Monday, April 23, 2007

Is it just me?

Or are there other ppl out there that think it strange that some MP from Muharraq thinks that shops should take down window mannequins because they're dressed too provocatively. And not only that, but video/dvd shops should take down posters that are too sexy ... the ones showing the female breasts. Are there shops in Muharraq showing such? I know our video store doesn't have such hanging.... hmmm... what's going on in Muharraq! ;)

Gosh... it wasn't but .... what, a year or so ago that this debate was taking place and here it comes UP again. I guess this MP just can't let the mannequin issue die.

Are there ppl out there that are turned on by store mannequins? Is there some sort of fetish for these things that I didn't know about? This guy says that ppl have complained about the way mannequins are dressed... saying it's against Islam because the shirts of these mannequins are see through and you can see their breasts.

Ok... there's that word breast again.

First off.... it's a MANNEQUIN.... not a person. Not a real female... guy, and I can't think of one time that I've ever seen guys standing around gawking at the mannequin and being turned on. So.... are there females out there jealous of mannequins or something? Why would women get mad over see through tops on these things? And what women are going to their MPs complaining about such?

Life is too short ppl. Get a grip. If the time has come where men and women are being turned on and having sexual fantasies about mannequins.... well.... I'm at a loss for words.

I wouldn't doubt that the next time I'm in the Muharraq area that I'll not see one mannequin w/ provocative clothing on..... how dare they sell such clothes and allow men to see mannequin breasts! maybe they should put bras on these gals... you think?


Naief had crying, screaming fits today. Most of the day matter of fact. I'm dead tired and having insomnia issues and I'm assuming he can sense something in me.

It seemed that nothing I did today soothed him and it makes me feel totally helpless. It honestly felt like he was mad at me or decided not to like me or something. I would try to hold and comfort him and he'd get soooo mad and cry even harder.

I don't know if it's the fact that we had to change his formula this morning. We ran out of the NAN and when Hashim went to get some this morn., they were out.... so we had to switch to S26 again and he hates it. Yeah, he drinks it but fights it for at least 5 mins.

Usually he's all talkative w/ me.... gurgling about this and that but today.... he would have none of it. We gave him a bath tonight and he screamed during that... but after giving him a nice lotion massage he seemed to calm down and actually smiled at me.

He's sleeping now and I've taken two panadol night tablets in hopes that I'll get some rest before he wakes up around 3:30 or so. So far... I'm still wide awake. Maybe getting this stuff off my mind will help and I'll be able to fall asleep w/ him.


Oh yeah, one more issue. Our housemaid goes to church on Fridays. Well, two Friday's ago or Sat. morning while cooking, she asked me about what she called "blue movies". I know what these are but was a bit shocked that she brought this issue up w/ me. Well, come to find out, some woman, a Sri Lankan girl, has come up to her a few times outside of their church and asked if she wanted to buy sexual movies of 9 yr old girls!!!!

As soon as she told me this, I got livid. I told her that I wanted the telephone number of this girl, and that I would be turning that number over to the police. Well.... for one reason or another, she hasn't given me the number. She told me that she doesn't know this girl, and I told her to casually ask her for her telephone number - to act interested or something. If she gets it, I will call the police and report this.

This stuff makes me sick and to think that ppl are buying such... yeah, I know there are those out there w/ this sick kind of mind.... but I had hoped it would be different here. But it's not.... altho everyone wants to pretend that it doesn't happen here.

Mentioning our housemaid... well, she's starting to speak pretty good English and we can carry on a conversation pretty much now.... and you wouldn't believe all the gossip and stuff this girl knows. She gets it from her husband and he gets it straight from the horses mouth most times. unbelievable stuff... i will say that.


Munther said...

Oh lord ! Not the mannequin thing again ! This bloody MP is the one with perverted mind ! He is the one who gets turned on by them ! For I'll never in a 1000 years would stop and look at them in a sinster manner ! Good god how sick can people become !

Hope your lil' man calms down and gets a good night sleep (full night) for your and Hashim's sake ;)

The pedophila thing, outside the church ? Wow, that's getting out of hand ! :( So no good news today tooners ?

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

The mannequin thing is so strange. It must be the society. I don't think people here in Oz worry too much about these objects!
Some days babies just cry and cry, but probably he is hurting somewhere, maybe his tummy and the change in milk.
Yuck! Outside a church even? Don't dob in people, but perhaps someone should confront the girl selling the tapes and make her see the harm she is doing. Awful. And certainly talk to your housegirl about how dreadful this is.

Olivia said...

Funny to hear about your housemaid gossiping.

Anyway, yes, there definitely are men out there who have a mannequin fetish. Have you ever heard of those lifesize dolls that men have relationships with? They treat them like people, and dedicate half their houses to their storage, etc. It's sick, it really is.

Do you have any skin-safe lavender oil? You could put a couple drops in his bath or his lotion and actually a nice lotion massage afer a warm bath does make the lil uns sleepy. A sneaky thing my mother did when the babies were being awful was make chamomile tea and put a teaspoonful in their naptime bottles.

Gaz said...

Once while gettig draged around the shops in town i came across a shop where the mannequins were cartoon like (their heads were too big for their bodies)
Peadophila and church,somethings verry,verry wrong their,alert the police and tell them everything,children need protecting.

The Moody Minstrel said...

You're actually getting along with the housemaid now? Great! How about her husband? Are they keeping their apartment clean?

tooners said...

moody, you know... i love the housemaid now. yes... what a complete change, eh?!! i think a lot of my pregnancy hormones were sending me over the deep end, to be honest, and my virgo tendencies and such... being a net freak and all.

she's keeping her room nice and clean now, as well as herself. i'm very happy w/ her and honestly i feel like she is a God send.

i feel bad for behaving so badly/poorly in the past and have apologized to her for it endlessly. she helps me so much w/ cooking and even talks to the baby and i let her hold him. he loves her.... always kicks and cooes when she gets close to him.

sometimes i can be too quick to make assumptions, obviously, and that doubled w/ my emotions from my pregnancy... i think i was going over the edge!

and hashim.. well, thankfully he knows how to deal w/ me. he just goes to the studio! ;) and gives me some babying when the time calls for it. but my emotions, thankfully, have really calmed down considerably since several wks back. i still have days, but he's pretty good at dealing w/ me. :)

and.... to thank my lucky stars, the baby has calmed my butt down too. i feel like a changed woman! and it's a good thing, and i'm happier for it. i needed it!! if u know what i mean.

Olivia said...

I hope your present housemaid becomes a real part of the household.

In your comment to Moody I was reminded of Yvonne, the maid that my cousin and her husband in NYC employed, also from Guyana. She was the backbone of that house because Mandy and Cornel being school principal/edu board director did not have it in them to do everything, and the kids love her. (Kudos to you for staying home, actually.) She stayed with them for about a decade, they just couldn't survive without her!

I am sure you are stronger than that, as Mandy never was able to cope with running a house in addition to a career.