Monday, May 05, 2008

real quick post

Thought I'd post real quick since I'm at the in-laws and have a bit of time.

Just wanted to tell all you ppl here in Bahrain that if you haven't checked out the photo exhibition at Seef, you should. It's really great. Brought tears to my eyes many times over. There was one photo of a gorilla that had been killed and they were carrying his body outta the jungle. Did you guys know that there are only like 300 of these great creatures left in the jungle??? Apparently, they're being killed, execution style, and they're not sure why. That's not the only great photo, there were so many... have you seen them?

Naief is doing good. I've been wanting to post a picture, but just haven't had a lot of time as of late. We cut his hair... actually twice now. This past time, we cut it short. It's cute. Looks a lot blonder when it's short, and you know how I feel about that! ;) He's 15 mths now and isn't walking yet. I find myself worrying a bit about it, but am trying not to. He stands and takes steps... probably about 5 at a time, but wont walk any further than that. I asked him one morning if he wanted to walk and he shook his head "no".... and he hasn't. It's as if he knows I really want him to and just refuses to do it. I read that a child will wonder why a parent wants it so badly and feels that if they want it so badly there must be a reason not to do it... and I guess that's what he's doing. :) He's a smart little booger, that's for sure.

No talking either, except that he started calling me "mommy" yesterday and hasn't stopped. Matter of fact, it's non-stop. I like it. It's so sweet and melts my heart.

I've been reading, and blogged about it earlier, this book called A New Earth. I must say that it's really changing the way I do things, think (thank God) and helps me to stay present in the moment, which is the greatest gift of all, actually it's changing my life.... yes, I know that's a huge thing to say, but it's true. Before, I used to write a lot of poetry about my mind and thoughts... about not being able to control them and feeling outta of control because of it... never realizing that it was my ego controlling me.... now, I am gaining control of it and it has slowed down considerably. I still have days where I will get carried away in my mind and it takes a bit to come back to the present, but it's getting better. This book is absolutely incredible. All this time, all these years, I've been looking for that ever escaping "peace" in my life, only to realize that it will only come when I'm Present.... when I'm just Being. Hope that makes sense... because if any of you out there want to just "be"... want calm in your life, want your world to slow down, want your mind to be clear.... I suggest reading this book.

that's it for now... our internet is messed up at home and we have none right now.... I'm hoping that hubby will fix it tonight, and we have no TV either... so... soon, I hope to be back reading blogs and visiting again... but haven't I said that before!?? ;)


Olivia said...

Well, at least he can count to 5 ;)

And at least Mommy is now the most beautiful word on the planet :)

"One...two...three...four...five...ok, my legs stop now Mommy."

Missed you!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

About the book 'The New Earth' - that's the one promoted by Oprah, and to me it sounds like a mix of platitudes that are well accepted and lots of New Age ideas. One of our friends who looks at cults says it's not trustworthy. Sorry but that's his opinion. One idea in it is that we make our world, we make our own problems and I reckon a girl that gets assaulted DOES NOT ask for that kind of situation. So take care, sister. Read it, but think for yourself.

The Moody Minstrel said...

I was going to say something very similar to what Wendy said, only perhaps a bit more optimistic. I'd say read it, contemplate it, feel it, and if it does you good, fantastic. However, remember that it's just one person's ideas and thus is not the ultimate answer to everything. Keep an open eye along with your open mind, and always keep a grain of salt handy.

So Naief has already learned how to play mind games with you, eh? ;-)

Um Naief said...

wendy, i don't think this book is a cult thing. there is a lot more to it than what i've put here. actually, it's confusing in many parts, but the further i get into it, the more it makes sense. i really like it and, for me, it helps. it explains a lot of things i've questioned in the past. as far as making our own world and about girls getting assaulted... this seems pretty heavy to me and not what i see in the book. for me, it shows a person how to awaken the potential inside of you and teaches you how to be present in life... meaning... not to sit and suffer from the past or past mistakes and not to focus entirely on the future, and not to constantly be stuck in the mind w/ thoughts. this is how it's helping me....

olivia, hehehe, now he's calling me baba... :) that was a day thing - the mommy! but.. i'll be happy when it comes back. our internet is back up at home, so i'll be coming round soon!

moody, i agree w/ you moody. i'm really needing to feel it right now.. and i'm seriously in the middle of contemplating it, and so far, it's helping me a lot. and true, it's only one person's ideas.. i know that, but, honestly, it makes total sense to me.

naief and mind games... i think he'll be a master in this field!!! :)

Um Naief said...

wendy, i also wanted to say w/ respect to making your own world... i'm wondering if your friend realized that the book is talking about energy. in the book he talks about sending out positive waves of energy and how it will come back to you. you basically either make your own happiness or unhappiness, and i do believe this to be true. if you send out positive thoughts and energy, then positive things will begin to happen in your life. when a person sits around and complains about life, and moans about being unhappy all the time, it's hard to bring happiness into that world... maybe i'm wrong on this, but this is how i see it.

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