Wednesday, August 19, 2009

storm clouds

Storm clouds are moving in to Memphis... I love the clouds here. Supposed to rain for the next few days.... am ready for things to cool down a bit.

update: the ghost has been leaving us alone. I did what a paranormal specialist friend told me to do and it worked. She said to confront the spirit/energy since they may not know we're here or that they're being loud, so I did just that and for the last 4 or more days there have been no sounds. :)

Taking Naief to the Memphis Children's Museum tomorrow... just the two of us. I think he'll like it. Altho, just looked on their website and they're doing all kinds of fun stuff on Sat., so I'll take him on Saturday instead.

My younger sister comes next week. We're planning to go to the zoo again and after my older sister gets married, we're gonna take a trip to Madison, my birth place and hometown.

anyway... hope you all are doing great. Take care.


Rock Chef said...

There was a ghost in the house that I grew up in. I heard it a lot - it would come in through the front door, go upstairs and into one of the bedrooms. My mom saw it a couple of times, and even touched hands with it once! This was its last appearance, so something must have happened!

Sounds like you are having a great time!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Lovely photo. I really like those storm clouds! We've had wild weather here knocking down a few trees.

Um Naief said...

chief rock chef, my mother has had experiences w/ ghosts when she was younger, but never saw one or touched one. i think that's really cool that your mother was able to touch hands w/ one.

wendy, there's been some wild weather here as well, but this week is supposed to be really nice with mild weather.

Olivia said...

I love the sky and the clouds in this country also.

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