Monday, April 09, 2007

cute news

for all of you interested in baby news... thought i'd tell ya the latest. first, Naief is getting so big. he got his first injections on the 5th, which made him cry soooo hard, but i felt so good because when i picked him up to soothe him, he quieted down rather quickly. he's a sensitive little soul and pouted a bit, but it wasn't too long and he was happy. the night was hard because the shot gave him a fever and the next day he cried a lot... but we gave him liquid drops and he was fine in no time. :) oh yeah, he weights 6 kilos!! 12 pounds! and he's 62 cms long!! he's at the top of his range... and i feel really proud that he's growing so nicely and is so healthy.

well... he doesn't cry a lot but when he gets fussy - like when he's fighting sleep and refuses to settle down and just let it overtake him - he cries and wiggles about a lot. so one day, i decided to try putting on some music and dancing around w/ him to see if he'd calm down. we have a huge variety of songs on the laptop, so i decided to play some Coldplay... and he LOVED it! he was screaming at one point and as soon as i put on Beautiful World, he stopped crying immediately and fell asleep. i must admit, this little boy has his momma's taste in music.

today i played some Gypsy Kings for him and he really seemed to enjoy the music. he just gazed off - seeming deep in thought and took his bottle w/out any problems. daddy also played some gregorian and he really enjoyed that as well. but, by far, his most favorite is alternative.... loving Coldplay w/ every play. :) and i happened to hear a bit of Somewhere Over the Rainbow today and sang along... he smiled and ooed and awwed w/ it... i think he's going to be a singer!

my best news by far for the day though is that he laughed out loud for the first time!! we were in the car going to the grocery store. he was in his car seat and i was sitting next to him talking away. well, i looked at him and he was staring at what seemed to be my hair. so i asked him... "do you like mommy's hair?" "do you think it's pretty or do you think it's ugly?" hashim laughed and said "pretty ugly mommy"... so i made a face and stuck out my tongue to Naief and moved my face towards him and when i did, he laughed out loud, then we all laughed. so... i guess he thought mom's hair was "pretty ugly!"

it touched my heart like you wouldn't believe. can't tell ya how it feels to see your baby laugh for the first time. he smiles all the time and it's sooooo cute. he's so expressive w/ his eyebrows and makes these little side of the mouth smiles... reminds me of Elvis! ;) and i love Elvis songs still... so i just think it's adorable!!

anyway... my days are filled w/ baby stuff. i entertain him a lot of the day and when i cook, he swings in his swing in the kitchen and usually falls asleep, which is nice. he loves to sleep on me and i let him.... and has started to really enjoy walking around w/ me looking at everything possible. he's not one for laying on the bed and doing nothing. makes me wonder how he'll be when he starts to get older. i know i'm a bit hyper and his daddy is too... so i can only imagine how baby will be!! :)

i'm doing good. still tired and not getting a good night's sleep. he still wakes up every two hours most nights and when morning comes, i'm usually just getting to sleep. so... needless to say i have big bags under my eyes that are oooohhhh so lovely! i had two wonderful nights where he only woke up once... but that didn't last long. he sleeps a lot during the day but i'm not a day sleeper... altho sometimes in the afternoons i can't help but to take a quick nap. this past weekend was good cuz hashim watched the baby and i slept for a good 4 hrs in the baby's room. i so much needed it but when i got up, i was more tired than when i went to bed. i long for the day when he sleeps thru the night!! i know it'll be months... and i so look forward to that day.

i hope all of you are doing good. i know i haven't been reading blogs .... and i hope to get back to reading some at night... since internet connection is back. i hope all of you are good.

baby is awake... and time for feeding.


gazza27 said...

Better things to come,like watching kids films,believe it or not,you get into them yourself?you find yourself singing the songs from them?

The Moody Minstrel said...

So far, so good, mom! :-)

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Love to hear all the baby stories - see, I told you so - remember I said to sing to the baby, play music, let him sleep with you sometimes! And when he responds and laughs that is so cute.
Keep up the good work, new Mummy.

Olivia said...

You are such a happy mum, and a natural at it. I am glad to hear you have settled into a routine of contentment and enjoying watching your son develop and grow and change.


Puppy said...

Very cute news :)

Glad that everything is fine now.

Dont forget to have some sleep.


Jane said...

That first laugh is so hypnotic. Make sure to record it. It will change quickly as he gets older. So glad to hear that he is doing so well.