Friday, April 03, 2009

breaking dawn

Am on the last book in the series - breaking dawn. It's the biggest of the four with 754 pages. I'm already more than 1/2 way through it. I'll have to admit, I'm seriously addicted to these reading *gems*.

I wasn't much impressed by the 2nd book, even skipping about 8 or 9 chapters, to get to the back... which made my younger sister sorta pissy... but I didn't like where it was going and was dying to find out what was going to happen with Edward and Bella. And, to my credit, it's the first time I've ever done that... and... I'll also admit that I went online to find out what was going to happen. Yeah... she was really upset over that one. :)

Having done that, I wouldn't suggest it nor will I do it again. Plus, seeing the movie sorta ruined it for me for a while.... now, being in the midst of all that's going on in the 4th book, I've gotten past all of that. Even though I know, basically, what's going to happen... it's ok. I even want to go back and read the 2nd book - all the parts I skipped, since I'm really into Jacob and the werewolves.

I told a friend last Friday about these books and she quickly exclaimed, "oh, those are for teenagers.... you should read the vampire books I'm reading" and before leaving, went on to tell me the sordid details! Can't remember the names of them, but they're NOT for the kiddies. ;) She laughed and said she was getting up at 2 in the morning, w/ the excuse of having to go to the loo, just to sneak a read. :)))) And I thought I was the only one! ;)

On another front, Naief is now singing. He's started really liking a song we sing at Tumble Tots that has the same melody as "Are You Sleeping", but it's about fruit... and today before going to sleep, he sang it several times. He hums a lot and is starting to do a little diamond w/ his fingers for "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star". He's going through a stage of not wanting to share at all. One of his little friends didn't want to share w/ him this past play day, and it seems like he's all of a sudden realized that things are 'just' his. So today at lunch, he refused to share anything w/ his cousin, which made SIL none to happy, but me being me, I did tell her that her son was and is still the same and doesn't like to share sometimes, and that all kids go through this stage. Hubby also said it in Arabic... and she said nothing... so not sure if it sunk in or not. Probably not.

On the advice of a blog friend, one that has been blocked from my viewing pleasure because of the infamous MOI here in Bahrain (The Diary of a Lost Boy), I colored my hair darker this past Friday. It was a bit darker than I liked, but a nice change, and I'm now used to it. Went back today to get the highlights put in, which look really nice. I went to a Jack in the Box type of salon to have it done (right around the corner from our house)... something I was afraid to do and refused to do in the past, but.... decided to give it a try once again since my usual place keeps raising their prices and it costs an arm and leg to have my hair done nowadays... also got a pedicure while there, which didn't impress me. I'm spoiled, I suppose. I usually pay 8 to 10 dinars for a regular pedicure at my salon, which doesn't seem to costly since they give great massages and always do a great job w/ clipping, buffing and painting.... but this place, I paid 8 dinars for a "spa treatment" that was supposed to include a massage and didn't. She also clipped the side of one of my nails, when I specifically told her NOT to do that (again w/ the pointed toenails and why ppl like that style is beyond me), and then didn't want to paint the nails at the end... and did a bad job w/ it as well.

BUT... the nice thing about it and what made it perfect is that when I got home, Naief told me how "purty" my nails were over and over. :)))) Made my heart sing and made it all worth it in the end. He sure knows how to make momma putty in his hands.

good day my friends. :)


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Gosh what kind of a land do you live in - having your toenails cut by someone! I thought pedicures were only for elderly citizens! And as for massaging feet, let your husband do that okay?

Um Naief said...

wendy, aaah, i only wish the hubby would be so kind! it's very rare that he does that. i've given him a pedicure before, but never allowed him to give me such... and don't think i would! ;)

i love pedicures. my feet get so utterly dry in this climate w/ cracking if i don't keep them up, and the buffing at home just doesn't seem to do it enough, plus the pampering is nice. but in saying this, the last time i got a pedicure, since this last time, was probably more than 6 mths ago! so it's not very often for me any more.

Olivia said...

Hahaha, you said "go to the loo" - have you been hanging around the Brits or what?

Enjoy hearing your son sing, and discover his voice, not just for singing. I think he may start exercising his vocal cords soon. I remember when my cousin's little boy went around all day in strident tones, whatever he said.

Anonymous said...

Wow, sneaking to read? This must be a goody! I think I'll jump into twilight, after I finish the first two books I just bought.

Naief is so precious! I'm so glad he made your day. Hope to read another entry soon! :)

David said...

Hi - slightly off topic but I noticed you visited Catherine's blog and mine as well. We're looking forward to your "5 things I love about being a mom" post - I know you're busy, and there is no rush at all - just wanted to make sure you knew we saw you... Thanks!

The Moody Minstrel said...

It's fun hearing that your son is discovering the wonderful worlds of music...and selfishness! (Well, one of those is wonderful, anyway!)

I'd imagine that pedicures are as varied as haircuts, i.e. it really depends on where you go. Here in Japan I've been to shops where they treated me like a king with massages, aromatherapy, etc., but gave me a geeky, lopsided haircut. I've also been to shops that gave me a good haircut but literally yanked my head into position by my ear! After spoiling myself for a while by going to a skilled London-style stylist that cost a fortune, recently I've been going to one of these ultra-cheap, Chinese-run, bare-bones barbers that have been popping up all over these days. So far so good (but no shampoo...or massage).

Making an excuse to go to the loo so you can read...I love that! Maybe I should do the same!

Um Naief said...

olivia, i was repeating what my british friend said... in that she was going to the loo to sneak a read!! which i thought was really funny and soooo british! :) i recently listened to you on your blog... christopher sent me a link to it, and you have the cutest, british voice. nothing like i would have imagined... not really knowing what i thought it might sound like.

miss fluff,now... my friend was sneaking a read on the vampire books she has... which are very 'adult' in comparison... i might add. she gave me a few tidbits about it... and i must say, i got embarrassed! ;)

david, thanks for coming by. i do plan to do the list... now, i need to put it together.. which is a lot harder than it sounds.

moody, sounds like you have been having similar experiences as i when it comes to hair cutting experiences. i was also going to a london girl for my cutting, which was terribly expensive, hence the reason for my change... and altho i wasn't fond of the pedicure, i do like the color and such ... so i think i'll go again. :)

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