky is yellow here... but.. if you'll notice, the sky is a beautiful blue!

Today, this afternoon rather, we took our kitty, Yumi Cat, to the vet. She snuck out of the house last week - she knows how to open the back screen door - and was out for the entire day and night. My husband went out the back door and she was standing there crying to get in. I guess it was later that day when I noticed something bloody on her back right pinky claw. She was licking it and it was bleeding, so I took a closer look and her claw had been broken off all the way down from where it grows from her toe. I can't imagine how bad that hurt! Well, I let it go because I know claws grow back, so I figured it would hurt her for a bit but it would be ok. This was probably 4 or so days ago. Yesterday evening I noticed that her right foot out by the toe area was swollen and her toe area - where the injury occured - was bloody again and when she licked it she would shake her foot and take off running, so I knew something was wrong. We decided to take her to the vet just in case it was infected, and I wanted to make sure she was okay.

We get to the vet a little after 5 today and when we walk in there's a dog on the floor w/ blood in front of it. I immediately feel concerned for him and take a long look to see where the blood is coming from, but I can't tell. The dog, I think, is a Rottweiler and he's really big and muscular. But the one thing I noticed when I walked past him, he had the saddest eyes I've ever seen. He looked at me right in the eyes and I felt so sad for him. Dogs are so expressive with their eyes... they seem so human and I've never been able to stand seeing a dog hurt or in pain, so it was really hard seeing him like this. No one was in the waiting area so I didn't know who he belonged to, but I immediately told my husband that I bet this dog is being used for fighting.

I guess about 10 mins. later this guy walks in and it's obvious that the dog is his. He stands by the doorway to the waiting area for cats and calls to the dog. Then he comes in and sits down. My husband starts talking to him and he tells my husband that the dog is bleeding from the nose because of the heat. They talked for a bit and then the vet came out and he went in w/ the dog. I told my husband that he's fighting that dog and I didn't believe that dog was bleeding from heat.

After the vet spends time w/ the dog, it's our turn inside. I immediately ask the vet is the dog is ok and he says no. The dog had been left outside in the heat and was having something similar to heat stroke (he was bleeding and could barely stand or walk) and even though the man said that the dog had only been out for a day, the vet said that he believed that the dog had been left outside for days. The dog isn't being cared for properly and, INDEED, they are fighting that dog!! I knew it. I immediately felt so much anger I could hardly stand it. I could hardly even concentrate on my own cat from feeling so much anger at that guy. When he had been in talking to my husband I came so close to asking him if he fought that dog but I didn't... what good would it have done?!! People like that... you can't reason w/ them... I know that, but... the anger I felt and still feel is almost overpowering.

Our kitty's back paw got a good cleaning, and I must say that she behaved like a true lady. I'm so proud of her. She didn't cry one time and didn't even try to get the vet. She even got a shot and didn't cry out, altho she did try to back off of the table while he was giving it to her, but she didn't try to bite him or anything, but I knew she wouldn't. Our kitties are always so good at the vet, if I must say so myself! ;)

Anyway... on the way home, I let my deep, heartfelt anger out for this guy. I can't stand people like that... who fight dogs or any kind of animals for that matter or ppl who mistreat animals. That dog's eyes said so much... I just can't imagine how someone could fight an animal like that... which, if I'm not mistaken, is usually to the death. Not to mention how badly they treat these dogs - they starve them, they mistreat them, they beat them, they let them kill cats and other animals in order to prepare them for fighting... just so many awful things. You know, I feel such hate for ppl like this. I even told my husband that I hope God punishes him... I do. I hope he and others like him get terrible illnesses like cancer and suffer miserably for long periods of time... I hope they suffer like they've made these animals suffer. They deserve no more.... honestly, I hope they burn in hell.

Yes, these are strong words but for someone to abuse an animal - AN ANIMAL - how could a person do this? An innocent animal. It makes me sick. Just today there was an article in the GDN about how many animals are killed at the BSPCA and there was a story about ppl burning this dog. The poor thing. I didn't read this article, my husband did. I can't read stuff like this because I see it in my head and it stays w/ me for long periods of time.... like the pictures of the dog today.. they'll stay w/ me for a while. The thought of this man mistreating this beautiful animal... fighting him. He sat and bragged about buying this dog in the U.S. and how much he paid for him - $1,300! But HA... he's at the vet and says he can't afford to pay. He wanted the vet to give free services.

I asked my husband why the vet doesn't report this man or why he doesn't take the dog from him... and my husband says he can't do this because these type of ppl are mean and they'll come and burn his place down or do something bad if he were to do that. It's horrible that things like this can't be policed and stopped.... I think there should be a group of ppl here or a show like Animal Rescue 911... someone needs to get these problems pulled out into the open - more than they are now!! Some undercover work needs to be done to catch these ppl fighting animals.... it's not a sport and it's so terribly horrific.

Monday, August 14, 2006

George Galloway interview re: Hizballah & other things

Someone sent me an email today w/ a link to an interview w/ George Galloway (IRA) on Sky News. Many of you may have already seen this but it was a first for me. I found it to be very interesting.

First, Galloway has this to say:

Galloway: 'The Violence Will Go On'
George Galloway has spoken out in support
of Lebanon, saying he believes Hizbollah is justified in attacking Israel. The
Respect MP also lambasted media coverage of the war and said the UN resolution
means nothing.

here's the link:,,31200-galloway_060806,00.html

I had an interesting comment on one of my blogs earlier... saying that it seems like, from what they've read on my blog, that I regret moving to the Middle East and that I regret marrying my husband, as well as other things. These are not his exact words, but close. Anyway... it's interesting to see how ppl take other ppl's words... especially when someone feels such sadness over what's happening in the world today.... and feels, sometimes, alone... I sometimes don't know what to say or how to react to people in this part of the world and to what's going on and to America's involvement or support of Israel... but I've said that before.

Being in the ME and seeing things from a different point of view - which happened immediately - I have to sit back and think about this... think about how I can say things. Do I miss the U.S.? Yes, most definitely I do. Do I wish we lived there... yes, there are days that I wish we lived there... but that's the part of me that wants everything at my fingertips - and especially since ALL of my family is there - anyone who didn't miss that/family would make me wonder. And seeing that Americans are very spoiled, it's really no wonder that I miss life in the U.S. I think it's getting easier as time passes and as more things open up here in Bahrain, but I do miss the U.S., but hey, I miss a lot of things that I took for granted - like the rain, wildlife, clouds, and grocery stores. I also miss Target like you wouldn't believe and Whole Foods. But.. we always want what we don't have, right?

Do I regret marrying my husband?!! NO. I do not regret marrying my husband... I wonder if they think this because he's an Arab male. Or because I work and live amongst Arabs and have had feelings that aren't always the most positive... I don't know. But, I will say this... Bahrain may not be the best place on earth to live, but I am happy that I am here and w/ my husband. If he weren't here, no, I wouldn't live here.... but that's just me. There are prob lots of ppl that could say the same about the U.S., believe me... it's not heaven on earth. Without going on and sounding desperate to show the love I have inside - and, basically, that just ISN'T my way.... I will say a few more things about my relationship. There's a lot of things that could have been different if I didn't want to marry him or be w/ him. I could have stayed in the U.S. since he came here before me... but that isn't what I wanted. And since the Iraq war broke out right after he came here and all flights were cancelled to the ME, it could have been really easy for me to go on w/ life as I knew it. But, my life with him and my life here in Bahrain was meant to be... I do truly believe that. I believe he is my soul mate and I love him desperately... and plan to stay here w/ him for all eternity or at least until they drop a bomb on us or nuke the whole country! ;) Kidding! yeah, that was prob unneeded, but I JUST COULDN'T help myself.

I thought I was showing my feelings and being upfront w/ how things are sometimes (altho I don't go overboard w/ it) in my previous post about the way I feel at work and such... and I did not mean for it to sound like I regret things. But ppl will read what they want to read in someone's words. I've had this happen before. I sometimes say things and then wish I hadn't or even have a change of heart and mind and will even go the other way w/ my thoughts, words and feelings... I can remember one time when I made a comment on Bahrain & Beyond's blog and it was taken the wrong way (actually, what I wrote weren't even my words but something someone else said to me, to be honest, and I said the words trying to make a point - but it was taken the wrong way, but hey... I probably said things the wrong way) and it turned into a major dispute/disagreement/argument.... and a couple of friends/bloggers, The Moody Minstrel & Saba, were involved. Phew... it's amazing how that turned out and it's all good now! :)

ANYWAY.... sometimes the things ppl say really get me to thinking. Techz told me that I should post about the good things that happen in this country and the Middle East. I agree... so, here's my first post to this - even tho it may not 'really' fit the bill. It at least shows a different way of looking at things that many Americans may not see.... so here's to my American friends.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I have two sisters. An older sister and a younger sister. I've always been closest to my younger sister - prob because we grew up together. I remember when we were little, she'd follow me around and I'd get so aggravated w/ her because of it - I regret that now. I taught her how to cheer, do cartwheels and such, and she was always my little guinea pig when it came to practicing new back bends and flips and things. She loved it... and I'll have to say, she was always really good at it. She could do the splits like nobody's business... even the Chinese splits, which I never mastered. I have a photo of her doing the Chinese splits in our front yard... I wonder if she remembers that stuff. She called me Nauni when she was little.... she couldn't pronounce my name. It used to irritate me... but now when I think back to it... it was so sweet and I wish she still called me that. I love her more than she knows.

My sister and me... well, we have a volatile relationship sometimes. I think all sister's have that in their lives at some time or another. I think our relationship tends to be like this because 1) we know each other so well and 2) we are completely honest w/ each other even when it makes the other mad. If I'm mad, I tell her. If she's mad, she doesn't hesitate to let me know. We scream and yell at each other sometimes, and we've even been known to slam down the phone and vow never to talk again. But, three days later, we're on the phone as if nothing happened.

She's a Cancer... so she keeps a lot of things inside. Things hurt her more than she's willing to admit and w/ me being a Virgo... well, I tend to be snappish w/ her and judgmental. And... I can also be aloof and not very forthcoming which is difficult for her to understand. About a month ago, we got really mad at each other and again, got into an argument. This time, it's taken about three weeks for us to make up. We're in that stage right now.

My sister can really make me laugh. She's so funny and says the funniest things I've ever heard... which I love. She and my husband are the only ones that really make me laugh... and you should see them together. It's hard to keep a straight face - especially when playing Scrabble! ;) Gosh, we had some of the best times playing Scrabble back in April! My sister likes to take credit for thinking of words and then won't let you forget it. If you win after she's done this... oh gosh... it never ends! You will never be able to forget that she helped you!!! She also likes to walk around to everyone in order to see their letters and thinks that she can help everyone out... when it just isn't allowed! ;)

Anyway... sometimes it's hard for us because for as well as we know each other, we still, at times, don't understand each other. She doesn't understand things I do or say and I don't understand some things she does or says. But even still, I love her more than words can express. I always have and always will.

Funny when you're so far away things tend to get so much more serious. When I was in the States, I didn't see them all the time. I lived in Texas and she, her family and my mom lived in California and still do. Sometimes it would be a few years before I'd go there for a visit or vice versa. Same as here, but it feels different because I'm outside the country. My mother doesn't like me living here, my sister doesn't like me living here... really, no one does. Which makes things difficult at times.... especially w/ so many things going on in the world... like they are now. My mom is so fearful of WWIII happening and feels that this isn't the best place to live.... and if I show the least bit of unhappiness... my sister, especially, wants me us to come back immediately. When I lived in Texas, this didn't happen. If I was upset, mad, or unhappy... then it was part of life and things would get better. Now, being so far away - across the world pretty much - it just isn't the case. I understand... but it's difficult.

But I'm getting off topic w/ this... but really, it all seems to blend in and become one, oddly enough.

Back to my sister - she called me this morning and we talked for a while. Again, she made me laugh to the point of almost crying... and it made me really happy. She reminded me that she's still somewhat mad at me (she always likes to do that - remember Scrabble), said she's saved all the emails I sent and even re-reads them (the mean ones)! and wanted to know how I could ever imagine going on w/ life and not talk to her! Well, she's right. I couldn't imagine it. I couldn't imagine not talking to her, my dear sister. Sometimes, she'll remind me (she did this morning) that she's my half-sister (she has a different father than me)... but it doesn't matter. In my eyes, there is no difference. Maybe w/ some ppl it would matter, but it doesn't w/ me. She'll always be... no matter what... my sister. Not half sister, but SISTER.

So... I dedicate this post to her. My little sister (she always hated my saying that! ;) ).... someone I love and someone who means the world to me. Oh yeah... her birthday was just last month and I didn't say this the right way.....

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y !!!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear sister, happy birthday to you, and many more on Channel 4!!!!

and.. for the one thing I haven't done in forever is my favorite joke to hit her w/:

Q: What's invisible and smells like carrots?

A: Bunny farts! :) (just for you jahooni!)

Monday, August 07, 2006

pics of the Ritz

would have put a view of the lovely bed, but honey was over on the sofa and refuses to be in photo....

this is not a great photo of the bathroom... should have taken it from the angle of showing the shower which is off to the left here.

took this photo the day we arrived. the pool was cool and refreshing.

these are the elevators inside the hotel. the pic is pretty blurry... sorry.

this is front view of the hotel... this picture doesn't do it justice. quite pretty on the inside. very modern though.

i would have loved to take more photos... especially of the pianist downstairs and our lovely desert, but our digital ran out of steam and we didn't bring the charger... so no more pics. i will say though, these pics are nothing compared to the lovely photos of the hotel Olivia stayed in.... while visiting Verona. if you haven't seen them, you should most definitely check out her blog!

being fake

aaahhh, the world of the fake ppl. i live it most every day. the fake laughing, the fake kiss kiss assing, the fake smiles, the fake interest.....

i listen to this one particular person... Laughing Lardbutt... man, they get on my nerves. i wonder if they realize how fake they sound when their head tilts back in the strain of fake laughter. haaa haaa haaaaaaa.... it's the same every time. don't know one instance where i've heard a real genuine laugh coming from Lardbutt. maybe once.... but it's hard to tell when one's so fake!

the fake kiss kiss assing is something else to see indeed. and man, do we have tons of it! phew, there's one particular person, Perfect Poser, who could win an oscar for their performances... hands down, they are the winner. a lot of ppl know it, but most secretly love it... because, after all, it gives ya something to talk about, am i right or am i right??!

but... there are those who truly aspire to be as kiss kissy fake as Perfect Poser. there are those heading in that direction... working steadfastly towards one main goal... FAKEDOM. when i hear the footsteps of PP, it's only a matter of minutes before the sounds of fake screeching come billowing down the corridors of life.... i want to hide when i hear the whines.... but what else is there for a girl to do but smile ?!!

and then write on my blog about it! ;)

oh yah, gonna post some pics of the Ritz later today :)

Sunday, August 06, 2006

my dream lastnight

taking from a blog friend, olivia, from olivia's london dispatches, thought i'd post about a dream i had lastnight. i tend to remember many of my dreams... altho i often forget key elements of them by late morning or only remember the ones that had no significance, so i was quite surprised and pleased w/ myself when i remembered the one from lastnight.

the dream started out where i was in some house w/ my mother and we were getting our bags packed for a trip to europe. my mom was getting ready and packed and when i asked her what time the flight took off, she said 11 a.m. i looked at the clock and it was 9 a.m.! and i couldn't find any of my clothes, especially my under garments. i was rushing around everywhere trying to find anything to pack but everything had disappeared. it was like all of my clothes were no more. finally, i started looking up in the top cabinets of the bedroom and found some skirts and tops. i started pulling things out frantically, putting them in the suitcase, but when it came to finding my undies... i couldn't find any. (and this isn't like me because i always pack days in advance!) so some major stress was happening in this dream in the beginning...

finally i asked my mom if i could use some of hers, she said yes but i decided to keep looking. (why i'm so stressed out about this particular thing in my dream is beyond me!) but, i finally found some and also realized that i could buy some when we got to our destination, but the ones i found, i started tossing into my suitcase, and then as i started searching for shoes, i couldn't find any of my flip flops!! the ones i found were really ugly and not at all what i have at home.. where these particular shoes came from is beyond me because i don't have any flip flops that look like these... but... irregardless, i started packing them.

i kept thinking that we were going to miss our flight and knowing that you have to check in two hours early for int'l flights... i knew we'd probably miss it. my mom kept saying that we'd have to leave tomorrow and i remember being so upset because i didn't want to leave tomorrow. at one point, my mom found out that traffic was really bad on the highways, so we knew there would be trouble... but that didn't seem to stop us.

when i realize that it's getting close to 10 and that if i don't hurry we're going to miss our flight, i started tossing a bunch of shoes in to the suitcase and then grab a bunch of my make-up and toss that into another suitcase... and then i'm ready to go. at some point, i realize that the man who will be taking us to the airport is my stepdad. well, i THINK it was... if i remember right, because i haven't seen him since i was 10th grade (which was YEARS ago). why he's there to take us to the airport is beyond me. and why he's made an appearance in my dream is another question i have... because i haven't thought about him in ages. it's odd.

anyway, the next thing i know, i'm at the airport, but i'm not w/ my mom. i'm there, on the plane, w/ some blonde haired woman in a tan business suit. she's paid for my flight and i'm traveling w/ her to some place, altho i don't know where. i don't remember thinking about my mom or wondering where she was... which seemed perfectly normal and i didn't question it, and then i find out that i'm traveling in business class w/ this lady which pleases me a great deal.

so we make our way to business class and there's a row of ppl behind our row and as i'm making my way thru the aisle, this older gentleman sticks his leg out to trip me. i remember looking down at his leg and then scooting past it. i sit down and am immediately asked if i want water, juice or wine. the blonde haired lady says juice. i look at her and ask if she doesn't drink. she says that she is drinking and has ordered juice. i then say, "no, you don't drink alcohol because you didn't order wine"... and i start laughing hysterically. why i'm laughing... well, i have no idea but for some reason, i found the fact that she didn't order wine to be the funniest thing.

to cut to the chase.... we take off and before i know it, it looks as though we are in the cock pit because all i see is openness, the blue blue sky and big beautiful clouds. it looks so peaceful but i remember being somewhat afraid. i can remember wondering why it looks like this from where we're seated... i can remember questioning a lot in my mind. because just a few moments ago, it didn't look like this and now all i see if blue sky and clouds.

then, the next thing i remember, the plane is flying so low that you can clearly see this pasture below us. i see yellow weeds, the green grass, the ground and there are horses galloping and i can hear their huffs hitting the ground. i can remember feeling very scared that the plane was going to crash... because all i could think about was why is this plane flying so low. then all of a sudden, i felt nothing around me other than the sound of the horses. i can remember telling myself that it was ok and not to be afraid. it was at this time that i felt as though i was in a flying dream.... not in the plane but out on my own flying thru this pasture. it was a wonderful feeling... just gliding through the air. i would pass over the tops of trees, swoop down low while listening to the horses and then glide back up.... i went back to fear a couple of times but then i would tell myself to relax and it would all feel ok.

and then faster than anything, i was back in the plane and we were gliding past these gutted out planes that had crashed and the pilot was giving us some type of tour of this old airfield. it was very strange. everything felt completely normal. it wasn't any time after this that the tour the pilot was giving was over and we headed back up into the clouds to continue on the journey.

this is all that i remember... altho at some point when i was in the plane, i can remember this rush of air coming thru the plane in front of me (i could see it) and feeling fear about it... wondering where it was coming from. i can remember the flight attendant telling me to not be afraid that it was coming from the cooler. very strange.

anyway... this is my dream of lastnight. the coolest part of it was that feeling of flying by myself in the air. it's been a LONG time since i had a flying dream... and i mean the kind of dream of where i was flying by myself w/ my arms outstretched. these are the best dreams, i think, because they tend to release some pent up fear within me and that's what it did lastnight. i even cried over it when telling my husband about it this morning on our way to work.

i find significance in this dream because of the fear that i felt .... fearing the plane would crash and then going to a calmness and feeling that it was all ok and not to fear... that i would be fine. and how i allowed myself to experience the peace of being so close to the ground and flying thru the air. it brought such a calmness over me... it felt wonderful. this is pretty important in my life right now because of some internal fear that i've been feeling... and i find it interesting how my subconscious talked me thru it and let me know that everyting will be ok and not to worry. can't get into why that particular part is extremely important in my life right now, but i will at some point later.

in reading back over this, it doesn't give significance to what the dream felt like. it was amazing... it was so clear and the clouds felt so close... it was if i could touch them. i could hear the horses' huffs pounding against the pasture... all the colors and the sounds... it was such a nice dream.

my husband had a dream the other night that he saw a ghost in our house climbing the stairs to get me. he screamed out in his sleep... i always hate it when that happens. i feel so bad for him. lastnight he had another bad dream. he saw ppl downstairs breaking all the windows of our car. he woke himself up before he screamed out.... which is good because it would have prob interrupted my dream! ;) ;) gosh, i'm bad! :)

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Ritz Carlton getaway

This past weekend, my husband surprised me w/ a weekend getaway to the Ritz Carlton. Wow... what a nice hotel! I've been there before for meetings and such, but never had the priviledge of staying in one of the rooms.

The first thing that really impressed me was the friendliness of all the hotel staff. No one had something better to do if you had a question and they let you know real quick that they were there to take care of your every need. Sometimes, depending on the place, you call tell that ppl are just working for the tip but whoever the mgmt. co. is for the Ritz... they are takin' care of business!

aaaahhhh... the room. It was so plush. We had a view of the pool and the sea, which was really quite beautiful. There was a flat screen TV for our viewing enjoyment and the bed had the best linens and a feather pillow (is that what they're called??!) covering the entire bed.... it made ya feel like you were sleeping on a cloud. I've got to get one of these for our bed at home!! The pillows were really nice - feather pillows - but they always give me a headache and it happened again this weekend. We have feather pillows at home but I've given them up because of such headaches... seems like the little cheap BD1.500 pillows suit me a whole lot better!

The bathroom in this room was really something. The one thing that I really loved was the shower head! Yeah, I'm impressed by the little things. :) I so miss shower heads from the States and this one was very similar -- altho, it was the largest shower head I've ever seen! You stand under it and your whole body is covered in water.... not like the little ones where you have to maneuver yourself to get your face wet and then turn around to get your back wet.... this baby was so big that you didn't have to worry about any of that. It was splendid!!! I loved it. And they had all the amenities for your bathroom enjoyment.. which was good because I forgot our toothbrushes!

Oddly enough, this room was so cozy and welcoming it didn't feel like a hotel room really. I felt like I was staying at someone's house... it was really nice.

That night we went out and walked the grounds... there were four tennis courts, a playground for children, volleyball area, the HUGE pool, the long stretch of sandy beach, private island w/ beach across the way, huge jogging trail, and something that really caught my eyes were the lights under all the palm trees. They created this spectacular glow up the sides of the palm trees... it was sorta magical... and so so pretty. There was an outside lake area and a running brook which was very peaceful. There was an indoor pool, workout facilities... everything a guest could ask for. And this doesn't take into account all the restaurants.

It was actually very quiet outside... and it didn't feel like we were in Bahrain. We walked around for a while and then went back inside where a pianist was playing.

The next day we went down for breakfast and then out to the pool. There are tons of lounge chairs so you don't have to worry about finding a spot... and at some point, I made my way to the outdoor bathroom... and seeing that I've been to lots of outside bathrooms at pools, I wasn't expecting a lot. Well... to my amazement, the bathroom was decked out in the best accessories. It was air conditioned and smelled really nice. I was really impressed - all of that for a poolside bathroom!

I love to ppl watch and there were tons of ppl to gaze at. I always find it amusing how some men wear speedos, no matter their size. And this year, the young and old alike were wearing itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikinis! The pool was packed from morning until night. As the day went on, there wasn't a chair to be had... we went in after a couple of hours cuz I don't do well in extreme heat... but we could still gaze from our room. There was this one couple who had been out there from about 10 a.m., and they were both sporting dark tans... well, I think at about 4 p.m. that afternoon, I looked outside and they were still there... cooking. Some ppl let their skin get so dark it looks like leather - I've never understood it. But, I can't tan worth a darn, which I get from my father's side. My mother is part American Indian - so am I - and she always tanned and it looked so beautiful, but not me. I burn, then peel, burn, then peel, and wind up getting severe headaches... so it's just not worth it to me. But, I could tell that some of those ppl out there totally worshipped the sun... I wonder if they will in some 10 to 20 odd years?!

We went down and listened to the violinist, flutist, and pianist that night at the coffee shop and had some wonderful flavored tea and desert... I had double chocolate fudge cake w/ ice cream and the hubby had apple pie w/ ice cream. The crust on his apple pie looked delicious altho he said it was a bit soft... but it looked fabulous. I make crust but it never looks like that! I'm just glad it didn't taste better than mine! ;) Or so he said.... lucky him! ;) ;)

Both deserts were sooooooo delicious... and huge. Neither of us could finish... so we sat, feeling quite fat and listened to the wonderful music. They do some good business there... not sure if everyone is staying at the hotel, but the place stays pretty crowded. No wonder though, the food is really good and the entertainment is very pleasing to the ears.

After a while, we decided to go and relax for the evening. We stopped by the little desert shop on the way up to check out the prices on the tea we just had... phew!!!!! the tea was BD20.000, so we decided to pass on buying some. Maybe one day because it was rather delicious.

The next morning we got up and had breakfast, walked around the hotel for a while, checked out the indoor pool, watched some TV and then did an early checkout... it was time to head BACK TO REALITY.

It was such a nice getaway and such a nice surprise from my husband. We had such a good time. If he gets the pics downloaded from our digital in the next day or so, I'll put a few up here that we took from our room.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

this and that

well... w/ so many things happening in the world right now, it's hard for me to think about things to write about, feeling like most of what i could write would be just dribble w/ no meaning.

i guess i could talk about the difficulty of being an american in the middle east right now. the difficulty that i face w/in myself as i walk down the halls of my office w/ so many bahraini men sitting on the sofas watching the news of the war in lebanon (they have the TV blaring every day)... i walk by knowing that many hate israel and the u.s. and wondering what they say because i'm an american.

i know that what is happening in lebanon is not my fault and there's nothing i can do to stop it... but i feel that we are blamed - even as individuals. not by all but by some... and i can feel it as i walk past some ppl and it's not a good feeling. i find that i get angry sometimes at ppl's lack of understanding and then, at times, i want to hide my head in shame.... but then i push myself to walk tall and know that i am not responsible for this and if they want to hate me, then they will hate me. my husband says that they will never say anything to me because i'm married to an arab... but still.

before this war broke out in lebanon, i was sometimes asked by some why the american ppl don't protest and get the govt to stop what they're doing in iraq. why don't the families of the soldiers do something and insist that their children be brought home. i sit and don't know what to say to such questions. i feel that nothing i say will be good enough. ppl do protest in the u.s.... ppl do speak out but it falls on deaf ears.

now w/ lebanon and the u.s.' support behind israel... the one group of ppl that many arabs love to hate... i find that i get even more of a sense of isolution. a feeling of being an outsider looking in... of being alone. it's a difficult feeling at times. i don't get this at home or when i'm out, but i get it a lot at work. i'm the only american here... ppl didn't like it when i was hired. it was a secret for a while, matter of fact. i wasn't allowed to do some things for fear that the media might find out and report that i'm working here... which all makes for a pleasant working atmosphere. (on a side note - it's never been a horrible working atmosphere here - just w/ a few individuals that don't bother me now - unlike the atmosphere of where i used to work - so much jealousy from ppl because i was an american working there)

in the beginning, when i first started working here, i had ppl come right up and ask me how i got this job.... what were my qualifications... who did i know. it all used to piss me off, to be frank. and now... w/ this war, i feel like an outsider again. i don't like this feeling, altho i try not to think about it, except when i have to pass all the men sitting out watching the news coverage.

anyway.... it's all very depressing... the war... the killings. i hate war.