Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Naief enjoys Mahmood's Den

He's starting young... he does enjoy some good blogging!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

toilet humor

maybe you thought this post might be about the baby's poopy diapers... but since i'm feeling a bit reserved today.... i'll make nice!

this post is about a blog friend and his blog. i love toilet humor... always have. i think one of my all time favorite movies is Dumb & Dumber, and i think there was some good toilet humor in There's Something About Mary. i'm one of these ppl that laugh every single time i watch these movies... no matter how many times i've seen it.... i think w/ Dumb & Dumber... i've done the dreaded snort laugh... it's not pretty... and can't say i'd ever want to do it around a stranger... but gosh.... this movie really makes me laugh.

anyway... my blog friend at Sefton Taxis has a video clip on his blog that gave me a really good laugh earlier.... and laughing does the body good, so check it out. if you like practical jokes, especially if they involve toilet humor... go by his blog. i think it's the 2nd post down and it's called A Wee Joke.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

what is a friend?

This past weekend I was invited by a friend of mine to afternoon tea at her house. She invited me along w/ Naief to come and visit w/ her and her two sons, and two of our other girlfriends. She's also married to a Bahraini guy, as well as one of our other friends... so it's nice because there's a common thread that binds up, so to speak.

Like I said, she has two sons, one aged 5 and the other is 18 mths. They are so adorable on one hand but a handful on the other. Our other friend brought her son whose a bit older, and since he loves to play w/ the other two, the house was filled w/ energy until it was time to go. I got a true sense of what it's like to have little boys.... or maybe just kids that age because the house never stopped. And... I liked it.

Can't say that I would have felt this way years ago when I didn't want to have kids. I could hardly stand to be around kids that age because they usually drove me nuts.... but I don't know... yesterday it was different. You just don't realize how children can change you until you have them.

Anyway... to my original point.

I guess it's been probably a good 8 yrs since I've had a group of girlfriends.... girls I can talk to, gossip with, laugh with, and just enjoy being around. When I worked full-time in Dallas, I had several good girlfriends and we'd go out on the weekends, have dinner together and such, but since moving to Bahrain - and even before then really - I haven't felt that closeness. I didn't realize how much I missed it until yesterday.

I met these women last year at a friend's BBQ. I lucked into meeting one of the girls... actually it was completely by chance that we even spoke. She and her husband were at a book signing for a friend of ours and she asked me when I was due. I didn't even know her... but her husband knew my husband, so I guess we were bound to meet at some point. She was the first person to ever really talk to me about my pregnancy and it was nice to have someone around my age that was friendly and interesting. It was at this book signing that she invited me and the hubby to a BBQ at their house.

And this is what started the friendships.

When I had the baby... they came and visited me at the hospital... and were so loving and caring when I broke down that afternoon after they asked how I was feeling. I still wonder why you get so weepy after having a baby. I know it's the hormones and I understand it... but it's just weird how easily it happens... as if you have no control whatsoever over anything emotional.

Their house was just lovely. So roomy... big enough for her oldest son to ride his bike inside the house, if you can believe it. I loved it. I told hubby that I'd love to move to Sa'ar. I really enjoy that part of Bahrain. It seems different there and it's soooo quiet. Here at our house we have cars passing at every hour of the day. Not to mention the two prostitutes that live in the apts across the way that keep unbelievable hours. And then the families that live in those apts... I've never seen families that stay out so late w/ little bitty children. They come home in the wee hours of the morning - during the week - I guess not thinking or really caring that their children have to get up and go to school the next day.

Anyway... I got a load of things to bring home w/ me after our day was done. My girlfriend that hosted the tea sent me home with a push toy for Naief... he'll just love that when he gets old enough to walk, as well as some hand-me-down clothes, which I love and was raised doing w/ all of my family (so it felt very homey), and many other goodies.

You know... this is how I am and I am so happy that I have new friends that are the same. I've always been this way w/ one of my sisters - we exchange shoes and clothes, perfume, jewelry - a little of everything really - and when she found out I was pregnant, she sent me all of her maternity clothes... which, btw, had been used by a few of her friends. Some of you might frown knowing that or would never think of using hand-me-downs... but I love them. My sister got so tickled when she'd see pics of me wearing the things she had sent... and I enjoyed wearing them because it brought me closer to her because I'm so far away.

So... when my girlfriend gave me some of her son's clothes yesterday... I felt a kinship to her and it felt really nice. I loved opening the bag today to see all the stuff she put inside. Maybe one day I can do the same for someone.

Well.. that was my day yesterday. Oh yeah, Naief was so good. He was so behaved and didn't cry the entire time we were there. He's at the age now that he really enjoys looking at ppl and watching his surroundings, so he got a kick outta the kids and w/ it being so busy there.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Love to Eat

I was tagged some time ago by a blog friend, The Moody Minstrel, to list 5 of my favorite restaurants here in Bahrain. Why it took me so long to think about this one... well, it's beyond me. But... after some long thinking, I finally came up w/ my list.

These are in order of preference:

1.) Senor Pacos. I love this restaurant. This is the first restaurant that me and Hashim went to when I came here back in 2001 for a visit. I was dying for mexican food and we came upon this place and fell in love w/ it. It's the one place on this island that reminds me of home. I love the weekends there w/ the singing and dancing, and they have the best holiday parties. Mexican food is one kind of food that I could eat every day. I love nachos, fajitas, enchiladas, tacos... you name it, I love it. ummm... it's just sooo good. So this is my most favorite restaurant.

2.) Cafe Italia. This is the italian restaurant at Seef Mall. They have some of the best spinach and cheese ravioli that I've ever tasted and their pizza... well, it's the best I've had in a long time. My favorite pizza place used to be Pizzeria Uno's in Addison, in Texas... but it was a different type of pizza all together - it was Chicago style. Cafe Italia's pizza is thin and they have so many different varieties. And... if you go there, don't miss their salads. They are sooo yummy. I love good salads though.

3.) Kei. This is a Japanese sushi restaurant at the Golden Tulip. We've been going to this restaurant for a while now and I really enjoy their food. I don't eat raw fish... not into that, but I do like their California rolls and many other dishes on their menu. They also have this fried banana dessert that is to die for... makes my mouth water just to think about it! ;) What I like about this place is that you have the choice of sitting where the chef cooks your food. They have this square area and I guess it seats about 15 ppl and everyone can watch as each dish is prepared. This is authentic Japanese whereas many of the other Japanese restaurants here aren't. I recommend this restaurant to everyone.. but I'm sure that most of you have tried this place.

4.) Hash House. This is a Thai restaurant in Adliya. I love their Red Thai Noodles w/ chicken, shredded carrots and cabbage... ummmm... just delicious. It's on the spicy side which I love... but also has a hint of sweet to it. I like the restaurant especially at night when you can sit upstairs on the cushions. This is the only Thai restaurant that I enjoy in Bahrain... the others ... well, I'm not all that impressed.

5.) Melh Al Zad. This restaurant... well... it could probably be my number 2 easily. It's an Iraqi restaurant that we've been eating at for a while now. We first went there some 3 1/2 yrs. ago w/ the in-laws for Eid. I love their hummus, and I must admit they have some very tasty lamb chops. They also have fabulous fattosh salad... I would say it's my favorite of all the restaurants that I've tried since living here w/ the salads, hummus and eggplant dip. Actually, I haven't had anything there that I haven't liked. I love Iraqi spices... they fix Arabic food like nobody's business. It's another place that makes my mouth water just thinking about it. YUM. It's located over off Exhibition Road.

Now... I'm hungry. I do love good food. I'm not a big eater but when I eat... well, I want it to be good. All of these qualify, in my book, as good food. I hope you guys like the list.. and if you haven't tried some of these places.... try them and let me know what you think.

Also... we watched the season finale of Lost tonight. I cried. I was sad to see one castaway get killed. I was hoping it wouldn't happen, but it did. From the things I've read, seems like a lot of ppl were happy to have this person killed off... but it made me sad. I'll write about it probably tomorrow. I'm upset because I really look forward to seeing this show.. and now... we'll have to wait until the next season comes along. This finale left a lot of things unanswered... and put a lot more questions in my mind. I thought it would answer a lot of questions, but it didn't. I'm bummed about that... but figured it would happen.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

10 Simple Pleasures

I've been tagged by Munther at The Drivel of 2 Modern Bahrainis to list 10 Simple Pleasures of mine. I've also been tagged by the Moody Minstrel to list 5 of my favorite eating places here in Bahrain. So.... I'll list my pleasures first and then tomorrow or so, I'll make a list of my favorite eating spots. For some reason, picking these has been harder than I thought.

so.. here goes:

10 Simple Pleasures

1) hearing Naief laugh

2) feeling Naief sleeping against me

3) watching squirrels play

4) having coffee outside when it's really early (and there's a cool breeze) and you hear nothing but the birds... this is so relaxing.

5) listening to my husband play the piano

6) watching Christmas tree lights

7) sleeping while it's raining or relaxing while it's raining (i love loud thunder and then to hear it downpour)

8) planting flowers

9) relaxing and watching a good movie

10) feeling ice cold water in the back of my throat when it's really dry and I'm really thirsty. nothing quenches your thirst better than water.

I tag Olivia, Moody, Thursday, Leilouta, Jane and hubby, if his site is back and running. :)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

I See Dead People

I guess over a month ago, I noticed the baby looking at something or someone in the bedroom at night when I was the only one up and in the room w/ him... and I'll have to admit, at first, it scared me. I found myself becoming very aware of everything around me... I guess for fear that it might be an evil spirit or some such. But then... how could something like that make my little one smile and laugh the way he does whenever he watches Fred... as we call him.

We call him Fred after the movie, Drop Dead Fred. This is a movie about a little girl named Elizabeth that has an imaginary friend or so everyone thinks... but Fred is very real to Elizabeth. She's an only child and he helps Elizabeth thru difficult times in her childhood and then also returns when she's an adult to help her out of a difficult marriage.

The movie Heart and Souls w/ Robert Downey, Jr. is also about a baby boy who has several souls that stay with him until he's a teenager, I think, and then they come back when he's an adult to help him thru difficult situations.

I believe in spirits and I believe in ghosts, and when I first told my husband about this, I'm not sure he believed me. But I guess within the last several weeks, he has started to believe that there is definitely something or somebody that is visiting our son.

Whoever it is makes him smile and laugh like nobody. They entertain him and make him really happy. Tonight... my husband said it sorta spooks him somewhat... and I told him that it did me too, at first. Now... I try not to let it bother me because I know that they have only the best intentions... I only wish I knew who it was. I wonder how long they'll stay around.

My husband had an imaginary friend when he was little and it's very healthy for children to have imaginary friends.... I just don't think this Fred is imaginary.... we just can't see him. :) But the baby can.

Added info: I was also gonna state that the movie City of Angels had angels visiting young babies and such and this is also something I believe in. This is a favorite movie of mine starring Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage. I believe in angels and I had wondered if it was a guardian angel looking over the baby and staying w/ him for a while - until he gets older. I just know that whatever it is... it's w/ us daily and the baby really likes him/her. They say that everyone has guardian angels and I know that I've had a few close calls in my life and have always thought that I had someone looking after me... here w/ me. I know God looks after me, but I also think there's an angel here w/ me as well.... and now the baby has someone or something. Someone made a comment that it's nice to know that there's angels and such looking after the young ones and I agree. :)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Momma Mia, C'On Down

I grew up watching The Price Is Right with Bob Barker. It is my utmost favorite game show ever and I can hardly believe that within a few months The Price Is Right will be no longer. :( Now that I'm thinking about, I'll bet that the show continues, but Bob will no longer be a part of it... and, to me, it just won't be the same. He makes that show.

I can't believe I didn't even get the chance to be on that show... I think it's one of my biggest wants or wishes.... wanting to feel the thrill of hearing my name called and then being told to "C'On Down". Then as I take my place down in the front, I get to bid on items w/ the hope of being the closest bidder or, better yet, being w/in a 100 bucks of the price of the item which affords me the thrill of receiving a 100 from Bob and then getting to get up on stage to play one of the games and hopefully be so successful that I get to be in the final show down at the end of the show, of course after spinning on the Big Wheel.

Which brings up another favorite of mine and that's the Big Wheel. This is what decides your fate after six games have been played. The games are split into two sets of three, so you step up w/ two other contestants and only hope that you pull it hard enough so that 1) it gets all the way around and 2) your first spin gets close enough to $1 so that you don't have to spin again because if you spin again, you could go over and if you do... well, you're out and the next person gets their chance to spin.... because whoever's closest to $1 w/out going over is in the show finale that day. Can't tell ya how many times I've cried here because one of my favorite contestants won and they got to go on to hopefully out bid the other contestant competing against them in the show down.

I was sooooo addicted to this show! And, truthfully, I'm actually depressed that I don't get to watch the final ones. When we went to California last year, every day, during the week, I'd watch the show at 10:00 a.m. I loved playing along w/ the contestants.... and I just loved Bob Barker. He is so funny and everyone loves him. He is a huge animal rights' advocate and one of the only ppl on daytime television to tell ppl to spay and neuter their animals, which he says at the end of each show. I really admire him for this and only wish more ppl would do the same. He's in his 80s now and is still a huge animal rights' advocate and a vegetarian.

And.. for anyone whose watched this show, you know of Barker's Beauties. Man... what a job. Tyra Banks lived out one of her fantasies which was being a Barker's Beauty for one day... she was so excited.

I just can't accept that the show's ending and here I am in Bahrain and not able to watch it!!

Some of my favorite games on that show are Cliff Hanger, Plinko, Clock Game, Dice Game, Double Prices, Hole in One or Two, Lucky Seven, Make Your Move, Money Game, Now or Then, On The Spot, Punch A Bunch, Range Game, Secret X, Spelling Bee, Ten Chances, and maybe a few others.

You know, as I look at their website, I can't help but think about how many ppl love this show. The contestants were of all ages.... young and old, thin and fat. They had bloopers sometimes... w/ one lady wearing a tube top and as she ran down to the front, her top fell down.... needless to say, everything popped out.

Bob has been doing the show for 35 years.... I think that's longer than anyone on daytime TV. Even what's his face, Pat Sajak hasn't been doing Wheel of Fortune for that long... another show I love.

Well... this is my goodbye to Bob Barker and The Price Is Right. Maybe, if I'm lucky, I'll get to catch a few shows at the end.... maybe it'll be on long enough to allow me that opportunity... if not, I'll miss that show!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Our afternoon

Today we decided to go to Toys R Us to look at the car seat that we have because we couldn't figure out how to lengthen the shoulder straps and to see how long we can use it because Naief is getting big and it seems, to me, like he's outgrown it.

So we head over to the Seef area, park and go inside. I was surprised to see that they've added a Babies R Us area and it has all sorts of developmental toys and such... tons of stuff actually. We also found a Bahraini girl that worked there and she actually knew all about the car seats and was soooo extremely helpful. That is a first and her pleasant attitude really made me rethink that store.

We found out that his car seat is good until 9 mths, altho... if his feet are touching the seat, then it's time for a new one. Since they are, I think we'll have to invest in a new seat w/in a few months. We did find out how to extend his shoulder straps and I found out that our stroller has an easy closer system that I didn't know about and she also showed me how to lower the seat, which I couldn't figure out to save my life. She was so helpful and showed us all the different car seats and we'll probably go w/ one that'll last him thru to age 6 when we buy the next one.

After Toys R Us, we decided to go over to the mall and went in thru Marks & Spencer. It's the first time that I've been to this store... and I've lived here for 4 years! Yeah, I don't shop like I used to... but I really liked this store. When we first went in, we noticed that off to the left of us was a food section. Hashim said that he didn't realize they carried food so we headed over to check it out.

It was all organic or pretty much and I loved all of it. They had tons of really interesting teas and I picked up an English breakfast tea and wanted several others but decided to wait, and then we looked thru their sauces and decided to try a spinach, asparagus and ricotta cheese sauce to put on pasta tonight. I also got some apple, raisin & cinnamon breakfast bars as well as cranberry and orange bars... I can't wait to try these. They had so much stuff there and I wanted to take a little of everything home w/ me... but instead of scaring the hubby, decided to get just a few items until the next time! ;) Oh yeah, they had all kinds of yummy sounding crackers and I just love cheese and crackers, so the next time, I think I'll try many different varieties of these.

And.. as we were walking thru the store to find a cashier, I saw sooo many cute things that I'd just love to have. Gosh, I haven't been clothes shopping in too long and since I'm starting to lose the weight from my pregnancy, new clothes sound rather appealing.

As we were walking thru the mall, we came across the new Play Station 3 so we stopped to check it out. There were a couple of guys playing in front of us and when they left, hubby stepped up and I couldn't help but be amazed at how realistic the game was. Matter of fact, I had to stop watching because I was getting a bit sick - sorta like motion sickness. For any of you game addicts out there... if you haven't seen the new one of this... you're gonna love it! I can only imagine how the hours will pass when Naief gets older and he and his father start playing these games....

I walked over to Mothercare as he played and they had some of the cutest summer clothes for little boys. But seeing that Naief is only 3 mths, I find it hard to buy anything that he'll outgrow within a few months... especially when it costs more than a cute outfit for myself... it's amazing how expensive kid's clothing is!! But... I'd love to have at least one outfit for 3 - 6 mths... just in case .... you mother's know how it is! :)

It was really nice to get outta the house and go walking around the mall. The only thing is... my back still starts to hurt, rather badly, after so long, so I find that I have to leave or take meds to calm it down. Tonight was no exception. I read on the internet weeks ago where some women continue to have back pain for years after having c-sections... I wonder why that is.

Well, dinner is ready and I'm hungry and it smells good. Can't wait to try the new sauce. Before I go, thought I'd leave you w/ a cute pic of Naief from his bath today.

Monday, May 07, 2007

comment on a blog

i made a comment on Leilouta's blog yesterday - the one entitled Why the Panic? and i guess i sounded someone sexist or so someone said....

her blog was about she and her husband getting into an argument and the fact that she didn't speak to her husband for a week afterwards. his mother was coming into town and on the next to the last day or last day, he asked her if she was going to clean the house and whatnot. when she made it clear that she would not be doing any such thing, he left and went to the grocery store, bought cleaning supplies and a chicken for dinner. all the supplies were used in the bathroom and when she asked him if the chicken was being served to his mother for dinner he stated that it was - and only the chicken - no sides or anything because he said that his mom probably wouldn't be hungry since she would have eaten before coming and that his mom always went to bed early (she went to bed that night at 12 a.m.). anyway... if you're interested, go read the blog. it's quite humorous.

well, in my comment i stated that me and the hubby can be the same - very stubborn. and i said that her husband should have buckled under the pressure and apologized, and that he probably knew that when he came home w/ the cooked chicken and made it clear that he would serve that for dinner, that Leilouta would basically come to the rescue. seeing that they've been married for a while, i'm sure he knows his wife and knows how to get certain things from certain situations. i think that most married couples are this way.

someone commented that i was being very sexist in that i didn't know who started the argument so why did i assume that it was her husband's responsibility to apologize. ok, i'll give that anon person that... yes indeed, i didn't know whose fault it was... but does it really matter? when you've been mad at each other for a week and in-laws are coming into town, isn't it best for someone to apologize? to be the bigger person and just do it? isn't the relationship worth that? or did he not give a damn? obviously he does...

i thought since it was his mother coming for a visit, then it should be he that makes the effort and apologizes... no matter if it was his fault or not.... because in the end, don't all of us women know that the man is always at fault!!!! (kidding!)

anyway.... i do think that her husband should have stepped up, been the better person and tried to at least make it all better. maybe that's what he was doing w/ the chicken. i know that when me and the hubby get into an argument, more times than not he'll go and buy food, which always seems to make the situation better. i think food calms a lot of nerves.... and eating together somehow, for us at least, brings you closer together....

i don't know... what do you guys think? was i being sexist in that i felt that her husband should have stepped up and said something to change the situation? maybe it couldn't have been solved that easily.... but, maybe it could have been since when she saw the chicken, she took the bull by the horns and cleaned the house and made a fabulous dinner that her MIL loved.

tell me... what would you have done? and do you think i'm mistaken?

Friday, May 04, 2007

in 10 days time

after weeks of waiting, i finally received my school papers from the states. so on thursday, me and naief headed to the american embassy in hopes of getting his little fingers on an american passport, social security card.... and all that jazz.

after hooking him into a sling thingy, carrying him inside, waiting in line for what seemed ages, answering a few more questions and giving them enough proof that i am actually who i say i am, and that both of the names were used by me and that i'm not someone posing as an american, the officer working on our case said that everything was in order and naief will be getting an american passport. :)

i feel so relieved and just so happy that i was able to show from the records i received that i was that person who had two different last names. thankfully for me, it showed such on these papers. thank God!!!!

while waiting, we had the chance to watch lots of ppl and one lady had a little girl that was so interested in naief. she made her way over to where we were sitting to look at him and say hello. she was too shy to get close... but she was a cutey.

finally, after about 2 hrs, we were heading out and the lady w/ the little girl was ahead of us as we headed thru security. after giving them the necessary badges, we finally got our personal belongings, head out and as we're walking back to our cars we chat a bit.

come to find out, her husband is british, her daughter has a british passport and she has an ethiopian passport. her husband said he's never seen such and was shocked to see how difficult it is to obtain a visa to go to the states. he said they act like you're going to blow something up or that we're all out to harm the americans. i agreed. i told them what i had gone thru and the father told me that in order to get his daughter's passport, he only had to show his birth certificate and he had it.

it just shouldn't be so difficult for americans.... i really believe this. i find it utterly ridiculous that we have to go to such lengths to prove that we are indeed american.... and i find it utterly ridiculous that the "common" folk have to go thru so much to get simple visas... but i had members giving me visa apps and they lied on them over and over again and got visas within a couple of day's time. just not fair. glad i didn't have to bring up anything like that while i was at the embassy.... because if they had continued to give me crap, i think i would have mentioned a few things that i saw taking place over and over again... but ... maybe not.

shame how much power these officers have... and it seems they hold your life in their hands.... sadly enough.

but... i'm happy. naief is getting his american passport and i'm very pleased with this.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

how he's changing

naief has now realized he has hands and loves them. he likes to try his best to stuff his whole hand/fist into his mouth all at one time.... he'll gag and seem like he's gonna throw up, but it doesn't stop him. i laugh and ask 'em if he's practicing to be bulimic. yeah, sick joke or just sick that i would say something like that you may think... but hey... i can be that way! :) he just loves his hands though and will suck on them usually until he falls asleep. i've tried giving him a pacifier but he isn't interested, which i guess is a good thing.

his eyelashes have grown in fully now and they are soooo dang long. like his daddy. i love them and there's a strong part of me that wants to dab a little mascara on 'em just to see what it'll look like.... but i won't.... :) right now. :) (kidding dear sister so no since in telling mom!)

today i was playing w/ him and i took his little hand and stuffed it into my mouth. i think it scared him because when i took it out, his eyes got so big and he started to cry. i felt terrible... i wonder if he thought i ate it or something. ;) and i'll tell ya, when he gets upset about something, he really gets upset. this little boy has some strong lungs. and usually he not only cries but will do a thing that sounds like he's screaming or yelling.... it sounds like it's only something a boy would do, but i have no idea. my sister says that my niece didn't do this... but i'm sure there were times when she got mad and cried w/ mad fits.... or at least i would think so. i sometimes wonder what it'll be like when naief gets a little older. i could see him throwing himself down on the floor and having a full fledged fit because when he doesn't get his way, even now, he throws fits and it's hard to calm him down.

for instance... he hates his car seat and the stroller. i made the mistake one day of taking him out of the stroller as soon as he started crying and now he gets tired of being in it or just wants to be held and will start throwing a little fit. if i don't respond immediately and take him out, he gets beet red in the face and will have yelling fits, sometimes even sounding like he's growling. the other day he did this when we were heading to Al Bandar because he didn't want to be in the car seat. my sister laughs at all of this and tells me that i'm getting what i deserve and my mom said that i used to have little screaming fits when i was young. i watch the Nanny on TV and imagine what it could be like and really hope that we don't go thru the falling to the floor, having a fit stage....

he mimics the things i do w/ my mouth. if i stick my tongue out, he'll do it. it's so cute. i'm trying to teach him to pucker for kisses... he does it just a little or so i think... and i've taught him how to stick out his tongue when he's finished w/ his milk and i say blah and do the same.

and he gets the stinkiest little feet... like his daddy :) i love to smell them though, and when they're stinky i'll laugh and say phew and tell him, "smell, smell" and put them to his nose... he just smiles.... i'm looking forward to when he starts putting his feet into his mouth.

in 3 days, he'll be 3 mths old. i can hardly believe it. tonight we looked thru the pics from when i was in the hospital.... and of him when he first came out.... he sure has grown and changed, but also looks the same. i miss being pregnant a little bit and sometimes when he's sleeping, i just look at him and know that it won't be long and he'll be a little boy.... not a baby.

and... i think he's gonna be left handed. i thought he was going to be a while ago but hashim kept saying that it could change... but now i'm pretty certain. he mainly uses his left hand for everything. one of my brothers is left handed.... and does a lot of stuff w/ his right hand as well.... but hashim worries that he won't be able to teach him musical things because of this difference.... but i'll bet that it won't be a problem.

his hair is falling out and growing in darker, which i figured would happen. right now his hair is a dark dirty dishwater blonde w/ golden or golden red highlights. i have a brother that had red hair when he was young and then a cousin of mine has bright fire orange reddish hair and it's beautiful.... so i'm not surprised he has a little of this in his hair. the new hair coming in is darker.... so i'm thinking it'll be a dark brown w/ maybe some golden highlights or something. he's changing so much.... and it happens so fast. if only time would slow down just a bit.