Sunday, September 09, 2007

today and always

is it just me or do a lot of ppl have memory problems?

i can't remember dates... never have been able to. it was a major problem for me when taking history.... having to remember important dates. they never stuck, no matter how long i tried to memorize them... so i turned to cramming... not the best way to keep information in your brain, but it works for the short term... probably why i only know a few things about history...

but gosh... you want the words to a song... just ask. you want the details of a movie, sitcom or such, just ask... this information seems to stick for ages... i kid you not. ;0

this past weekend is a great example of my inability to remember important things - dates. me, naief and hashim were riding around in the car and all of a sudden, hubby asks me what is important about sunday. seeing that i had made plans to go out w/ my girlfriends sunday night... i couldn't think of anything else happening that day. again, he asks. i sit there, thinking as hard as i could and still nothing comes. i finally give up and beg him to tell me....

it's our anniversary! yep, today. and i forgot. you know, most ppl i tell this to can't believe it's me and not hashim. but... i'm the guilty party. can't tell ya how long it took me to be able to remember his birthday! and several months back i found myself running to naief's baby book to double check the date of his birth! yep... that's me. but hey... things could be worse, right?!!

naief is really sick so we're staying in tonight, which is fine because sometimes that can be more romantic. sometimes being out at a busy restaurant w/ lots of ppl and/or noise gets to me, so just sitting back, cuddling and watching a movie makes my day, my week even :)

so here's to my husband... Happy Anniversary lovies!!

My Heart's Lullaby

I want to fly away
To that place deep within my soul.
My pen leads me to places
Where my mind wonders
It always seems to know.
My word, I would say
It is my brush…
Gliding confidently
With a stroke, so thick, across my soul.
Inside one's heart
Mysteries constantly seem to unfold.
Your soul will know.
Do you have courage?
My heart asks one last time
Let it grab you
Won't you let it take hold?
Your strength, it will have to lead you
Because my heart beckons…
Only the most mysterious of all.
Have you ever wondered?
Asked why?
I do, it's a constant
That's where my heart leads me
Because my soul is my brush
And my hearts lullaby.

Full Moon

Such powers your distant land holds
Clouds, how they cover you
But still your light deepens its hold
Nature is captivated by you
Animals cry out to you
What beauty you hold
The wind, it whirls around me
I see nothing but what you want me to see
The clouds, they move swiftly
As the bare limbs of this tree
Echo the emptiness from all around
What do I write
Where does the bare mind lead
I can find your sweetness
Feel the pull of such gravity
The darkness of your beauty is all around
Every leaf movement echoes aloud
While rolling like thunder
Can you hear me call out?
Full moon


Gazza said...

What was the question again?lol.

Puppy said...

Um Naief,

You need to associate dates, events with smth, its easier to remember. Never heard that women will forget her anniversary, generally its men guilt :))



Its getting ridiculous; not only you, but seems its happening to everyone else. I guess nowadays we just have SO MUCH going on in our lives, and the world has become such a busy place that I guess our minds find it tough to just keep up...

Hashim said...


Emm..... what would you associate an anniversary's date with? I'd think maybe associating it with the day we got married may be a good start ;)

Happy Anniversary Um Naief.... I'm counting on you remembering next year's :)

Puppy said...


Happy Anniversary. Hmmmm let me think, it was on 9th right?

So 9th its 2 days before 9/11, 2days after my b/day:) i mean there should be something to associate any dates with smth.

9/11 its quite a sad fact, but admit its smth that everyone remember, especially Americans.

And if she forgot that is was in september at all, she can associate with the thing that summer is over, but its not yet cold.

Tons of things, may be that is why i remember birth dates so well, yours is on 13 Jan? If i am right, please note i only been told once about it :))

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Happy Anniversary! I lost my diary a couple of weeks ago, and really I'm stuck about what's on in the coming weeks!
About anniversaries - I remember ours because we were married on New Year's Eve, so that makes it easy. Forty years ago. While cleaning up papers I found a letter written to my mother from a missionary - describing our wedding day - (cos my folks weren't there on that day.) She had kindly written four pages describing all the fiddle faddles of dress etc. I'd forgotten the details. The missionary had written that she doesn't really approve of these 'cross-cultural' marriages, but she reckoned that wendy would make it work!!!

Jane said...

Um Naief,
Happy Anniversary!

I think you should be excused. You have baby brain. Really. While pregnant and for the first year or so after birth studies have shown that women have memory issues. No, seriously. I had the same problem, only much worse. I was a total scatterbrain, unable to retain much of anything. Tell Hashim to cut you some slack...after all you did bear his child not that long ago.

Olivia said...

Hey, Good to see you back, and Happy Anniversary you two. Here's to many many more!

that Full Moon poem is very evocative. I did not see the title (don't ask, very tired eyes today), and I definitely visualised a moon within the first few lines.

Of course you know from school that the best way to memorise anything is to sing it. I could recite the Quadratic Equation if you needed it. Why? We sang it in 10th grade Algebra class...

And as for me, my hold on memory is soooo bad. I can't remember from one second to the next what folder I am putting what image in at this current job. Does not help when I don't get to eat lunch or take a break either.

The Moody Minstrel said...

I agree with both the associative (i.e. associate the date with something) and musical (i.e. sing it) mnemonic devices that have been suggested here. They work for me!

I think weakening memory is a common problem these days, and I think a lot of it has to do with our increasing reliance on technology to do our thinking and remembering for us. Want to recall what's happening on a certain day? Just pop out the cell phone or pocket companion! Want to figure out how to go somewhere? Just pop open the cell phone or the navi system! We don't need to use our brains anymore, so they are atrophying.

Be afraid.
Be VERY afraid.
Be TOTALLY afraid.

Wait a minute...where are we?

Jac said...

Hmmm Um Naief, You seem to forget dates numbers, names and I don't know what else !!
Oh! yea, This 77 year old poor me too :-P

Happy belated anniversary, um naief. I had no internet for a few days.

Now what did I wish you for ??? I forgot :))

All the best and take care.

Um Naief said...

you know olivia, when i was in high school, my 10th grade class would have gym class w/ an english class that had the same teacher as us and we'd memorize everything by singing it as well... we used to get all the answers to quizzes from them.... and then me and some other girls would instigate it all. i can remember sitting behind a girl and i'd write all the answers on her back, she'd write on the person in front of her and so forth... and then the person in the row next to me would watch what i'd write and they'd do the same. pretty smart huh?!! lol.. not really cuz you don't remember anything like this.. but when you're young and everything else is more important, i guess you don't care.

Olivia said...


you'd write on each other's clothes??? Also, wouldn't the teachers see?

Um Naief said...

olivia, can't believe i didn't see your comment, and i'm SO SORRY that i didn't respond.

we'd write w/ our fingers on the back's of shirts... and no, the teacher never saw. we did it for months... until the end of school.

can't say it was the best thing, now looking back, and wish i had taken a greater interest. it wasn't until i got in the 10th and later that i seriously got interested in school.... and sometimes your best stuff is learned earlier, so i feel that i missed a lot.