Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hello Scooby :))))

Say hello to Scooby. :) He's the new addition to our family.

Went to the Dilmun Club today to let Naief and two of his cousins play and, when walking in, saw his picture on the bulletin board and decided to call. He's 3 1/2 yrs old and has been around cats... which is a really good thing, since we have 8 furbabies.

He's a bit nervous, hasn't eaten anything so far - altho I know he must be hungry - has terrible teeth and hasn't been neutered. After he settles down and gets comfortable with us we'll take him to the vet to get fixed and to have his teeth cleaned.

He's smaller than Henry and seems very friendly and gentle. Wants to be next to me a lot, really likes Hashim, and is gentle with Naief, which is good because Naief seems to really like him. Even crying at bedtime because Scooby was taken out of the bedroom.

We're gonna change his name to Snoop Dog, so we've started calling him Scooby Snoop to let 'em get used to the new name. The woman at the kennel said that we could call him his new name after about 10 days.

He's lived with a few different families/ppl, the last giving him up because she had hip surgery and he wanted to sit on her lap all the time. The first woman/family had him when he was a puppy and after returning from holiday, the husband decided that they wouldn't pick him up. The kennel woman said that Scooby had been very ill when he was young and they thought he was going to die, but he didn't, and I guess her husband didn't want the dog and refused to allow her to keep him. I'd like to find out what was wrong w/ him when he was young, but not sure if that'll be possible. I find myself getting scared of tick fever.... that his body could have the parasite, so when we take him in to the vet for shots, neutering and such, we'll have him tested since stress can set it off.

If he doesn't start eating by tomorrow I'll take him back over to the kennel to eat there, walk around a bit and then bring him home. This woman suggests this and I agree. She said that it'll show him that everything's ok and the kennel is still there... to reassure him. Sure wish we had the dog whisperer on TV here.

I'm really happy to have him. He reminds me of Henry.... looks a bit like him, but is golden amber with cream on his chest. He has the same type of curled tail so am assuming he's mixed w/ a desert dog. He's very curious of the cats and chased Chaplina up the outside wall today.... so we'll have to watch him w/ her... and with Puss, since she's on kitty cop mode. :)


Puppy said...

Heyyyyy, congratulations with new dog. He really looks like Henry, although a bit skinny or so it looks to me.

Hope Snoop Dog will bring u lots of joy to your family :)))



Anonymous said...

Thats wonderful! I hope all of you are happy, and that Scooby meshes in just fine! :)

Um Naief said...

so far, so good. and yes, puppy, he is a bit skinny, i think. he's still not eating well.... i'll give it until tomorrow. if he still hasn't eaten much, i'll take him to the kennel and let him eat there. scares me that he's not eating... henry did the same. but... could be that he needs to settle in w/ us. he slept w/ us last night and when i woke up this morning, he was on his back w/ his legs up in the air... sooo darn cute!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Snoop Dog.


Rock Chef said...

He looks gorgeous! Getting dogs to eat can be a real problem - I have been down on all fours pretending to eat the dog's food before now! Seemed to work, though!

Good luck with him!

Um Naief said...

rock chef, yeah, think i'm gonna have to try this. he likes it when we sit down w/ him and cheer him on... seems to feel like it's okay to eat then. he's eaten a little bit, but seems to want to eat the cat's food more than his own... maybe because he sees them eating it. i'll give this a try today. thanks for the advice!

this is only the 2nd time for me to have a dog so i'm a newbe at this, and hashim had one dog when he was young, but they took it away because of the whole haram thing w/ dogs.

he is pretty, isn't he?! :) he's really sweet and gentle. loves attention and wants to be with us 24/7. i think because he wasn't given a lot of attention when young or growing up. doesn't know how to play really, but i'm allowing myself to not be afraid and i wrestled w/ him a little bit yesterday. want to make sure he knows how far to go and whatnot. you think this is a good thing?? what suggestions can you give to me?