Sunday, July 27, 2008

a hair cut and music list

We took Naief for a haircut today.... he got it buzzed off just like his daddy's and it's too cute :)

There's a great little place at Country Mall that's just for children. They have cartoons playing on little tvs set up inside stuffed animals (elephant, giraffe) in front of each station and, instead of chairs, they have one fighter jet and big cars for the kids to get inside and play in while having a hair cut. Naief set in the fighter jet tonight. He had not a problem until the guy made his 6th or so buzzy slide thru his hair, and I think the guy got him on the back of his neck because I saw a couple of scratchs there and Naief started crying after not being able to take it any longer.

We were able to focus his thoughts, a few times, on other things, but the stylist had his work cut out for him. Naief isn't interested in cartoons right now, so can't say that the tv's helped much, but at least he didn't throw up... that's a plus! :) Once the razor was off, he immediately calmed down, wanted down and made his way over to another car. We looked at him in the mirror, made a huge fuss and asked him if he liked his hair, he shook his head "yes". :))))

I love it. Hashim said it's a lot cooler and w/ the temps so high, we figure it'll help keep him cool.


On another note, Culture Shocked asked me some time back or tagged me for a blog of my top 5 songs/artists right now... and since I've mainly been listening to the radio as of late, I don't always catch the name of the song and/or artist... so here's a quick list of some new tunes I like...

1. Seal... he has a new song out.. I dig it
2. Lilly Allen... is she the one that sings "american boy"... love this song and sing it to naief all the time :))
3. Madonna.. I like the new song of hers.. not the one w/ Justin Timberlake... the other one. not sure of the name.
4. like this song called "I Kissed a Girl"...
5. just listened to a group called The Watson Twins. I love them!!! there's a video to their song "How Am I To Be".... check it out here.

and i know this is 6, but am really liking this song by .... Rihanna."Take A Bow"... like it,like it!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

buzz, buzz, buzz

Naief and I went on a play date Thursday afternoon. It's the first time, since learning to walk, that Naief has been to Buzzi Beez (i think that's how it's spelled).... anyway...

We got there around 12, which, depending on how you look at it, can be the worst time to go or the best time to go. There were only two other families there. One husband and wife and their little girl and a housemaid w/ two children. Naief and I played for a good while... going from room to room. I think his favorite had to be the soft play area and the Lego area... he loved sitting at the small tables while trying to fit those little Lego pieces together! :)

One thing I noticed while we were playing was the music in the background. They had the songs w/ lyrics to all the little tunes that play on Naief's musical toys. I was overjoyed... really. I can remember half the words to songs and sometimes can only remember choruses, while I can't remember the lyrics to others.... so... off I go to the front desk to ask about this CD.

I told the girl that I really liked the CD and did they sell it... her answer to me was a straight, "no". Then I inquired as to the name of the CD so that I could order online. She promptly spoke to another Filipino girl there and I was told that per the manager they aren't allowed to give out that information.

I'm like, "what?!!". ..... "why?"

Her response to me was that they weren't allowed.

It totally miffed me. Why in the world would they not give out the freakin name to the CD? Do they think I'm gonna run off and build myself a play house for all the children of Bahrain to come and have singalongs? Are they afraid that I might spread the word that I have the CD and no one will want to go to Buzzi Beez??? Knowing that that's why everyone goes there - the music...

For goodness sake... they don't own the license to this music, why in the hell do they think they can tell someone 'no' when asked about the name of a CD?!!!

Really... I went down the hall afterwards, saw the CD case playing the songs and almost opened it up to get the name.... I would have if it wasn't the kind of CD player that shuts off when it's opened... or I would have if I didn't fear being kicked out and maybe my pass for coming being revoked permanently (ok, maybe that's a bit much... but crap, you'd think that this CD was an uber sensitive CD that only certain ppl was privy to seeing!!). It's not fair. I'm pissed.

I told Hashim. He told me that we'll go and he'll get the name for me.... :) So... let's see if it works.


I looked on the net to see if I could find something and didn't come up w/ the results that I was hoping for. If we don't get the name, I'll have to come up w/ some other solution.

Monday, July 21, 2008

a day at the beach

Me and Naief ventured out yesterday w/ a friend of mine, her little girl (who happens to be a few months older than Naief), and her friend and her daughter. How I let myself get talked into going to the beach is beyone me... but it happened. Now I'm reminded once again why I hate the sea water and beaches here!!

I found myself dreading going that morning... it was just sooo hot and the thought of getting baked by the sun didn't really appeal to me - I'm no sun goddess. Never have been. The sun makes me sick and gives me a severe headache (I have a massive one today... lingering from yesterday afternoon). Even as a teenager when my mom would lay out for hours... I'd lather myself up, get a pillow and plop myself down next to her - only to get up after about 20 mins or so complaining of the heat. Once I even passed out after coming inside... and here I was born in August! You'd think me and hot weather would be pals...

Naief has my skin... he gets bright red cheeks from heat and would probably burn if out too long, so I made sure to put heavy sunblock on him yesterday and give it a whirl (being in the sun)... since he loves the water and this place was said to have an actual sand beach - the kind of sand that actually goes down into the water. Well... it did, but the water was .... not nice. It wasn't terrible - didn't smell, but after standing in knee deep water for about 5 mins., I felt something bumping (or so I thought) up against my foot, and after the 5th time of feeling it, I immediately thought that there couldn't be anything floating in the water to create that feeling... upon looking down, I realized I was being bitten by tiny little fish!! It totally creeped me out... there's just something about little fish trying to eat at you that doesn't sit too well w/ me.

Naief loved being in the water... but I must tell you guys that I had a terrifying moment when we first went in. I let go of his hand for a second and looked up to say something to a friend and when I looked down, he was face down in the water!!!!!! My heart skipped a beat. I jerked him up... put him on my shoulder and got out. He didn't cry... I think he was too scared to cry. I didn't feel him fall... he made not a sound. I can't believe I'm sitting here typing this... even telling anyone... I feel like a lousy mother for not holding onto him so tightly that nothing like that could even happen - but it did. BUT... it will never happen again if I have anything to do w/ it.

You hear about children drowning in the bathtub all the time... now I see why. He could have drowned so easily.... if I hadn't been paying attention... my heart hurts just thinking about it. I wont be taking him to the beach again for a while. I think he's too young.... I think the beach is better suited for older children who can swim or at least know how to right themselves if they fall face first into the water.

All three children fell face first yesterday.... I think the sand was difficult to walk in and wearing crocs made it probably impossible to navigate - especially for a little one. I keep asking myself what I was thinking to even take him. It was too hot, the water wasn't really fit to swim in, I hate sea water (the salt kills my eyes), and to have my baby scared just isn't worth it. He had a good time after, but I'm a bit concerned about the sea water he probably swallowed or inhaled... I can only imagine the parasites living in that somewhat stagnant water...

Last night he tossed and turned for a while. I wondered if he was having nightmares about it... I know I couldn't sleep just from thinking about it and letting myself linger too long on the thought of 'what if'....

This was a lesson learned....

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

play date at Toys R Us

Yesterday was a fun day in that Naief and I headed out to Toys R Us w/ his cousins and mothers for a play date. It's the first time that Naief has been since learning to walk... which as I would come to find out, makes all the difference.

As soon as we got there, he pushed his cousin outta the way so that he could head straight over to the bouncy house. I've never seen him so pushy... or focused on play... it made me laugh later when telling his daddy.

So we take off shoes and up we go into the bouncy house. Mommy joined in as well... and phew... what a time!! It was so much fun. I haven't been in a bouncy house since .... oh gosh, probably since I was a teenage girl, and I remember it to be a bit easier than it was for me this time around. I could hardly stand up... but Naief loved it. We bounced inside that thing for probably 40 mins straight, and even then he didn't want to get out. But since mommy was extremely thirsty, exhausted, about to throw up from heat, and needing badly to have a break... I made him get out and you know he had to be somewhat tired... or you'd think!! (if only I had his unlimited energy!!!) So off we go to sit w/ his cousins and drink some water and have a few snacks.

But wouldn't ya know it, he wasn't interested in food or drink... his only thought was play. This time he headed back into the big area for playing... but first making a pit stop at the helicopter ride... which he rode about 7 times!! :) Now... it was time to head into the maze of soft play... there was climbing, slides, running, crawling... and it wore my butt out! What a way to get exercise and what a way to exhaust your child! :)

Time passed so fast, I could hardly believe that an hour 1/2 had passed and it was soon time to head home to have lunch and take a nap. Mommy was very happy because she was exhausted, thirsty and hungry... Naief only wanted to play more in the bouncy house... so I scooped him up and head to the check out counter to buy him a stuffed animal that I thought he wanted... but we wind up leaving w/out a single thing... ehehhe

One of his cousins went into convulsions when we were leaving... screaming, throwing his head and body back, basically having fits because he had to leave. I felt sorry for him.. his mother said he'd sleep there if he could!! Don't ya know it.... I know Naief would love it.. imagine a night of camping out at the soft play area.... !!

It's fun to be a kid and play with your child... more ppl should try it!