Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fred is back

Fred is back, back again, Fred is back, Fred is back, Fred is back
duh duh duh duh duh duh
duh duh duh duh duh duh
duh duh duh duh

Tonight, as Naief was winding down to fall asleep, he started playing peak a boo w/ someone. My legs were bent w/ my feet resting on the bed and he started looking for someone between them.

Me and Hashim play this w/ him all the time, but I'll stand behind Hashim and come up on each side and say "I see you"... he just laughs. Tonight he was doing the same but looked for someone and laughed w/ someone. I saw it immediately but Hashim thought he was looking at his shadow. Which I thought at first myself, but as I started watching him, I realized that he wasn't looking at his shadow; he was actually looking around my legs for someone and seemed to be laughing when he saw them.

Hashim ran to the coldstore for a few things and as I sit here alone (Naief is sleeping), I find myself getting a bit spooked. I looked up just a minute ago and could swear I saw a figure of a boy w/ blonde hair... no joke. It scared me a little...

there was nothing there when I looked back up.

I told my MIL that I've seen things here.... out of the corner of my eye and such. I didn't go into detail about the sounds/voices and such that I've heard. She's very superstitious, believes in Jinns and such, and doesn't like black cats... and we have one, btw. :)

anyway... I told her that I believe in ghosts and spirits, and believe there is someone here. She thinks all houses have guardians... yes, bint Battuta, she said that word and it made me think of that book The Caliph's House, A Year in Casablanca!! Right after this she got up and went into the other room.

so.... Fred is back... and as long as Naief is happy, I'm happy.


Jahooni said...


Um Naief said...


ammaro.com said...

i didnt get it. whose fred :p

Sunshine said...

gaurdian angel :)

Munther said...

He must be an angel ! Come on tooners we are due a Naief picture update :) By the way don't worry Jinns are shackled in Ramadan :) So my gran used to tell me when I was younger ;)

Jane said...

I know how unsettling that situation can be. I've lived in homes where I had experiences like yours.

Best advice for you--ignore it. The more attention you give it the more it will make itself known. Like I said once before, don't poke the bear with the stick. My belief is that these things feed on the energy of our emotions, whether it be fear or interest.

You can't help Naief giving it attention but it is better that you and Hashim just ignore it. While it may be a completely harmless thing, somehow in my mind it seems like we are not supposed to be sharing the same space with these things. They are not supposed to be here. Ignore it if you can. Good luck.

Um Naief said...

munther, we took some new ones the other day. i might post a couple of those. :) so they're shackled... this must be a ghost! altho, i'm not real knowledgeable on this jinn stuff. hashim said they're made of fire... so that's weird to me. it's hard for me to get my mind around that.

jane, i agree w/ you. i think that some things are just meant to be ignored, and i think that it may start doing things jsut to mess w/ my mind if i let it bother me. i could swear last week, i had set a coffee cup on the counter in the kitchen to take upstairs for tea. when i went back to the cup, after doing other things, it was on the drainer, upside down - like it was draining. i didn't remember putting it there... these things i don't like, but whose to say.. maybe i did it w/out thinking.

ammaro, yeah, it's, i hope, a guardian angel. i also believe in ghosts/spirits and such, so i find myself going to that thought more often than not.

Jane said...

Um Naief,
My friend's father has been an invaluable resource for me in matters of the paranormal. He's from Laos and grew up with stories and experiences that you wouldn't believe. I know I probably sound odd or wacky but I honestly do believe these things are real. However, given the advice of my friend's dad I know better than I once did. If you acknowledge it, it will feed it. And it will attract others. Try not to even think about it. Even if this entity or whatever it is isn't harmful or malicious, others may be. My friend's dad says we are not supposed to share this world with them and that they only way to get rid of them is to deny their existence.
There is nothing you can do to stop Naief's playing with Fred and hopefully he will grow out of it.

eshda3wa said...

kids find ways of entertaining themselves
maybe he was playing with an angle

i wouldnt think too much of it :)

Jac said...

I think you can't be booooooooed so easily.
Anyway you need not be afraid of Fred...lets a say he is a friedly jinne !

The Moody Minstrel said...

Speaking of sounding odd or wacky...

I've heard from different sources that paranormal entities (for lack of a saner term) have to "borrow" energy from the living to manifest here. That's one of the explanations as to why they seem to focus on children; children are less rational, more emotional, and more innocent, so they're a much easier source to draw from.

I've already told you about some of the experiences I and my family have been through in this regard. In virtually every case someone in the family (usually me) was left weakened if not paralyzed when the "manifestation" occurred, even if it seemed benign.

Fred may very well not mean any harm and may even have the best of intentions. He could be an angel or he could be the lost and lonely spirit of a child who was killed and doesn't understand what happened. In either case, I agree with Jane. You're better off not feeding him or it.

Now where are those pics?

Olivia said...

Eep! Hope it is an angel.

Yesterday when we had Jada at the cemetery, I stayed with her by the car, and we did not take her into the gravesite. My aunt made sure to tell me to stay with her. We didn't want to bring "anything" home...

Last time they went, not long after Jada's dad's funeral, my mother was in my place, with J in the car, and said she kept staring past her out the window. We hoped she was seeing her dad and not someone else.

One in a Million said...

He must have been playing with an Angel :)
We always say that kids are guarded by Angels.. They keep them entertained :P