Sunday, July 29, 2007

Is it hot or what?!!

What are the temps today??? What were they yesterday? It was 42 in Dubai yesterday (I believe), and, to me, it feels about that high here... but I have no idea really, but I know it's hot. Feels like a big hot sauna.... minus the atmosphere.

This type of weather gives me a headache... and they say that humidity is good for ya.... or at least good for the skin. I have yet to see the results of living in such humid weather... maybe one day.

What's been going on? One friend, Jane, from Lost in America, asked me a week or so ago about the voices in our house and what happened w/ that. Thankfully, since that time, I haven't heard another voice. We've decided to change the locks on our house, just in case... and since we heard that our last housemaid (the one who ran away) is living some place w/ her husband who, as we were told, is beating her and keeping her tied to the bed... we can't be sure that they wouldn't try breaking in or something. Altho, Hashim says that he doubts if they'll ever come over in this area again... and I agree.

I didn't mention that they caught the girl who worked for my BIL... the one who ran away w/ them... and then her sister turned herself in after her sister didn't come home. They were the ones to tell the family about Bali and the way he's treating his wife - before being deported. Who knows if it's true... I have no idea. I hope not though.

We've been house sitting for the in-laws who have been away traveling for the summer. My FIL, SIL and her son are coming back tomorrow. Thank goodness because it's really hot in this house. They have large rooms and it seems like it takes hours to cool them... and for me and the baby, well... it's horrible. Naief loves cool air and we always keep our house pretty chilly (he gets this from his momma), so his naps have been far and few between at present... and it makes both he and his momma cranky.... so it'll be a good day when we go back!!

I saw on the tube the other day where some footballer in the States was charged on dog fighting. They showed a pic of he and his dog... which is a Pit bull... and they were talking about how much he "loved" his dog. Yeah... ok. When you fight your dog w/ other dogs.... when does love for that animal come into the picture? This same guy has also been charged w/ what happens to the dogs that lose. They hang the animals, drown them or electrocute them... can you believe this?!! I can... and it makes me sick.

Honestly, I hope ppl like this go straight to hell and live the rest of their lives, before death, in absolute agony. I hope they get cancer or the worst things possible come into their lives, and are plagued w/ pain that no pain reliever will get rid of. You know, when I think about this kind of stuff... I truly want these ppl to suffer the same pain as their animals. Why not put them in a sport where they're torn apart by some large animals... maybe a mountain lion, real hungry lion or, better yet.. a hungry polar bear! Something that will cause serious, long, steady pain for a long amount of time. I know my cats like to torture their victims (birds and such) before killing them... they deserve the same. Seriously, I really hate ppl like this.

Which makes me think of the ppl who do this in Bahrain. It's a huge sport here. All underground of course... but I question how penalties aren't handed down to these ppl when they're caught. I've been at the vet's office countless times when ppl have been there w/ dogs that have obviously been in dog fights. I've questioned my husband on why the vet doesn't turn these ppl in... I think I've even ranted on here about it... but what good does it do when you have a society that doesn't give a crap about dogs... ok, not all, but a large majority see them as devils that need to be killed out in the open.

The other day, when we came to my in-laws for the house sitting, there was a dog out in a pen in the backyard. After close inspection and after letting him out because of his desperate need for attention, we discovered that it was a Pit bull. He was soooo sweet. I couldn't help but wonder if he would be fought at some time in his life.

Come to find out, my BIL was keeping the dog for one of his friends who was traveling. The dog, being a Pit bull, was so friendly... so I know they haven't been preparing the dog to fight as of yet. Maybe they wont... but I'll tell ya, I did ask my hubby, several times, to call his brother and inquire about the dog... as to whether his friend was planning to fight the animal and such. Hubby didn't... but if he had and if he found out that they did intend to fight the dog, I did tell him that I would steal away the dog and take him to the BSPCA w/out telling anyone... for I would not allow a dog to go thru such cruelty... never.

Yeah.. you guys may think me a bit crazy/strange... but I would do it. I even planned it out. But... the dog is gone now.. the owners came home and the dog was returned. Now.. I'll never know. God help him and maybe the ppl who own him truly love animals and would never allow such to happen to their dog.

At least I can hope.

Smiles everyone....


Jac said...

...And they claim themselves to be
animal lovers !!!

Gardens of Sand said...

It is funny that you mention dogfights in your posts, my family was just discussing this. Apparently, there are underground cock and dog fights. People can be so cruel and inhumane. As for punishments, don't expect any here in Bahrain, no one gets punished when they abuse or kill animals, let alone people.

Gazza said...

I think you's must be getting Englands summer on top of yours,we've had nothing but rain for at least a month,but the good side is our lawns are looking green,bad side is holidays are dearer coz everyone wants to get away....