Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy holidays!

Gonna take a break from blogging until after Christmas. Just have a lot to get done before the big day w/ wrapping gifts, getting boxes for mailing and sent, and preparing for the big arrival of Santa... and, my friend, Puppy, comes the first part of Jan.!!

If I don't blog again until the New Year... I hope all of you have a peaceful and happy holiday season. Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 15, 2008

a funny


> 'Bless me Father, for I have sinned. I have been with a loose girl'.
> The priest asks, 'Is that you, little Joey Pagano ?'
> 'Yes, Father, it is.'
> 'And who was the girl you were with?'
> 'I can't tell you, Father, I don't want to ruin her reputation'
> Well, Joey, I'm sure to find out her name sooner or later so you may as
> well tell me now.
> Was it Maria Minetti?'
> 'I cannot say.'
> 'Was it Teresa Mazzarelli?'
> 'I'll never tell.'
> 'Was it Nin a Capelli?'
> 'I'm sorry, but I cannot name her..'
> 'Was it Cathy Piriano?'
> 'My 2 lips are sealed.'
> 'Was it Rosa Di Angelo, then?'
> 'Please, Father, I cannot tell you. '
> The priest sighs in frustration. 'You're very tight lipped, Joey
> Pagano, and I admire that. But you've sinned and have to atone. You
> cannot be an altar boy for 4 months. Now you go and behave yourself.'
> Joey walks back to his pew, and his friend Franco slides over and
> whispers,
> 'What'd you get?'
> 4 months vacation and five good leads.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Eid holiday

Well, today is the last day of Eid for most, altho Shi'a's are still on holiday, w/ tomorrow being the last day of Eid for many. We had a good Eid. We didn't buy Naief any new clothes this time around since we're shopping for Christmas. Once he gets older and sees that all his cousins get new clothes and new things, that'll probably change somewhat, but, for now, it works. :)

The first day of Eid was spent at my in-laws. We went over at 9 and stayed until about 1. Naief played with all his cousins out in the garden where we got some of the cutest pictures, played inside, had lunch and played some more. The second day we went over to some of my FILs relatives early in the morning so they could meet Naief, then had the big family lunch that afternoon. I was wondering how Naief would be... seeing that he doesn't see a lot of these kids regularly, but he wasn't afraid and had a great time. We took him out to the water garden last night and tonight, where he bounced on the trampolines, rode some rides, ate popcorn and cotton candy. :)

Tonight we rode the little train that's sorta like a mini roller coaster. Last time, Naief seemed a little spooked by it, but tonight he squealed w/ delight after. There were two young Bahraini boys riding in the seats in front of us and were concerned for Naief - even telling Hashim to hold on to him so he wouldn't fall out (he was in between us and going nowhere) - and after they saw how excited he was, they got tickled by his enthusiasm. He also rode the planes that go up in the air tonight... a first. He's not too small, but it kept me on the edge the entire time. Afraid that he'd try to stand up or get out once it got up into the air, but he didn't. :) He loved it. Even wanted to go again.

He's starting to repeat most things we say. Every time he sees a mini van, truck, semi or such, he'll say, "big bus". The word truck isn't in his vocabulary... yet. :) He has started to list all the names of the cats and Henry, as well, at random times throughout the day. He gets stuck on saying Jewels (whom we call JuJus) and Henry over and over, but will eventually add Puss and Amy... it's really cute to listen to him. I'll then start listing all the other cats... funny... he always remembers this cat that we call 'dumbdumb'... she's a wild cat that comes to our house to get food. Every other time I see her, she's pregnant, but we never see any kittens. I think she's probably not a good momma. Good at getting preggers, but that's about it.

We've started a star system w/ him. I've listed four things on paper that cause stress w/ him (eating, getting dressed, changing his diaper and picking up his toys), put it on the fridge, have told him about the list, shown it to him, and introduced stars to put on the paper when he does these things without any problems. Today he got a star for eating, changing his diaper w/out problem and putting on his clothes w/out much hassle. I let him put the last two stars on himself. Day before yesterday I drew a star on his hand.... and one on mine. He just loved it and showed bubba, his grandparents, everyone... and told them that it was a 'STARRRR'. He loves stars, and the moon. So.. getting stars is a big thing. And when he's gotten four stars in a row, he'll get a big star and then a piece of candy, which we're keeping in a jar in the kitchen. So far... so good. Hopefully it'll work and we'll gradually be able to add more rows and more tasks.

One great thing... Naief told me he had to pee the other morning and peed in the toilet!! :) Hasn't done it since, but we have lots of pretends. Still isn't interested in pooing in the toilet, preferring for it to be very private.... so I'm guessing this will take a bit. We're trying to put poo in the toilet from his diaper, which is fine w/ him, but not before. He doesn't like his little potties... preferring to use the foam toilet seat thingy w/ handles that I got for a really great cheap price at Al Anwar... went back the other night to get a few more and there aren't any! :( so... we'll have to make due w/ one. He gets very excited when he goes poo... and we're cleaning him up in the toilet as well... trying to get him used to the whole procedure... and it's going pretty well. I'm hoping that he'll be potty trained soon... he seems to be willing and able now... and since putting on diapers is his least favorite thing... maybe it'll be easier than what I'm envisioning. Right now he's peeing while sitting down... I figure once he gets a little older, standing will be the next phase. I've always heard that's a hard one... getting little boys to aim inside the toilet... with some women I know using Cheerios's to aim at and other things that have been put in the toilet for them to aim at.... so.. we shall see. :) Really, I think it'll be fun.

Oh yeah... my blog friend, Puppy, is looking to come to Bahrain to visit me and the family. :))))) I'm so excited. Hopefully everything will work out w/ her visa and us sponsoring her (which I still don't understand all the stuff that's up w/ this - why she can't get a tourist visa like other ppl)... but, hopefully, it'll all work out and we'll be having a great time together very soon. I sent her a two page list of all the things to do in Bahrain... so I think we'll stay busy in a relaxing way. We've never met before... so it should be fun and interesting. :) We're both Virgos.. so she really liked the list.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Monday, December 01, 2008

busy weekend

The weekend is over, Hashim is home and the house is a lot less frantic... YEAH!!

Long story short... hubby took a side trip (altho ... he's now saying he didn't, but at first said he did) and told me about it only after he arrived (hence not being able to catch the flight in London, not having phone service, blah, blah, blah). Yes... he got in trouble because hubbies aren't supposed to take side trips w/out letting wifey poos know! I'd say he'll be in the dog house for a good week or so.... maybe longer. All the points he's earned throughout the year... well, most have been taken... hehehe... and the rest, we have to talk about. ;)

Oh.... I did get some incredibly delicious chocolate... OMG.... so... sooo... good!!! And Olivia, I had 3 pieces yesterday, but haven't had any since. Does that break the rules?? I figure since it was the first day and all, and I did want to try a few... that I'd have just a couple... :) mmmmmmm!! I'll see if I can get a lovely shot so all of you can imagine just how good they are... :)

I finished my shopping for Hashim today and only have Naief left... can't find Hashim's stocking, so I may wind up making another or buying one - altho, I'd rather not buy it, if I don't have to. Can hardly believe that I finished buying his stocking stuffers... these are usually the most difficult for me... but I'm actually done. Truly, I'm beside myself. :)

The housemaid they sent over is still w/ us. She's nice. Speaks no English so communication is a bit difficult... but we manage. We're all waiting for my FIL to return from Thailand to decide what to do w/ her... since they've been having problems there, his flight was cancelled and he had to take a bus to another part of the country, which was supposed to take a day or longer, in order to get out. This was a day or more ago, so I have no idea what's going on w/ that. I assume we'll probably go over to visit the family this afternoon, so I'm sure we'll find out.

Henry's doing well. He's a loverboy... wants to be cuddled all the time and is behaving nicely. The cats are getting used to him, which is good and Naief really likes him. Henry adores Hashim.... and follows me around like a little shadow... so life is a bit different w/ him here, but I like it. He's a good dog and I'm glad we got him. To answer your question Puppy about taking him back... well, he had been at the shelter for over a year and was up to be killed (they only keep dogs for a year, and they have over 100 right now). And.. knowing what an animal lover I am, you know I couldn't do it... and since he's a lot better now, I'm glad I waited it out and endured those few rough days in the beginning. :) But... not to say I didn't seriously consider it.

So... things have calmed down... altho yesterday was terribly hectic in the house. For about 4 hrs, we had 11 children here w/ probably 5 or 6 teachers, and the reception room in the studio was packed w/ other ppl... we were serving food, drinks, fruit... and trying to keep Henry from running amuck, the cats inside, the kids outside... all the while they were trying to record. :) It all worked out and I had the pleasure of meeting a really nice woman from England. She was so pleasant and friendly.

I also went to the xmas dinner at the Dilmun Club lastnight w/ my English friends (the Manama Singers were there performing)... and had a wonderful time. I really like these women. So chatty and friendly, natural, and they all seem so honest and open. Delish food and great entertainment. I had some of the best English food... mmmmmm... so yummy. Can't remember the name.. but it was a pastry type crust on the top w/ meat on the bottom in a brown sauce... oh gosh, it was sooooooo good!!! I could have gone for 2nds, even 3rds, but I stuck w/ what was on my plate. :) Somebody please help me remember the name of it... and give me a recipe... I'd LOVE to make some! Also had some very British (from what I was told) desserts (tried this dark choc looking thing that was actually a fruit cake - warm (so devine!) and minced meat pies - i just love these little things!!, AND had a few bites of a wonderful pumpkin pie - haven't had any good pumpkin pie in ages), cheese & crackers, half bottles of wine for every one in attendance and we had 10 women!, and... to top off the evening, me and chummy, Helena, had coffee w/ baileys and whipped topping (yummmm). We did secret Santa gifts and I got a lovely vase w/ two nice smelling candles. I brought two sets of earrings for my gift and Steph really seemed to like them.

all in all, it was a wonderful weekend... altho, hubby is still in the dog house... but... I'm sure, w/ a little sweet talk, he'll be out soon. HOpe you guys like the picture... this was the other day before it rained... was taken from our bedroom window w/ my phone. The clouds were so beautiful (picture doesn't do them justice) and I couldn't resist snapping a pic. The tower you see is at my in-laws' house... so, as you can see, they're just a stone throw away from us!

Friday, November 28, 2008

still not home

ok... i don't know what happened, but his flight was cancelled from london to bahrain... so, once again (since he didn't make it on the flight out of belgium the other night because they were on a waiting list) i am in a state of wait.

i'm a bit exhausted, if the truth be known. getting up throughout the night and early morning to let the dog out is taking a toll on me. he hasn't had any accidents today, but i know the evening will bring a few since i plan to go to bed soon... and it's only 8.

i'm so angry w/ this flight situation. there's a guy at the shura council that doesn't understand why he hasn't had a promotion in 6 yrs...hmmm... let me think... you take passports to the german embassy, are supposed to pick them up on a sunday, but, on sunday, realize that the embassy is closed for a national day... so the flight is cancelled and all hopes of going are drenched. but... w/ all the luck in the world, you're able to pick the passports up on monday, make flight arrangements, so all seems good and they leave to go to the conference. after said conference, they head to airport only to realize that they're on a waiting list... no guaranteed seat (haha, maybe this is the sh*% that keeps you from getting a promotion!!! especially when you tell not a soul about this!). so what happens? they have to spend the night and wait for the next flight the next day. the hotel they were staying at is booked, so they have to walk, in the dead of winter, down several blocks to get another hotel... fun fun.

cut to london, this morning... flight has been delayed to bahrain... with batteries going dead in hubby's phone, i'm unable to speak to him, but get a text msg saying that he's not coming tonight, but on tomorrow's flight and will explain everything when he gets here.....

OH MY FREAKIN GOODNESS.... really... if this happens one more day, i may collapse in a big, fat heap.

not only this.. but sunday is booked for an all day session in the studio with 11 children coming for 3 hrs that morning, and a guy staying until 5... so that means no time w/ hubby, and no time for hubby to be w/ naief.

i'm a bit miffed... i'm tired, need a break... badly...

and i wanted to go to the bapco/awali craft fair tomorrow... :( wont be going since i have not the slightest on how to get there. and since i hate driving to places i don't know..out of total fear of getting lost... i wont even try.. because if i get lost, who will i call???

this has been tooooo long of a week. one nice thing though... my MIL sent over a housemaid that is going back to indonesia tomorrow or sunday and she's been helping me... which has been nice. there were sooo many things being put off coz i just don't have the time... but much of it got done today. so.. a tiny leak of sunshine has made its way through a very dark rain cloud that's hanging over my sad head!

will it be a better day tomorrow???

another positive... it rained today!!! a first for naief to see rain... and what did we sing???

Listen to the pitter-patter, pitter-patter of the rain
Hear it tapping, gently tapping
Tapping on my windowpane
It will make the roses brighter
It will make the grasses grow
Gentle rain is falling, falling
Splashing every thing below

he loved it... and insisted that we sing a good 6 or 7 times! :) btw... that's a song from the barney dvd!

oh yeah... guess what else i realized last night... the reason frankie has been crying non-stop and such is because I HAVE BEEN FORGETTING to give him his night time dose of meds! no wonder he's been having these problems. i feel like a terrible furrmomma, but at least we're back on track. seriously.. i have WAY too much on my plate.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

one more day

Thankfully, Hashim will be home tomorrow. :) Feels like he's been gone a week and it's only been a few days...

Have been reading up on how to walk the dog, since he was pulling me instead of us walking, so today, I scored a big one... I was able to walk Henry while pushing Naief in the stroller!! Yeah!!! I found some good info on a website about jerking his leash sideways when he started to pull which would cause him to become off balance and he'd get the message and fall into line... and it WORKED!! Also, you are to nudge him if he becomes too interested in something, which I also did today and it also worked. So far, so good. I successfully walked him twice today using this method and was able to control him each time. I think he'll train easily. Not only is he willing, but he's intelligent. I just need to get him to stop peeing in the house... tonight he went right in front of me while in the TV room, and I swear... I took him out less than an hour ago and thought he would have gone then.. but he didn't. I will wait another couple of hours and let him go out again, and hopefully this time, he'll go. He is good w/ Hashim in that he'll go outside the house, but w/ me, he refuses to go in that area.... preferring to go in the yard.

One thing about one walk today... we came up to the outside of a house down the street from us and when Henry went to smell this bathtub thingy they have outside w/ plants and such potted inside, he got severely spooked and jumped back. I looked, but nothing was there. Makes me wonder if something is buried there... not sure. I'll say this.. I've noticed my attitude changing towards ppl and places when walking him. I now become weary of ppl when he becomes weary and if he gets spooked, I find myself feeling uneasy about the place and the situation. If he growls or barks at someone... I find myself not wanting to go near them... because... don't you think there's a reason? I do. I think he's able to tell about ppl... I like that. He'll be good at protecting our house.

Oh yeah... just so you know.. there hasn't been any more growling over food since the first time, and he hasn't growled at Naief or Frankie... which is good because Frankie is driving momma insane. He cries non-stop all day for food. Even after I've fed him, it isn't but 5 mins before he's starving again. I really thought he was getting better, but now I wonder. Not only that, but he's having severe diarrhea... colored water type, and is missing the litter box most days. If it's not that, then he's throwing up whatever he eats. We go back to the vet on Sat., so I'm hoping she can give me some insight into what's happening. I fear the worst....

Things are going well w/ Naief. Tantrums have cooled off for the most part, and he's actually getting better w/ changing clothes, thank goodness. He's learning how to take off his pants, so pretty soon I'll start potty training. Whenever I've tried, he'll usually pee and then tell me that he's gone! ;)

Did some Christmas shopping this week... am pretty much finished w/ my family, but still need to buy stocking stuffers for hubby and Naief. We'll probably put up the tree this weekend. Still haven't decided where to put it... either in the TV room or in the hall upstairs. My concern is that Henry will have a field day, knock over the tree or something.. and if it isn't Henry, then Naief will have a go at it... so... still trying to decide what to do.

Hope all of you had or are having a good Thanksgiving. Tried to call my family's house but getting no connection w/ Zain... why am I not surprised???

anyway... Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

pics of Henry

Took these w/ the camera on my phone, so they're not the best... but, they're not too bad either. Henry doesn't much care for having his pic taken... wont sit still for nothing and even told me a thing or two at one point... the only reason I was able to snap these is because he was trying to get Puss.

Phew... having a dog is like having another child! With Hashim traveling, I find it rather difficult to carry Naief and walk Henry at the same time. Henry isn't trained, which is something that has to be done in the very near future, so he pulls me most times... and then has had two accidents upstairs either last night or early this morning - and I didn't catch it. I only found it tonight once the urine had dried and gotten sticky. fun

He's 2 yrs old... and is starting to relax... which is good and bad. He loves pulling at my clothes, grabbing bags from my hands, jumping up on me, getting into whatever I have in my hands, and loves to get wet and run around like a crazy dog... which is terribly cute. I guess I know why they said he's a big dog... because he is a big dog! :) So much for my saying he's medium-sized (really he is) because when he stands up, his head comes up to my shoulders.

He barked tonight when I wouldn't let him in the TV room... so not to wake up Naief, I opened the door. I snapped these pics as he was doing everything possible to bother Puss, our Norwegian Coon mix. She doesn't like him and let it be known, but he just couldn't help himself. I'm assuming that once she gets his nose real good, he'll leave her alone!

I'll sure be glad when Hashim gets back! I had to get up this morn before 6 to let him out, and since Naief was stirring, it woke him up and he got up at 6.... and that's early, since his usual waking time is 8. He napped early, cried all day, practically, and went to bed quickly tonight - which was a positive. I finally had to take him out today because he wouldn't calm down, the dog wouldn't relax and I felt like I was about to lose my mind... so... momma decided to pack up baby and go Christmas shopping. :) It's something I need to do anyhoo...

I think I'll do the same tomorrow.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Divorce

A man in Jacksonville calls his son in San Diego the day before Thanksgiving and says, "I hate to ruin your day, but I have to tell you that your mother and I are divorcing; forty-five years of misery is enough.

"Pop, what are you talking about?" the son screams. We can't stand the sight of each other any longer," the father says. "We're sick of each other, and I'm sick of talking about this, so you call your sister in Denver
and tell her."

Frantic, the son calls his sister, who explodes on the phone. "Like heck they're getting divorced," she shouts, "I'll take care of this,"

She calls Jacksonville
immediately, and screams at her father, "You are NOT getting divorced. Don't do a single thing until I get there. I'm calling my brother back, and we'll both be there tomorrow. Until then, don't do a thing, DO YOU HEAR ME?" and hangs up.

The old man hangs up his phone and turns to his wife. "Okay," he says, "they're coming for Thanksgiving and paying their own way."

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The BSPCA Dog Walk - the big day

Well... it was an exhausting day, to say the least. I'll make this short because I'm really tired tonight.... and don't plan to stay up for long.

First... my husband's co-worker was a no-show. She sent him a text around 10 or so to let him know she wouldn't be coming, which really put us in a tight spot, since we had Naief, a stroller, my friend's little boy (only the oldest came w/ us, the youngest was a bit afraid) and I couldn't imagine handling a dog for 4 k, while tending to Naief and Omar. Thankfully, there was a young girl that needed a dog to walk and took Emily (the other dog) off our hands.

Henry was a bit nervous riding in the car. Both he and Emily threw up on the way... I figure from car sickness.

But... he loved being out there and insisted upon running a good distance before getting tired and casually walking... thank goodness. We weren't able to take the stroller because we were walking on sand for part of it w/ rocks and over two huge gas pipeline thingys... so we left it in the car, which meant either Hashim or myself carrying him or staying back while he walked. No wonder I'm so tired.... but what a great workout.

And..... I couldn't end the post here without telling all of you that we brought Henry home with us. I made him some chicken, rice, carrots and broccoli tonight for dinner, which is what they feed them at the sanctuary... and he seemed to like it. We took him w/ us to get food tonight... to get him used to riding in the car.

He wont come upstairs, hasn't even bothered w/ the cats... isn't interested really... and has peed once in the entrance downstairs. At least it was by the door, so I'm hoping that it was because we were upstairs and he really needed to go. I'm assuming it'll take him a bit to get used to things... it'll probably be hard for him to sleep here, since he wont be bothered by barking dogs and such.

One strange thing... we took him out to poo tonight and while we were walking around the neighborhood, we came across another little dog that had been dropped off here, obviously. A guy that was outside said that she's been hiding there for 2 days (she also has a collar on). She was hiding under a truck and when we walked by, she made this sound, so I knelt down and she ran out and over to me. She had her tail tucked, but was wagging her little butt like crazy. Hashim said a firm "NO" regarding keeping her, but I insisted that we bring her home, feed her and take her to the BSPCA tomorrow. If all goes well and she's healthy enough, maybe we could foster her or something.... I think Hashim will never agree to it... but ... who knows. :)

goodnight everyone... and have a wonderful weekend. I'll try to post some pics tomorrow... :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

A dog named Henry

We met Henry today. He's black and brown w/ medium length fur, and, Sandy, at the BSPCA considers him to be a big dog... I'd say he's sorta medium-sized. A good size, I think. I love big dogs.

After getting there, meeting Sandy and then meeting Henry, we decided to take him for a walk.. sorta a get-to-know-ya kinda thing. He's calm... doesn't jump or bark... didn't bark one time during our walk, even when leaving the place when all the other dogs were barking wildly, he didn't utter a single word. On the walk, we encountered some chickens, goats, horses and another dog, but, still, Henry said not a word. Only sniffing and leaving his scent whenever he felt the need. He's not trained... pulling Hashim several times, so I can only imagine trying to walk him .... but I think once he gets used to things, that'd probably ease a little, or so I hope... but still, I really like him.

Naief insisted on my carrying him for most of the walk. I guess when we were a few hundred yards from the sanctuary, he wanted to get down and meet Henry. He was still a bit nervous, but Henry didn't push himself on him or anything. He was very calm and stood right next to us w/out moving... letting Naief talk and touch him. Hashim wasn't sure if Naief would warm up... I was so happy when he did, and I think Hashim was pretty impressed as well. After this, Hashim ran w/ him... Henry loved it. His ears perked up and he really seemed happy. The 2nd time Naief went to touch him, Henry came over to us as I knelt next to Naief, and as I petted him, he tried licking Naief (a no go this time around), sniffed his shoes and then jumped up on me to say hello. Henry seemed happy. It touched my heart.

I can't wait for tomorrow. We're gonna take a friend's kids w/ us. Two boys and I think they'll love it. A girl from Hashim's office will bring her two kids and she adopted a dog to walk... so it'll be fun. And who knows... we might come home w/ a dog named Henry.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

the weekend is here

Well, the weekend is here, the weather is nice outside, the dog walk is Saturday, we go and put our money down on him tomorrow, and... hubby is leaving for Belgium on Sunday and we're not going :(

Oh... how I want to go... but, since it's a work related thing (European IT Conference), me and baby have to stay home... for 4 whole nights, all by our lonesome selves... yeah, I know we'll be fine... just pouting a bit! ;)

One good thing, I LOVE Belgium chocolate and hubby has promised big time to bring me home a bucket load... :) which will probably last me a day or two... but I'm happy.

We got pizza tonight from Pizzabella... yum, yum pizza... it was so good. We're trying to do pizza on Thursday night's now, and this new pizza place that we've found is just delicious. Naief ate so good tonight. Even told me 'yeah' when I asked if he wanted pizza. :)

The big thing w/ Naief as of late is Barney. Goodness, goodness... it's morning, noon and night. First thing when he opens his eyes, I kid you not, he asks for 'Bahbe', meaning Barney. After watching for a while, he immediately wants to watch Oswald, then back to Barney. He just loves him. Sadly... mommy has memorized most of the songs on the first show and can sing along and does... but ya know... I really like it. Never thought I'd say this, but I do. It's such wholesome goodness tucked into a big purple dinosaur! And Oswald... has anyone seen this little fella? A big blue octopus w/ a little wiener dog called Weenie. He's even colored like a wiener in a bun :) Too cute.

I'd like to do some painting this weekend if possible. Been putting it off for weeks, but feel a little like doing something, and since I bought canvas some time back... I think it about time to get out my brushes, plus... I need some time to just get things outta my head. Just hope I get the time to do it.

Figure we wont be celebrating Thanksgiving. I think if we lived in the States it'd feel right, but living in Bahrain, it doesn't feel like Thanksgiving to me anymore, and since Hashim is traveling, we'll just skip it this year. It'll be our first year not to do anything, but I'll plan to make a big dinner for Christmas... so that'll be enough to make up for it.

Oh yeah, we went to the park the other night and Naief flew his first kite! He LOVED it. giggled and ran around so much... and I got pictures, so once I have a little time, I'll post a few - if they're clear.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. Take care.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

BSPCA dog walk

We'll be doing the dog walk this Saturday... and am interested in getting pledges from anyone that's willing to sponsor me and Hashim. If you live in Bahrain and are interested in sponsoring a good cause... please let me know. We'll have to have the money prior to Saturday, so let me know as soon as possible.


I called today and requested a dog from the BSPCA and we're gonna walk a dog called Henry. I love this name... seeing that the huge parakeet that I set free I had named Henry... so this could be considered a coincidence... or not. They said he's a big dog... I love big dogs... so I'm pretty darn excited. I'm wondering what'll come of this... since I love animals and we've talked about getting a dog...

I just wonder how he'll be w/ the cats and w/ Naief. Saturday will be interesting. :)

If anyone's interested in doing the walk, contact the BSPCA and sign up. The walk starts at 9:00 a.m., but you have to be there sooner. I'd give more info, but I don't have the details right in front of me.

Maybe we'll see you guys there :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Friday, November 14, 2008

I want a Pleo!!!

Has anyone seen these Pleo dinosaurs? I'm dying to have one! We went to the new Toy Store at the City Centre today and they had one out walking about... they are sooo dang cute!!

He was, at one point, rubbing his head against this guy standing at the entrance, then started wagging his little tail... gosh darn it... I want one!

Does anyone have one?

They have a wide range of emotions, each one is different, they start out as hatchlings... growing and learning as they go along. They play, like to be cuddled, sleep, graze, cry/whimper, feel emotions.... wow... I can't imagine it.

I think Naief is too young for one still... but not me!! :) I wonder how he'd interact w/ the cats??!!

If you haven't heard of what I'm talking about... go to

good day!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

swim class

Naief's last class is tomorrow. He really enjoyed them and I'm excited about next year.

No surprise he likes the water so much... especially since he's a little Aquarian.

oh... if you don't know... he's the little one at the end w/ the diaper suit and the one in the middle of the 2nd pic. :) his daddy is also in the pic.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

bully on the playground

Tonight we took Naief to a park w/ slides, swings... you name it, they had it. He loves the place, and it exhausts him, so mommy and daddy love it! ;)

We go probably a few times a week, sometimes more, depending on schedules, but tonight was the first time for Naief to encounter a bully...

I've been wanting to write a post for a few days now on the differences between children from different cultures. Now... I'm no expert on the raising of children, that's a given, but I do believe you have to have discipline, teach a child right from wrong and such... as you all know.


Tonight Naief ran over to this one particular area that has a slide, a tunnel that you crawl through at the top w/ a slide at the other end that's enclosed ... and fun stuff like that. It's a favorite for him. As he started up the stairs, there was a little boy (Arab) at the top that first tried to push him off the stairs. This isn't a first... since some kids don't want other children in their 'play' space, so I figured he'd give up when Naief didn't, and go off to do his own thing. But... when that didn't work, he then waited for Naief to get to the top and proceeded to tackle him.... down to the floor/bottom of this thing! When he got 'em down, the kid got on top of him and wouldn't let him up.... even putting his arm around his neck and keeping it to the floor! Such a mean little boy!! He looked mean... isn't it sad that a child that young is so mean?! Makes me wonder what's happening at home.

Needless to say, Naief started to cry, and then I got worried that the child either took a bite or was trying to take a bite....

Hashim had to get Naief (I think hubby was in a coma or something... or just letting them fight it out or wanting to see what would happen because he just stood there for what seemed to be ages... I have no idea, but I was having none of it!!) and he literally had to pull the child off of him... while the father stood over to the side and said nothing. Only until we got the boy off, did his father come over and say that this child is trouble (all in Arabic to Hashim) and told the boy to get down, to which the boy got smart, refused and went on his merry little way. This kid was smaller than Naief... so I have no idea how old he was... maybe the same age... maybe younger.

With hesitation, Naief went back up the stairs and once he got to the top, all he could do was look behind himself to make sure the kid wasn't there and do this little whimpering thing. After some encouragement, he decided to go down the slide on our side, but didn't want to go back up after.....

Even after going over into the other areas w/ other slides and things, I noticed that he'd get sorta fearful when encountering other kids... altho, he did warm up to this cute little girl (who was Jordanian, come to find out) that was the same height and had light hair. She was also the same age as Naief. Her brother was there playing and became very protective of his sister when Naief got close. It was sweet. The brother was probably 7 or so. After obviously forgetting his worry, he eased up and started kicking the ball to Naief, which Naief loved. He'd run around kicking and trying to get the ball while squealing w/ glee! :)

Hashim thinks that Naief will probably be bullied in school. This makes me a bit sad to even think about, and you guys may be thinking "yeah, but that's a few yrs from now and you're right, but, lemme tell ya, that's all mothers talk about!!! "What school will you send Naief to?" "Have you thought about schools?" "Don't put him there, he'll be picked on" "I have a friend whose child was bullied in every school... his mother is an American."

Plus, all the good schools have waiting lists that can take yrs, so you have to plan ahead... (btw, the really good private schools are VERY, very expensive. you have your choice from a ton of others that are private, but they have their own pros and cons, w/ many being racist (from what I hear) , towards those that aren't pure Bahraini).

So... as you can see, one tends to think about these things quite a bit... and his being bullied for whatever reason, has concerned me and something I'd prefer not to happen... but I know that's not life. It will happen, at some point... maybe many times.

Anyway, after tonight's little reminder... I told Hashim that it would be good to get him into karate lessons (when he's old enough, of course) or something so he'd learn how to protect himself in case that ever happened. Plus, it'll give him a boost, if he were afraid, that he could possibly, hopefully, kick some major butt if it came down to it. And I like the thought of that!

Originally, my post was going to be about the way I see Arab kids behaving compared to Indian kids, especially the way they are w/ Naief... but tonight pretty much proved my point to be false (with the Jordanian kids and an Indian girl), so I'll wrap up w/ this point. I think bullying is derived from other underlying issues (sees same at home, not given enough love, attention, and/or ignored... causing the child to act out). It's sad to see so many parents not caring about their children. Not enough to discipline, give guidance, lead by example.... while giving the love and attention your child so desperately needs.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Why do almost all treat us the same?

Well.. the weekend is over and the new week has begun.... amazing how fast weeks pass by. It's also amazing how quickly I lose track of time. Sometimes I forget to return phone calls... only remembering weeks down the road.... makes me wonder if ppl think I'm trying to be rude, altho I do usually apologize.

I feel somewhat ho hum today... I guess sort of melancholy... not in a depressed sort of way, but in a heightened sense of thought sort of way.

Been thinking a lot about the girls/women I know that are married to Bahrainis... and wondering why it is that we all seem to have the same issues w/ in-laws. Of course, some having more extreme variations while others only get a kick in the knee every other Friday or so. One friend has issues w/ hers, but handles it well... instead of staying away all together, she goes to the family gatherings - staying for a good 8 hrs or longer - and enjoys it. She does it for her child. She gave me tips the other day on how to handle things and how to make the best out of the time you're there... like... instead of staying inside, go into the garden, walk around, be around the chickens, ducks, birds... and spend the time being w/ your child, instead of inside, miserable. Good advice, I think.

Others that I know hate their in-laws. I remember meeting this woman back some 2 yrs ago and her in-laws were so bad that they made up stories about how she was trying to kill the FIL. She works at a hospital here in Bahrain, her FIL had to have some tests, and since she was one of the ppl doing them, the MIL started saying that she hadn't done her job properly and was purposely keeping information from him so that he would die. This was only one of many things that she had to deal with.... thankfully I've never had anything like that to deal with... don't know that I would have the strength to persevere. I remember her telling me that they'd never make her leave... no matter how how they tried, she would not let them... and I can so understand this and relate to it... since I've had my share of ppl trying their best to break us up and make me leave... but that's another story for another day.

I know many that are fake around their in-laws... smiling, pretending, making believe that they like them.... I used to do this... did it for many, many years... but I don't any more. It's not me and I'm not the kind to kiss ass, just to kiss it. Now... I'm not saying it's a bad thing... I understand why one does it... but I think there are huge negatives and huge positives that one has to deal w/ when one chooses to take that road.

I guess, in thinking about all of it, I can't help but ask, "why"? Why do we (ok, probably not all of us... there must be some families out there that love or at least respect their expat daughter-in-laws) have to live w/ this? Why do they treat us like this? Why is there so much lying, manipulation, sneaking around causing problems, nosiness, rudeness, fakeness, unfriendliness.... why do these women hate us so much? Is it because we're not like them? We look different, dress different, behave differently??? Or is it because they couldn't control their son and he married for love and who he wanted, and they absolutely can not stand it? God only knows, that's fer sure!

Here we are, away from our families, making our lives in a foreign land (which isn't always easy) trying to get along, loving their sons, but it isn't good enough. Why do they insist on making life so miserable for us? Used to... I thought it was me, but I've realized over the last several months, that it isn't. Yeah... I may not make anything easy, but you know... I used to. Now, I stand up for what I believe in. I don't cower down, afraid to say the wrong thing, act the wrong way ... for if I do, they may not like me.

And thank God!

I've stopped going over to my in-laws as much as I used to. We go only some Fridays and only stay for about an hour, and I only go there on rare occasions. The reason why??? It makes me feel miserable to be around ppl that I don't get along with... who would want to sit in a room making small talk, answering question after question, or coerced into revealing things or saying things that I have no desire to tell.... it's not for me.

We went this past Friday since my FIL is traveling... thinking it might be less complicated, but it wasn't. I felt the same way when I got home... mad at myself for going, mad at myself for not stepping in when my SIL tried to make it look like Naief was about to hit her son - when he was nowhere near her son - altho Hashim did say something and she shut up (I think I've finally realized she's jealous of our son)... I just felt all cruddy inside... like I need to hole up, become a hermit when it comes to seeing them... and stay away for as long as possible... and did I say I don't want my son playing w/ her son... yeah, I know... it's his cousin, but crap, I had cousins that I didn't see all the time and am fine because of it... it wont kill Naief not to see that child all the time.... don't ya think?

anyway... I haven't had a good, groaning post in a while, and since my blog friend, One Wink at a Time, got me to thinking about why that is a few days ago, I figured that it might be a good thing to write about it. so... here ya go. :)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I'm Proud

Today, for the first time in a VERY long time, I am proud to be an American.

I was thrilled to wake up, turn on the TV and see that Obama had won!!!!!!!

I am, indeed, very proud and happy.

Back... many months ago, there were many who didn't believe it could happen, but it has... and it'll never be the same again.

Today is a new day in history.... congratulations Barack Obama!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Tomorrow.... what will it bring?

I'm starting to get a bit nervous for Obama... I want 'em to win so bad...

My gut says he's gonna win, and I've been known to predict American football games w/ this gut feeling...

Tomorrow will be my waiting game....

Saturday, November 01, 2008

party pics

Here are some pics from today's birthday party... I thought Naief looked cute as a zombie...

Thanks for all the ideas for costumes. This was pretty easy until Naief decided that he didn't want to put paint on his face and decided to throw a little fit that included throwing some toys, which ended up w/ us putting him in timeout... all because mommy wanted to put paint on his face... poor thing! ;) hehehe

But... after we got there and went inside, he had a good time. There were lots of kids, close to Naief's age, and he really enjoyed it. He loved this little girl, Rihanna... sitting beside her on several occasions. All the kids were so good. No fights, no crying.... just fun.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

those shoes are made for walking :)

Nothing much going on... so thought I'd post a favorite pic of mine as of late. I don't get as many pictures as I used to, but when I think about it, I try to snap away.

Naief loves to walk around in mommy and daddy's shoes... he hasn't tried my heels yet... can't imagine it, but think it'll come. :) These are the easier ones for him to walk around in, since daddy's are big and bulky, usually... altho, he does like to put his flip flops on and walk around in 'em.. and it's cute because he doesn't put them on right and will usually have the toe thing between his 4 or 5th toe, which is really cute. His auntie bought him a pair of flip flops and he seemed thrilled to put them on, but after a couple of mins, he cried to take 'em off.

The screaming was better today, thank goodness. My older sister gave me a good piece of advice. Told me to let him know that I wouldn't acknowledge him until he calmed down and then he'd get attention - since they'll do anything for attention, be it good or bad. So.. today, when he was acting up, having a crying fit over something, hanging onto my leg and not letting me walk, I told him that I wouldn't give him any attention until he calmed down. He finally did (let me add here that after his crying fit continued for several mins., I did finally yell, "Naief!" and he stopped. When I looked at him, his head was hanging, and I felt like a terrible mom. I went to him, picked him up, and took him upstairs to give him his vitamins - to help his eating - and then we came back down. This isn't good, especially seeing that were working to keep yelling/screaming to play time... so, yes, I feel terrible.) and then we painted. but... once we got the paint down, into the cups, sat on the floor, he dabbled in it for maybe 2 mins and decided he had enough... so I started picking everything up and he went into another fit of non-stop crying. I didn't let up this time (and I stayed very calm)... I explained that he was through painting and mommy was picking everything up so that we could have lunch. After I picked him up, took him upstairs for a sec., he calmed down and was fine.

phew.... and here I think or want another child. I honestly don't know how mothers do it. How do you manage two children??? A baby w/ a toddler going thru the terrible 2's and then, from what a blog friend said, the 3's are even worse. Please momma's.... tell me how it's done! :)

I know you guys probably get bored of reading about my trials and tribulations w/ Naief, but, really, that's all that's going on w/ me lately. I'd talk about my in-laws, but it never changes over there. Same 'ole, same 'ole crap, day in and day out... so what's the point. Plus, I get tired of thinking about it, dealing w/ it, so I don't. Naief's cousin is at the age that he thinks he can scold Naief and be mean every time he turns around, so I've really been biting my tongue w/ that and usually wind up leaving just so I don't have to deal w/ it.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

test of wills

Today has been exhausting already and it's only 2:30 pm! What a morning!! Naief has hit the terrible 2's or something, and today was tough!

Seems like there is a test of wills w/ every turn between the two of us. He's gotten to the point that he hardly listens to me, doesn't usually come when I call him, completely refuses, on some days, to come upstairs or go downstairs when I ask him to, throws his toys when he gets angry (but is getting better w/ this, thank God!), throws a temper tantrum when it's time to change his diaper or clothes, doesn't want to go down for his afternoon nap, some days will throw full fledged fits when it's time to sit in his highchair to eat... you name it, I'm facing it.

and it's exhausting.

Seems like the 'ole ignoring him when he calls me 50 times has done nothing but make him do the same. What's funny... ok, it's not funny... he'll stand right next to me and say, "mommy", until he gets to a screaming state, at which time I tell him not to scream. The little vain in his neck even pops out! I guess yelling for the cats, yelling for daddy hasn't helped! I try to think about this, but sometimes it's just easier to yell down the steps for daddy or to yell for the cats if they're upstairs and it's time to eat... actually, I'm usually yelling for Frankie to come down and eat... and Naief has decided that he's going to yell for me any and each time he needs me.

I've had to stop and count to 10 many times today.... and even when I say things like, "honey, don't scream", "Naief stop screaming", "Naief, please don't scream", "honey, mommy's right here, you don't need to scream", "Naief! stop screaming"... he doesn't listen. As soon as the next emergency comes, he's screaming for me again. Plus... one thing that doesn't help is his cousin screaming all the time, about everything, and no one says a word, which causes Naief to follow suit and join in.... then when he comes home, he's screaming again. I just hope w/ lots of patience and 'whisper time', we can curb his need to scream.... altho, I know he's testing his limits, his voice, learning what's appropriate and what's not... it's just driving mommy batty!!!! ok... I'm already pretty batty... but more couldn't help! ;)

Calgon, take me away!!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

swim classes

Last week I decided to take a look at a place called Chaoss, after finally finding out where they're located - since no number is given when I call information. The place is big and much more organized than I had heard, so, needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised. Btw.. this is a another place for children to play, interact w/ other children and such.

While there, I met one of the swimming instructors and found out that they're still having classes... so I signed Naief up. Today was our first class - now, there's only 3 wks left, but what the heck, and Naief loved it. There were probably 6 other kids in the class and several fathers, and since Hashim would be the one in the pool w/ Naief, he was pleased, and I was happy coz now... he'll go again. :) And, we found out that there's a Thursday morning class w/ 3 wks left, so I'll go to that class w/ him. They also have gymnastics classes that run by term, and the next term starts in January... that'll be fun.

The class lasted about 45 mins., and while Hashim was in the pool, I talked to the nice British woman beside me. Her daughter was there w/ her son, Jack. What a cutie! The woman told me that her daughter's son loves this place and the organized classes are a lot of fun. That's nice to know. I like the fact that this place is more organized play while Buzzi Beez is open/free play. Two great ways to interact w/ other children, and parents.

Naief didn't want to go in at first, but once he was in the water, he did really well. The instructor is great and is so good w/ the little ones. She's an Australian woman married to a Bahraini. :) They sang songs while going around in circles, splashing w/ their arms/hands, kicking their feet, going up in the air and coming back down and sometimes going under the water... even jumping off of this big, floaty thing.... crawling through it and going under a bridge. Naief even learned to put his toy outside the pool, climb out to get it, sit back down on the edge and then they'd sing a song and daddy would lift him and go back down into the water. It was nice.

There were a lot of families waiting for the various swim classes. It felt nice to be around so many expats. I didn't hear any Americans... even though... I felt comfortable and it felt good. And you know something I noticed... British/English women are natural. They weren't all skinney minnies and they weren't all dressed up... just natural... and I like that.

Oh yeah... so many of these little kids had the white, blond hair... like I did when I was young and it made me think about our genes. I would have thought that Hashim's genes would have been more dominant and they are, but when it comes to hair, he got mine. I remember learning all this stuff back in my first year of psych.... but I can't remember anything. That's the bad thing (or was for me at that time) about working full-time w/ overtime and going to school close to full-time. I took too many hours and didn't dedicate myself, like I did when I got older.... and I crammed too much... hence my inability to remember. Makes me want to pull out my books and look it up!

anyhoo... these are my little streams of thought today. :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

who knew that burping could be so dang cute?!!

Yes, he's probably gotten this from mommy :) I burp, daddy burps.. we're a little burping family... I think Naief is the best one of all... you think? Btw... he's not really burping... only thinks he is... and there's nothing funnier!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Colin Powell has endorsed Obama .... yeah!!! :)

Madonna, Madonna

what are you thinking????

I think she's lost it...

(story courtesy of

Madonna's 'Crazy' Ways Revealed

Control freak Madonna must be going nuts!

Lots of personal stuff is being leaked out to the media as M faces off with soon to be ex-husband, Guy Ritchie.

Thanks, Camp Ritchie! We're assuming you guys are supplying all the juice!

We've learned through the UK's Daily Mail the 'crazy' things Madonna made Guy put up with:

- Madge emasculated him! The paper said every aspect of home life was dictated by M. No surprise!

- Madonna sleeps slathered in $1000-a-jar cream and covered in a plastic body-suit to fight aging

- M only allows a precise blend of Colombian coffee to be served in the home.

- Picky eater M can't have any regular blueberry. It has to be a certain type of Canadian blueberry (which are specially flown in to London).

- Madonna despises processed meat and would only allow it in the home on very rare occasions.

- Dairy is banned at the Madonna home. Guy could only have rice milk in the house.

- Madge banned sugar entirely, which, says the Mail, "made biscuits, ice creams and cakes objects of almost otherworldly fascination for her daughter Lourdes and their son Rocco." Cheese, cream, salt and preservatives were also a no-no.

- Her exercise routine, never less than two hours a day, six days a week, rules her life. Madonna's trainer has been living with the family for the last year.

- Apparently the no TV ban didn't only apply to the kids. There was apparently no TV at the home at all. There was also a ban on newspapers (?!).

Guy didn't know what he was getting into?

We're not that shocked!

[Image via WENN.]

In reading this and then reports that David's father wants him back... I can see why and agree. They guaranteed the father that they were taking the child into a stable home... I feel sorry for all her kids.... and Guy Ritchie. I can't imagine the life w/ her... who in the world would want to live in that &%$@!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

hop, hop, hop

Naief is learning to hop... I call it hop because it's such small little jumps, that it reminds me of a bunny rabbit. :) He's learning to pull his knees up, an ability to do so has never really entered my mind when watching other kids, and it's so dang adorable! You wouldn't think something so tiny would be so exciting, but it is and gosh darn it... he's learning to jump! He hops across the kitchen, he hops around on the bed, he hops while he's walking... hop hop hop :)

I've obviously taken for granted, all these years, learning to do such a thing... but excitingly enough, he'll soon be able to jump on those bouncy things that they have everywhere, which he longs to do...

He loves that he can do it. Calling to me and daddy whenever we aren't watching... and it's always a favorite thing to do when getting ready to change for bed. And, I'll tell ya, he's also a little daredevil. He loves to jump and then plunge himself face first into the bed, over mommy or into pillows. Nothing seems to stop him... gets me on pins and needles a lot of times, but I try to watch, clap, laugh w/ delight instead of keeping myself in a state of worry over him getting hurt. Little kids are so resilient.. I know I was when I was little, but I sure had bumps and bruises to prove it, plus, I remember LOTS of close calls... so... no wonder I worry.

He's also starting to repeat lots of words we say in English and Arabic.... jabbering constantly about this or that... Hashim says that once he starts w/ full sentences... he'll never stop. I'm just waiting for the 'why's'. I'm readying myself... should be full of wonder, excitement, laughing and probably some stress, but maybe not. I actually enjoy talking to him and answering questions... so am wondering how this will go.

Today was funny in that Hashim swept and mopped the kitchen floor, then after about 20 or 30 mins, he looked down and said, "I just mopped the floor..." I had to laugh, for now he, maybe, on a teeny, tiny level, understands what I've been saying. I feel like a little tornado follows me around, leaving a path of toys, plastics, wooden utensils, food, water... everywhere it turns... and I'm constantly on it's heels, picking everything up. phew. But at last... he sees! Or at least a little! :)


Made some absolutely delicious Brussels (button) sprouts last night... they were so good. Fried some turkey bacon, saved the drippings.. altho there aren't any w/ turkey bacon, so i added addt'l oil during so that it'd make something.. then added vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper, dijon mustard, onions and the Brussels sprouts... cooked until sprouts were tender and liquid had thickened and cooked down... gosh.. it was good. Wasn't sure if Hashim or Naief would like it. Hashim loved it... Naief wasn't as sure... altho, he did eat some of it.


Happy to say that the meditation has been working in that it puts me to sleep at night, every night so far. This is the first thing to ever work... other than pills or herbal tea (altho w/ pills, you often have the hangover the next morn... I hate that and w/ teas, they did nothing... even valerian didn't work)... so I'm very happy, to say the least. And it's good, sound sleep :)

I've started walking again. Took Naief to the park and while daddy kicked around the ball w/ him and played, I walked. The endorphins... these little babies are so wonderful. These alone make it all worth it! ;)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

zucchini recipe

For anyone that might like it, this is the recipe for the zucchini I made last night.

4 or 5 medium-sized zucchini
1 med to large red onion
1 to 2 T. sunflower oil
3/4 c. (or more) balsamic vinegar

Thinly slice zucchini, set aside. Cut red onion in half and thinly slice each half. Heat oil in skillet (may need more oil if skillet is not non-stick or if skillet gets too hot). Toss in onion and zucchini and let both slightly brown. Add balsamic vinegar, making sure there's enough to get all coated and to saute for a good 10 mins, allowing all liquid to absorb into zucchini and onion.

Once liquid has absorbed completely, it's finished. Sometimes, after the fact, there may be a small amt. of liquid left... which is also ok.

I've made the mistake of adding too much balsamic vinegar in the past. You don't want it to swim in the vinegar... just juicy for a bit.

Hope you like it. I love it. It's a recipe from my younger sister, Jahooni. It's quite good and different. Let me know whatcha think. :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

weather, food and fun

Nice that things are finally cooling off in our parts. Temps during the day have probably been in the low 90s and, at night, it feels like it could be in the low 80s, but not sure. a nice breeze has come on some days, and it's actually fun to go to the park, and run around w/out getting a headache from the heat. I'm dying to get bikes w/ the little seat in the back for Naief... so hopefully in the next few months, that'll be a nice gift for our family.

We've been taking Naief to this park down the way from us many nights during the week, where he runs around, watches the soccer game while trying to go onto the court during play many days :) , and where he can play w/ many different children at this one area in the park. Every day you'll get families or mothers w/ little kids... usually close to Naief's age or a bit older, and he soooo enjoys it. There's one little girl that's been there twice now w/in the last week, and Naief is smitten. She's precious. So cute. She's Egyptian... how I know this is one, she looks Egyptian and two, her momma puts a little kohl around her eyes and maybe a tad bit of blush (not sure on that one)... and yeah, you'd think she looks gaudy or ask why her mother might put make-up on the little girl... but w/ some Egyptians, it's a cultural thing dating back to the Pharaohs. And, I'll have to say, it really suits this little girl. It's not all pageant-like or anything... it's very subtle, but the eyes are somewhat dramatic, in a little girl sorta way.. if there is one.

But... it's really, really sweet to watch Naief w/ her. They stand looking at each other, almost seem to be talking, walk around the area w/ each other, kick balls around... follow each other here and there. There's also a little boy that's been coming, altho we haven't seen him the last two times we've gone.. but he liked this little kid a lot. One little girl pushed him away as he got close to her. He stood there, looking at her... makes me wonder what he was thinking. I'm glad she didn't do anything further aggressively. Her older brother seemed to keep her in check though, so that was good.

Tonight I made this yummy banana bread again. I can't wait to have a taste. If anyone would like it, I found it on It's a high fiber banana bread.. I think it's the only one they have. I add to it w/ white raisins and nuts... and I don't use the egg substitute or butter substitute... and it is just yummy.. obviously less healthy than the original recipe and higher in fat.. but I don't care. I also made baked chicken in the bag... why is it that turkey and chicken taste so much better cooked like that!!?? I also made a good recipe that my sister, Jahooni, gave to me w/ zucchini sauteed in balsamic vinegar... Naief loves this. I made my mom's baked macaroni & cheese casserole, which I usually only make during the holidays, but since Naief has been rather picky about what he eats lately, thought it might go over w/ him.. and he loved it. :) I scored some major mommy points tonight... and am starting to realize that he likes my down home cooking, American style, much better than most other things. Figure I'll stick w/ this a while, since hubby likes it too, and see if it makes a difference in his eating habits... altho, it's nice to change things up every now and again.

anyway... been posting a lot of music lately, which sorta fits my mood as of late.

I meditated last night. Thought I'd try a method from that Laws of Attraction book, and... it worked. Not only did it relax me, but it put me to sleep. I'm going to try it again tonight and see what happens. Hopefully it'll bring the same type of deep relaxation that it gave to me last night.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


This guy's from America's Got Talent... Eli Mattson. Not sure where the competition stands right now... if this is the latest... anyway... this guy is GOOD.

Love that they have Sharon Osborne on the show now! She's so frank and honest... but they need to get rid of David Hosselhoff. Don't know the other guys name. He's the same British guy from Britain's Got Talent.


I'm lovin' this new song and video by Britney. I'll have to say... this girl is back!! :)))

well, sorry folks, but seems like they've pulled the plug on the video i had linked. but... you can always find another on YouTube.. since there were probably 10 to choose from....

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

American/British humor

My blog friend, Sefton Taxis, and I have been discussing the difference between British and American humor. I'm not one for British humor... matter of fact, I don't understand it or just don't think it's funny, and he's the same w/ American comedians.

Take a look at his blog and see if you think this guy he has posted is funny.... I don't. If so.. I'm interested to hear why you think he is and such.

What other Brits don't like American humor??? I wonder why the big difference??? Any suggestions?

Poor ole Michael Finnigan, begin again

Phew... this song has been plaguing my mind as of late. I swear... tonight putting Naief to sleep, all I could think about was this song. Singing it over and over in my mind... crazy stuff. Every time we get in the car, he immediately wants to hear the CD that has all of these songs and nursery rhymes. I'm glad he likes it soooo much.. but I wish I could keep it outta my head from morning until night! :)


Our cat Frankie (he's the oldest male in our household... about 10 now) has been sick for about 5 mths. I guess about 4 mths ago, we took him to a vet that isn't a favorite of mine - since he doesn't do lab work and believes in methods that I don't agree w/... but since he's inexpensive and huge vet costs are something we can't afford right now... it had to do.

Frankie has been losing weight (not as much then), so I wanted to check and make sure all his organs were working okay and that he wasn't sick from something, thinking that he was having kidney failure or something, and I hoped this vet would be able to help. The only thing he did was squeeze down by Frankie's kidneys, said they were working okay (how he knew is beyond me... and, really, I don't think he knew anything), and said that Frankie seemed to be in good health. Off we go for home w/ a clean bill of health.

Well, I guess about 2 mths ago, I started noticing a big weight difference in Frank. He's lost a lot of weight and has started crying from hunger and wanting to be fed about every 10 mins... I kid you not. Nothing seems to satisfy him. I give him soft food, since he refuses to eat hard food now, but still... he gets finicky and refuses to eat a lot of it. I make him eggs, which he loves, and he gobbles them down. I make him chicken, beef... you name it, I make it for him. Or actually, he eats what we eat. Even still... as soon as he finishes, he's hungry again.

So... I guess about a week ago, I could stand no more of it... and insisted we take him to the other vet here that's more expensive, but good. I've heard a lot of horror stories about her. A friend that no longer lives in Bahrain said she's rude and doesn't care anything about cats... so I was dreading meeting this woman, and wasn't quite sure how she'd respond to Frankie's problem.

We took him in 3 days ago... w/ my thinking that he probably had some sort of worm or was about to die from his kidneys.... actually hubby took him in since he had to be there at 8 in the morn and it was on his way to work. We went that afternoon to pick him up... where we were told that the bill was 73 dinars!! Come to find out.. the appt I made w/ this dr. some number of wks back was being charged to us for missing! I could hardly believe it and when I told the receptionist that if I had known we were going to be charged for a missed appt., I would have come or cancelled ahead of time... not knowing that they charged for such.

She quickly informed me that they have postings in the office that such missed appts are charged.... and then I quickly responded, "how was I supposed to know this since I've never been in this office before.. and if you're going to charge ppl for missed appts., you should tell them that over the telephone". She promptly got a look on her face of total disgust... and informed me that all offices do this... and then I told her once again that I did not know this and should have been told since I've never been in this office. (how was I supposed to know this??? should be standard practice for them to say that to new patients over the phone!! don't ya think??? plus... in the States, I've never heard of a vet charging for missed appts! maybe drs... but never a vet!) She quickly got up and went into the drs. office then came out about 5 mins later and told me that the bill had been reduced to 67... awwww thanks...!!! what a discount!

When we went in w/ the dr., I was pleasantly surprised. She was actually very nice. And... seems that my little Frankie has a thyroid problem!!

She did blood work and he has a hyperthyroid. That's why he's lost so much weight and why he's hungry all the time. Thankfully it hasn't harmed his kidneys or liver. He's healthy, other than this, but has to be on medication for the rest of his life. Right now he's taking 3 tablets a day, but will go back in 3 wks to be re-evaluated and retested and hopefully have his dosage taken down to once a day. This medicine will also help him to gain weight again and cause him not to be hungry all the time. He'll also calm down, his heart rate will decrease (since it's skyrocketing right now) and will hopefully live for many more years... :)

He's a good boy in that he takes his medicine w/out any real problem. Poor little thing. He's been sick so much in his life. I've never told the story about Frankie, but he was a sickly kitten. He almost died when he was just a few wks old... having to constantly be at the vets office for wks on end... then to be taken home for it to reoccur again and be taken back... with it finally getting better only after I got down on my hands and knees and begged God to save him. That afternoon when I went to see him at the vet's office (where he wasn't eating and they had no idea what was wrong w/ him), I stopped at McDonald's and picked up a cheeseburger. When I got there, I took him outta the cage, sat him in my lap and he ate every single bite of that burger!!

From that date forward... he got better and, actually, fully recovered. The vet had no idea what happened and when I told him that I asked God to save him... I think he thought I was just saying that or lying, but I didn't care. :) at least Frankie survived. So... he's a vetern at taking meds and getting through rough times... so I know he'll pull through this... or at least hope w/ everything inside of me.


We've been taking Naief to a great park down close to where Hashim works. He loves it. There's a lot of ppl and a lot of families w/ kids. He loves walking around, talking to ppl and playing. I think he's going to be a little leader... he seems to always take the role of leading during these play times.

He's growing so much. He can chew gum now... which I can hardly believe, and actually gives it to me when he's finished... altho he does swallow it every now and again, but hey... I did that until I was in my teen years and still want to sometimes! ;)

He's starting to talk a little more and ask questions like "what's this". He can run now... and loves to run from me at the mall, laughing while I try to catch him. You wouldn't think that a little one could run so fast... but boy... he does. Or maybe it's because I try to walk and catch him ;) !

I guess that's about it... I miss my mom and would love to go and see her since she's been sick. I miss the States and am running low on some things that I can only get there... :( Makes a good excuse for going, eh?!! :)

Monday, October 06, 2008

poetry for the little one

Haven't written any poetry in sooo long... probably more than 2 yrs now... and today, w/ words on my mind, I decided to take the plunge... to put the words on paper to see where my pen would lead me....

and this is what came out of it.

It's simple... but it's the first time, since Naief was born, that I've been able to put my feelings into actual words and onto paper....

so thought I'd share. :)


Sparkling, ever so brightly

deep into my soul


chocolate brown eyes

Convey innocence, so lovely

So pure

Your giggles, your squeals

The smile that turns my


upside down

Just delighted

by the being

of you

As the gentleness

of your tiny fingers

quietly discover your world

I am

Christened by the heavens

Cleansed by your love


a ray of sunshine

with every new morn’

A precious gift

My life, my love,

My little boy

Written: October 6, 2008