Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy New Year everyone!

some of the females

a male snuggling/kissing hashim :)))

these camels are so sweet

Wow... can hardly believe it's 2010! Time sure flies by when you have a little one around. Hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and the new year is finding new beginnings for all of you.

I've considered not blogging any longer, but.... after talking with a couple of friends, I've decided to keep on with it while some of you are still interested and/or just bored :)

Being a mother, I find that most of what I have to talk about is my child or home life.... but since there are some times when something juicy happens or too funny/stupid not to sure, I'll try to keep it fun, light and entertaining... try, that is. :)

The new school term has started here and Naief goes back tomorrow. We had a tumble tots class this morning and he loved it. There are 3 other boys in the class and 3 girls... all the same age/thereabouts as him. One little girl scratched him in the face while in class, he cried and then she tried to do again, but I stopped her. Her mother apologized - the little girl wouldn't - and said that she's rough because she has an older brother at home and has learned to be aggressive because of it. So... next class I'll have to keep a watchful eye on her.

Our Christmas was really good. I got gift certificates for a facial and Moroccan bath at a spa here - have already used my Moroccan bath certificate and it was absolutely fantastic. For those who have never had one or don't know what they are.... this will give you a little info on it.... It's done in a steam room where you lie flat on a stone/tiled table, and they first lather your body w/ a special soap which happens to have a very strong odor and if it gets into your eyes... watch out. It stings like no soap you can imagine - I happened to get some in my eye this time around.... not fun. After lying in the steam for about 5 - 10 mins., it's washed off, and you then get scrubbed down w/ this glove that takes off all your dead skin - and sometimes skin if they rub too hard. It hurts a little, but is worth it in the end. Then you are rubbed down w/ a mix of herbs (rosemary, thyme, etc.) and left to soak in the steam for about 10 mins. Again, washed off and soaked in a yogurt and herb mixture where you lie for another 10-15 mins. When this last part is washed off you are then rubbed down with oil. You also get a hair wash, scalp massage and conditioner that is kept on until the end while having your bath.... my skin has never felt so good and I've promised myself to have it done monthly.

Think I'll go this coming week for the facial. Been needing one of these for a while and might even upgrade to one that's more fitted to my skin type and needs. Ahhhh, I love to be pampered and don't do it nearly as often as I'd like to.... but... family first. :)

Thought I'd add a couple pics from this past weekend. We went to the camel/date farm in Jannabaiya and Naief loved it. The camels were soooo sweet and tender. And HUNGRY. Poor things. The thing I don't like about it is that they keep the males tied up to chains w/ their front legs tied together all the time. They said it was because they fight and kick, but I still found myself feeling sad about it. They had some that were probably yearlings and they were soooo skinny and hungry. We fed some, but they told us, after a bit, not to feed too much because they'd fight from wanting the food. :( Oh well, it was a nice morning.

Also went to see Where The Wild Things Are and was somewhat disappointed in it. I found hardly any happiness in the movie... ok, maybe a couple of places were happy, but not as much as I would have liked. I cried at the end... it was so sad. Naief liked it though and hubby didn't seem to be bothered one way or the other.... obviously it was just me.


Puppy said...

Happy New YEAR to you too!!!! wish you lots of happiness, luck, health and FUN :)))

Moroccan bath sounds nice, i couldnt get any SPA at my current trip everythihg was booked, can u imagine?!

As for Dubai u either Do Buy, or do nothing. I will blog about shortly:)))) I dont think u missed much, although they were some fun moments:)))))

Happy new year, my friend!


Rock Chef said...

Those camels do look cute - never thought of them that way before, always saw them as nasty, bad tempered things! Still, if they are hungry and hobbled they probably decided that cute was the best way to go!

Happy New Year!

Um Naief said...

Puppy, welcome home! i thought dubai would be costly and lots of ppl go there to shop. i wish you could come and visit me! we'd have spa treatments galore... :) Happy New Year my dear friend!

Rock Chef, I think you're on to something... :) w/ the camels. and Happy New Year to you as well!! hope you and the family had a lovely Christmas and New Year!

Claire said...

Hi -
I found your blog through Rock Chef and like to vist yours as I get to see a whole other way of life through your words. I hope you continue blogging.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Happy New Year to you, too, and it's good to see you back here!

It's good to hear you being cheerful, too.

I didn't think the original book of "Where the Wild Things Are" was particularly happy, so I wouldn't expect the movie to be. But you know how movie versions of books tend to be...especially if the original story is short and simple.

Christopher said...

Whoops! My comments for this post went on the previous post...oh well, you know me and my california leaf (wink) Thinkin' if you babes and hope all is well...xoxo