Thursday, February 07, 2008

As of late...

Most of the good birthday pics are on my sis' camera, so before getting them off of there, thought I'd share a couple of cute pics of Naief eating his bday cake at his party and one cute one of him and Katelyn outside prior to the party, and I'll also throw in a couple others just for good measure.

This last one here is of the mountains just a few days back. It's been snowing a lot up there and since the sky was so clear, just couldn't help getting a pic of it. We're thinking of driving up to Big Bear for a day. My sis is leaving tomorrow a.m. for Houston to take some course for 3 days, so it'll be quiet around here.... so what better time to hop in the car and take a drive... especially one that'll be so scenic!

I'll post some pics of the party soon.... we had a good time. I'm happy to say that Naief didn't cry, wasn't afraid of the ppl or kids and seemed to thoroughly enjoy the pizza, chips & dips, and homemade chili from his pappa. I'm tellin' ya, this kid eats everything!! And surprisingly, he wasn't all strung out from the sugar overload like I thought he'd be... he took a big nap not long after these pics.... could hardly believe it! :)


Puppy said...

The pics are so great. Thanks for sharing. Naief looks very sweet.

Have to run. TAke care.

Rock Chef said...

Wow, hasn't the little guy grown?

Love the mountain view - getting really jealous!

Olivia said...

Oh his eyes are so lovely, and his hair is lightening up.

The first pic is so funny, he looks like he's had one too many! ;)

I wish I could breathe some of that mountain air!

Jane said...

Has there ever been a more beautiful child? You and Hashim should have more kids simply because you make gorgeous children. Happy belated birthday to your darling boy. He really seemed to enjoy his cake.

Um Naief said...

rock chef, yeah, the view is magnificant. we're going for a drive up there today. hopefully we'll get some good photos and i'll post some.

puppy, thanks my dear. he was so good at his party. made me very proud! :)

olivia, he has his daddy's eyes! everyone goes on about how much he looks just like hashim, other than his hair. his hair is lighter.. i think. i hope that w/ the sun and such and how hot it is in bahrain that he'll keep the lightness for a while.

even w/ the mountain air.. it still is a bit smoggy. we're going up the mountains today... i'm thinking it'll be really fresh up there. :)

jane, hi my dear!! thank you. that's very sweet of you to say. i think he's beautiful too. a lot of ppl thing he's a girl. we put clips in his hair the other night and it was adorable... but it really made him look like a girl, but that's ok. i think the curly hair does it too... but i love it. i'd love to have another baby and we're talking about it... so we shall see. maybe this year... :)