Thursday, January 21, 2010

on my mind

I can hear cats fighting off in the distance... I hate hearing this sound, especially when it continues on and on, like this one - since they're still fighting and it's been over 5 mins.

There's a Russian woman that lives in some flats around the block from us and she lets her male cat out during the day and night. He fights w/ all the cats, and he's big, so I'm sure that many smaller ones are afraid of him. I feel like telling her to keep her cat inside. For one, these outdoor cats could have anything and pass it to him, he's intruding on their territory and, for all they know, he's wanting to impregnate the females and take their food (which is very hard to come by). It irritates me when ppl don't give a crap ... but as I must, I tell myself... "what to do"... and move on.

Yesterday I was reading in the English paper (Gulf Daily News) how 5 lions and 2 tigers were left here by the circus. Thank God the circus left. Ppl in my immediate area were complaining of roars at night and were afraid the animals would get loose. I have to laugh a little to myself when I think about the animals getting loose and scaring ppl, altho the authorities would probably kill them, so better for us that it didn't happen.

Saw pictures of the big cats in tiny, steel cages w/ no food or water. They're saying that they haven't been fed in 4 days (today being the 5th day), altho those in charge are saying something different. Makes me sick to think about how little ppl care about the lives of these animals. They only see them as entertainment. Forcing them to do stunts that they're not meant to do... parade them around in front of ppl, making ppl think they can be tamed. No wonder so many animals kill their handlers. Truly, I see why and don't blame the animals. The only thing I dislike is that the animal is usually killed after such. Animals shouldn't be in circus' ... how barbarian is this? I used to protest, in Dallas, against the circus with the animal rights' group I belonged to. We'd stand on corners and down the walkways handing out flyers that showed how the animals were beaten and kept in poor environments during circus time. Some ppl showed true interest while many made negative comments and trashed the leaflet right in front of me. I guess something I'll never get used to or understand is how ppl can be cruel to animals.

Oh yeah... think we're going to adopt another dog :)))) Two guys were walking their dogs thru our neighborhood last night and I ran in and got Noof and hubby to get a look. They were bull mastiffs (sp??) and soooo lovable. One was 11 mths old and the other 2 mths. After we came inside, Hashim said that we could go look at dogs. :) I can hardly wait.

Don't know how many of you have heard about this, but there's a British woman fighting for custody of her son right now in Qatar. She was once the wife of a Qatari national and years after he died, his family, in Qatar, asked that she bring her son to visit the relatives there. Stating that the grandmother was ill. After going there, she let her son go and visit the grandmother w/ the uncle and, since then, they're refusing to give the child back to her. They've only allowed to see him, supervised, twice or three times and are claiming they now have custody of the child. Petitions have been going around like crazy to get the son back with one being sent to the Amir's wife in Qatar and they're even taking it to Geneva. There's a facebook group and a petition online if you're interested in signing it. I think it's called 'Get Adam Back' or 'Return Adam'.

This has made me and some of my friends who are married to Bahraini's seriously think of our child's future if anything like that were to happen to our husbands. Me and another friend are going to get court documents signed and stamped that say if something were to happen to us or our husbands or to both, our families would get custody of the children. I can't imagine what this mother is going through and I find that I put myself in her shoes and it's frightening. Being a foreigner in a Muslim country with a child who is Muslim... well... so many things could happen and it doesn't look like the embassies get involved... for the British embassy is doing nothing for this woman, I believe. So could only imagine that the American embassy/govt wouldn't get involved....

We're headed out to the Bahrain International Air Show tomorrow w/ some friends. I'm sure Naief will love it. The Bahraini, French, US, Jordanian, and Saudi air forces will be doing their stuff, as well as Team Viper BAC 167 Strikemaster light attack aircraft, Sukhoi SU 27 jet fighter, and Mark Jefferies' Extra 330C solo aerobatic display. They're supposed to have stuff there for the kids and family.. so we'll head over there by about 11, the air show starts at 1:30 and they'll have fireworks at 5:30. I hope to get some good pics and I'll post them here later.

Saw my MIL at the park that's opened down the street from us late yesterday. She said hello and asked how I was to which I said hello and said that I was fine. Nothing else said.... haven't seen the in-laws in probably 2 mths. And you know... it's peaceful. :)


Puppy said...

U know its sad to hear about animals, very sad, especially they have noone to defend them.

Reading about russian woman, it made me think that Russians are everywhere and no wonder that she does that. I mean why she should care for her its natural, its natual selection, she has a male cat so on the street everyone is even. I dont think she will understand any of ur complain. My personal view.

So u r adopting a dog, make sure u check the dog for all possible illnesses, so noone get upset. I looked at the pics, that is a scary dog, Henry looked more friendly than that. I heard they are aggressive. With small child, hmmmm..... i wouldnt risk, but u know better. I never had a pet:)

I would love to see airshow pics, post some here. nothing that kind is happen here, otherwise i would go out and practice my photo skills. Have u seen my pics from Dubai in my blog?

Um Naief said...

no, no... wont be adopting or getting any dogs like these. they paid 500 dinars for the oldest one and 700 dinars for the 2 mth old. we'll get something from the BSPCA when we do, and yes, i'm still a bit frightened of it getting sick...since many of the dogs have been infected w/ the tick fever there, but, hopefully, we'll get a dog, take the preventative action, and he'll/she'll be okay.

the air show was incredible. truly breathtaking in some places. the american F16 - i think it was, but could be mistaken - broke the sound barrier as it was going past us and the sound from that... wow. so loud, but incredible. and behind the plane.. looked like some time of time warp happening... very cool stuff.

haven't looked at your pics online, yet. will soon. :)

that russian woman.. one night, i was outside putting food at the dumpster and she was wondering around calling what i assumed to be a cat. i asked her if she had lost her cat, and she was so weird. said yes, but acted strangely, and since then, that cat is out all the time. i think she's a dancer or hooker or something... don't know. probably both. was shacked up w/ some saudi guy, but he's either gone back to saudi and is still paying for her or she's gotten a new guy. the only time we see her and her friend are when they're walking to the store w/ tight t-shirts on w/ no bras! such class acts.

Gardens of Sand said...

Something to really think about. Did you hear about the David Goldman custody battle? He is American, from NJ. His Brazilian wife went to with their son visit her fam in Brazil, filed for divorce & never returned. Kept the son in Brazil and got full custody. Remarries and dies during labor with her 2nd child. The ex-wife's family and husband retain full custody. It took 5 yrs of court battles, US pressure and a senator/congressman, to get the Brazilian courts to rule in Goldman's favor. He just returned with his son. His ex's family filed an appeal or something to the like.

My 2nd cousin was married to a British lady and had 4 children. After 15+ yrs of marriage, she & the kiddos go on vacation to the UK. She files for divorce, gets full custody of the kids. The kids cannot leave the country or see their Bahraini dad unsupervised. The eldest kids wanted to come to Bahrain (I wonder if they did). It nearly killed the dad and their granma.

Mixed marriages, for a lack of a better term, came with their own sets of challenges. What happens to the kids when the marriage falls apart, or 1 or both spouses pass away?

In our marriage contract, hubby (American) and I stated in a case of divorce, I get custody (very romantic, I know, but dad was adamant, but he needed to make sure I was 'protected.' I guess he is used to women getting the short end of the stick in Bahrain). We have yet to think about what happens should something happen to us. Because of his family circumstances, I guess the kids would probably go to mine, but we haven't yet made a will.

My sister has 3 kids and she & her hubby want us to take the kids should something happen. We still did not get that in writing.

Um Naief said...

Gardens of Sand, yes, it is a sticky situation all around. Can't imagine this guy fighting for his child in Brazil. Wow, that's really something and I can imagine how he felt. Even w/ your 2nd cousin.. it's hard, but you have to wonder, seriously, why a woman would leave and then just five for divorce. what was happening to cause this?! i don't think any woman would want the hardship of raising a child(ren) on her own, so it makes me wonder why she'd leave everything and file for divorce. i do think that it's terrible that the husband/family have been unable to see the children... but honestly, sometimes, i think it's for the best. i know i would not want my in-laws raising my son.... they're good ppl, for the most part, but i wouldn't want it.