Sunday, January 20, 2008

change, change, change

In less than a month, Naief will be a year old. Can hardly believe it really. Time does pass fast when they're growing and changing so much. Everybody tells me to enjoy it now because they grow so fast, and I agree, but, truthfully, I'm looking forward to all of those changes and to him getting older.

He's already starting to stand in one place by himself. He'll push up either from me or from the floor and stand in one place for several seconds. Last night I actually thought he was going to take a step, but he didn't. I think that'll prob come when he's not thinking about it. Right now, he's getting his legs.. they still wobble a little. It reminds me of a fawn.... they way they get up with their legs spread wide apart, go back down and then get right back up. He does the same, even w/ the legs spread apart. Makes me smile and laugh.

He's also now clapping. Wasn't sure when or if he'd learn to do that since I think many kids were doing it way before him, but my mom taught him a few wks back and now he does it all the time. :) He's not clapping along w/ Pat a Cake or If You're Happy and You Know It, but I know he will be before long.

And something that is surprising me to no ends is the fact that he's cutting 4 teeth at once! He actually skipped his canine teeth on the bottom and started cutting two teeth back from those on each side. Didn't realize babies cut two teeth at once and skipped teeth like that, but he is. He now almost has 12 teeth.

He also loves music and when he's standing will do a little jig. It's so cute. He'll bounce on his little legs to the music. And talking about music, he's also very interested in musical instruments. My sister has a banjo or something and he loves to sit and strum it. I'm sure his daddy will be really happy about that. I think he's also singing. He'll hold notes for long periods of time when someone is singing or if he hears singing on the TV. I know lots of parents say stuff like that.... that their children started singing at 2 or some such, now I see why they say that. Coz he's doing that... or if it's not that, it sure sounds like it. I hope it is... especially since Hashim loves to sing and his momma loves to sing... sounds right to me. :)

Being here has been great. He loves my mom and I love seeing the two of them together. I only wish she could be around us all of the time... I really wish that could be. His grandparents in Bahrain just aren't the same with him... I wish they were, but it's different and when the time comes to go back to Bahrain, I will really miss the interaction between him and my mom. I can't even go there really....


Olivia said...

I'm so glad Naief is bonding with his granny, and I hope he can spend time with her again when he is older.

I cannot, simply cannot, believe he will be a year old soon. No way. Really??? Already?

Wow. It's been a fast year.

And he just keeps getting cuter ;)

Matt-Man said...

Sounds like good times. I miss (at times) when my son was that age, but tomorrow he is off from school and he and I will be going to lunch together.

I am looking forward to it, because he never fails to make me laugh, and give me a sense that I was partly responsible for producing something good. Cheers!!

Rock Chef said...

Sounds like he is doing great. I am impressed that he is developing his singing/talking and standing/walking at the same time. Usually the vocal bit goes on hold when they start to walk as the brain is concentrating too much for both.

I love the little dances they do at that stage, espicially with clapping too. We always felt they were clapping themselves and would join in.

Great times.

The Moody Minstrel said...

A musical kid! Great! It's definitely in his blood (or the genes, anyway).

Have you tried teaching him the "Clap, clap, clap your hands" song? Both my kids loved that when they were little!

hashim said...

I can't wait to see him doing all these things!! I should get him in the studio and record his very first music album. We'll release his first single now, and when he's 10, we'll make a Naief Re-visited remix :)

Time does fly!!! I can't believe he's almost one...

many more to come, inshalla.

LouLou said...

Funny coincidence. I just finished posting about change too.

But yours is a lot cuter.:)

It IS hard to believe Naeif is already 1!

The first year is really cute. But I really love talking to 2 and 3 year old kids. Wait 'til he starts to talk. Then the real fun begins.:)

Um Naief said...

olivia, i'm also really happy that he's bonding w/ my mom, but the real heartache will come when we have to leave. it's all bittersweet... i love that he's here, i love that he's w/ my family, but the farewells are so terrible.

matt-man, i hope that naief will do the same when he gets older. his dad makes me laugh a lot and hopefully he'll have the same qualities! i'm very serious w/ a dry sense of humor, so hopefully he doesn't take from me!

rock chef, well, he's not singing.. just humming really... if that's what you call it. he's not talking at all, and he's not really even saying momma or such yet. so his verbals skills haven't advanced much, which is ok, but i do so wish for him to call me momma. we join in when he's clapping. sometimes he takes my hands and tries to clap them. :)

moody, what is the clap, clap, clap your hands song??? never heard of it, or maybe i have and just don't remember it or something.

hashim, can't wait for you to get here!!! only 9 more days! :)

sunshine, change is a big thing for us right now. change w/ naief seems to be happening every few minutes... a little exaggeration there, but not much :) i'm like you... i love talking to small kids. can't wait for him to start talking!

Puppy said...

I am so enjoying reading your posts about Naief. Its so interesting and kind of make me feel that we watch him growing right next to you:)))

Happy upcoming birthday and Um Naief i cant wait to see a Bday pics, you should make a big party. Here ppl celebrate their kid's first Bday very lavishly, so go girl!!!

Gaz said...

It has gone very quick,i remember Munther saying you were the pregnant blogger,he'll be next now he's engaged.