Tuesday, September 25, 2007

hooo hummmm

life has been pretty uneventful as of late. the only thing to really blog about is that i'm gonna do what my grandmother did to me and rub a dirty dish cloth on naief's hands and bury it either tonight or tomorrow night w/ the full moon. it looks like he has a small wart of some sort on his little hand and in order to get rid of it, i'm taking on some american indian traditions/customs to see if it'll get rid of it and any prospect of future warts and such.

naief is sick again. caught it from his cousin a few days back. hashim is sick as well. maybe the baby caught it from him... not sure... but either way, both hubby and baby are sick again and i'm hoping that i don't catch it. naief has been running a high fever which finally broke lastnight. the other night he was so hot i had to send hashim out at 4 a.m. to pick up panadol. poor little guy was whimpering and laying on me... it's a horrible feeling when your child is sick and he can't talk and you really don't know what to do other than give him meds to bring down his fever. i'm glad though coz it's under control now and he's feeling better. so is daddy.

i cut my hair again and dyed it really dark brown. i was ready for a change and instead of cutting it really short (the way i used to wear it), i decided to go in between and do a short classic bob and try a different color on.... i like it. it's sassy and fun, and easy to deal w/, which, at the moment, is my number one priority.

naief has been getting to know his cousins well. one cousin tries to bite him, hit him, punch him, pinch him... anything to be mean, so i find that after iftar, my time is spent trying to keep his cousin from hurting him. daddy has gotten involved and FINALLY his father (the cousin's) has gotten involved (or did lastnight), so i'm hoping that this little boy will start to be nice at some point. my question is... what makes little kids be so mean?! i have my own ideas about the matter.... but i find that i have to watch him intensely or he'll wind up biting naief. he's bitten some kids at the school, time and time again, matter of fact, so... i just hope he doesn't bite the baby. i told him this morning that if he bites naief that i will bite him back. and i have a mind to do it!! might teach him to stop biting.... or maybe make him more mean....

i've actually been enjoying ramadan this year and my favorite part has been dinner. my MIL cooks so good and i love her food... i know i've gained at least 5 lbs so far. my sister has started an intense diet and i've thought about doing it, but during ramadan it's almost impossible to diet. i keep telling myself that i'm gonna lose this baby fat... but to lose it means getting off my butt and working out which i have done nothing of.... maybe i can learn to love my fat.... i'm thinking not though :)

naief is changing so fast. he has started to use his index finger and thumb to grab things, adores the cats (they're afraid of him for the most part), loves all kinds of foods, and is cutting his eye teeth now. lastnight he cried for almost 30 mins straight, if not longer, while he was going to sleep. i thought i'd lose it after a while, so daddy got up and walked him around for a while.... as he continued to cry, and then, by some miracle, he finally fell to sleep. cutting teeth is such a difficult thing. all children are different and feel pain differently.... he loves to bite mommy and has bitten me on my arm a couple of times and on my stomach once.... i just hope this biting is a teething thing and stops after a while.... for i find that when a child bites, it's hard to stop that. he's not biting to be mean though... thankfully... and i hope it never goes to that.

anyway... that's about it. i don't wanna bore everyone to tears... so that's my life inna nutshell for the time being :)

happy day everyone... i'll post a few pics of naief in a day or so.


Jahooni said...

Sorry that everyone is sickies.

I want some yummy bahraini food. Yum Yum yummers. I would have gained weight too. Don't worry... when your ready you will do it.

I haven't cheated yet. Worked out for over an hour last night at the gym. Have my clothes with me again today but I have a Girl Scout leader meeting tonight so that might be pushing it after work.

Glad that you are having a good time with the family.... as for me, Kristina won't return my calls and the MIL and FIL has refused to return my calls after I noticed that there was a missed call on my cell from MIL. I feel sad for Katelyn since just last night she mentioned going to Auntie Kristina's for Halloween. Oh well.. what can I do? SHe is bi-polar I think. Anyways... Okay tootles.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Oh, the life of a young mum. Hope the family is well now.
Re hair dye - I coloured my hair a dark brown (for a wedding) and feel as if I look like a witch!
Re biting. Maybe you need to bite back - show the kid the consequences of biting!
Re Ramadan. We had a speaker at our Inter-faith Women's Group and she told us about Ramadan and that it's not about dieting at all.

Olivia said...

Hehe, now I've been to see Jada I can tell stories too!

But first, I will never agree with that Maria Montessori who said children are innately good. The amount of damage they do to each other...up until they are toddlers, they lie or sit there and poke each other in the eye, pull each other's ears, hair, scratch, kick, steal, snatch, push...you name it...THey might be pretty good with you the adult, but with each other, it's another story.

Jada is teething too, but you wouldn't know it if she didn't chew her thumb - and nothing has come out yet. She doesn't put anything in her mouth, or drool much, hasn't had a fever, isn't really crying, and merely licks the cold teethers. She only frets when you clean her nose or if she has a windy tum. Such a doll, she is.

The day I arrived she was completely silent, and just looked at everything with her big eyes, and did shy smiles. She does the Shy Lady Di eyes, where she peeps through her eyelashes, bless her cotton socks.

The day before the christening, though, she discovered her voice and started the most adorable little squealing. The next day she was burbling stories.

Listen to me, I am in luuuurve...

ammaro.com said...

everyone gains in weight in ramadan for some reason.

uh, i feel so heavy..

Anonymous said...

Yes please send some photoes.

Anonymous said...

some photoes of Naief

The Moody Minstrel said...

It seems so ironic that the fasting season is when everyone gains weight. Still, it sounds like a time that really brings people together.

Children are innately good? That's being awfully optimistic. Children have instincts, and they also learn quickly to go with what works. if being nice gets them what they want, they'll be nice. If being mean does it, then they'll be mean. The problem is that, once a child has developed a pattern, it becomes very difficult to change it. In other words, once the "nice or mean" habit has started, it may very well influence the child's whole upbringing.

Best of luck...and get up and about a bit more often!

Christopher said...

A wart? If somehow you can cut the thing off, and I know it might hurt, but then put some acetone on it a few times a day to kill it. No need to bury (what was it, a dirty washcloth? A bra? my tighty whities?) whatever and then go howl at the moon. It's bad for the vocal chords when you should be dancing to fabulous music under the moon, painting your boobs, setting off fireworks...sending you love!

Gazza said...

i think children are very jelous of other kids who take them out the lime light.

Um Naief said...

moody, i think you're right in what you say. when a child is taught that it's ok to be mean, they take that on w/ them in life. i can imagine that he'll be a bully in school. and you're also right in that it's difficult to change this behavior. it seems that no matter how nice i am to this child, he still insists on trying to hurt the baby. when he bites naief, then i will bite him back.

gazza, yeah, i think this kid is jealous of naief. at first i wasn't sure, but i do think he doesn't like the attention that is paid to the baby. if he weren't so mean, then he might get some of it too. it's sad really.

wendy, you know, i like this dark color. some time back i dyed my hair an almost black color, i felt the same way as you. i hated it. this color is a deep brown w/ some caramel highlights. i was needing a change, but i'll prob grow tired of it after a few months. i tend to do that. no, ramadan is nothing along the lines of dieting. i think ppl may think me a bit crazy if i were to say that i've decided to diet and not eat. hehehehe

jahooni, how fast things change... you know. family fun has come to an end, it seems. i'm glad you're sticking to your diet. keep on the exercise route. you'll drop major pounds that way! i'll cook some bahraini food when i come there :)

olivia, i think there's something about little girls. they seem so different than the boys. my sister's child wasn't bad either. she teethed but my sister can't remember it as a bad time. i only wish naief weren't having the pain. he wants to bite everything in sight to relieve it... including me :) isn't it wonderful when they find their voices! i love the squealing. it just sends my heart to the clouds. she sounds absolutely precious. i'm glad you were able to go to her christening, and i'm really glad things are going well for her. her eyes sound beautiful. i love bashful children. :)

christopher, i decided not to do it. i'll wait to see if this little bugger is a wart... maybe not. i thought at first that it was just a calcium deposit... not sure though. aaahhhh... i wonder if my neighbors would mind if i danced beneath the moon.... since they all can see into our yard! but who cares...

Lynn said...

If it is a wart you could cover it with duct tape and it will go away. I know, I didn't believe it myself until I saw my son do it. I think it has something to do with killing it by not giving it air.

That same son used to be a biter. He had really sharp teeth too. Well, my husband bit him back one day and he never bit again. I don't know how his mother will take to you biting him though. How old is he? The person that was bit might have to be the one that does the biting back.

When you fast your metabolism slows down to conserve. You go into starvation mode. The metabolism isn't going to change after eating a meal so when you eat a meal like you'd tend to do in Ramadan,(lots of food and high calories)you will gain weight because your metabolism is still set to conserve what it can.

Um Naief said...

hi lynn, thanks for stopping by.

i think you're right about covering it and not allowing it to get air. great idea, and i'll try it. altho, i think they were calcium deposits because they're going away. i hope at least. i used to have a severe prob w/ warts when i was young, so i feared that he was getting them too, but i'm not sure now.

and i agree w/ the biting. that's why i planned to bite his cousin if he did bite naief, and i told him so. naief is biting right now but it's because of teething, but my SIL likes to pretend that he's biting because he's a biter, which isn't the case.

and you're right about starving your body... this is one huge reason that i don't believe in fasting all day. many ppl in these parts, as you may know, believe it cleanses your body... i don't agree w/ this. i think your body assumes you are starving it, therefore goes into starvation mode, saving up all the fat and calories for fear you'll do it again, which is what happens for a month. no wonder ppl gain so much weight during ramadan, and i could see ppl adding on the pounds well into the next year at this rate because you're eating habits change so much, and especially w/ all the fried foods!!

again, thanks for coming by. hope to see you again. sorry for being so late in responding to your post.