Sunday, August 10, 2008

swimming competitions & not eating delimma

Watching the women swimming competitions right now. I think swimming has almost become my favorite sport... altho I do enjoy sprinting, track & field and such. Yesterday I was watching relay swimming competitions, in the bedroom, while Naief was napping. I got so excited that I screamed out when America came from third place to take the lead.... it was SOOO exciting! I couldn't help but jumping and screaming... and wouldn't ya know it... I woke him up! :) so we sat and watched together... he loves the water and I only hope that he grows up to enjoy the events as much as I do... I know Hashim is really getting into it, which I love... so maybe we'll wind up being one happy Olympic cheering family! :)

We watched volleyball last night which was incredibly exciting. USA vs. Japan... wow... those girls could play. I love volleyball... loved playing in high school... Hashim as well... so it was reallly fun to watch two incredible teams up against each other. I thought for sure that Japan would win, but we pulled through at the end.... I am always amazed and thrilled at how the US is able to come from behind and pull off victories... really shows you how dedicated they are... makes me proud.

I saw President Bush in the stands cheering on the American team in the swimming competitions. He didn't know the camera was on him and, you know, he was so excited, cheering and waving his flag. Gave me chills to see him like that... like a real person.

Still haven't seen this Bahraini guy come up to compete... hopefully I'll catch it... coz I've realized that it's much too difficult to abandon all else to watch the Olympics when you have a little one at home!! It's totally impossible :)


One thing I wanted to ask you mother's and father's out there is this... Naief has gotten a big independent streak as of late. Before, he would sit in his highchair and eat on his own, sometimes allowing me or bubba to help him if he wasn't getting enough on his spoon and whatnot, but NOW.... there is no help allowed and he's basically gotten to the point that he wont eat. He hates sitting in his highchair now... I'm assuming that he feels he's too big or some such - not sure - and when he does sit there, he's more interested in playing w/ his food than eating. If I try to feed him, it makes the whole situation worse. He'll shut his lips as tight as possible and move his head from side to side as fast as possible. Yeah, I've stooped to begging, but it does no good. At that point, he wants to get down and wont eat anything at all.

This has been going on for a few wks now. I called the dr. last week and told him because I'm really worried about it. I noticed the other day that he had little circles forming in the corners of his eyes... I'm assuming from a lack of food or something or maybe it's just my worrisome nature that causes me to think that, but, seriously, this child is hardly eating. He's still taking a bottle, which has been my saving grace and his, for he'll take a bottle over everything else.

I'm starting to wonder if part of it is due to the independent streak and maybe it's scaring him a bit. He wants it, but then doesn't. I know children go thru this.

The dr. said that it's normal for him to be doing this... that most children go through this phase.... phew.. that took a lot off of my shoulders, but what about not getting enough nutrition?! He recommended a vitamin that will boost his hunger... "hmmm", I thought, and decided to get some. We picked it up and after reading the pamphlet inside, this vitamin supp could cause him to become a bit tired or act as a stimulant.

I've been using it for 3 days now and it's good. He's eating better, altho didn't eat a lot today... only took two bites of lunch and one bite of breakfast (i never force food on him... if he doesn't, eat, then i let him down or put the food up). He did eat some pita bread w/ cream cheese after getting down from lunch, but that's it - and only a half sandwich. I made foul for breakfast, but, like I said, he refused it. I'm assuming he doesn't like foul. ;) or maybe he doesn't like it the way I fix it! I read where it can take up to trying something 15 times before a child will eat it.

I don't know... I feel like I don't know what to do. I don't want to get into a habit of making him special food... actually I refuse to do this. I've done the whole, "he'll eat when he's hungry" thing, but I swear to you... he'll go and go w/out eating. Now, he'll eat tons of fruit, but that's about it... except for chips! In-laws gave him bags of chips while he was visiting and now that's all he wants... if he sees a bag or such. I made the mistake of giving it to him... because you want to make your little one happy, but I honestly wish he had never tasted a chip!

Does anyone have any advice to give this momma that's at her wit's end? Have you gone thru this before and if you did, what did you do.. how did you get your little one to start eating again? Any tips or tricks??


The Moody Minstrel said...

Both my kids went through similar stages. It's a control thing. He's asserting his choice over yours. My advice to you is don't let him bully you. He is starting to feel too big for his high chair and doesn't want anybody telling him when or when not to eat. My advice would be to take his food away if he doesn't eat it. Don't beg, and don't try to force. If he really is hungry, he'll get the message. Otherwise you're teaching him that he can manipulate you.

rain said...

Hello Um Naief,

my kid likes to eat when we're all eating it sorta encourages appetite, and prefers to have pasta with white sauce and i add small pieces of chicken or meat or tuna to it so it becomes nutritious , and by the side some veggies like tomato or cucumber , and of course the french fries is the kid's favorite :D.

So try to figure out what kind of food he likes and i'm sure he'll eat it .

The Queen said...

I concur with the moody minstrel. Children really won't starve themselves. They will eat. If he's eating fruit then he is getting nutrition and I wouldn't worry at all but keep giving him that multi-vitamin so you won't have to worry. Keep a lot of fruit on hand but keep having him sitting with you for meals and he'll eat a bit here and there and he'll be fine. Don't let him know that you are fretting over his eating.

Nzingha said...

A few things come to mind for me. One why a multi vitamin would work as a stimulate for him. I have to wonder what is in it lol

another, how much of the bottle is he taking? Maybe cutting down that will increase his appetite.

I've never had my children in a high chair for long. Will he climb up on a chair and sit down (maybe with a booster) and eat? if so is it such a big deal? I know for some mothers it is a must.

also I would cut up fruit, lunch meat and cheeses for snacks for the kids in the afternoon and put it on a plate in their play area (usually the living room) and they would always down everything.

I do agree about eating with him, for he may do as you do. I've always had more than one so they would see the other eat and eat. Maybe you can get him together w/ other children and see if his appetite changes.

I never made food a big issue because I don't want my kids to treat food intake as some form of control. I'm paranoid about eating disorders especially in this culture. You might be giving him all the attention he seeks by not eating. Perhaps having a more of a not a big idea attitude coupled with limiting his bottle a bit might help him get out of this stage.

L_Oman said...

Maybe the multi-vitamin is helping by way of making him hungrier?

Like N - I'd make finger foods readily available for him - maybe olives / cubes of cheese / some of the pita and cheese.

Don't worry, dear. My kids went through the same thing and got through it just fine. You're little guy will be fine! :) It's just scary - surely you feel pretty alone in the whole deal.

I keep missing the darn Olympic stuff. Ugh.

Jahooni said...

weren't the opening ceremonies just beautiful. i have been on the couch watching them all weekend.... i love the summer olympics. wishing you were here and we would be watching them together eating tons and getting fat!

they go through stages like that. when they are hungry they will eat.

chaplin died. i have been too upset to call. he died in the neighbors yard a couple houses up the street. the night before i was loving on him. this was thursday. i cried and cried all day long...

Christopher said...

Sorry's ALL about the mens swimming...I've always said spandex should be kept at a minimum and I am THRILLED speedo has taken my advice!

Olivia said...

I agree with Minstrel and the queen.

It's all about manipulation and power play - wonder what that says about the human race when it happens so young.

And eating with him, so he can watch you and desire the food on view. The moms are right, he won't really starve himself, specially when supplemented with vitamins, fruit and milk.

Just Jane said...

My kids did the same thing, at different ages. What everyone says is true--they will not starve. When they are really hungry they will eat. I agree with the tip to cut back on the bottle. My advice is to take him shopping, make a big deal about it and get him a booster seat (with straps for safety), let him pick out a big boy cup, plate and bowl. It worked for my son and maybe it will work for Naief.

He may be in the "grazing" phase, when they don't eat real meals, just munch a bit all day long. Try not to worry too much and let us know how it turns out. Good luck.