Wednesday, February 13, 2008

birthday pics

Finally getting around to posting some pics from Naief''s bday party. We had a jumpy house that all the kids loved, balloons out front to identify the house ;) and loads of cake. Think we might have a few pieces left in case any of you want some... I could express it to you :)

All in all I think he had a nice birthday party and one that we'll always remember.
We went to Laguna Beach this past Monday. It was fantastic. The weather was incredible and there were tons of ppl out enjoying the sun. Naief was so good. We stayed for three hours - yes, w/ plenty of sunscreen - while Katelyn played in the water and looked for shells, and Naief stood in the water for a few waves and laughed every time the water would come up to his legs... it was so adorable.

He was exhausted by the time we got home - all of us were actually.

We're thinking of going to Hollywood tomorrow and going to the big aquariam in Orange County this weekend. I think Naief will have a wonderful time... especially seeing that he loves fish...
happy day and smiles to you!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

miss thang is returning

oh lordy, today's the day... my sister, the mean puss, returns. it's been so quiet here in the house w/out her here. quiet in a good way, i might add! ;) i've not had chores for several days and i'm sorta getting used to it! altho, with the withdrawals i've been having from not hearing her bark orders at me every morning... i couldn't help but get up and clean the house! :) so... maybe i do have a bit of sympathy inside for her... but not much!! hehehehe

she's been gone since thursday for a class in houston and comes home tonight around 8 pm. she now has the crap/cold/flu we've been passing around in the house since early december (and i'm finally well, thank goodness), and you'd think from the way she's acting that she's dying. makes me laugh really. yeah, yeah... how mean of me... i know. but i can't help it. i was so sick for weeks and she didn't have any sympathy for me or if she did she didn't show it.

she called yesterday whining and carrying on and this morning she called to tell us how she couldn't make it to her class because of how sick she is, and that her suitcase broke so she was out shopping for a new one... shopping and sickness - do they go hand in hand??!! i can only imagine tomorrow. we're all gearing up for it. she'll probably be in bed all day yelling for us to come to her to bring her water, food and whatnot. ;) and when she gets up... watch out!

poor thang... i know how she feels, but dear sister... i also know how you left me here and went to your friend's house when i was sick as a dog and didn't even offer to babysit for me!!! so... get ready, for tomorrow you have tons of cleaning to do and me and the hubby are going out and you'll be watching the baby! ;)

get well soon!!!! :) :)

Thursday, February 07, 2008

As of late...

Most of the good birthday pics are on my sis' camera, so before getting them off of there, thought I'd share a couple of cute pics of Naief eating his bday cake at his party and one cute one of him and Katelyn outside prior to the party, and I'll also throw in a couple others just for good measure.

This last one here is of the mountains just a few days back. It's been snowing a lot up there and since the sky was so clear, just couldn't help getting a pic of it. We're thinking of driving up to Big Bear for a day. My sis is leaving tomorrow a.m. for Houston to take some course for 3 days, so it'll be quiet around here.... so what better time to hop in the car and take a drive... especially one that'll be so scenic!

I'll post some pics of the party soon.... we had a good time. I'm happy to say that Naief didn't cry, wasn't afraid of the ppl or kids and seemed to thoroughly enjoy the pizza, chips & dips, and homemade chili from his pappa. I'm tellin' ya, this kid eats everything!! And surprisingly, he wasn't all strung out from the sugar overload like I thought he'd be... he took a big nap not long after these pics.... could hardly believe it! :)

Monday, February 04, 2008

phew, can you believe it!!! :)

I hardly can... it's been ONE FULL YEAR TODAY....

wow, how time flies when a baby is growing!

Happy Birthday little boy....