Sunday, July 19, 2009

hello travel

Tomorrow is the big day. Leave at 11 pm, flying into Amsterdam with a 9 hr layover there and then on to Memphis - a 10 hr flight. I hate flying. Scares me, and even tho people say that it's much safer than driving, it still doesn't change the fear inside of me. Also doesn't help much that every day, here lately, when I turn on the TV, I see where another flight has gone down. But... trying not to think about it and trying to stay positive... inshallah it makes a difference. :)

Not much going on w/ me lately, altho I was having dinner w/ a friend tonight and she said that I should blog about my current addiction... which is....

Farm Town on FB.

I am sooo addicted to this game. Love, love, love creating my own little farm/ranch with animals, plowing my land, growing seeds, harvesting the crops, hiring ppl to work on my farm, working on other ppl's farms, buying land.... I just love every aspect of the game. I love creating my own little world, I suppose. Can't quite figure out what it is that pulls me in so much, other than that. I love planting trees, growing flowers, designing the layout of the farm... and really, I truly enjoy growing the crops. I also enjoy going to other ppl's farms and working... sometimes working along w/ other ppl or just by myself. I've noticed that when I'm working w/ someone else, it adds more excitement in that you're working against someone to get the most money for the harvest... which adds to my level of enthusiasm.

Hashim got bored w/ it rather quickly... preferring Sims and such, but not me.

So.. if any of you are playing, let's be neighbors! :) I'm on level 24 right now and can't wait until I reach level 25 coz I get to buy more land.

Hello, my name is Tania and I'm a Farm Town addict! :)

But anyhoo... it's almost time to fly away from Bahrain, leave my hubby behind and enjoy being back in my homeland.

Everyone cross your fingers and send positive energy my way in hopes that we have no issues/problems when going thru immigration here... will be checking in w/ his American passport, but going thru immigration w/ his Bahraini... and I'm just hoping beyond all hope that there are no issues w/ these ppl. Every year that we've traveled, we had some issue... but hopefully none this time around.

happy day everyone!


Puppy said...

Hi There!!!! Have a good trip, everything will be fine inshallah. I see u being addict on FB, but u r progressing on the levels very fast, well done:))))

It just crossed my mind, wouldnt it be suspicious for the US customs to see Naief's passport (US)when there is no sign of him leaving Bahrain? R u sure its legal?

The Moody Minstrel said...

You too???!?

We need to find each other on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

Happy and safe travels Tania! I hope that everything is well for you, and that you enjoy your trip! :)

nicolen27 said...

Greetings from Chicago!

I'm a total farm town junkie! I can't get enough ~ we should become neighbors!

Safe travels :)


Christopher said...

Happy safe travels! I'll send you a list of movies to watch! How long will you be in the states again?

Rock Chef said...

My younger brother is addicted to Farm Town! He got my mom all excited the other day be declaring that he had just bought a farm - she was most upset when he told her the full story...

Puppy said...

so how was your flight???

How Naief handled it, How r u?

Reuniting with the family?:)))




Christopher said...

Let us know all about it! I hope you're having fun!!

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