Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Eid holiday

Well, today is the last day of Eid for most, altho Shi'a's are still on holiday, w/ tomorrow being the last day of Eid for many. We had a good Eid. We didn't buy Naief any new clothes this time around since we're shopping for Christmas. Once he gets older and sees that all his cousins get new clothes and new things, that'll probably change somewhat, but, for now, it works. :)

The first day of Eid was spent at my in-laws. We went over at 9 and stayed until about 1. Naief played with all his cousins out in the garden where we got some of the cutest pictures, played inside, had lunch and played some more. The second day we went over to some of my FILs relatives early in the morning so they could meet Naief, then had the big family lunch that afternoon. I was wondering how Naief would be... seeing that he doesn't see a lot of these kids regularly, but he wasn't afraid and had a great time. We took him out to the water garden last night and tonight, where he bounced on the trampolines, rode some rides, ate popcorn and cotton candy. :)

Tonight we rode the little train that's sorta like a mini roller coaster. Last time, Naief seemed a little spooked by it, but tonight he squealed w/ delight after. There were two young Bahraini boys riding in the seats in front of us and were concerned for Naief - even telling Hashim to hold on to him so he wouldn't fall out (he was in between us and going nowhere) - and after they saw how excited he was, they got tickled by his enthusiasm. He also rode the planes that go up in the air tonight... a first. He's not too small, but it kept me on the edge the entire time. Afraid that he'd try to stand up or get out once it got up into the air, but he didn't. :) He loved it. Even wanted to go again.

He's starting to repeat most things we say. Every time he sees a mini van, truck, semi or such, he'll say, "big bus". The word truck isn't in his vocabulary... yet. :) He has started to list all the names of the cats and Henry, as well, at random times throughout the day. He gets stuck on saying Jewels (whom we call JuJus) and Henry over and over, but will eventually add Puss and Amy... it's really cute to listen to him. I'll then start listing all the other cats... funny... he always remembers this cat that we call 'dumbdumb'... she's a wild cat that comes to our house to get food. Every other time I see her, she's pregnant, but we never see any kittens. I think she's probably not a good momma. Good at getting preggers, but that's about it.

We've started a star system w/ him. I've listed four things on paper that cause stress w/ him (eating, getting dressed, changing his diaper and picking up his toys), put it on the fridge, have told him about the list, shown it to him, and introduced stars to put on the paper when he does these things without any problems. Today he got a star for eating, changing his diaper w/out problem and putting on his clothes w/out much hassle. I let him put the last two stars on himself. Day before yesterday I drew a star on his hand.... and one on mine. He just loved it and showed bubba, his grandparents, everyone... and told them that it was a 'STARRRR'. He loves stars, and the moon. So.. getting stars is a big thing. And when he's gotten four stars in a row, he'll get a big star and then a piece of candy, which we're keeping in a jar in the kitchen. So far... so good. Hopefully it'll work and we'll gradually be able to add more rows and more tasks.

One great thing... Naief told me he had to pee the other morning and peed in the toilet!! :) Hasn't done it since, but we have lots of pretends. Still isn't interested in pooing in the toilet, preferring for it to be very private.... so I'm guessing this will take a bit. We're trying to put poo in the toilet from his diaper, which is fine w/ him, but not before. He doesn't like his little potties... preferring to use the foam toilet seat thingy w/ handles that I got for a really great cheap price at Al Anwar... went back the other night to get a few more and there aren't any! :( so... we'll have to make due w/ one. He gets very excited when he goes poo... and we're cleaning him up in the toilet as well... trying to get him used to the whole procedure... and it's going pretty well. I'm hoping that he'll be potty trained soon... he seems to be willing and able now... and since putting on diapers is his least favorite thing... maybe it'll be easier than what I'm envisioning. Right now he's peeing while sitting down... I figure once he gets a little older, standing will be the next phase. I've always heard that's a hard one... getting little boys to aim inside the toilet... with some women I know using Cheerios's to aim at and other things that have been put in the toilet for them to aim at.... so.. we shall see. :) Really, I think it'll be fun.

Oh yeah... my blog friend, Puppy, is looking to come to Bahrain to visit me and the family. :))))) I'm so excited. Hopefully everything will work out w/ her visa and us sponsoring her (which I still don't understand all the stuff that's up w/ this - why she can't get a tourist visa like other ppl)... but, hopefully, it'll all work out and we'll be having a great time together very soon. I sent her a two page list of all the things to do in Bahrain... so I think we'll stay busy in a relaxing way. We've never met before... so it should be fun and interesting. :) We're both Virgos.. so she really liked the list.


Olivia said...

Looks like Naief's potty training is progressing well, keep up the good work.

Can't get over the idea of aiming at food in the loo though! Yea I know, Cheerios float, but I had some for breakfast this morning and the next time I may not think of them the same way again....

Christopher said...

Le sigh...he is so cute! Those other kids are adorable too...look like they were having some fun! You all probably had your hands full :)

June said...

This is just too sweet! Naief sounds absolutely adorable and you're doing a brilliant job as a mama! Whenever I read your blog it makes me want to have children and that's saying something.

Um Naief said...

olivia, sorry about the Cheerio's reference... didn't mean to spoil it for ya! ;) hopefully w/ a little help from daddy, he'll be able to get it. :)

christopher, thanks! :) i think he's pretty darn cute myself. and, i agree, the other boys are really cute, too. they had a great time... you should see the looks on their faces in some of the pics. naughtiness seeps from every pore! :) so yes, they are a handful.

june, well, thanks... i try, but it's not always so pleasant or easy. but... the rough days have been less often as of late, so hopefully w/ patience on my side, it'll stay that way. when you're ready, i'm sure the day you're blessed with a child, you'll see just what all the fuss is about! ;)

Puppy said...

I really like your approach with discipline, i have seen the star system on Tv show about Nannies.

Really nice to see a paragraph about my trip, the list you made is amazing,really. i would love to come and see this blond guy with dark eyes on pictures:) As for the visa, maybe because i am not from Europe or US,they have this right for 2week visa.

Hope everything will work out and we will have good time and rest, my passport is still in Moscow :)

Néphèle said...

I've always, always, been taken by mixed race kids. They have a special charm, both in the looks, and their character later on due to dual culture. And your kid is calling to be dipped in chocolate and eaten like a zoo biscuit, such a darling :) I am so glad there actually functioning mixed & mingled families, makes my heart melt, coz it takes double the effort. Have a beautiful beautiful night

Anthrogeek10 said...


You will like Bahrain I think. It is small and if one has enough $$, there is much fun to be had. LOL


Olivia said...

Hehe! Ahh, bless ;)

Puppy said...


I am sure it will be fun. Have you been there? If yes, what was the activity you considered to be FUN the most?

I so want to go:)

Um Naief said...

puppy, i so hope you can come.. the more I think about it, the more I want you to come!! and, i agree, there is a lot to do here. :)

and for some reason their not showing the nanny any more on the telly, but... i read about the star system on the net. :) and it's working somewhat... as he gets more stars and realizes there is a benefit to it, then hopefully he'll be more responsive.

antrogeek, i agree.. i think she'll have a good time here. most of the sightseeing places don't cost a lot and you can get local food for good prices, so that part of it should be ok, i think.

nephele, i share w/ you in the zoo biscuits! :) the places around his neck are especially good!!

you are the sweetest, and i do hope that he does grow up to be a good kid/boy/young man... i do so hope. and you're right, it does take double the effort at times... but in the long run, i think it's worth it. all the kids seem to like him and vice versa. it melts my heart, too, to watch the way they all interact.

Anthrogeek10 said...


I lived there in 03-04. I didn't make alot of money but I managed to go to the movies and eat out weekly. See, I don't like shopping and so...that was a main female activity. If you have $, you can go sailing in the Persian Gulf, parasailing too I guess. Bars can be fun once in a while. On occasion, They have bands in pubs. They don't have museums I dont think but they have the Arad Fort, which is a must see (and free when I was there).


Puppy said...

Museums? Hmmm Um Naief shared a huge list with museums with me, the one i am really really looking forward to see Quran words written on rice.

Is there a good shopping? Ohhh i didnt know. I might buy few brand suits.

Um Naief,

Is there any good shopping? What are the average prices for good suits? I wonder if i can freely use my Visa Card. On hotel booking there were a note that i should pay in cash upon arival, so i wonder if i can use my card everywhere, because i am not keen to bring cash :)

nyxxie said...

Eidech mbarak :)