Wednesday, February 04, 2009

He's growing up!!!

Today is Naief's 2nd Birthday!!! I can hardly believe it's been two years! This morning I looked at the clock, it was 8 and I delivered him at 8:04 a.m. Seems like not long ago he was this small little baby, so frail, so dependent on Momma and Buba for everything... and now....

he's so independent, doesn't want kisses from Momma, even says 'no' when I tell him I love him!! :((( and is going through a major temper tantrum throwing phase!!! The very kind I was terrified of!!!!! but... I ignore him and it's not long before it's finished. He hates not being able to control me. I guess that's why he's angry and doesn't want no kisses or lovies.... :(((

I feel very happy, but also sad. Been on the verge of crying most all day. A friend who delivered two months before me called this morning to wish Naief a happy birthday. Why I started crying while on the phone w/ her is beyond me... but it just sorta set the tone for the entire day. Even doing this post, I've teared up!

His grandparents are throwing him a bday party at the school tomorrow.... so we'll go today and buy hats and a few things. I'm wondering how it'll be for him. This morning when he got up, I sung happy birthday to him, but he doesn't really understand. I hung a little happy birthday banner and blew up a balloon, but he didn't seem interested. So I hope that he doesn't get scared tomorrow and is able to enjoy it. I took him over to the school today to see Momma Ouda (his grandmother) and to play with the kids, but he was very shy. He warmed up after a bit and enjoyed playing with his older cousin, climbing on the slides and then playing more later.... so I hope that it's just because he hasn't been out in a while. He's missed his last two baby gymnastics classes and we haven't been on any play dates for a while, and I can tell the difference. (we've all been sick for the last two weeks with a flu type virus which equals little sleep and grumpy behavior)

On another older sister donated one of her kidneys to her significant other and I'm really proud of her. Takes a lot to be a donor and many ppl are afraid of it, but she wasn't. She's doing good now.... will be recouping for about 4 wks, and M is doing really well. His body doesn't seem to be rejecting the kidney, so that's really good news. :)


Néphèle said...

Happy Happy bittersweet birthday :)

Chief Rock Chef said...

He is 2 now? Wow, doesn't time fly!

You are doing the right thing with his tantrums - if it works he will do it more, if he finds he is wasting his time he will stop.

Hope all continues to go well with the transplant. We recently lost a friend who did not get one in time...

One Wink at a Time said...

Happy Birthday to Naief! I absolutely cannot believe that two years have gone by so quickly.

My little brother had a kidney transplant in 1989. One of my other brothers and myself were potential donors. In the meantime, a compatible kidney became available from a 6-year-old who'd been an accident victim. Best wishes!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Happy birthday to the little boy. Time does fly! Don't worry about changes in behaviour as he's got a lot of growing up to do ahead of him and he has to test the waters. Being stubborn is okay, but annoying for you. Just enjoy his spiritedness!

Olivia said...

Happy Birthday Naief!

Tania, I know it feels like forever, but eventually he'll turn into your little buddy. Hang on there, hang on, you're stronger than you think you are!

I wondered what had happened to your sis.

Reem said...

happy bday naief! it's amazing how much time passes. sorry been MIA. my son has started with the tantrums. mostly in public because he was me to carry him, or he just wants something that another kid has. pretty frustrating. anyway, wishing your sis and her hubby all the health. pretty admirable.

Um Naief said...

olivia, jahooni is very moody.. probably why she hasn't blogged in a while. :) my older sis gave the kidney.

and i know this time will pass... you know, today i saw him biting at his finger... bad habit that he's watched me do!! gotta stop that. :) and... i try to remind myself that i'm strong and i'm hanging... but man oh man... it tests my patience in ways i never thought possible!

wendy, i've taken what you've said to heart.... i'm reminding myself to enjoy his spiritedness.... helps to slow things down, for me at least! ;)

one wink, can't imagine needing an organ so badly.... but i'm glad your brother got one and that my sister was able to give one. she told me the other day that your body can take a good 5 yrs to either accept or reject it.

reem, hi! i was wondering about you and figured that motherhood was keeping you busy. naief went thru that stage of having a fit to be carried at the mall and still does.. but no tantrums yet while at the mall... but could see it happening. he's thrown little mini fits when he doesn't want to leave a store.

chief rock chef, i'm reading Marley and Me right now and you sorta remind me of the guy who's telling the story... altho, i don't think he plays an instrument.

his pediatrician told me not to discipline him for the tantrums... so i'm trying not to lose my cool. today i did. put him in time out for throwing his toys .... just to do it. he was fine afterwards, but i felt bad for doing it. i also took the toys away, but gave them back this evening when he asked for them.

every day is a new day with a new challenge. :) but... i'm happy for it.

nephele, thank you, my dear. :)

Um Naief said...
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