Monday, July 30, 2007

Almost 6 mths

Can hardly believe that in 5 days, Naief will be 6 mths old!! Thankfully time is not really flying and both me and Hashim are enjoying watching him grow, discover and have fun.

Thought I'd put a cute photo up for all of you. Last week, we decided to fill his baby pool and take him for a dip for the first time. He cried a little but also enjoyed it. I think as time goes by, he'll really enjoy getting wet and swimming.

He's on the verge of crawling. I expect that w/in the next couple of weeks, he'll master it or it sure seems that way. This morning he was rocking back and forth while in the crawling position, and he moved his leg forward and then the other one, then fell on the bed exhausted! ;) So... looks like it'll be any day now.... :)

He's growing so fast. We have to take him to the dr. on the 4th to have his 3rd set of shots. I hope he doesn't get sick this time. Last time he caught a cold that lasted for a few weeks and it was so hard on him, and hard on me. I hated seeing him sick. I will tell you guys... for anyone who doesn't know, they have these great little suction things out there that pull the stuff right outta the nose. Great little gadget that is. Whenever his nose got stuffed up, I'd use that and wallah..he could breathe!

Anyway... I'm enjoying motherhood. Never thought I'd be one to say it... but here I am.

He's doing so many new little things. Every day you see something new. I love to watch him explore the world and realize things. Right now he's into cause and affect. He'll drop a toy and look right at me. I pick it up, give it back to him and he does it again. Sometimes he even laughs. He loves songs and will laugh when I sing to him. Do you think this is a bad thing??!! ;) lol

He knows who mommy and daddy are and will put out his arms to come to me... which I love. He adores Hashim.... and watches everything his daddy does. I've started looking around our room and the house... realizing just how much stuff we'll have to put up once he starts to crawl. In our room alone, seems like we'll have to strip it. Cabinets will have to be locked or child proofed.... tables (glass) will have to be put up until later... we'll have to get gates for the stairs... things you don't think about until you see how quickly he moves across the bed and grabs things, and how fast he grabs at a glass you're drinking from, or grabs from a plate of food that you're eating. He wants everything.... so I know that the house will need major child proofing before this little boy gets a running start on all that's breakable!

We've actually decided to have another baby. Can you believe it??? Well... or at least we'll try. I hate to say anything until it's actually happened... for I seem to jinx myself w/ things. I would love to have a little girl... but little boys are just as sweet, I'm finding out. This morning he actually gave me a kiss when I asked for one! :) How sweet is that??!!

Nice day everyone!


The Moody Minstrel said...

Oh, boy...little Naief is learning how to play his mommy! ;-)

Just wait till he's old enough to start asking you to buy things for him. THAT'S a whole 'nother chapter in life!

Olivia said...

Boo, guess who?

I am sort of back, on slow dial up...

Amazed that you've already agreed on having another baby. How old do you hope Naief will be by then? Is there an ideal age? Do you secretly want a girlie?

Jahooni said...

Gosh my nephew is too cute! I really want to be there for his birthday but how much are the flights, did you ever check???

why must you love so far away?

Rain said...

WoW :)

I never knew that little ones grow that fast... i always wondered why mommys want to have more than one kid although they suffer alot :)..the motherhood requires patience ,patience and patience :D, but i think one smile from ur kid makes u forget all about the tiredness u go thru , isn't it? My husband wanted 3 kids but i wanted 1 , so we agreed on 2 :D .
God bless ur little angel .

Jac said...

hmmm... you are an addict of motherhood ?? So nice to hear that Um Naeif.

When babies are sick, the whole home feel sick.

I suggest that you read "I am ok you are ok" by Thomas Harris, a book that I read a couple of years back.

It explains about baby psycology below the age of five and the practcality of things when they grow up.

That was a woderful post from a young mother.

I am sure that God will grace you with what you wish the next time.

Jac said...

Came back to give you this URL

Christopher said...

Awww another baby? How fabulous! So many of my friends are having babys, it's all too sweet! How has life been treating you? When are you going to post a family portrait??

Sunshine said...

awwww, i love kids at this age.. very curious and old enough to be played with.. haha..
i think its great u guys have decided on another baby, i bet Naief would love to have a baby sister/brother to play with :)

Puppy said...

GREAT NEWS!!! another baby. When i read the lines it made me smile. Its really good, now you will be experienced pregnant mom, totally different feelings :)I wish you good luck.

If you will hurry up, Naief and New BABY can go to the same class at school, like it was the case for me and my sis :)))

Ahh as for the pic, where is the focus?

Two kids are always good, he will have a dear, devoted person to share his feeling, secrets to share and of course hide them from you;))))

My dad always was saying, one kid in a family is not fun for kid. He was the only kid in a family.

so good luck, and i will say GO GIRLLLL!!!!!

Puppy said...

Um Naief,

forgot to say THANK you for the pics, been busy lately.

But i check my email, so more pics are welcome:)

Um Naief said...

moody, oh ... believe me, little naief has known how to control mommy for a while now. and you're right... i can only imagine how it'll be when he gets a tad older!

OLIVIA!!!, how nice to see you! well... if we go for another baby, we're thinking next year. and yes.. i'd love to have a girl, but a little brother would be nice too. in everything that i learned in school, they say not to have another child until after the current child is 2 yrs old, but... i know ppl who've done it and all is ok between the children.

jahooni, until you show me the passport, i won't check on air fares. plus, the fares are changing all the time. the best time to buy tickets is in november... so get busy w/ the passports!

rain, you are sooo right. before, i didn't have a lot of patience, but the baby sure does teach you that quickly! but one smile does melt your heart and you realize that it's all worth it!

jac, yeah, i'm an addict! :) the strange thing is... i used to get so annoyed w/ those mothers who'd do nothing but talk about their babies and children... and here i am... one of them! at least when i go places w/ friends and they don't have kids... i really try to watch myself. and thanks for your compliments! :) i'll check out this book. haven't heard of it. i always like to read about things concerning his development.

christopher, family portrait... hmmmm... well have to see how hubby feels about that one. i can hardly believe myself about another child. but you know, like all mothers say, you forget how difficult it was when you have the sweet little baby in your arms, and sure enough, i feel the same way. i'm good. too hot in this part for my blood... but hey, i keep hoping that the humidity will help my wrinkles! ;) i can hope...

sunshine, i agree w/ you. hashim wanted just one and we were going back and forth, but after talking to some of his friends and ppl who were only kids, he's changed his mind and now wants to have another. only wish he could have it!!! ;) but you know, i did enjoy being pregnant. it's a wonderful feeling when you feel them kick inside of you and such.

puppy, i think it would be wonderful to have the kids be in the same grade.... and for him to have someone to play w/ when he gets older... it'll be like his special little buddy. and i really like how close you are w/ your sister... i would like that type of close bond between them.... i just hope it all goes according to plan... but life isn't usually that sweet. ;0

Jane said...

Wow, he is getting so big! I can't believe he is nearly six months already. Such a big boy!

Baby-proofing is essential and a major pain in the ass. However, it's important for the baby's safety but also that way you don't have to constantly be scolding him for getting into what he shouldn't.

Another baby so soon! If that is what you want then I wish you much fertility. Personally I couldn't have two little ones so close in age but many other people can. Happy conception to you!

Christopher said...

I guess in some ways I feel so shortchanged because I don't get to experience the whole preggers thing...(no rhoids please!) but I get to see so many of my friends' children. My best friend just found out she's pregnant (and this is after I went to visit her, which my presence usually gets her to have her period!) and she waited to have me be the first one. So, we know it's going to be a little girl or a gay boy...exciting huh? With all of our influences, love and glitter, if that baby doesn't come out reading Vogue or SINGING Vogue, it will be a real diasppointment if the child either gender can't tell the difference between Chanel or Gucci. Le sigh, the ways to have a fluffy environment to breed the nex actress or fashion designer...

Olivia said...

Hehe, I love how you and Naief want to come hug and kiss me. Your comments always make me smile bigger!

gazza27 said...

I think when you have children close together they have a lot in commen,like they're into the same music,clothes...etc...wheather you have a boy or get what god give's you;-) remember some ppl cant have children,ppl ask me wouldent you have liked a boy,i say no,i have two healthy girls and i can wait for a grandson.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Beaut picture. Yes, it's a delightful time watching a little kid at six months mastering the art of crawling and also chucking things for his Mummy to pick up! Keep up the singing and soon he'll be joining you.
Another one soon? Good idea if it happens. My first two were 16 months apart and it was good, then I waited nearly three years for the next.
Mothering is fun - a lot of the time - but still make time for yourself and your own thinking, your own interests.

Notes from behind the bike shed said...

he is a cutey, mashallah...I hope he grows up watching a lot of ultraman...

Lotus Reads said...

What a cutie patootie, so glad to be able to see your sweet lil' baby boy! Yeah, it's nice if you can arrange to have your kids close in age,the reasoning being, they'll have similar interests and thus be better playmates to each other.

Um Naief said...

jane, one of the girls that had her baby 2 mths before me said the same thing... reminding me of all the LONG nights and no sleep. and i've thought about this, thought about giving attention to two, running after one that is walking... and i know it'll be tough, but i hope that it'll all be ok. lord knows i'll be a tad stressed at times, but i hope that once that toddler stage gets to me, that they'll both play together, laugh together... and that'll make it all worth while.

christopher, i think that you should participate in your friend's birth... be there for her, even go to the pre-natal classes... go w/ her when she has a sonogram, help her prepare the nursery... if it's something you can do because expectant mothers need that and who else would be better than you!

i think you will be given the joy of experiencing what it's like to have a baby on the way and then once it arrives... well, it'll send you to heaven! you can feel the baby kick... everything. i think you'd be great at that... and then when the baby comes... w/ all the attention you both will give him/her... and the love, that baby will be fabulous... i'd love it if naief sings vogue and danced w/ me!!!! i'm already teaching him the rumba! ;) and of course the macoraina... if that's how it's spelled. i can't wait for him to get older so that we can put on little performances and such...

olivia, you'd just love his little kisses!!! except when he pulls your hair to bring your face down to him... but it's all worth it when you get the precious kiss!! oh yeah.. he likes open mouthed kisses!! so you get the slobbered... but he has heaven breath.. so no worries ;)

gazza, that's what i'm thinking too. i'd love to have a little one and have them be best little friends... altho i know there'll be days when they fight like cats & dogs... but that's normal. i think being able to share things, go to school together and everything would be so wonderful. i just hope it all happens the way we'd like. life has a way of not dishing it up just the way you like though... you know.

wendy, i'm working on finding that time for myself. i've been out a couple of times w/ friends, which has been nice. it's just finding that time when i'm home. it's easy to lose yourself. i'm trying though. went to the health club today to reactivate my acct. getting back into fitness, i hope, will energize me.

dances with wasps, it's official... the tribals got together and decided... you can have the name! ;) i hope he grows up loving those things too!! :)

lotus reads, i couldn't agree more. i know it'll be hard for a while, but the good thing about knowing that it's hard is that it'll help me cope better. i think... i hope! :) inshallah, things go well and one day naief finds himself with a little brother or sister.

glad you guys like the photo. and puppy, it was blurry. when i'm taking it, it doesn't seem blurry, but i have a hard time w/ our digital camera. i'm much better w/ the canon. hashim is the one that has mastered the digital... but you notice who was taking the pic... mommy!! :)

Reem said...

i cant wait to get to that stage...ali is still a bit difficult, but getting better everyday. right after i had him i swore i wouldnt have anymore, lol. but i'm glad to know that things get better. love following your blog and naief's progress. and happy to hear you are ready for more. best of luck!

Munther said...

Glad you're enjoying motherhood T :) And good luck with the baby no 2 ! Hope its a girl this time :) BTW he looks sooooo American in this foto :D

Olivia said...

Awwwwww *melts*

I know exactly how those babba kisses go! And why do you think those sweet little flowers are called Baby's Breath? ;)

I think Jada will do the same when I see her in September!

Um Naief said...

ok everyone.... i'm not trying for a new one next month..... next year sometime.... i think naief needs to be a little older before trying!!

Um Naief said...

munther, yeah, i get that alot about him looking american. he has blonde hair if you can believe it, altho you can't tell in the photos. when he hits the sun, it's very clear. some of my friends have said that he looks european... but my family all say he looks just like hashim. when he sleeps, i think he looks like me :) i don't care either way. i just hope he stays healthy and when he goes to school doesn't get beat up because his mother is american!

Um Naief said...

reem, being tired day in and day out is the hardest thing... and when they get fussy from gas in their bellies... and it doesn't seem like anything will help it. those were very trying days. he used to have little fits w/ his formula... but thankfully we finally found one that worked well w/ him. i also think the key is having a really good doctor. we had one that could care less and didn't answer any of my questions and such, so i finally found one and it makes things so much better.

it does get better. today he said mama for the first time. he still doesn't know it means "me", but i was sooo happy to hear it. and know that there still are days... i still have hard days w/ him. he's gotten to the point that he doesn't want to go to sleep at night and fights it like crazy. now, i'm just letting him wear himself out and then he sleeps thru the night usually. and the good thing about him staying up late is that he sleeps longer in the mornings, which mommy really enjoys!! :)

Christopher said...

Dear Pretty Lady...thanks for the advice on the nursery...I think my friend won't allow me near the delivery room because she won't be able to smoke a joint and I'm sure I'll be guzzling bottles of bubbly so when I do see the little bubba, I'll pass out. Lots of ideas and stuff for the bubba as far as clothes go and since I learned how to crochet, I'm so excited! That reminds should send me an address to my email:
maybe I can crochet something for your lil bubba. anyways, sending love and don't forget to come on by the page and drop of some of the love you so dearly spread...recent topics: Lindsay Lohan, Gay Marriage, Bananarama Videos, and one of those silly survey things. Miss you around these parts babygirl...and you're one helluva mama!
love Kissy

Puppy said...

So here you go, already called MAMA.


SoulSearch said...

Motherhood is what makes my life worthwhile. Kids are a real blessing, and hope you have another little girl. My daughter & son are my source of inspiration. Love them...

God bless your lil son...

Jahooni said...

Happy 6 months Naief!

Happy Birthday to You.


Love, Auntie

LouLou said...

Your post is so sweet it made me smile & cry at the same time.:)

Naief looks like a lovely, happy baby. This is the kind of baby photo that makes me want to start whining ME WANTS!

But I know motherhood is challenging and not all fun like it sounds here or in all the Johnson & Johnson ads.

It's weird how you can fear something and desire it so much - both at the same time.

Um Naief said...

loulou, i was the same way as you. believe me. there are tough times. i've been having them over the last couple of weeks, and then a whole new set of things... so it's not all so cutsey... it's real life.

but... even w/ saying all of that, you can't imagine, and i mean this with all of my heart, the love it gives to you and allows you to give to another. it changes your world in a deep, unbelievable way.

i was once very selfish... it has changed that entirely. i'll write more about it... but when i say the good things on my blog... know that it's not easy. some days my nerves are tested.... you don't know how you're gonna go on, wonder if you'll ever get good sleep again (but you are an insomniac like me... but it gets no better... )... there's just a lot of things that have to change for the man and wife. i definitely believe ur hubby should be hands-on if you decide. too lonely if you do it by yourself and if you give to another, your child will not respect you for it... i'm starting to see that in another situation. more later on it :)

i can't wait to get back to your blog and see what's going on.

w/ everyone else... i'll leave comments prob tomorrow. i've taken a sleepin pill and it's time to go to bed. :)