Monday, April 09, 2007

My deepest sympathy

i got a Warden Message from the American Embassy just a little while ago about the Bahraini security guard that was shot in the head last week at BJs. He died today.

They're warning Americans of possible gatherings in various areas of Bahrain and for foreigners to be careful and such.

I didn't know him but for some reason it makes me really sad. I worked at the same place as the brother of this man's wife and Hashim used to work in the same department w/ the brother of the wife.... and I feel sorry for him. He said his sister collapsed upon hearing the news... I can only imagine the pain. They were only married for 3 mths. So much has been lost and I'm sure it'll take a long time to recover from such pain.

They suspected an American of shooting this guy. There were rumors that the security guard stopped some Americans from flirting w/ some girl outside the place. It makes me wonder... who carries guns w/ silencers?! Are the Navy guys allowed to leave w/ guns? Or could it be another guy like last time... a BDF officer?? I just know it sounds intentional.

I don't know and I wonder if they'll ever find out who did it. I hope they do. By some miracle, I hope they catch the person who did this horrible crime. Almost seems like they knew they were going to kill someone that night.... why carry a gun w/ a silencer! Who does this? Except murderers.

May God bless this family and the wife of this man. May He take her pain and give her a reason to smile again w/ God speed. And may this man, Abbas Shakhoori, rest in peace. My heart goes out to his family and hers.


gazza27 said...

If nowone knew him,he was still some mothers child,this world is going crazy?

The Moody Minstrel said...

A random urban crime, or another negative publicity stunt to turn people against Americans? Somehow I doubt American service personnel would just happen to be walking around with a concealed, silencer-equipped pistol. I smell a rat, and its initials are AQ.

Munther said...

Hi tooners,

It's a really sad lose ! :( How on earth could such a thing happen in Bahrain ? I mean guns with silencers ? A sniper like shot ? Word in the street says it's a marine ! But who knows, it could be anyone really ! Hope it gets sorted soon.

moody: why should there be a negative stunt ? Bharainis had always been welcoming and friendly even with all the nonsense going in the area ! A doubt that's AQ, The are none existing here, or that's what we are made to believe by the ministry of internal affairs !

The Moody Minstrel said...

Munther, I really hope you're right. I've always had an image of Bahrain as being basically rational and foreigner-friendly. I hope they stay that way...reinforcing my faith in humanity.

But your comment "Bahrainis had always been welcoming and friendly even with all the nonsense going in the area" is precisely the point. There are a lot of people in the world, particularly in the Middle East, who would happily change Bahrainis' attitude if they could. There is also the fact of the U.S. military presence in Bahrain. Many people would like to see it removed. Now a mysterious crime has occurred, and people are blaming a marine. That sounds just a little too convenient. Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but it sounds to me like someone is trying very hard to turn Bahraini public opinion against the American presence there.

tooners said...

from what i heard... or what hashim heard at work is that the family of this guy believe it to be an american. i guess the guard got into some tiff w/ an american for flirting w/ a girl or harassing a girl and the guy got mad... and it was a marine... but... does that mean that this guy shot the security guard?! first, why would a marine be carrying a gun w/ a silencer?! is it allowed?

one thing that was sorta odd is that the U.S. Embassy came out that next day and said it wasn't an american w/out really knowing anything, but i do wonder if any searching is being done at the base to see if someone left w/ a gun or something.

and i agree munther, it sounds like a sniper type of shooting.

why would someone, if it was this american, shoot this guy over a girl? it doesn't make sense to me... unless he was a loose canon.

i worked at this company years ago and there was a guy there that
had been in the marines here in bahrain. he hated it and would tell me stories about all the havoc they'd cause here and then laugh about it. he'd also tell me how they'd love to be able to take their automatic rifles and kill these arabs and then he'd pretend to be doing it. i was dating my husband at the time and he knew this... i guess it was his way to piss me off. i quit shortly after this.

so... i do believe there are those ppl who would kill someone over something such as this, but.... that doesn't mean it was an american. i agree w/ moody in that it seems very convenient to blame in on an american. but... i've seen how some of these guys are that are in the navy and such and many believe themselves to be total bad assesd... so whose to say. i just hope it isn't.

Christopher said...

Hello dearie...I have missed you. I hope you are well. PLEASE be brave amidst all of this (and for goodness sake make sure you have on cute panties!)I hate that the tension created by my fucking president has ruined lives over there...wanna start a revolution? All we need are some push up bras and a machine gun and we can blow Dubya to bits! xoxoxo love you!

Some NSA Agent said...

Christopher, we'd like to have a word with you. Please go to the Greyhound bus station and wait in one of the toilet stalls at precisely 10:13 a.m. Pacific Time, April 29th.

tooners said...

NSA Agent man, you're funny. :)

christopher, you forgot the 9" heels... how can we wear the push ups, sport machine guns w/ the heels?!! i'm ready when you are!! :)