Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to The Man

Tomorrow's the hubby's birthday! The BIG 3-0!!!!!! and he thinks he's soooo old. I guess that makes me a dinosaur! ;)

Was planning to do a surprise bday party for him, but since it's impossible to plan anything w/out his knowing every tiny detail, I settled for a bday dinner w/ some of his friends.... which he first refused to do, but has since given the okay. :)

Happy Birthday lovies.... I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow... and I hope the bday dinner on Friday is something you'll always remember. I wish you nothing but happiness in the coming year.... and for things to slow down so the next 10 years seem like 50! :)


Olivia said...

Happy Birthday to Hashim, wishing you many many more with Tanya and Naief!

(Oh my gosh, I am older than your hubby????)

Olivia said...

And thanks for coming by to catch up today :)

No, didn't see the ball drop - too cold, which is why I went to the piano bar instead.

Chief Rock Chef said...

Happy Birthday!

30? A mere child!

nyxxie said...

i'm going private on my blog darl, what's your email id like to invite you to be a reader <3 or send me an email on

nyxxie said...

and a very happy birthday to your hubby =)

One Wink at a Time said...

Happy Birthday Hashim, a little late :-)

Um Naief said...

yes... he's a young man! younger than me and thinks he's old.

aaahhhh, now it's all down hill from now! ;)