Sunday, July 01, 2007

da, da. da, da

Naief has started to speak..... and is saying da, da, da, da sooooo much. it's so sweet and as you can imagine, daddy loves it. Here in the Middle East they use baba for father/daddy. I call hubby daddy w/ the baby because I knew it would be his first words and because I also think that having those as the first words spoken, I knew it would bring a special bond between him and his daddy.

This past weekend, Hashim slept w/ the baby and I slept in the baby's room so that I could sleep in and it soooo helped. Naief is waking at 6:30 a.m. now, so daddy got to experience a little bit of motherhood - at this stage - for the first time. It isn't easy... babies are a handful, but... wouldn't you know it, the first morning that I slept in, the baby would start talking!! I was a little jealous at first, but now, since he's saying it all the time, I really am enjoying it.

On Friday morning, after sleeping in, I walk into the bedroom, and I could swear that I heard Naief say ma, ma, ma, ma... even maybe mommy. Maybe I was delirious?!! ;) Cause he hasn't said it since... but gosh... it brought such a rush of excitement and joy into my heart.

Today was a really tiring day and for the first time, I actually slept along w/ him when he took his morning and afternoon naps. aaaaahhhhh, the joy from finally being able to do that... sleep!

I've been trying to get him on a routine and it's a lot easier to say than do. He wakes up on schedule, but the rest of the day is his own. He's now waking up in the evenings and wee early hours for additional feedings. He's obviously having a growth spurt... so I'm experiencing the first months of motherhood again. I've added cereal to his diet yesterday. He loves it. I give it once in late morning and then at night. Tonight Hashim added some cherry juice to it and he gobbled it up, even cried when it was finished.

I don't think he'll be a picky eater at all or at least I'm hoping that w/ how he's behaving that it's a sign for good things to come.

One of the girls that is a blog friend just had a baby. You can find her blog at Reem's World. I'm wondering how it's going and if she's tired, which I'm sure she is. Funny how you're just dying for the baby to get older but when he starts, you look back and wish for the time when he was sleeping a lot. Bush gosh, even then I wasn't sleeping w/ him.... but I find myself wishing for a little bit of that time again.

He's started doing so many new things. He's now in a walker and loves pushing himself backwards. He hasn't mastered coming forward yet, but goes from side to side w/out any problems. He's trying his best to crawl right now but his arms aren't strong enough yet. I'm thinking it'll be getting a lot closer by the end of this month.... when this happens.... oh gosh.... I'll have to move so many things and watch everything like a hawk. You don't think about all the little things you have lying around until you have a little baby that's about to start getting into everything. He loves putting things in his mouth and I'd never want to experience him choking.... it's such a huge fear of mine. I lie awake looking at him thinking about it sometimes..... yes... go ahead, tell me how crazy it is... but like I've said in past blogs, I'm a fatalist..... I try not to ... but that stuff just sneaks right up on ya.... but hey, they way I see it... better safe than sorry... don't ya think! I think I need to find a class for learning CPR. I wonder if there are any places around here that teaches it to new mothers... if not, there should be!

anyway.... it's about 9:10 pm here. the baby is asleep, hubby is in the studio and i'm headed off to watch oprah and try to dose off early. take care guys.

p.s. want to apologize coz i've only been visiting a blog every now and again. i miss reading all of you guy's blogs.... believe it or not. thanks for sticking around w/ me.... maybe in a few i'll get back to all my old haunts. :)


Hashim said...

He's sooo adorable when he says da da da.... he looks like a teethless old man :)

He's a handfull. I can't get on the computer for more than 10 minutes or he'd throw a complete fit. I can't talk on the phone, can't run quick to the bathroom... can't do nothing :)

but... he's worth it. :)

The Moody Minstrel said...

Don't worry about not visiting our blogs so much. I think you have someone a lot more important to talk to right now. ;-)

Olivia said...

Hehe, no worries - you have a life to get on with!

I don't think I have heard of cherry juice before. It sounds quite nice.

My parents have always referred to each other as "mum" and "dad" - even now that they are no longer married, though Dad uses Mum's first name every now and then, and then changes back because it sounds funny using my mother's first name with me.

Um Naief said...

olivia, actually we squeezed the little cherries ourselves into the bowl!! i did it today for the last time... he seemed to like it a lot the first time, but today he didn't care for it. he's not much into the baby cereal, so i'm only feeding once in the morning.

i will say, i love watching him get all messy and he's already wanting to control the spoon!!

Jahooni said...

Don't be jealous.... Kate's first words were DA DA DA too. It's normal for babies... Rolling the "mmmm" off the tongue is harder. Just wait..... he'll start talking more and more and he won't shut up!

Puppy said...

OOOOOhhhhh Congratulations!!!!

That is an event. things are improving really fast.

I am happy for you, Um Naief.

Enjoy the motherhood.


Lotus Reads said...

Awwww, thank you so much for sharing Naief's special milestone with us! This is such a lovely age, babies are constantly learning new things and achieving new milestones!

And Um Naief, please don't worry about not being able to visit everyone's blogs. We all have busy spells every now and again, so we understand it's perfectly normal to drop off the radar at times. I'm just happy that you find time every now and again to post something for I love coming here and reading about your life in Bahrain and Baby Naief. Thank you!