Monday, December 04, 2006

Hello hospital

The last week has been kinda weird in that last Tuesday night I started having contractions, which are called Braxton Hicks, but mine were a bit stronger and scared me a lot. I've been having these for the last few weeks, which is normal and the nurse from my antenatal class told me that it is to be expected. I hadn't worried so much about them until the other evening when I was at the grocery and my stomach started tightening up and letting go to the point that I thought I was going into labor. It had been doing this, at this level, for two days, so... I went to the hospital/drs. ofc. and was admitted that night so that they could monitor me, give me meds to stop the contractions and make sure everything was ok. I got a shot/injection that nearly knocked me out, meds to strengthen the baby's lungs and another med to stop the contractions, which it did... the meds to strengthen the baby's lungs were a precautionary measure - just in case I delivered. That way, the baby would be - hopefully - able to breathe on his own and such.

Thankfully, the baby is ok, I'm ok and the contractions have stopped - for the most part. I've been having a few today but nothing like last week. I'm on bedrest until Sat. I go back to the dr. then to make sure all is fine. If I had the baby now, he'd live, but the bad thing is that I wouldn't be able to bring him home immediately, and I wouldn't be able to have him in the hospital of my choice. The only hospital equipped to handle a premature baby is Salmaniya - the govt hospital here, and I DO NOT want to have the baby there! So... inshallah (God willing), the baby waits and will be ok until my 38th week.

I've decided to have a c-section. I was gonna try for natural birth, but because of my age and because I've been having some probs w/ gestational diabetes, it'll be easier to have a c-section. Plus, I can arrange for that to be done and don't have to worry about anything. Or at least I hope :) From what we've gathered, looks like I'll have the c-section around Feb. 5th... so that means we're having an Aquarias baby! I was first thinking we'd have a Picses, but not now. I've read all sorts of things about young Aquarians and it seems as though they can be pretty stubborn and such, which isn't anything new cuz both me and the hubby are stubborn as all get out. In the Chinese calendar, we're having a boar. So w/ the mix of each of these and the mix of our genes, I'm hoping that we have a creative little spirit that loves music, art, animals and life. But don't all parents want their children to love what they love?

I haven't been doing a lot except watching TV. We decorated, or rather the hubby decorated, the Christmas tree lastnight. It's beautiful. I'll take a pic and post it the next time. I haven't wrapped my family's presents, but will have to do that tomorrow or the next day so that we can get this stuff in the mail.

The meds I'm taking make me really tired, so I haven't been online at all or reading blogs - which I miss a lot. Really, I haven't been doing a lot of anything. I get rather paranoid any time I feel tightening in my stomach .... afraid that I'm going into labor. But, thankfully, it hasn't happened and hopefully wont until it's time.

Oh... when I went to the hospital last week, I sent a message to my director to let him know what had happened and that I wouldn't be at work the following day, well.... the hubby goes to work the next day and says that I was in the hospital and what does everyone say and start spreading around??? That I had the baby. I got I don't know how many msgs asking if I had the baby and what was the sex or that they had heard I had the baby and wanted to know the sex. For some reason, it really pissed me off. I guess w/ the stress of everything, I couldn't appreciate it for anything other than gossip, which I loathe. I don't understand ppl saying something for the sake of saying it when they have no solid evidence or information. Yeah, maybe it's that ppl are excited or such... but I don't see it as that. Again, I'm sure the stress of it all, combined w/ the fact that I have three more months left, combined w/ the fact that I do not want to have the baby YET.... combined w/ ... IF I had had the baby, they would have known.... well... you get the point.

anyway.... this has been the exciting news as of late. I wanted to post about "The Opera in the Park" we went to two Thursdays ago, but I haven't as of yet. Thought Olivia might be interested in that. It was wonderful. We took blankets, sat under the stars, and listened to some beautiful singers from the UK and a pianist turn out some of the best tunes.... so.. when I get a few minutes of wanting to write, then I'll post some of the info on that for any of you that might like it.

Take care... and I hope to get around to some blogs that I dearly love in the next day or so. I miss all of you! :)


Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

Thank God you're okay and so is the baby... stay in bed as long as you need (it's fun, ask me, I know.. especially if you have a laptop and a good internet connection!)

bon chance and stay safe

Rain said...

Hey Tooners,

When u stopped posting for a while i knew sth was wrong , it's not ur habit of disappearing for long :) ... thank God everything is ok now and hopefully till delivery..btw aquarius is such a lovely sign :))) , they're a lot of fun like the rest of the air signs.

Olivia said...

I knew something was wrong, which is why I left that little message in your last blog.

Please keep the baby in, please!!! I don't want my own story repeated here!

I heard this week that lots of fruit and veg AND CHOCOLATE help to prevent miscarriage, which I am sure applies to premature birth. I bet it has to be dark choc, and then your baby will be a connoisseur alright.

So sweet, thanks for mentioning me. I look forward to hearing about that, I mean, music under the stars is so much more beautiful than in a hall.

Stay rested.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Best of luck, Tooners! Hang in there! You're almost there!

Yes, chocolate is good. Do the chocolate thing!

And try to relax!!!!

jahooni said...

Hey sis....
you'll be just fine!
not sending the "sweet honey" till' later! ha ha ha ha
Hymn.... it taste so GOOD! Yum... yummmers yummers!

gazza27 said...

Like everyone,we noticed you were gone for a while,(and we all worried)take care of your self.

Leilouta said...

You'll be fine Tooners. Just relax and rest :)

I was premature, and my parents didn't have any clothes for me, so my father had to go to the mall that day and buy some.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you and the baby are fine, take good care and let us know how you're both getting on.

Anonymous said...

Inshallah everything will be ok. take a good care for yourself rest a lot.

Best wishes,


IRC President said...

Gossp sucks but anywhere with care-free people are always accaimpaigned with it. Too bad it is always the harmed one os the one who pay the price with tension.

Take care...

Thursday said...

Glad to hear all's well other than being tired. Try to relax, sounds like everything really is fine. Take care, 'see' you when we see you xx

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Take care sister (or daughter) and hang in there for a bit longer. Just look after yourself and your babe.
We'll say a prayer for you and all expectant women at this Christmas time.

One Wink at a Time said...

Tooners, sorry I haven't been around lately. I'm also sorry that you seem to be having a rough time of it. I will definitely say some prayers for you! Love and Hugs.

tooners said...

Thanks everyone. I'm taking it easy... that is for sure. Sure don't want this little bundle of joy to come early. He needs to cook for a little while longer!

I'm resting and just taking it one day at a time. I'm off again this week and hopefully by the time I go back to work, my belly will be fine and the baby will have decided to stay in until Feb.! ;)

Thanks for all your thoughts and well wishes.

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Anonymous said...

Good to hear you're well and in good health. I hope things will be just fine for you. As they already said, hang in there, you can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel :).

Anonymous said...

Good to hear you're well and in good health. I hope things will be just fine for you. As they already said, hang in there, you can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel :).

Anonymous said...

Good to hear you're well and in good health. I hope things will be just fine for you. As they already said, hang in there, you can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel :).