Tuesday, June 30, 2009

phew... where to start?

Wow... was shocked to learn of Michael Jackson's death. Knew he was a drug addict long ago, but you never want to imagine it being as bad as it was. Looks like they've come across bags and bags of drugs inside his home, so it's only a matter of days before the world finds out what was hidden in his closet.

Sad that he'd die like Elvis and was married to his daughter.

I felt unmoved by the news at first. Took several days for it to sink in and after watching many a show and reading articles on the net, I feel very saddened, but feel, like many, that he's free of his demons now.

I've loved Michael since I was a little girl (Elvis was and is my all time favorite). Had all his albums, still do, matter of fact, and of the Jackson 5. Saw Michael in concert many years ago and it was the best concert I've ever been to. Had good seats (altho they were at the side of the stage), was seated close enough to get a good view. Over the years though... as he started to look more like an Asian transgendered woman... and after the pay off to the sex abuse victim, the 2nd case w/ such damning evidence, his totally bizarre behavior... I lost that great like of him.

Everyone wants to talk about what a great dad he was... and I have this question to ask.... if he was such a great dad, why was he taking all these drugs? Who in the hell could function on that stuff in your body, all day, every day?? Is it possible? Yeah, I know ppl do it all the time, but doesn't there come a time when it's not possible? I'd think he'd have to be pumped up w/ something all hours of the day - like Elvis was in the last years of his life. You don't function like this. So how can you function as a parent?

Me and some mothers were talking about this the other day and the ones from the UK said that demerol is given to you when you have a baby there... and it makes you totally loopy/out of touch and unable to do anything.

I feel sorry for his kids... partially growing up w/ that mess of a father (having marked their lives in a huge way - forever), and now they'll grow up w/ his family... his father and mother. His mother must have done something right... coz a brother or two have some sense about them.


Saw an ad at the grocery the other day for free dogs, so I called the woman. She was in Dubai when I called, said she'd be back on Wed. and would call me. Didn't hear from her until the weekend, talked and decided to go see the dogs.

Went there and it was somewhat strange. She had so many freakin' dogs... was living in this HUGE house, decorated **nicccccceeeely**, said she had a daughter, 4 yrs old, w/ the nanny and husband in Egypt... saying that she and her mother were moving there at the end of July. The house wasn't in any shape for a one month move out date. Nice plants in expensive pots all over the outside and inside of the house, huge glass vases in the house w/ flowers and such, everything in tact. Expensive stuff everywhere... made me start thinking about living w/ such and so many animals, having a 4 yr old w/ this sort of environment... which led me to think that she's not telling the truth about everything. She was pushing hard for us to take a dog... telling us when we first got there that they were all up to take, and then when we'd ask about one, she'd tell us all the negatives about that dog and push us to take this other one. **should state that i had asked her on the phone, prior to going, if the dogs were used to children and cats** i think this is why she said she had a child. i thought it was odd that a child would be away from her mother w/ a maid in another country.. but maybe i'm the weird one. not only that, but her mother, a russian that (they said) couldn't speak english, but seemed to comment on a lot of what i said (in russian, of course) was there w/ her.. don't you think that'd be a better environment for a young girl??? especially if they're moving in just one month?

anyway... there's a lot of other things... but this post is getting long, i'll end it here... but i will add, hashim doesn't want to take a dog from them. he got a bad feeling about it.. felt like she was lying, doesn't trust it and whatnot. i feel sorry for the dogs, want to take one of them... but i also got a bit of a bad feeling a few times... just think things don't add up.. and i've asked her for records of shots, if they've been tested for tick fever and does the one, that she was pushing, have a touch of mange. she's yet to reply...


Christopher said...

Sounds pretty sketchy if you ask me. I wouldn't get a dog from her at all, she sounds like she's in trouble. If she was that pushy, I bet she killed her husband and her mother is helping her cover it up. You would be better off getting another one from the pound and taking it directly to your vet for all the complete tests, including tic fever and giving it a better home and seeing how well the dog acts with Naif.

Yay! I'm glad you are going to get another pooch, keep is posted!

Anonymous said...




Rock Chef said...

I think I would go with your feelings about these dogs and stay away from them.

I agree with Christopher - I would go for another one from the pound and get it thoroughly checked out at the vets.

Michael Jackson - a sad business...

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

LOL @ Kissy's comment. But yes, I'm glad you'll wanting to welcome another pet into your lives!

It just hit me today, that Michael is gone. I was listening to one of his songs, and I realized the man who made this, is no longer on earth. As sad as it is, I also find it amazing. I don't think that Michael was ever meant for this world. We treat each other, so badly. Quite honestly, he was a quiet seclusive soul, who offered much joy, and got allot of wickedness in return. God only knows, what it must have been like to be him. Quite honestly, when I heard about it the first time, I felt that he could finally be at peace. Now, I hope his children will fare as well.

Olivia said...

I don't want to say too much about MJ, but I feel that he may have done it on purpose, not wanting to put himself through the ordeal of a tour. I heard he only weighed 112 pounds and was not in great health.
Perhaps he didn't meant to go that far, probably just wanted to go to hospital and get out of it.

I understand he has influenced a whole generation, music videos, and pop. But I stopped listening when he started changing - not long after Thriller.

As for the lady with the dogs, yes, follow your instincts. You generally have good instincts anyway.

How's the daycare venture going???

The Moody Minstrel said...

The fact is that MJ was himself an abused and exploited child. Basically, his childhood was stolen from him, which is probably why he tried so hard to be a child as an adult (by trying to be Peter Pan, surrounding himself with "lost boys" in Neverland, and having "age-reducing" cosmetic surgery to the point of wrecking himself). Despite his enormous talent, success, and eventual humiliation, the man was tragic.

That story about the lady and the dogs is weird...even disturbing. I'd give her a wide berth if I were you!

eda said...