Friday, April 25, 2008

my insomnia

For as long as I remember, I haven't been able to sleep well. In my 20s, I chalked it up to being really busy at work, having too many things on my mind and overall stress. As the years go by, you'd think it would get better, especially when you have a small child that keeps you busy, but funny enough, it doesn't.

Once, a co-worker of mine, who was a Church of Christ member (ok, maybe that had nothing to do w/ it), told me it was because I didn't have a clear conscious. Maybe, but I've never thought I had bad thoughts or thoughts that would keep me from sleep. I guess she was partly pissed that I wouldn't convert to Church of Christ and didn't think I was holy enough for sleep and would use any opportunity to throw it in my face... who knows.

I've always envied those who can fall asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow. Hashim is like this. Sometimes I find myself getting mad at him for it. Not that it's his fault... for I'd love to have a problem like his, I just wish he could see, feel or understand how or what I'm going through. Maybe he does understand, but unless you suffer from insomnia, I think it's hard to identify w/ a person who does.

I met a girl last night - she's the wife of one of my husband's high school buddies - and she suffers from insomnia. We talked about it and, come to find out, if you have thyroid problems, you can have insomnia issues. Another friend's mother told me that I might be having thyroid problems, but I've yet to have it checked out. One, because I'm not certain that the drs. could diagnose it or I don't have faith in their abilities and two, I find myself doubting that it's even an issue, and it's the first time I've heard of a bad thyroid causing a person not to sleep.

I find myself longing for sleeping meds.... anything to get a restful night's sleep, but the thing w/ sleeping aids is they usually give you that drowsy feeling in the morning and I sometimes think that feeling is worse than being tired from not sleeping.

The first time I was pregnant (before my miscarriage), I slept so well. It was heaven sent... I would curl up on the bed and sleep for hours. aaahhhhh, it was wonderful. With Naief, it wasn't the same. For some reason, I always thought that one side affect of being pregnant was sleeping a lot.... figures I wouldn't get that symptom when pregnant w/ him! ;)

I slept well while in California. Don't know if it was the weather or what, but I actually could take naps during the day and found myself sleeping thru the night on many a night.... so what happened!!!??? I'm back in Bahrain and I can't sleep.

I tend to think it's because our bedroom windows face the streets in our neighborhood, so you hear every tom, dick and harry coming and going. You can hear ppl talking on the streets, cars racing up and down the main road, ambulances going to the hospital.... and every cat fight in the neighborhood. Maybe it's time to invest in some sound proof glass .... or something.... cause I'm really tired.... and I'm really tired of not being able to sleep. Plus... when you're really tired and not sleeping, you tend to get hyper in a bad way... and rather moody in a bad way. :)

fun, fun, fun


Sunshine said...

I have the same problem.. When I'm in melbourne it's always harder to sleep (though the weather is better, its quiter, and I have more time). it always seems impossible to get my eyes to close when I put my head on the pillow.
When I'm home in bahrain though, its the easiest thing in the world, even though we live on a highway and construstion is going on all around the house.
I think it's just the sense of being home that does it for me..
I'll let u kno if I find a cure tho :)
and I missed u blog!

jotabloguer said...

Hi! Passing by some blogs, I found yours very interesting, and this thema (insomnia) touch me a little, because my wife has a same problem, that cause us some troubles!I sleep very well, all my life, and if I couldnt sleep for any cause i will stay crazy!
Well the advice that I give u is: Improve your house in betterprotection for outsides sounds(yes, double glasses windows is a good solution) or change for another quiet place!I hope you can change this situation for better!And your husband and son needs a mother in good mode, dont?
Have a nice day! I back for more visits!
Bye! Jorge madureira

Olivia said...

That's weird, that you slept in California, in a full house, and yet can't in your own house in Bahrain...

I'd say get soundproof windows. The bedroom should have been at the back. I'm surprised your body is unable to tune out the street noise.
When I lived in St John's Wood, my room faced the street and this being London I was nearly on top of the cars - I'd hear them whizzing up the street, changing gears, and bouncing over the road humps, well past 3 am even. It drove me crazy. After a while I realised I didn't hear them any more and thought it was because traffic had suddenly ceased. Yeah right. My brain had just adapted.

Anonymous said...

Hey T... sounds like you could either be 1. a light sleeper, or 2. be stressed. I think you slept better in Cali because despite the full house factor, you had your family there and there is a sense of security that comes with that. You can sleep soundly knowing when you wake up, your mom will be there, or sis, or whatever. Also you were on vacation over there. mmm the sound of that word just brings peace to me!

And finally, the whole thyroid thing could totally be affecting you as well. I want to get mine tested as well. You can't go wrong with testing your thyroid, its either high or low, the numbers will tell and its a simple blood test that's done in a second. The thyroid if it's off, can affect our mood, and stress level from what I understand.

Gardens of Sand said...

I never used to be able to sleep through the night without waking up several times. Come to find out its outside noise that wakes me w/o me knowing it. I started wearing earplugs. They take getting use to but my Lord the quality of my sleep went up by 100%

Try not to eat for a couple of hours before sleep. Don't read or watch TV-anything that can get your thought processes cranking. And take a hot bath with lavendar oil, have Hashim give you a message and try one of those breathing/relaxing techniques.

I had a bout of insomnia that lasted a week sometime last year. I was going nuts and nothing worked. The breathing techniques and baths helped a gr8 deal. And with a lil one running around, just sleep when you can whatever time that is.

Rock Chef said...

This is not something that I suffer from - I can sleep anywhere at any time!

My wife suffers terribly, though, waking up at the slightest movement outside. Not good! At one point we took to having the radio on in the bedroom, the constant noise seeming to drown out the sudden noises outside that would wake her up.

Good to see you are blogging again, I missed you!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

How sad and you must be very tired. I guess your mind is racing and it's hard to unwind. Check out a few ways to help - drink Milo, not coffee at night, don't eat too much late, read a boring book, play gentle music, have a warm bath before retiring, etc. etc. And there's one good thing to do before you sleep but I'll leave that to your imagination.
Maybe it's stress, maybe it's the noise outside, or the worry of a mother thinking about the little kid.

Just a Girl said...

What a lovely lady who suggested your insomnia was caused by your lack of clear conscience! Did you suggest to her that her lack of tact was caused by erroneous sense of moral superiority?

I too am a terrible insomniac and have always been with people who sleep so well that some nights I almost hate them. It is miserable to be exhausted yet unable to sleep but watch another person rest easily and comfortably.

I feel your pain, girl.

Gazza said...

I dont think sound proof windows are good where you live(double glazing) as they do keep the heat in,when i was young i could go a few days without sleep,now i know how it works lol.

Olivia said...

How's it going, Um Naief?

The Moody Minstrel said...

I slept well while in California. .... so what happened!!!??? I'm back in Bahrain and I can't sleep.

(whips out notebook, sits back, and assumes thoughtful expression)
Hmm...very interesting...

Could it be a deep-seated, inner security issue? I mean, perhaps you felt more "at home" in California, so you were able to let your guards down and allow yourself to sleep. Once back in Bahrain, the "stranger in a strange land" insecurity returned, and you stopped sleeping.

I used to have similar trouble sleeping in Japan until I fully accepted it as "home". (I still don't get enough sleep, only now it's more due to a condition known as "blogging".)

at Just a Girl:
Did you suggest to her that her lack of tact was caused by erroneous sense of moral superiority?

(holds aching sides)
Bravo! I wish I could e-mail you a drink!

eshda3wa said...

i read this post and i felt like crying
im going thru the same thing
and im just so tierd

i just want ONE good nites sleep i need it!

pills r a big no no for me
im going to try some herbal drink thats supposed to work miracles

lets see how it goes

Um Naief said...

moody, you always bring a smile to my face! very interesting your comment! i think you're right on everything.

rock chef, i've missed all of you guys too. i feel like i don't have any time any more. w/ naief during the day, it's impossible to get online and then when he goes to sleep, i feel exhausted. but i need to take the time when i'm not sleeping, to get online. it used to always make me tired. hmmmm... i wonder if that's a good thing?!! ;)

the insomnia has gotten better. my thoughts have slowed down. i've been drinking cammomile tea (spelling??) at night and sometimes take valerian root, which helps to relax me.

gardens of sand, i haven't tried ear plugs, but my sister uses 'white noise' and she says it really helps her... altho she suffers a great deal from insomnia... so i wonder how well it's actually working. but hey, she does all of her sleeping in the morning and day... ;)

aaahhhh... i hope to visit all of you soon.... my mind has slowed down lately and things are less stressed... so hopefully soon.

Um Naief said...

olivia, yes, it was WEIRD that i could sleep in california. but hey... i was sleeping outside in the camping trailer, so maybe that was the big thing. i LOVE outside sounds... so i would bet that had a lot to do w/ it. if i had to sleep inside around my sister, i'm sure i wouldn't have gotten an ounce of sleep!!!! :) and i'm doing pretty good as of late.... miss your blog a great deal... actually all of you. i've been having cravings big time!

Anonymous said...

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