Tuesday, December 26, 2006

LATE Merry Christmas

Can't hardly believe that I totally forgot to leave a post on my blog yesterday about Christmas. Seems like blogging is the last thing on my mind as of late.... so for all of you out there, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!

The hubby worked yesterday, so he opened his presents late in the day... me, well, I opened my presents days ago, so I had nothing to open yesterday! But, even still, it was nice to watch him open everything.

I cooked yesterday and made some of my favorite dishes including the turkey, macaroni & cheese casserole, baked beans, candied sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes and some delicious turkey gravy. It was yummy. I think Christmas dinner is one of my favorites. Growing up, my mom always fixed ham and turkey on Christmas (I love ham). I haven't had ham in I don't know how long... I think I've even forgotten how it tastes! I don't know if they sell it here, but I bet they do... I wonder how many ppl actually buy hams here in Bahrain.

We went to a wonderful dinner party the other evening. I met some really nice ppl and even met a blog friend that I've long talked to but never knew personally. I didn't know it was him until we were about to leave, so I didn't get the chance to chat, but it was really nice putting a face to the name. So... hey there Moclippa! It was nice meeting you!! I didn't have a chance to ask, but are you back here for a holiday break? Glad to hear that you like studying in the States... especially all the concerts! There are a lot of concerts in the States, huh?! I sometimes long to see some of my favorite artists... or at least know that the opportunity is there - if I wanted to see them - but living here, it's sorta tough. Good to know you're enjoying it though!

hmmm... oh yeah, there are a lot of friends that have changed their blogs to the new format, and since I didn't do it when I had the chance, I can't leave comments on your blogs now. I've tried over and over, but it won't allow me to post a comment and blogger won't allow me to upgrade at the moment. So... maybe once blogger allows those of us who were lazy and didn't change or upgrade immediately to Beta to post comments and such, then I'll be able to comment on your blogs... who knows. Until then, I'll keep reading.

You know, this holiday season I've met some of the nicest ppl. I've met several British women that are married to Bahrainis, some British couples, one German lady that's married to a Greek guy - she was so interesting and funny (I love the German accent) and he seemed very introspective, some Indian couples, a very charming and charismactic Bahraini woman who told the best stories and was so charming and charismactic, and even some really nice Bahraini guys... just some of the nicest people. It's been such a good time. I think since living in Bahrain, which has almost been 4 years now, this has been the first year that I've met so many nice and friendly ppl.

What I've noticed most, when meeting ppl from different backgrounds (or these particular ppl), is how honest and personable they are, and I must say, I really like the British. The women seem so honest and so willing to be open and friendly. I hadn't thought that before because we once wen't to the British Club and ppl weren't friendly, but I've had a total change of heart! American women can be the same (friendly and all), but sometimes you get a lot of fakeness w/them - even the men. Not all of them - it purely depends on the setting and who they are, their backgrounds and such, but so far... I really see a difference between the British and the American women - a good difference. Maybe it's just that us expats that are married to Bahrainis are of a different caliber! ;) Maybe we have some type of umphhhh that others don't have (kidding here), but really, so far I've met some of the nicest women that are so similar to me. They are so willing to be friends and it's not fake... I like that. When I moved to Bahrain, I lost a lot of my friends because they disagreed w/ my decision to move here. They also disagreed w/ my marrying my husband..... so it's really nice to meet other women who have done the same and to find their company so enjoyable. You know??

I will say though, I do think there's something to meeting an expat that's married to a Bahraini. They can identify w/ you and what you're feeling, things you've gone through... there's just some type of comfort level that's almost an immediate tie that binds you.... which may sound weird, but it's true. Or at least I feel it. Maybe I'm the only one. Altho, as soon as I say that, there was this Bahraini woman that I met the other night, and I loved listening to her. She was different than most I've met here... she had a freedom, an openness about her that was terribly attractive and you immediately wanted to be friends w/ her. She talked so fast in English and I felt myself engaging immediately. She told me about how she's been to Bloomington, Indiana, which isn't far from where I grew up, and about how much she loved it there. I think everyone around us thought we were crazy to talk about such a small town w/ such love and admiration.

With respect to my pregnany, my dr. put me on 3 weeks of medical leave yesterday. I'm allowed to walk about a little and do some things, but not too much. She thinks my body is trying to go into early labor and wants to avoid it at all costs. I do too. I don't want to have the baby early and would prefer to be safe rather than sorry. I'm feeling pretty good altho I have days where I'm either terribly grouchy and no one wants to be around me, or I have pain in my stomach and can't do anything.... or I'm the most lovable pregnant lady you've seen. Too bad I can't tap into those lovely days and put it into my veins intravenously... my husband would love that!! Because they seem to be few and far between!

So... I will either be writing a lot on my blog or not. Lately I've been bored of blogging or just focusing on other things, so I haven't blogged at all. My sister asked what happened and what's the matter, but it's not that... I think my mind is totally committed to other things right now and blogging hasn't been a priority. I'm not sure. I've thought about blogging... cuz I've seen a couple of pretty good movies including The Holiday w/ Cameran Diaz, Jude Law, Jack Black and Kate Winslet. It was really nice. A chick flick, but a good click flick. I even teared up towards the end. I recommend it to anyone who wants a nice feel good movie. We also saw Little Miss Sunshine. I liked this movie. It was filled w/ all sorts of what I'd call "real" moments. Real in that it showed how some families interact w/ each other, the stress of family life, the stress of not getting what you want in life, but how not getting what you want doesn't make you a bad person. It was a sweet movie that filled me w/ laugher at times and made me think about life.

Oh yeah, we also watched that movie Borat. I laughed outloud a couple of times, but what got me more than anything was how the movie showed the racist behavior of Americans and how stupid some ppl are in some states in the U.S. I've known this and have had lots of ppl tell me how wrong I am about this when I've talked about it (racism in the States), but I've worked w/ some the most racist ppl over the years, so it was no surprise to me. The movie shows it clearly. Made me wonder what these ppl are thinking now... but some of them are probably so stupid that they didn't even realize they were in the movie... even tho he's being sued by many for making them look bad. But you know, how can you make someone look bad?? That quality is in your nature or it's not... plain and simple. I don't recommend paying full price at the theatre to see the movie, but it's a good rental.

Anyway... happy day everyone.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Good to have you back, missed your posts.

Its so strange some of my friends also teared up close to the end of "The Holiday" movie, however they agreed its a "sunday morning" movie :)

Happy holidays to you.


Anonymous said...

Yeah Tooners it was great getting a chance to see the two of you, regardless of how short lived it was!

Hope you've been well. I was worried about your lack of blogging but had figured you had other priorities... glad to see I was right, but your regular posting is missed.

Honestly though, concerts in the US are all I ever seem to spend my time doing. Plus a great way to break the ice with people you want to get to know is to flash two free concert tickets in their direction and ask them to bring a friend a long... so I've been a bit lucky about getting to meet a lot of people quite quickly.

Blogger should have let you switch, I believe they've taken it out of the beta already so there shouldn't be a problem transfering yourself to the new format... just a matter of signing up for it!

Borat's great too isn't it... no point in watching it in the theaters here though. Even if a distributor got the balls to bring it over, they'd have cut it up too much to make it worth a damn! I spent an evening coaxing this Kazakhistani girl to come watch it with me, because I knew how hardcore 'anti-borat' she was... and she loved it, so I had a double blast watching the movie and as well, watching her get a kick out of it.

Anyways, keep us posted whenever you get a shot!

Anonymous said...

tooners, i like how you describe all the people you have been meeting, especially the bahraini woman who was so engaging. that's something i love about bahrain: such a wide variety of people and experiences in such a small environment.

Olivia said...

Hey Tooners, I am finally able to catch up with blogs today.

I know you have lots of great priorities, but it is nice to have you back everu now and then :)

Aha, I should remember to ask my mother to make her baked macaroni and cheese...I may not get it if she tells me that her sister and her son refuse to eat it...tough thing about sharing a house. Gosh you should see how small her room is. Not 5 minutes ago she came in here and told me she misses her house.

I'm glad you are networking within the expat community. I can't wait over the coming months to see what interesting times you have with your new friends.
They do say that when you move somewhere it can take around 4 years to fully find your feet. What do you think?

I clicked with a Kuwaiti lady at a party last month who spent many years in California. she was so sweet and cheerful and had such an open face, and we clicked even before she found out I had lived in Texas - then she became even more relaxed when she realised I was not just English! She gave me her card and we talked again on the phone and hope to meet up in the new year.

Anonymous said...

Hiya Tooners,i've watched Borat....it was a bit hit or miss...but,it did show racists for what they are.......Borat is funny in small dose's...you can have too much of a good thing lol,enjoy the rest of the hollidays.

tooners said...

ali, i'll check your podcast out. thanks for coming by!

puppy, i think The Holiday is a sunday morning movie as well. interesting that you say that...don't know if i've ever classified movies for particular days, but i think your friends are definitely onto something. at first i didn't think i'd like the movie, but i really enjoyed it. if you haven't seen it, you might really like it.

moclippa, hey... it was really nice to meet you. i hope you had a nice evening. and i agree w/ you, i think concerts is a great way to get to know ppl. most americans really love concerts - makes me wonder how much money is made on concerts each year in the States. i took the hubby to his first concert ever in the States - Creed (before they broke up). i'm glad you're enjoying the time!! we actually downloaded the movie - because like you say, i can't imagine the movie being any good at all in the theatres. they'd have to cut so much that it wouldn't be worth it.

bint battula, i have enjoyed this holiday so much. meeting all these ppl has brought a real joy to my life. it's a really nice change. that bahraini woman i met... i only wish i had gotten her number, but hopefully i'll see her again some time.

olivia, i hope you're enjoying your holiday and feeling better!! it's so nice to spend this time of year with your family. your mother sounds so wonderful. i think you're right, i think 4 years is about right to feel your feet. i never thought it would happen, but i'm so happy that it has. and the nice thing about it is that these ladies have kept in touch, which makes it all the more special. i like kuwaiti women - they're very open-minded.

anon, i would have to agree about Borat. my husband finds him to be terribly funny, but i get tired of it pretty quickly.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

You are very talkative this time! Good to hear that you've met a lot of nice people lately so will have a few women to be supportive when you are busy later on with a new baby. Keep well and a tremendously good Year 2007.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Welcome back, Tooners! I've been offline for most of the past week, so it's good to be able to catch up a bit.

Oh, and Merry Christmas!

BTW, with regard to commenting on Beta blogs, I've had some trouble too. I've found that it's best to make sure you're actually logged into Blogger and not just looking at it. Either signing in on the Blogger homepage "dashboard" or simply posting a comment on a non-Beta blog will do it. After that, try commenting on the Beta blog. If it still doesn't work, the problem might be heavy net traffic. Wait a little while, make sure you're signed in on Blogger again, and try again.

If it still doesn't work, well, you need to tell the Beta blogger in question somehow to double-check their settings.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I changed over to the beta version and can only leve comments as anon .Gazza

tooners said...

ok, this is weird. lastnight, we switched to the new Blogger - not Beta cuz it's finished, and it has all of my comments as anon now, except a few. i have no idea what's happening, but i don't like it!! anyone know why???

btw, hi moody!! Merry Christmas to you too! thanks for the tips, i'll try it.

wendy, yes, i agree. i'm so glad i met these ladies. they all have children and have already talked to me about things i want or need w/ the baby, etc. it's nice to know that i'll be part of the "gang" now! :)