Monday, July 09, 2007

two front teeth

I can hardly believe it.... altho I knew back when he was 4 mths old that he was starting to teethe .... and yep, even when the dr. said that he can't be teething... not until he's at least 5 mths or 6 mths of age....

well... Naief has two teeth coming in. I've been able to see them for a while now - a whiteness thru the gums - but only today have they broken thru. Not a lot, but I can feel them w/ my finger. Aaaaahhhh, after 4 long days of going thru it w/ him.... I'm so happy that they've shown themselves, because not only were they causing a fever, but nothing made this little boy happy... nothing. He was cranky all day, every day, and crying a lot, and even his favorite toys and games weren't enough to help the pain and ease his suffering. I finally started giving him children's panadol and it seemed to help a lot.... for all you new mothers out there.

Today I went out to buy him a few onesies and while I was looking, I had him in the sling, facing forward, in front of me, and one of the Bahraini sales ladies asked if he was 8 mths.... which I could hardly believe and I said, "no, he's 5 mths old". We talked for a bit.... w/ her commenting about how fast everyone wants you to have babies around here, after which she told me that she's been married for a year and hasn't had any children. I told her that I thought that was good... it would give her time to be w/ her husband and for them to enjoy each other because children aren't easy and you no longer have any free time.... boy, ain't that the truth! ;)

Finally, finally, finally... hubby has found some old artwork of mine that I did years ago on Photoshop... he's gonna bring it to the puter upstairs so that I can put a few of them online... I'm still waiting for him to find my poetry from a website that I had years ago w/ most of my poems there... since getting rid of that, he backed it up to someplace (he swore to me) and it's been sorta lost ever since... but I hope this is a sign of good things to come... and soon he'll tell me that he's found my poetry! I hope... because it's not anywhere else. I didn't write down a lot of it... only spending hours online writing one poem after another it seemed... some during my most depressing of days... why it is that I write and paint the best when I'm sad or depressed is beyond me and something that I still long to understand. I only wish I could when happy... but my muse flies away and doesn't come back around 'til I'm sad and depressed again.... weird how I long for days like that so I can paint something or write something of beauty.... or at least to be able to pour my heart out thru my pen.... it was such a release back then.... now I just journal or write here, which is ok... but I miss that other side of me..... makes me wonder why I'd miss such sadness.


The Moody Minstrel said...

why it is that I write and paint the best when I'm sad or depressed is beyond me and something that I still long to understand.

That's actually common among artists. I know I make my best artistic creations (music, writing, whatever) when I'm either boiling inside or the walls are closing in. Singer Brett Anderson of Suede once said, "I only write good music when I'm sexually frustrated." Famous artists' most famous works quite often come out during (or just after) "blue periods".

No pain, no gain.
I'm sure your son understands that right now.

Um Naief said...

moody, you know, i know that some of the best writers and poets, as well as painters were deeply depressed ppl... i think, for some strange reason, that depression or "sad" thing brings out the best in some ppl. i'm also like you in that i also can paint when i'm mad... but not w/ writing. only deep depression or severe sadness allows me to write.

i can remember being in calif. before coming here and had lost all hope of it happening or even being w/ hubby, and i wrote poem after poem... and my sister said... "why can't you write anything happy?!!"... and i just can't. only a few times and they always seem so stupid to me... like i was trying to hard.

i guess i'm just better suited as a sad, lonely and depressed individual! ;)

and you're right... no pain, no gain! you sound like my gym couch! ;)

Puppy said...

Congratulations on a front teeth!!

U know there are a special toys for kids, so they chan chew, when the gums are itching and teeth are growing?

"i guess i'm just better suited as a sad, lonely and depressed individual" do you think it has something to do with astrology? This seem so Virgo.

Um Naief said...

puppy, hey there! i have the teething toys for him. he chews/bites on them sometimes. he mostly chews on his little fingers or the covers or my finger.

yeah, i think that us virgos are like this... maybe not all of us. for one anon person left a comment once on one of my posts about being full of life and the "life" of the party... and saying that they were so outgoing and such... i told this anon that i've never met a virgo like that and that "no, i wasn't one of those".... guess i missed something, someplace, somewhere.

MSB said...

i hear ya.. back in highschool and freshman year of univ, i used to write so much.. poems, short stories.. u name it.. and it used to be pretty good if i say so myself. now, i cant put one proper post together!!

let's see the teeth! :) my nephew just turned 3 months old today.. i know what to expect in a couple months now

Gazza said...

Congrads on the teeth,all the better to bite you all get pissed off now and then,as i get older,i'm enjoying life more and having a ball,life's what you make it.....

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

About sadness and creativity - maybe it is that you feel deeply and want to express it. When life is light and airy, you are not passionate enough to write a poem or paint a picture. Looking forward to seeing your work.
And your baby is going so well - always something new happening, this time some teeth. I presume you are not breast-feeding him and he is biting you? Okay, he's on the bottle.There's a kid here (grandson of a friend) who is about 2 and a half who still runs over to his mum to have a suck of milk!

Um Naief said...

gazza, you are so right... i just wish i could remember that more often - life being what you make of it. you know.. i find myself worrying about stupid things. my weight for instance... i told hubby that i can imagine it now... i'm on my death bed and all i can say is: at least i'm skinny. imagine!

msb, well, you can't see them yet. they've just now broken the gums... so you can feel their little sharpness, but can only see if you open his mouth and look down into the area... which is difficult to do w/ a little baby! ;) he's been so fussy... i hope you guys don't experience much of that. i've heard that the top teeth and molars are the worst. but know.. if they're fussy, they're in pain. imagine how painful it is... i try to think back when i had braces and listen to my sister complain, who has them now... then i try to think of what the baby must be feeling to some degree. but as soon as they start to really show, i'll be sure to post a pic!

wendy, no, not breastfeeding and you know, NOW.. i feel thankful for it!! :) and here i was so disappointed about not being able to. they're sharp little things! well.. as far as the child still taking his mom's breast... one of my SILs is still nursing and her son is 2 1/2 now. the other day, she pickd up naief and her son thought, obviously, that she was going to breastfeed him. oh man... he threw a fit. he wanted to breastfeed right then and there and she couldn't get him to stop. finally they took him upstairs to change his environment, then it was fine. i told her that she needs to start wheening (sp?) him.... but i think she's going to have a real tough time doing it. it's his only way of getting complete and utter attention from his mom. he's pretty much being raised by the housemaids and just form watching him interact and such w/ all of them... this is what i gather. but... i could be completely wrong. i just think she needs to take that step.

but you know... w/ saying this, years ago i worked w/ this woman and she breastfed her kids, all 3 of them, until they were 5 years old. i couldn't believe it and even laughed out loud over it and asked her if they come up and ask for it at parties and such... which, looking back, i'm sure offended her... but really... i think at that stage it's not for the child, but for the mother.

Aysha said...

I was told sometime ago, that I write most professionaly when ANGRY!
However, I have a problem with writing while sad. As soon as the fever passes, I cannot look back onto what I wrote under the effect, no matter how good it is.
Why do I keep plenty of writings that I never want to see again? You tell me...

Aysha said...

Oh, as for the teething, I was surprised too! Please tell me you are not breast feeding :S
But in all cases,congratulations. The more teeth he has, the easier it is going to be as you start the solids.

Anonymous said...

un maief

If the little tyke is having lots of pain teething Clove oil can really help ease the pain. You can find in most pharmacy's in Bahrain I think. I know in the past I have bought some in one pharmacy over by AMH.

Lisa said...

I am the same way about writing when i am sad. Before I got married, I had notebook after notebook of poetry full of my lonliness and heartbreak and stupid boys and well... you know what i mean. Then I got married and realized that he filled every lonely and sad place in my life, and I have written maybe 2 poems in the last 4 years. I just don't have a need to pour my feelings into paper so much, when I have someone to share them with. Its great to have that kind of love, but I do miss writing alot.