Monday, September 28, 2009

tired and coping

Been back a week tomorrow... and getting back on the time has been a challenge, especially for Naief. He doesn't want to go to bed, waking up every hour on the hour until around 2 a.m. (4 a.m. the first night) and then doesn't want to get up in the mornings. He's so much like Hashim... he's not a morning person.

If I make Naief get up (around 10ish), he's usually grouchy, has fits over getting dressed... doesn't want to cooperate... it takes every ounce of patience on my part, that's for sure. Today we stayed in and he was a tad better, but since he's refusing to go to sleep tonight and we have plans tomorrow... I can only imagine what the morning will bring. :)

Schools have been closed here until November 1st because of swine flu fears. I've been hearing some really negative stuff about the vaccine and I find myself a bit worried tonight over the possibility of children being made to take it. A friend of mine said that it's making ppl throw up terribly and another woman told me that it's being linked to autism and brain problems... not sure how they could know something like this so quickly, but I do find myself questioning it. I'm not keen on giving children lots of injections they don't need and I'm not that scared of swine flu and don't feel that it's something that Naief would need to get... and I just hope that we, as parents, are allowed to make that call.

Many ppl are up in arms about the school situation. Schools have taken money which, in some cases, is quite a lot and there's nothing to show for it. The schools are using the money to pay the teachers who are having to show up to work each day... but the students and parents are suffering at home. One friend of my husband's has paid almost 2,000 dinars for his child's first term and will not see a dime of that nor will it be applied to the next term... I can't imagine.

I must say that I'm really glad to be home. I enjoyed visiting with my family, got into a bit of a tiff w/ my younger sister while we were both at my older sister's house, but all in all, it was a nice time. Naief was bored out of his mind (altho my mom believes that children this age don't get bored - and I STRONGLY disagree) and since there weren't a lot of places to go (that I could find on my own while my sister was at work) and no children to play with, for the most part, we wound up watching a lot of Mickey Mouse, Sesame Street, and various other cartoons while there. I felt guilty for letting him sit in front of the tube, but I found it a real challenge to keep his mind busy and interested in much else. We'd color, paint and while my niece was there, they played Hide & Go Seek, dressed up like a prince and princess - after making their costumes from crate paper, towels and kitchen utensils - play outside and such, but when no one was there and we weren't going here or there, he got bored.

So... I'm glad to be home. I missed my husband, our house, the cats, and just being home. Weird that I call it home, but it feels like that now... and the weird thing is... I didn't get depressed upon my return, which is soooo strange, since I usually do for a good month or so. And it's a good feeling not to feel that depression....

anyway... just wanted to make a quick post... have a good one you guys...


Rock Chef said...

Oh, kids his age DEFINITELY get bored!

They aren't closing schools over here - experience seems to suggest that if they close the schools the kids just go out and play, spreading the germs anyway!

I don't trust the vaccine - it was passed far too quickly for my liking. Linking to autism seems very premature but I don't trust them to tell us if there are bad side effects anyway. We are going to refuse it, anyway.

A tiff? Surely not! :-)

Puppy said...

November 1st? isnt it more colder in November, ie more chances to get cold/flu? Its a bit strange.

We only had 2 accidents of swine flu, but strangely to all citizens they were cured after a week. Good medicine or hiden facts? U guess.

Um Naief said...

chief rock chef, ok, ok.. a major tiff!! hair pulling, shirt being town tiff ... :) but... it's all better now. funny how long it took for us to get that out of our systems.

and you're right... kids this age do get bored. i can already see a HUGE difference with him being home. no tantrums ... no real bad behavior even.

i will refuse the injection as well. if they say that you have to have it to go to school, then he wont go to school right now.

roxy, same thing w/ swine flu here. only a couple ppl have died, but the cases i've heard of w/ young children.. they've all gotten well.

a bit over the top, if you ask me.

Um Naief said...

shirt being torn, i meant. :)

Rock Chef said...

You really had a stand up fight? Sometimes that is what is needed, I guess.

Good stand of the flu jabs,too.

Um Naief said...

no hitting, only hair pulling... and, to be honest, i don't think anything should ever go to that and am sad that it did.... we seem to act like young angry teenagers around each other...

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