Saturday, April 18, 2009

busy weekend

Had a garage sale this weekend at my MILs school and I feel beat. Guess all the sun got to me today. My friend, T, put a bunch of stuff in it and MIL even put a bunch of stuff in it.... which makes it all the more fun, I think. Don't know what it is, but I do so enjoy doing garage sales.

Naief got sick w/ something yesterday and threw up several times throughout the day and has had diarrhea today... so am assuming it was some bug or something. If it's not better tomorrow, think I'll take him to the dr.

I haven't been doing much.... except watching Dexter. We're in the 2nd season now... and I like it. Who would think you'd like a serial killer.... but there's something about him and the fact that he kills bad ppl makes it all the better. Yeah... strange, I know, but I like him. Altho, last night he had a fling w/ his sponsor - since he's pretending to have a drug addiction (his true addiction is killing), and I wasn't too happy about this... so will see where things go tonight.

Naief starts his tumble tots this week and swimming on Wednesday. We dropped last terms swimming class coz he got an ear infection.... so I'm hoping that he enjoys it this time around and doesn't get sick. He's not to keen about tumble tots... the only real part he enjoys is running about and the music room... but a friend and her son are also taking the class, so maybe he'll like it and have fun. I've only paid the down payment though... so if he doesn't like it and doesn't participate, I think I'll pull him out w/out paying paying for the full term. What's the point really.... ?!

That's about it really... been feeling a bit bored w/ things... wish I had another good book to read. My older sister and I have decided to read 'the secret life of bees'. need to go tomorrow or Monday to find it. my blog friend, Christopher, is reading it and really likes it and have heard other positive things about it... so I'm hoping it's good. Also thinking of starting a yoga class or Pilate's. Used to work out all the time and haven't for toooooo long... and am also thinking of doing this fat smash diet... just need to get off my tush and get to it.

anyway... yawn, yawn... I'm tired and want to watch Dexter... so nighty night... :)


Olivia said...

Ooh do you think i'd like that book?

One Wink at a Time said...

I certainly hope Naief is feeling fine by now. I had a touch of something last night and wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.
You will LOVE The Secret Life of Bees, I promise you :-)
My apologies for not being around much lately. Miss blogging and blog friends :-(

Um Naief said...

olivia, sorry for only now responding my dear... yes, the book is good and i think you'd like it. i'm on chapter 6 right now and altho it's much different than twilight and those, it's very good. you know, christopher is also reading it.

one wink, i'm really liking the book. now want to see the movie... my older sister says that it's supposed to be really good.