Sunday, September 28, 2008

recycling in Bahrain

another quick blog....

After watching Mahmood's vlog about plastic and the recycling bins at Jawad, I packed up all of our recycling, got hubby to take it to the truck, and headed out there to drop it off.

hahahahah.... how ridiculous!!!!!

Their recycling bins are locked up, and it looks like no one has been there to pick up recycling in months, if at all. There are garbage bags lying around, opened, w/ stuff strewn all over the place, plastic bleach bottles on the ground... stuff everywhere.

The thing that got me the most though was the fact that the bins are padlocked! Who knows if they're full... who knows if they even pick stuff up from this place, but from the mess, I doubt it.

Sad thing to see, especially when ppl are getting so excited about recycling of plastic bags and such....

so... is there another place to take your recycling in Bahrain??? or do I just put it in the trash and know that it's killing this island... makes me wonder what this place will look like in a few years! Probably a lot like Cairo w/ it's embankments covered in trash... actually, they look like they're nothing but trash! Seriously ppl, where will all of this trash go??? Out to sea?? There's only so much room for this crap, and pretty soon this small, little island wont be able to hold it all... then what?????

farm fun, british humor, and pet monkeys

Friday was fun in that we took Naief to a farm day at Bizzi Beez. The place was packed when we got there w/ kids running around everywhere, tons of parents, tons of animals and hot, humid weather.

We took Naief over to where the animals were at first. He wouldn't move from my arms, so instead of forcing it upon him, I sat down on the grass w/ him to see if he might want to pet one of the many animals they had there. There were baby sheep, baby goats, a baby calf, a little, fat, furry puppy, ducks, baby chicks, Shetland ponies that all the kids seemed to love riding, some type of other goat w/ curled horns that didn't seem to be pleased to be there, and a monkey.

I hate ppl having monkeys for pets. I don't know if I've ranted about this in the past or not, but I turned-in an establishment for selling them over to a few outside organizations. The first time was a year or so ago, then again about 6 mths ago. I think it's a cruel business. Monkeys aren't meant to be pets, and this little one wasn't pleased to be there. Several times, as I watched this guy handle the little thing, it would try to get away by jumping up to his head, biting his arm or screaming out, then he'd hit it or scold it like it was a person. The poor little thing. Then, after a while, it'd give up and lay face down on the grass w/out moving. I asked the guy how he kept the monkey. He looked a bit shocked and didn't answer me, then I repeated it and asked, "in a small cage or big enclosure"... he said, "don't worry, he's kept in a good place". At first I believed him, but after seeing him hit the little thing and talk to it the way he did, I knew he was lying. I've also seen a place not far from where I live, called The Pet Farm or some such, and how they keep them. It's horrible. The two times I went there, the monkeys never had food, water and the enclosure was terribly small. They made no sounds... just sat and did nothing. It's really sad to see the life inside an animal killed by humans caging them!!!

I was a bit disturbed that Bizzi Beez brought a monkey for children to play w/, seeing that the guy told one child, "don't touch him or he will bite you". Oh fun... just what any parent would want... a monkey biting their child. Truly, I just don't get it. Monkeys aren't meant to be kept in small cages... they're wild animals and are meant to be free.... but since Bahrain doesn't have any laws to protect them, there's nothing that can be done. I, for one, am ready for that to change. If anyone wants to stand w/ me, please let me know.

All in all, it was a fun day. Naief, after about 20 or so mins., warmed up and started to play and run around. We went inside for a bit so he could show daddy where he and mommy play when we go, and then we headed back outside. Needless to say, he slept well that night. :)

Part of the afternoon fun was hosted by DJ Krazy Kevin. He was going around from room to room, talking to ppl and doing stuff for his tv show.... and while we were outside by the sand boxes, he came over and asked to interview me. I said no immediately, but he wouldn't let up and since Hashim refused, I reluctantly said, "ok". It only lasted for 2 or so mins., but I froze... got very serious and couldn't relax... for nothing! I felt like an idiot, needless to say. He told me after that you Americans don't have a sense of humor... hmmm... and here, all along, I thought it was the other way around.. that the Brits didn't have a sense of humor! ;) Obviously, I was mistaken... now I understand why I don't get British humor... I'm just not funny. :) Altho, I will say, I do love a few British comedians, but I have no idea who they are. One dresses up like a woman most times and the other is Conley or something... I can't remember. Hashim said that it's our shoot and ask questions later mentality. hmmmm.... maybe.

Oh yeah... while I was talking to him or after the interview, I asked if he was Scottish or British.. he quickly replied, "I'm English". hmmmm... did I mess up? Are you not supposed to ask a Brit if they're British??? Is that not proper or what?!! ;) Chief Rock Chef, I'm waiting for you to let me know. :)

anyway... that was our fun weekend. Hubby is taking holiday this week, I just made some high fiber banana bread (which I've never made before) and plan to make some Thai food for Iftar. I'm not making my own sauce... bought something while out today, so we'll see if it's any good. It's a red curry sauce w/ coconut milk... so I expect it to be a little spicy, but hopefully not too much so since Hashim doesn't do spicy. :)

Have a good week friends... just a few more days and Eid will be here. :))))) Needless to say, I'm excited. Oh yeah, bought Naief some cute clothes for Eid this year. It's the first time, and I had so much fun doing it. He's outgrown most of his shoes, so I got him two new pair this weekend, two pairs of jeans and his first little button down shirt!!

He's changing so much. He's learned how to fake burp, so anytime he takes a drink of something, he'll do his burping thing. It's truly the funniest thing! He got some new house slippers yesterday as well and loves them.... so much so that he slept in them... refusing to take them off!!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Laws of Attraction

Well, I've been reading this book for the last few days and, at first, I'll say that I liked it - even thinking that it could be that 'one' book, but it's taken a big turn .... and my faith has wavered because of it.

It's about this husband and wife team who embark on a... let's call it a quest to get many of life's questions answered. In doing so, the husband tries the ouija board w/ it actually working many times along the beginning of his journey, and he even got some of the questions on his list answered while doing so (even made me want to try the board again.. having had a bad experience w/ it earlier in life - even my mom and aunt having many bad experiences w/ it). He and his wife then get into meditation after being told that it'll help them get in contact with their spiritual guide(s).

Only after a short time span, the wife soon discovers that she's in contact w/ something or someone that starts telling her things. She starts telling her husband and he starts talking to this someone while his wife is in this meditative state. Not only does he start talking, but he starts asking questions. They're so thrilled about the information they're gaining from this entity that is called 'Abraham' (which is actually a group of different entities/ppl) that they decide to start telling their friends about it who then start coming over to the house to have conversations w/ all of these different entities. They soon take it public, and then... come to find out last night while reading, they decide (someone... can't quite figure out who exactly decided ... the husband or Abraham. The book made it sound like it was Abraham's decision or sole purpose ) to write a book. And after looking up the title of this book on google, I realize that they've conducted seminars, cruises... all sorts of things really to let ppl know the answers to these all important questions (which I've only just begun).

So... my first thoughts went to scam. This whole 'book' writing thing has really put questions in my mind, and the fact that the wife has become like the Whoopi Goldberg character in the movie Ghost. I'm really having a tough time with this. Maybe it was the way I was raised. Not that I don't believe it possible to talk to the other side, but I still don't know how I feel about a spirit or whatever coming into your body and talking....

and then for her to go out and make money on this... I'm also wondering about this.

I haven't decided if I want to continue w/ it. I know lots of books and, even movies, I think, have been done on this very thing.. even taking it in other directions w/ books like The Secret... but does that really mean anything?

I feel sorta silly because I told my friend that I really loved the book.... and maybe, if I keep reading, I'll allow myself to open up to such things/possibilities... allow myself to have faith that such things are possible and this could actually be 'that' book.... but my insides are saying, "nahhhhh"....

who knows... I'll read a bit more and see where it leads me. Have any of you read this book? Olivia, I know you said your dad either read it or some of his friends did and liked it.... I thought about this, but I still find it odd or, rather.... to 'out there'. Obviously I'm more close minded than I wanted to realize.

Monday, September 22, 2008

old movie reviews

Back when Hashim and I were living in Denton (sometime in 2002), I started writing my own little movie reviews to some of my favorite movies on a website we created... and since moving to Bahrain, having many computer changes and such, I thought these were lost in time and space... but, wow... outta the blue, Hashim found them for me!!! So... thought I'd post a couple of them just for fun....

The first is from a movie that I love called The Joy Luck Club and then I'll post the one from another movie called Kung Pow - Enter the Fist. They're totally different from each other. One if a drama/love story and the other is a comedy... is you enjoy that type of humor, then you'll call it a comedy. Some may call in nonsense. :) Anyway... remember... I wrote these things many moons ago, so if it's a bit campy... well... hopefully they're not. :)

First, let me say that I love this movie. I've seen it probably 15 times, no kidding... if not more. I watch it every time I see it on cable and plan to buy the DVD. I'm very fond of Asian/Far East stories/movie/literature and this movie is so very good. I really don't know where to begin, but I'll say that I think it's a girl movie/chick flick, so not everyone will enjoy it!

The movie starts out by introducing you to four different families, with the main focus being spent, in the beginning, on the mothers and grown daughters -- you're at a going-away party for one of the daughters and it's here that each woman starts to think about her life, her past, and about her daughter and the relationship she has with her daughter... the struggles that each have gone through while growing up and the struggles from the present day. One by one, each woman flashes back to her past and you are taken away on magnificent journeys of mind, body and spirit. It's truly beautiful.

Soon the focus changes and this is when you see it from the daughters point-of-view. They flash back to their childhoods, adolescence, and then adulthood and present day. You see them struggling with issues dealing with their mothers, families and with men, and then something happens -- just when you think there is no hope, all comes clear. As each daughter thinks about her life and loves, she starts to change from within and something magical happens. They begin to respect who they are, their needs, desires, ambitions, and life. Their attitudes change and soon their relationships with their mothers change -- but with this change comes much sadness as well as incredible happiness.

I loved how important the relationships were in this movie -- especially family ties and the strong bonds within the family unit. This is so important and has such an impact on each of us, and this movie shows that in such a terrific way. I cried a lot in this movie because it touched me in many different ways. It will forever be one of my all-time favorites and a MUST SEE for those of you that love a heart tug every now and then.

What a crazy movie! This movie is sorta like an "old" chinese martial arts movie - Bruce Lee style. It has some funny over-dubbed voices, just like in the old Chinese movies but this is better because they've included some great accents to compliment the characters including one country-fied sounding guy and many that sound spanish. The fact that they digitally inserted themselves into an old movie is too good and some of the scenes make you laugh for quite a while. Also... some good endorsements for Taco Bell, Hooters and Bowflex - you'll have to watch to see what I mean. :)

The main character is called Chosen One and has a special relationship with his tongue (it has eyes and a mouth of its own). There are some pretty funny fight scenes with cool special affects including the Chosen One and a milk cow - done Matrix style. The One-Boobed Chick is funny and it sounds like her voice is actually female (most are not), and the girl, Ling Ling (male voice), is too crazy with her cat noises and don't miss her quick skin flashes!!!! This movie is sorta along the lines of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" with flying and running in trees .... nothing should be taken too seriously though.

The one-liners are to die for -- so so funny. "For now on, I will go by the name of Betty"... "Jack the Ripper" ... "I got some yellow liquid for you and it's non-dairy" ... "That's a lot of nuts" ... "Betty" ... Just watch and you will not be disappointed. But let me tell you, it's a no brainer movie, but that's the gem of it. Also, if you can, try to catch the outtakes/bloopers at the end of the movie, they're very good! We've watched it about 4 times now, and we still can't get enough of it. So enjoy!!!

ok... so... I have a few more that I'll post later. Hope it doesn't bore you guys to tears!! :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

tofu recipe and a few other things

ok... for anyone that wants it, here's the tofu lasagna recipe.

2 pkgs organic tofu
2 cups shredded cheddar cheese (or another, if you like)
approx 10 ripe tomatoes (maybe more or less.. depending on how much sauce you want to make)
6 or 7 large button top mushrooms, finely chopped
1/2 green bell pepper (or more, if you want), finely chopped
tomato paste
1/2 pkg bolognese spice packet
5 garlic cubes (or more.. depending on your taste) - minced
salt & pepper

the tofu i got was about 3x5 in size and it was medium firm. i was making a large casserole dish of it, or i would have gotten only one pkg. so, if you're making for just two, i'd buy only one pkg of tofu and scale down on all the other ingredients.

cut all your tomatoes in half and grate them into a sauce pan. i discard the skin. add the tomato paste... but i'll tell ya, the last time i made sauce, i instead used tomato sauce (a small can of it) and liked it better. didn't irritate my stomach as much. add 1/2 your spice packet, the garlic, cut bell pepper and mushrooms. bring to a boil and then simmer for a good 30 mins or more.

while the sauce is cooking, brown your tofu on both sides until golden brown. the chef on tv didn't have a problem browning her tofu, but mine didn't want to brown, and the 2nd time i made it, i tried regular tofu, which fell apart while i was browning... so i do recommend organic.

after the sauce has cooked, add a nice layer to the bottom of your casserole dish, then put the tofu on top of that. cover w/ the remaining cooked sauce, then top w/ the cheddar cheese - a good amount of it. i also tried adding another cheese and it was good... it was white, but can't remember which.

cook on 180 celcius for about 50 mins. i cooked mine until the cheese was browning and all the ingredients had mixed and it was all bubbly. let cool and eat :)

i hope you guys like it. it's a simple recipe and rather tasty.


hashim took some great pics of naief today and i'll add a few later. he's changing so fast. more like a little boy now than a toddler. he doesn't kiss me any more on the lips, no matter how much i ask. sometimes i'll sneak one in, but to ask, he'll turn his cheek for me to kiss him there. i guess w/ all the arab style greetings here (on each cheek), that's why... not sure though.

last night he actually let me hold him like a baby and give him a bottle before he went to sleep, and he decided to climb onto my stomach and fall asleep there. he did the same today at his nap time... and, you know, i loved it. pretty soon he'll be a big boy... :( he runs now, and the little booger is fast! if he gets ahold of something that i don't want, it takes forever for me to catch him. he has also started to say, "no" to me, but only sometimes, thank goodness. he mainly will shake his head no or do his index finger back and forth, like i do to him. he usually figures how to unlock my mobile, can and has called ppl (even once calling his daddy when i didn't even know it and was saying, "da da" into the telephone, and tonight started playing music on it and i'm not even sure how he did it. pretty sad that my son knows how to work my phone better than i do!!

the one thing that bothers me is that when i go to change his diaper, he cries, closing his legs tightly together and refuses to let me take his diaper off. once i get it off, then he does the same when i try to put a new one on. for all of you w/ boys... is this par for the course? this doesn't happen every time, but more than i'd like. i wondered if he was having pain or such, or even going to the bathroom at that time, but now that it's happened several times, i've ruled that out. any ideas?? suggestions?? comments??


one other quicky.... the weather is changing!!!! it's finally cooled off and there's a nice cool breeze blowing tonight... even last night, for that matter. i can hear the windchimes outside and .... it's nice. i'm so happy that the cool weather is coming. you'd think that since i was born in the hot summer, i'd love that weather... but you know, i don't. i hate freezing weather as well... but so love the nice fall type weather we're about to get.

now.. if the skies would clear.. that would be another story! ;)


i am so hoping, wishing, crossing my fingers, saying my prayers.....

it's so time for a change.

Zain sucks!

Well... we haven't had internet at home for the past 4 nights... if not longer... off and on. We call and they tell us the same things.. "they're having problems w/ the lines".

So... I'm trying to get my emails checked, catching up on my fav gossip sites, sending emails, and then I'll catch up on my favorite blogs. Oh yeah, I was in the midst of posting a comment about the tofu lasagna to Chief Rock Chef when we lost internet connection... so I'll post that as well, and then also post the recipe, in case you guys still want it.

Anyway... just a little over 2 wks, if that, left of Ramadan!!! YEAH!!!! :))))

Hope all of you are well....

Saturday, September 13, 2008

the new City Centre

Wow, wow, wow!!!! What a place!

Checked out the new mall late this afternoon. There's only some hundred stores open right now, but ... even still, made me feel like I was walking in some other country. I'm so tickled w/ all the stores. One of my old favs is coming..... Saks Fifth Avenue! Not that I have the money to really shop there nowadays... but just to walk through... possibly see something adorable I might want and in my price range... well, the mere thought sends me floating in air! ;) Hashim and I were just talking about this store and he could hardly believe when he saw it today!!

And one of his favorite stores of all time - Virgin Records - is HERE!!!!!!!! Two stories, I might add! We made a stop there tonight. They have so many great movies!!! Can't wait for all the music to come!

I'm so excited that American stores are coming. We're even getting a Krispy Kreme!!! lordamighty.... what is this small island comin' to??!!!!

The new theatre looks incredible. Could only see the marble at the entrance and some areas where ppl will enter, and just from that, it might be a cause to return my butt to the movies! :)

I'm just thrilled. In a time that I'm really missing my family... my mom espcially... this brings a little piece of America to me... be it, all the stores aren't open yet, but just from knowing that there'll be so many new places to wonder through, if the mood hits me, makes me smile.

Did I mention that they're going to have the largest indoor water park for this part of the world? Or for the time being, at least. This should be interesting. Can't imagine going to the mall for a day of swimming... so I'm wondering what it'll be like.

mmmmm... we made a last stop being leaving at the ice cream place that does everything on cold marble, and mmmmm.... it was so yummy! I didn't get what I asked for since the guy behind the counter had his undies turned inside out by an Arab mother who was most upset at the fact that the girl behind the counter ignored her 6 kids when they wanted ice cream and let EVERYONE know about it... but it was still yummy. I feel like Winnie the Pooh !!!! mmmm, honey! :) I got dark choc ice cream w/ twix (i wanted that toffee candy - the name eludes me at the moment) and strawberries. it was good, but Hashim's was delicious! He got both dark choc ice cream and cream cake i.c. with strawberries at the candy I wanted :( He saved the last 3 bites for me though :)))) which made up for that yucky twix that I got and didn't complain about, I might add :)!!!! I felt sorry for the guy and for the mother. She reminded me of how my mother gets when she's mad. It always embarrasses me, but boy... she gets what she wants and so did this mother. All of a sudden everyone stepped away from the counter to let her children go first. She was havin' one hell of a momma rush and topped w/ not eating all day... wouldn't tangle w/ the mix... :)

Naief had fun too... running around and insisting of sitting whenever he saw fit. We ignored him which soon remedied the situation. I also told him that if he did it again, momma was gonna put him in the stroller. and ... it worked!! :) We took him to play today at Marina Mall (my thinking they were closed during the morning coz of Ramadan - but nope.. they close at 1)... and he loved it. It's been wks since he's been anywhere and he actually remembered and squealed when he saw where we were going. He play a tiny bit of air hockey, if you can believe it, w/ daddy, but likes to take the puck and put it in the hole so, obviously, daddy always wins. Can't wait til he figures out what's up w/ this game. I love air hockey, Hashim does too, so it'll be fun to play w/ him!! :)

Hashim loves playing Xbox and such, and the other day when Naief woke up from his nap, he took the controller (if that's what they're called) and moved the tank by himself... even got it thru the next checkpoint!! Hashim laughed w/ hysteria... it was sorta scary! ;) He was clapping and telling Naief go keep going... OMG... I can't imagine when he actually starts playing. :) It was really cute though.... if I have to say so myself. I was firing for him but he'd do this laser thing every so often. lol

Sunday, September 07, 2008

tonight's dinner

Tonight I made three dishes for dinner. Two recipes I've never made before and a vegetable dish that I love. The first was tofu lasagna. I saw an Asian woman prepare it on a cooking show the other night and since it looked yummy, I decided to make it... even though all of my in-laws are big meat eaters, including my husband (and I am not), I thought, "what the hell". I made my pasta sauce from scratch... something I've been doing just for a couple of weeks now, and tonight's sauce was especially good... I thought. Only a couple of ppl tried it. One SIL gagged when she tried it, but both Naief and I had a nice helping. Has anyone ever tried it? I'd be happy to pass the recipe if anyone's interested.

I also made fettuccini alfredo for the first time. Boy, that takes time, and it's so fattening! 1/2 cup butter, one pint of heavy whipping cream.... 2/3 c. parmesan cheese.... and then olive oil on the pasta. My only gripe about fettuccini noodles is that they always stick together and it drives me crazy. I put a heavy dose of olive oil on the noodles tonight, after cooking, in hopes that it would work, but still... Does anyone have a good trick to keep this from happening??? And it seems like no matter how often I stir the pasta while cooking, it sticks together - even while cooking. I didn't add oil to the water tonight... maybe that's the problem.

I also made a vegetable medley sort of thing w/ corn, red bell pepper, celery, cauliflower, shredded carrots, lime juice, garlic salt and a few cloves of garlic... you stir fry it all in a small amount of butter and oil. Not too much, but just enough to let it brown. It's really good... light and healthy.

My SIL made a salad, and my MIL made several other dishes.... tomorrow night I'll take a pic of the whole thing so you guys can see what it's like. Reminds me of Thanksgiving but w/ more food!

I don't know how many of you guys know it, but during Ramadan we eat on the floor. Actually, whenever the whole family gets together, meals are always eaten while sitting on the floor. They put out a long, rectangular shaped plastic covering on the floor, then all the food it sat in the middle of this w/ plates, glasses and such along the edges. At first I didn't really care for it, but I actually like it now. It's very informal and cozy. Everyone talks while eating and usually wait until my FIL has finished and gotten up before getting up to leave the area. The kids run around, sometimes sitting down to eat a few bites, or wind up eating later. We take Naief's highchair because he tends not to eat otherwise.

Another thing I've really started to enjoy is eating w/ my fingers. I've always been a finger licker... yeah, I know that many find it disgusting... but I enjoy licking my fingers. I don't slurp them or anything and I don't always do it... it's only if there's something really good stuck to one of them. ;) But, even w/ that said, I'm not one to go w/out the use of a napkin, and no one uses one at my in-laws. Everything is washed at the end of the meal, including mouth - both inside and out. Many ppl eat rice w/ their hands. Making balls inside the palm of one hand and picking it up and putting in the mouth w/ the other fingers. I've never been able to master it and I'm not comfortable doing it, so I eat rice w/ a fork or tablespoon. Many use bread - usually Bahraini or Lebanese - to scoop up food. I like to do this w/ foul, yogurt dishes and sometimes meat.

I think I'll make banana bread tomorrow. I've been waiting for some bananas to overly ripen and by tomorrow they'll be good and ready... I just hope it's as good as I remember.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

pigging out

Tonight I ate too much... this is the thing I have the most difficulty with at Ramadan. And for someone who doesn't eat a lot, this isn't a good thing. I feel like a stuffed pig.

We went over to my MIL & FILs tonight and there was soooo much food. One of my SILs made 3 or 4 different dishes, and my MIL made everything under the sun, it seemed. It was all delicious... but man oh man, I'm not used to eating so much. My MIL made foul tonight..... I LOVE FOUL!!!!!!! It was soooo gooood and she makes the best, bar none! On top of that, I had a samboosa, 2 helpings of rocket salad, harees, some kind of yogurt w/ hard bread, 1/2 piece of Bahraini bread and a piece of some kind of sweet chicken.... and then I had two helpings of halwa (a very sweet treat that one usually has w/ arabic coffee, and pictured above), which is what made me sick, I think. That and 4 cups of Arabic coffee would make anyone sick... so one might wonder why I ate so much... well, me too. Probably because I went into it too hungry, and I love halwa. Haven't had the stuff in over a year... so I figured, "what the hell." ;) Now.. my tummy is paying me back. Thinking about it... it's not the sweet part of halwa that makes me sick... I think it's all the ghee they use when making it! Me and oily foods don't get along. It's just so yummy... I can't resist!

Now... I'm at home... sick. But, it's getting better. A little Alka-Seltzer and water should do the trick. My MIL always suggests drinking margadush... but it never helps. I can barely stand the taste of it, but she swears by it. ;)

Tonight Naief saw his oldest cousin, whom he hasn't seen since the beginning of the year... if that's right. His cousin's in the 7th grade now and has a lot of patience for the little ones. Naief followed him around like a puppy on a leash. Showing off, calling out to him, standing close to where he was sitting.... it was so sweet. He's liked T since he was a baby. Always wanting his attention. It's really sweet to watch him interact with those he adores. There's some type of sparkle in his eyes.

It's weird, coz tonight when his cousin came in... I realized how fast, once again, time flies. I remember when I first met him.... back in 2001. He was 6 and adorable. Now, lemme tell ya, ladies... he has the eyelashes that any woman would die for... long and lush. Beautiful eyes, actually. Handsome young man. He's a lot taller now, has lost a lot of weight... and seemed more self-confident. I teased after asking what grade he was in now and told him that tomorrow he'd be going to college and soon he'd be getting married. :) He laughed... but a little bit of me was serious... in that I can't get over how fast time goes by. It's a bit scary, actually. But... since I'm really trying hard not to look at the glass half full (and for anyone who knows me... knows how hard that is!!! ;) ) .... I'll just leave it at that.

I've started taking these little hormone pills at the advice of my dr. It's to regulate things... and boy is it regulating. I've been in the crabbiest of moods lately. So... hubby has 3 more glorious months until I'm back to my loving and tender ways! ;) lol

And btw... since I'm on the topic of crabbiness, dear Sister Jahooni... MAIL MY BIRTHDAY BOX!!!!! Do I have to wait for mom to get back to Cali before it's mailed???!!!! Or would you rather I come there and jerk a knot?!

Peace, out! (gosh, it feels good to have my spunkiness back.. maybe I should take these hormone pills all the time!! :) )

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

fasting in this heat

Here it is Ramadan and no one is allowed to eat, drink, smoke, chew gum, have sex from sun up to sun down and if you're not Muslim, you have to abide by the same rules if out and about around Bahrain. Matter of fact, there's a jail sentence or large fine if caught drinking, eating, smoking and such while outdoors. If I'm not mistaken, hotels no longer serve food during the day, and forget about alcohol.

It's been over 115F and close to 120 most days, and the humidity is well over 80%.... and ppl (Muslims) are fasting.... which equals no water intake all day long! You go outside and you sweat like you're in a sauna... drenched after only a few minutes (no kidding), there are ppl working outside in this heat (Muslims and non-Muslims)... and NO ONE is allowed to drink water! This does not equal, to me, a healthy body. No wonder ppl are suffering w/ intense headaches. Their bodies are dehydrated and they have to suffer until 6 pm to quench that hellacious thirst.

Truly, I find this to be ridiculous.

Why on earth it would be against the Almighty to drink water, giving your body what it needs, to keep your body from having heatstroke or having severe dehydration and such... well, to me, it just seems ..... terribly unhealthy and illogical.

And next year.... Ramadan will fall during the month of August I've heard.... fun, fun, fun, fun, fun. I'm already tired of it and it's only what.... 3 days in?!! I'm not fasting anyhoo, but to see my husband come home from work w/ severe headaches and not happy... and he doesn't even work outside. Imagine having to work outside all day w/out any water.... it isn't sane.