Saturday, January 17, 2009

so many things

Where to start?!! Well... first, my friend wasn't able to come and visit. Bahrain doesn't allow for visit visas from her country, even though hubby was sponsoring her, didn't make a darn bit of difference. :(

Another bird got out. Oprah and Stedman were the only two left, and since putting them in a big cage .... one that my FIL wasn't using... and one that did nothing but create a nightmare for me since Oprah is a chewer, she did nothing but continually bite pieces out of the floor, ceiling and such that created huge holes big enough for one or both to get through. Months ago I heard all this screaming coming from Stedman, ran to the back and Oprah was down on the sidewalk, having fallen through one of the holes... so I got a towel, thew it on top of her and put her back in... but not before covering the hole w/ a thingy that goes on the bottom of potted plants... those things that catch the water.... come on... you know what I mean. :)

Anyway, the last few months has been nothing but an attempt, on my part, to ensure that neither of the birds get out again... which has been a job in and of itself... having to find bricks or those water collecting thingys to put over all the holes. Soon enough though... she started biting huge holes in the top, and last week I went outside to find Stedman down on the sidewalk. I grabbed and towel, tried to get him, but he flew off. I grabbed Naief, ran outside and he had flown over to the vacant lot across the street and was just wondering around - on the ground - so I threw it on him and brought him back. It seemed to work until a few days ago when I saw him on the sidewalk again, but this time, he would have none of my catching him. He flew up into the tree, came back the next to get food and I haven't seen him since.

Now... since she can't fly (ever since that Indonesian housemaid did something to her), I have her in the old cage on the front porch. She seems happy enough. Doesn't seem to miss Stedman too much, which I'm happy about. She's actually calmed down and doesn't seem so mean... not trying to bite me when I stick my hand in her cage to change the water and whatnot. The other day she got out of it because I had forgotten to put the bottom tray in, and I found her rooting about in the dirt... thank goodness the outside cat didn't find her or she'd be dead.


Henry's doing good altho he threw up 3 times today. Not sure why. We've started feeding him canned food w/ dry in the mornings (only a half can), and rice, chicken and veggies in the evening. He hardly eats it, even though they assured me that he had been fed this same mix at the BSPCA.

He guards the house nicely... barking at every truck that comes along and at most of the Indians. He doesn't seem to like Indians for some reason and they don't seem to like him or are afraid.

We like him.


I've been taking a break from blogging and getting online every day because I just don't have any time for myself. And I've realized that I really need some time for myself. So... I'll try to continue taking breaks and doing what I want to do while Naief naps or sleeps in the evenings.

Can hardly believe that Naief will be 2 yrs old in less than a month! Hardly seems possible that I gave birth to him two years ago! Time sure flies.... and it's scary!!!! But... I'm really trying to live each moment and enjoy this time, since it's the most precious and he is the sweetest little boy....


when he is telling me NO for almost everything I ask of him! :) Actually, I don't mind it too much... I usually just grab him up and we do what I want or change his clothes or whatever needs to be done at the moment.

I'm potty training him and it's going well. He's pretty much peeing in the toilet now, but not poo. We've had lots of accidents in the pants... so I figure it'll be another good month or so before we get that down.

He's talking non-stop now. A lot I can understand, but there's a lot I can't. He has down that throaty stuff that you have when speaking Arabic, so I think it'll come easy to him.... he does say 'bas', 'ba'ad', and repeats most everything I say... words and such.

He is also humming songs. The other morning I realized he was humming "This Old Man"... could hardly believe it. I started humming/singing along. Is this pretty normal????

He loves being in the studio w/ buba and will hit the keys of the keyboard or strum on the guitar or oud.

He will no longer sit in his high chair so I don't make him. Seems to eat better when I don't try to force it... so I tell him that he's a big boy now and can eat from the kitchen chair... which usually works but hasn't for the last few days as he insists to run around, play and eat on the go.

We've started a gymnastics class at Chaoss. Tomorrow is our 2nd time. He loved it the first time. Was really good at everything and was usually the first in line to do this or that, which made me quite proud. :)

And while most kids around here have been sick for months... I'm happy to say that Naief hasn't been and I hope it stays that way, since, a while back, seemed like he was sick every other month.

That's about it for me. Motherhood is keeping me rather busy... and cleaning, of course. We're getting a part-time person to come in and help me 3 days a week. She starts tomorrow. She's an older Indian woman. She has a limp, so I'm wondering how it'll be for her going up and down the stairs... so we'll see how it goes. I'm very thankful since it's been so much dirtier in the house since getting Henry! I like him, but he's messy. I've realized that dogs are soooooo much more messier than cats! Cats are very clean animals, even though ppl don't want to believe it.

Anyway... I've been trying to catch up on my blog reading, but it's going at a snail's pace. Hope you all had a wonderful New Year... and I hope this new year brings much happiness your way....

and.... in 3 days, we'll have a new President!!!!!!! I'm thrilled about watching all the coverage on TV... can hardly wait really.

Oh.. I can't end this post w/out making a comment about Palestine. I think the Israeli's are killing the Palestinians like the Nazi's killed them. They call the Palestinian's terrorists, but they are the ones that are the terrorists. Killing innocent women and children.... and men, for that matter. Seeing the coverage, the bodies, the screaming children... it makes my heart sick w/ every new photo or video clip. Please people... stand up against what is happening... stand up for Palestine. Israel has no right.... and if you didn't know, there are reports that they're using what ppl call white dust... can't think of the substance at this moment - ok, looked it up again and it's 'white phosphorus' and ... but it is not legal to use it against people. It's allowed to cover up troop movement, but they're not using it for these purposes. They deny that they're using it... there are reports coming out that it's being used by the Human Rights Watch... and since they wont allow anyone access into Gaza... no one can find out for sure. But doctors are saying that something is being used that they don't know how to deal w/.... look up articles on this and read for yourself.


Gardens of Sand said...

Oprah and Steadman? You know the tabloids have been reporting a breakup, well it has happened, only to the birds! :P

Um Naief said...

:) true!! Stedman is a free bird now and has obviously flown off to be w/ others of his kind.. which i'm happy about. at least he'll get food and fly free.

Christopher said...

Either side, Palestine or Israel should attempt something peaceful, it is getting as stupid and pathetic (in my mind) as the Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland. I'm neutral on the situation, I leave all such issues in the hands of the Redgrave sisters.

RC said...

it's so funny to read about the birds, b/c I pretend that when you say "Oprah" you're talking about Oprah.

Sorry your friend couldn't visit, that's too bad.

Good lucky with the potty training.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Israel/Palestine b/c it is certainly an interesting and unfortunate situation and it will certainly be interesting to see how to the world responds.

Anonymous said...

Potty training, can be work! Good luck with it. And ALWAYS try to find time for yourself. :)

I've never really known what, or who started the conflict. I do know, that it's always women and children who suffer most during war. If Isreal is responsible for the attacks, then they should be called on it. If enough people stand up to end this fighting (no matter who started), then maybe we can begin to resolve the conflict.

Anonymous said...


Anthrogeek10 said...

Umm Naief,

Welcome back chica! Oprah? Are you kidding me? LOL Ironic "Oprah" (the bird) is a "chewer"...isn't the real Oprah a chewer. :P lol is an excellent site to research the Israeli-Palestine issue.

Happy New Year! Stop by my blog when you can. :)


Chief Rock Chef said...

I will have to come back and read this one later!

The Moody Minstrel said...

Welcome back, Um Naief?

Is your friend anyone I'm familiar with (even if I end the sentence with a preposition)?

You're having as much luck with birds as you have with housemaids! Not a very good way to kick off the new year, is it?

Happy New Year, by the way!

2009 has already had a very tumultuous beginning, and it only looks to get even more complicated. We should all be ready to weather the storm. And stay happy while doing it!

BTW, I know Hashim uses Cubase and Pro Tools, but does he have any experience with Sonar (Cakewalk)? I seem to be having a bit of trouble and wonder if he has any advice.

Olivia said...

I hope bird Stedman comes back, and I hope human Stedman doesn't leave!

I have every confidence that you will keep up your firmness through Naief's toddlerhood, for which one day he will be thankful, in an indirect way...

I loved how you couldn't remember the name of the thing that goes under plant pots. Neither can I! But I can't tell you how many times I nearly do that in my blogs.

As for the Israel/Palestine situation. I've had it with both of them. It won't end because it's been going on for generations, like it's in the blood. Maybe since Isaac and Ishmael started their feud and it continued to Jacob and Esau, and so on.

Puppy said...

Good to see you blogging again!

I guess u r the only one i know that loves animals so much :)

Hope everything is going well with you!

Olivia said...

Where you at, chica?