Tuesday, August 05, 2008

18 mths here and gone

18 mths has come and gone.... ok, by one day, but yesterday seemed to last a loooooonnng time, especially by early this morning when I hadn't seen but an hour or so of sleep.

Naief went to the dr. yesterday to get checked for his cough and what I thought to be a sore throat, and wound up getting his 18 mth injection. I've been dreading these last couple of injections... with a real fear inside of me of autism. This fear has been constant for a while, so I'm thankful they're over and hope that the next few months are smooth sailing, even though the dr. told me I had no reason to worry since the 1 yr vaccine was the 'real' worry, in terms of autism. Nice that he didn't mention that at the time! and blew me off when I addressed my worries the first time.... you know, are there any good pediatricians in this country?? I swear.. when I read my baby books, I feel like there's something really missing when we visit the dr., but anyway...

So... he gets checked out... ears, throat, nose, chest and back, and all is ok, altho I am told to give him Actifed until the runny nose and coughing clears up, then ... the big injection is given. I told Naief beforehand, which worked the last time. He didn't shed a tear w/ his last injection, but not so lucky this time around. He cried and cried hard... but stopped soon after ... as soon as his eyes found something else more interesting, which was a blessing.

He seemed well enough... running and playing at home, but went to bed early since he hadn't had a real nap yesterday, but I guess around 9 or so last night, he awoke crying like I've never heard him cry before. It scared me, matter of fact. Don't think I've ever heard him cry with such deep sounding pain.... so I got inside beside him and tried to comfort him as best as possible, only to realize he had a fever and let out blood curdling cries if I touched his right leg - which just so happened to be the leg where he got the shot.

I felt the site - really hot - so I asked hubby to go and get a cold pack, then picked Naief up and put him on me. I guess after about 20 mins or crying, he started to settle down.... until I put the cold pack on his leg, and then, once again, he cried so heavy that I worried whether or not everything was ok. We gave him some pain/fever reducer and I kept assuring him that it would stop hurting shortly. Off and on he cried ... I guess for another 40 or so mins., until he fell asleep.

He slept only a bit and wound up being up most of the night w/ pain and a medium fever... as well as momma. It was really sweet actually coz throughout the night, I'd hear, "momma", and I'd answer him, only for him to be quiet - but moving his one good leg and arms about - and then I'd hear another, "momma"... I guess to make sure I was awake with him. :) Hashim said it reminded him of me when I really can't sleep coz I'll often wake him to tell 'em I can't sleep... not really sure of what I want or need since his waking wouldn't make my ability NOT to sleep any better.....

And low and behold, my little boy does the same thing :) !!

This morning was very restless w/ his body having muscle spasms from lack of sleep... so he'd go to sleep, sleep for about 30 mins and wake up crying... go back to sleep, sleep for another 20 or so mins., wake up and repeat again. I found myself getting into the same rhythm... since he was sleeping on me and still not able to move his leg.

Around 11, he awoke wanting to watch TV... so I turn on the tube, put on some cartoons as he laid quietly.... I guess around 12:30 or 1, I get him up to try and work out his leg. It was so sweet... he hobbled around w/out putting any real pressure on his leg... reminded me of an old man. :)

He's now better, altho he's still running a fever that peaks every 4 hrs or so, is coughing, sneezing and still having some bad leg pain... but all in all, he's doing a lot better than early this morning... thankfully.

I truly hate these injections... seems like every time he gets them, they either make him sick or make his leg hurt, bruise him or some such. Poor little guy.... hopefully in a few days, it'll all be a distant memory.


Olivia said...

I didn't think you were supposed to get vaccinations when you're not feeling well....

But bleurgh, this post made me squeamish because I remember how those painful shots feel. Like my tetanus shot when I was 12, got swollen and raging hot and hurt to the touch, ugh....

I think it's really sweet how he spoke your name.

Um Naief said...

i remember one shot when i was young... that one on the side of your arm that leaves a round circle scar... can't remember which one it is though. and i agree.. didn't think you were supposed to get shots when you were sick, but the dr. said to go ahead and give it. i guess he didn't think naief was sick enough, seeing that i took him in immediately. he's doing better now. walking and only running a slight fever, and his cold has pretty much eased up... so i'm glad.

Olivia said...

Ah yes, the one that leaves the scar...it's rubella/german measles, I think. It's one of my earliest school memories (in the UK being socialist they give some of them at school).

The Moody Minstrel said...

Wow...I guess I've been away for a long, long time, haven't I? I suddenly have no idea what's going on. Forgive me, but where did the autism story start?

Ah, childhood vaccinations...I do remember some of them very well (even if I don't want to).

Get well soon, Naief!

Gazza said...

Both my children had bad reactions to them vacinations,it was a night of no sleep when they had them,ye know that one that leave's a circle scar on your arm.....i havent got one...i saw ppl coming out with tears in their eye's so i got off,doesnt make me a bad person coz i dont like pain does it?

Christopher said...

I always remember the shots hurting like hell, I guess because the needles were larger in gauge. I always had to have blood draws, because I had abnormally big lymph nodes in my neck and OH did I dread getting those blood draws!

I can appreciate the scare about him getting his shots and what not. The news and the results are so scary when it comes to what they are saying about autism and the connection to immunizations. In some ways I look at the diagnosis' that they have had a surge in, as a fad in some ways like they automatically said in the late 80's and 90's "Oh he has ADHD..." But then again I am not a parent, I just hope I am not coming across as insensitive!

He is growing so beautifully. He's so lucky to have you and your husband as parents!

The woods are fabulous! I posted pics of the baby!!

Nzingha said...

The Dr. shouldn't have given the shots while he was sick. He should have waited until your son was well.

I'm selective when it comes to vacinations and I don't care what drs try to force on me here. It might be easier if the next time you try to split the shots up over a space of time since he had a reaction. just a thought

and I know what you mean about drs here. I've only found one dr that was trained in New Mexico that I liked, but he left. Smart move I suppose. other than that they are very anal about testing, don't listen to parents concerns, don't take time to explain and think they say it so do it works with everyone.

Um Naief said...

moody, i guess i hadn't spoken about my fear of autism.. i thought i had, so didn't post anything else about it. i've just had this nagging fear that something might happen, but it's finally starting to leave me. i'm a fatalist in that i always go to the worst possible scenario, i guess so that i'll always be ready or at least been there in my head. hashim tells me that i worry too much, which is true.

i'm glad you're back. i've been thinking about you and your family.

gazza, no, it doesn't make you a bad person!! i hate pain, hubby hates pain and look like the little one does too! i know how bad injections hurt me at times, so i can only imagine what it felt like for a guy his size.

kissyfur, no, it doesn't make you insensitive. there's a big debate going on about this very thing. or that ppl are crying autism if the slightest thing pops up. can't remember the name of that radio personality that was discussing just that a few wks back. got a lot of ppl up in arms about over the remarks he made... but hey, who knows, maybe drs are misdiagnosing and over medicating... it happens all the time. look at depression or what drs classify as such. feel down, let's give you a happy pill. so, i'm here w/ ya... but on the other hand, i feel like a uptight momma worried that her little boy might grab onto something bad like that... and is hoping that the reports of how many boys are getting it nowadays is based on speculation.

nzingha, hubby made a comment to the dr about not giving him the shots since he was sick, but he dismissed it. i agree w/ you about splitting up the meds. i've asked before and was told no so i didn't ask this time, but wish i had. i am the mother after all and the wishes of either hashim or i should be final... but you are right, they don't listen to parents' concerns and it really bothers me. i wonder how long the hospitals give these drs to spend w/ each patient. that would tell a lot.

Um Naief said...

kissyfur, i love your photos... little Abby is so beautiful and such a happy looking little girl. the place you're at is incredible looking... as i said... enjoy your time... peace to you.

One Wink at a Time said...

Oh my, you reminded me of when my kids were babies and how scary fevers in the middle of the night were... bless your heart and his!
I think if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't have blindly trusted physicians and their decisions regarding my kids and their immunizations. I've grown to rely more on common sense and less on the medical community. And watching a li'l one in pain is so hard... It makes one feel so helpless. Hope Naief is feeling better by now!

L_Oman said...

Poor little man. :( When kid2 had her appt for her first round of shots, I chickened out and rescheduled the appointment for a week later. I couldn't bring myself to take her and was terrified of possible side-effects.

Over here, they're working on needle-less shots - the ones injected through an air type gun. I actually had a flu shot like that and have to say it was much less painful.

Comparing my pediatricians from the states vs. the ones here literally brings tears to my eyes because it is just awful here. I'd love to open up a real children's doctors office, however going to medical school isn't an option!

Um Naief said...

one wink, the middle of the night fevers are the worst!! i do feel totally helpless especially when you've given meds and the fever doesn't come down and you can do nothing, but try to get it down w/ conventional methods. i can't stand to see him in pain. breaks my heart, i'll tell ya. and you know, here they don't give the option of 'not' having the shots. if i had the choice, i'd go w/out... but.. in saying that, it scares me a little to do that for fear he'll catch something really bad from here.. seeing how many ppl travel in and out on a daily basis and where ppl are from. you just never know! and kids are crazy sick in this country. no one rests when they're sick and no one rests their children.

l_oman, i think i've seen someone getting a needleless shot... not sure though. i would think the pressure from the gun would be a bit painful. i wonder if that'd scare kids? have they had one yet? i agree w/ you... i wish this country knew what good drs meant. i can't find good drs for nothing... i'm happy enough w/ my drs., but naief's drs.. they're no good. the one dr. i have been taking him to see has changed a lot .. now he seems totally uninterested in the child. sometimes i feel like smacking ppl and saying, "wake up".. "what the hell's wrong w/ you!!"