Saturday, April 25, 2009

hello Tick Fever

Took our dog, Henry, to the vet today, to get checked out because he's been dropping weight, has become somewhat lethargic and is refusing to eat most of what we give him.

A friend of mine, some two months ago, told me that it could very well be tick fever. Her family adopted a dog from the BSPCA (where we got Henry) and he came down w/ the same symptoms... but it was too late in their case. They lost him. If not caught in time, dogs can die from it. The parasites attack the bone marrow and internal organs, and once this happens it's pretty much too late.

So... I've been wondering, since talking to her, if this is what Henry is suffering from... but another friend asked if he had bleeding gums - he doesn't - another sign of tick fever, so I wasn't sure. Needless to say, his symptoms have continued to get worse, which happens - they come and go - and we decided to take him in.

Dr. Brown was the vet on duty today. A first for seeing him... and I liked him. Very nice and gentle w/ the animals. They're all kind there, actually. I like them. The first dr. that we took our cats to, in the beginning, and have been using for spaying/neutering and such - come to find out - sees ppl who fight their dogs and I can't stomach the thought of it... the rage I feel.... He's a nice man, ok vet, but I can't allow myself to support/pay someone who involves himself in such practices w/out trying or saying something.

Poor Henry.... he was nervous, but brave. They had to draw his blood to which he made not a sound. He didn't move and let the dr. press around on him. After waiting for about 15 mins, the dr. called us back in and gave us the news.....

Henry has tick fever.

My heart sank for fear that I had waited too long before bringing him in... but the dr. is optimistic. For anyone who doesn't know, it can't be transferred from animal to animal, we can't get it, and once they're cured of it, the parasites don't come back.... now... it's a waiting game to see if the medicine works. He's on the pills for a month... two every day, at the same time. He took them today w/out any trouble... I feel as though he knows that we're trying to make him feel better. The dr. said it should only take 2-3 days before we can tell a difference. He'll start eating again and will get his spunk back..... so hopefully it'll do just that.

Poor thing. Here he's been living in a shelter for more than a year and now has to deal with this. He's such a good boy and deserves a happy life.

Update: Seems that Henry threw up the pills we gave him last night and I only found out this afternoon while cleaning... so he got no meds in him yesterday, and this morning he threw one up and I had the hardest time getting it back down his throat... since I'm a little afraid of putting my hand in his mouth... he has such BIG teeth and they're dang sharp!! There's a bump thing in his tongue and the dr. said you had to get the pills behind that... and I now understand why... coz if you don't they spit them right out... so Mr. Henry is very clever in that he puts his tongue to the roof of his mouth or refuses to let me open his mouth and trying to pry his mouth open is just too difficult... but... I did get it in today and he didn't throw up again.

His gums are bleeding now... saw that yesterday evening and again today. He's been sleeping all day. I feel worried and sad. Naief so loves him, I'm really liking him too and I think Hashim is pretty keen of him.... and I really think he likes being here with us.... I just wish he'd eat so that he wouldn't have dry heaves... and I just wish he wouldn't throw up this medicine!!

Here's to hoping/praying that he gets better with the medicine. Love you Henry.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

the dark side of Dubai

I found this link on a friend's blog (Angry in Oman) and it's definitely worth the read....

I wonder how long it'll be until ppl start to realize that these sorts of things are happening everywhere in this part of the world!

This article talks about all the expats that are in debt and trapped in Dubai, the foreign workers that are enslaved there, the Emirates who are living the life of luxury and unable/unwilling to see the truth in front of them, the expats living high on the hog, gays loving Dubai, etc....

It's long but well worth the read.

busy weekend

Had a garage sale this weekend at my MILs school and I feel beat. Guess all the sun got to me today. My friend, T, put a bunch of stuff in it and MIL even put a bunch of stuff in it.... which makes it all the more fun, I think. Don't know what it is, but I do so enjoy doing garage sales.

Naief got sick w/ something yesterday and threw up several times throughout the day and has had diarrhea today... so am assuming it was some bug or something. If it's not better tomorrow, think I'll take him to the dr.

I haven't been doing much.... except watching Dexter. We're in the 2nd season now... and I like it. Who would think you'd like a serial killer.... but there's something about him and the fact that he kills bad ppl makes it all the better. Yeah... strange, I know, but I like him. Altho, last night he had a fling w/ his sponsor - since he's pretending to have a drug addiction (his true addiction is killing), and I wasn't too happy about this... so will see where things go tonight.

Naief starts his tumble tots this week and swimming on Wednesday. We dropped last terms swimming class coz he got an ear infection.... so I'm hoping that he enjoys it this time around and doesn't get sick. He's not to keen about tumble tots... the only real part he enjoys is running about and the music room... but a friend and her son are also taking the class, so maybe he'll like it and have fun. I've only paid the down payment though... so if he doesn't like it and doesn't participate, I think I'll pull him out w/out paying paying for the full term. What's the point really.... ?!

That's about it really... been feeling a bit bored w/ things... wish I had another good book to read. My older sister and I have decided to read 'the secret life of bees'. need to go tomorrow or Monday to find it. my blog friend, Christopher, is reading it and really likes it and have heard other positive things about it... so I'm hoping it's good. Also thinking of starting a yoga class or Pilate's. Used to work out all the time and haven't for toooooo long... and am also thinking of doing this fat smash diet... just need to get off my tush and get to it.

anyway... yawn, yawn... I'm tired and want to watch Dexter... so nighty night... :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Why I Love Being a Mom

There's an 'Around the World in 80 Clicks' type of thing happening in the blog world/cyberspace for all you mom's out there. The object is to find as many mommy bloggers as possible to tell/write the 5 things they love about being a mother and then tag another person or a few, but make sure to tell the ppl you're tagging, and then link back to the original page (be sure to tell them that you've done this) so that they know you've participated and so that they can add you to their list.

I first read about it through a friend on Facebook who happens to be involved with Global Voices Online and they're helping to spread the word. A woman at Her Bad Mother decided to start this initiative and it seems to really be catching on. She's linked several countries (hoping to get as many as possible to join in) and hopefully by the 80th day, it will have happened. :)

It's taken me a few days to think about it... afraid that I might write something down and later regret having listed that and not something else... which has only caused me un-needed stress... so I've decided to wing it and let my mind and heart carry me away to where it needs to go.... not that I don't love being a mother.. it's not that, but like Her Bad Mother... I often feel the same as she does. I don't always have the best of days, my house is always a wreck, and I don't love all kids. There's actually so much I could write about w/ respect to what causes me grief... and probably the reason I had such a hard time making a list of the positives, well... let's leave it at that. At least this made me think about the love I have for my son and all the reasons I love motherood. :) So here goes:

1. I must say that the number one thing I love about being a mother is being so in love with my little guy. I never thought this type of love was possible. It was instantaneous. Weird for someone who never wanted to have children.... but the thing is... until you have a baby, you don't know the feeling. I know love... I love my husband, I love my mother, I love my sisters and brothers, I love my animals, but the love I feel for Naief is indescribable. There's nothing that fills the heart more than the love for your child.

2. I love listening and talking to him. It's really nice at this age because he's really learning to communicate and we can actually have conversations. One mother wrote that she feels like she has a little mini-best friend. It made me cry because that's exactly how I feel. I love that he loves to talk.... about anything and everything. He sings too... and this is beyond words. I'll pretend not to be paying attention while he's singing or humming... and it's just too precious. I don't even know how to put into words how it makes me feel.

3. I love to watch him sleep. I can lie beside him for long periods of time and do nothing but look at him. He's so angelic looking, and this really helps to calm a momma down after a day of two-year old tantrums. Plus, when I'm beside him and he wakes up, he gets the biggest smile on his face and I usually get the best hugs and kisses then!!

4. I love getting kisses and hugs. This usually happens when he first wakes up or is about to go to bed, but sometimes he'll surprise me during the day with big ones. I take as many as I can get because I know it wont be too long before I'm getting nothing (he's growing so fast).... so I figure 100 or so a day isn't too bad.... :) Even if 'monster mommy' has to hold him down and gobble the sweet sugars up from every opening on his body!! :))) I'll do it if it means getting every last drop of sugar kisses left on his little neck, belly, arms, legs... even his stinky little feet! They're everywhere! :) Sometimes he's none to happy ... but most times, he'll turn his head and say "more" or squeal with delight as I'm gobbling them up!

5. I love being needed in the way that he needs me. This may sound weird... but in day-to-day life, you don't find a lot of ppl who really *need* you. Some ppl need you at work to finish projects, need you to do things for them, need you to pay bills on time, need you to buy their products, etc.... but this need... it is truly the real deal. It makes me feel complete as a woman and a mother... because I need him just as much as he needs me.

So.. this is my list. I know it doesn't cover everything... but these are the good ones, I think.

I tag Janeen, Valerie, Sarah, Nzinghas Soap Box, Lost in America, and anyone else who wants to do it... please let me know when you have though. I'd love to read your list!!

Good day my friends!

Friday, April 03, 2009

breaking dawn

Am on the last book in the series - breaking dawn. It's the biggest of the four with 754 pages. I'm already more than 1/2 way through it. I'll have to admit, I'm seriously addicted to these reading *gems*.

I wasn't much impressed by the 2nd book, even skipping about 8 or 9 chapters, to get to the back... which made my younger sister sorta pissy... but I didn't like where it was going and was dying to find out what was going to happen with Edward and Bella. And, to my credit, it's the first time I've ever done that... and... I'll also admit that I went online to find out what was going to happen. Yeah... she was really upset over that one. :)

Having done that, I wouldn't suggest it nor will I do it again. Plus, seeing the movie sorta ruined it for me for a while.... now, being in the midst of all that's going on in the 4th book, I've gotten past all of that. Even though I know, basically, what's going to happen... it's ok. I even want to go back and read the 2nd book - all the parts I skipped, since I'm really into Jacob and the werewolves.

I told a friend last Friday about these books and she quickly exclaimed, "oh, those are for teenagers.... you should read the vampire books I'm reading" and before leaving, went on to tell me the sordid details! Can't remember the names of them, but they're NOT for the kiddies. ;) She laughed and said she was getting up at 2 in the morning, w/ the excuse of having to go to the loo, just to sneak a read. :)))) And I thought I was the only one! ;)

On another front, Naief is now singing. He's started really liking a song we sing at Tumble Tots that has the same melody as "Are You Sleeping", but it's about fruit... and today before going to sleep, he sang it several times. He hums a lot and is starting to do a little diamond w/ his fingers for "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star". He's going through a stage of not wanting to share at all. One of his little friends didn't want to share w/ him this past play day, and it seems like he's all of a sudden realized that things are 'just' his. So today at lunch, he refused to share anything w/ his cousin, which made SIL none to happy, but me being me, I did tell her that her son was and is still the same and doesn't like to share sometimes, and that all kids go through this stage. Hubby also said it in Arabic... and she said nothing... so not sure if it sunk in or not. Probably not.

On the advice of a blog friend, one that has been blocked from my viewing pleasure because of the infamous MOI here in Bahrain (The Diary of a Lost Boy), I colored my hair darker this past Friday. It was a bit darker than I liked, but a nice change, and I'm now used to it. Went back today to get the highlights put in, which look really nice. I went to a Jack in the Box type of salon to have it done (right around the corner from our house)... something I was afraid to do and refused to do in the past, but.... decided to give it a try once again since my usual place keeps raising their prices and it costs an arm and leg to have my hair done nowadays... also got a pedicure while there, which didn't impress me. I'm spoiled, I suppose. I usually pay 8 to 10 dinars for a regular pedicure at my salon, which doesn't seem to costly since they give great massages and always do a great job w/ clipping, buffing and painting.... but this place, I paid 8 dinars for a "spa treatment" that was supposed to include a massage and didn't. She also clipped the side of one of my nails, when I specifically told her NOT to do that (again w/ the pointed toenails and why ppl like that style is beyond me), and then didn't want to paint the nails at the end... and did a bad job w/ it as well.

BUT... the nice thing about it and what made it perfect is that when I got home, Naief told me how "purty" my nails were over and over. :)))) Made my heart sing and made it all worth it in the end. He sure knows how to make momma putty in his hands.

good day my friends. :)