Friday, August 01, 2008

the new 'buzz' do

The first pic was taken right after his cut. These are the little cars the kids sit in while having their hair cut.

The second was on our way home. He has something all over his mouth... and, no, we don't walk around like this (miss thang), he had just finished eating something... and it was just too cute to pass up! :)

He's becoming so independent. Just amazes me to see him changing every day. He's talking a little. Says "habeby (dear, love) and hathe (means 'this' - not pronouncing the 'h' too well ) in Arabic, and says things like "I want this/that/these, down, ball, bird", and is trying to say/repeat words I say (English)... it's really sweet and I love listening to his little voice. He jabbers all day about this and that. I have some of it recorded, so maybe I'll post a little of it. Not sure you all would find it as adorable as I do... but you just might :)

anyhoo... wanted to let you guys see his new do. ;)


Jahooni said...

Too cute. Sweetest little thing....But all i can hear is "Mamma! Mamma! Mamma!" when I call you.

that is all the child says all day people! she can't do anything without him yelling every one minute, "Mamma!" LOL

But he still is the cutest thing. Ever. and the sweetest. Give him kisses from Auntie.

Um Naief said...

he's in a phase of not liking momma on the telephone! any attention taken away from him, is negative attention! ;)

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Very cute kid.
Hey, what are you going to do about language? Arabic or English? some bi-cultural famlies do it this way - talk to Mum in English and talk to Dad in his language. Or whatever fits. Would that work?

Anonymous said...

ok 1. Lovin' the new color! Muchhh easier to read!

2. Love the new do! He is so cute with or without hair! He's got some good genes!

3. Pleasee do record and post him saying words. I know we'll hang out and i'll ehar it first person, but i'm impatient!

4. The whole phone/attention thing must have started early, because Noor does that now. Gauranteed, if im on the phone her voice gets louder and if she's close enough to me, she will grab at the phone.

L_Oman said...

What a Q-T! He looks like a big boy compared to the other pics you posted! :) Not sure you wanna hear that because mamas and their baby boys are wayyyy different than mamas and their baby girls! :)

p.s. Love the new look!

Puppy said...

he looks older than he is, dont you think? I mean grown.

Ohhh i would love to stir up his hair!!! very sweet.

Olivia said...

Aw, he's such a boy!

It's great that he's using both languages. I'd love to hear him jabbering away.

Um Naief said...

wendy, he's being taught both languages, which i've read can be difficult when learning to talk and will take longer usually for a child to learn to talk, but that's ok. we both talk to him in english usually, but as of late, hashim has been really trying to talk to him in arabic a lot and when we got to the in-laws, they always speak in arabic... so he'll learn it one way or another... i'm just hoping that along w/ naief, i can also learn a lot more of it. :)

omtutu, yeah, the phone is a big thing right now. he has good days and bad days.. on the bad, he refuses to allow me to talk on the phone w/out causing a commotion. for some reason, he really gets into it when i'm talking long distance to my family. and i just might put a recording of his voice here... altho, you've now heard his little jabbering :)

l_oman, he has grown, hasn't he?!! i see it too, altho... i will say this.. i thought he had changed so much until we shaved his head and then i saw him as a little baby again. it's sweet and makes my heart ache a little. i wonder why there's such a difference between momma's and boys and mommas and girls? do you think it's because boys are more attached to the mothers?

puppy, yeah, i do think he's growing fast. i think he looks older than he is.. don't know why, but he does. Omtutu got to rub her hand across his head yesterday... i wonder what she thought. :)

olivia, he IS such a boy. he runs now and dives into things... very aggressive... but in a boy way. :)

Chief Rock Chef said...

Wow, look how he has grown!

I don't normally like boys with cuts like this - tends to make them look too thuggish, but he looks great! Clearly too clever to look like a thug.

Gazza said...

That is a propper mans haircut,i love it.

Um Naief said...

chief rock chef, you know, i don't notice it until i see pics of him... then it's remarkable.. altho, when we cut his hair, i saw the little baby in him again and it made my heart sing... since he seems so much of a big boy now... even tho he's only a yr 1/2!! :)

gazza, yeah, i really like it too. didn't think i would, but i really do.. and he likes it too. we told him before we went that we were gonna cut his hair like his daddy's and asked if he'd like that and he said yes... and after, i asked if he liked it and he said he did... so i'm glad. and you know... what gets me a bit, is all i heard from my in-laws is, "why wont you cut his hair - you need to shave his head" and after i did it, i heard nothing but "why did you cut his hair"... aarrggghhhh!!! sometimes i just wanna yell, "can you shut the muck up!!!"

Puppy said...

I have just noted that on the car bumper written "Barbie" :)))))

He looks so malelish in that girlish car :)))))))))))))

Um Naief said...

puppy, yeah, it was a Barbie car. he loved that car... it was bigger than all the others and had doors that opened and closed. :)

One Wink at a Time said...

I'm one who loves lots of hair on little ones but he looks adorable! Those eyes of his are so expressive and warm :-)
Your blog looks great!

Um Naief said...

one wink, thank you! i like children w/ hair as well... but daddy got his hair shaved and wanted naief to do the same, so i agreed. and you're right... his little eyes are expressive... unbelievably so!! :)