Saturday, January 26, 2008

this ain't fun....

Me and the baby have been sick for over three wks now, w/ the worst of it hitting us over the last week 1/2. I brought meds w/ me from Bahrain just in case the baby got sick and figured that if I got anything, I could pick up meds here.... or so I thought.

Went to the pharmacist the other day to find out what's best for this crap that's ailing me and she told me to get Mucinex for congestion and coughing and Claridan D for the runny/stopped up nose. I picked up the Mucinex then headed over to the pharmacy area to get the Claridan... seeing that's it kept back there under lock and key. I figured they kept it back there to keep potential drug users from getting ahold of it, but, come to find out from sisterpoo, they just recently made it over the counter - since it used to be by prescription only.

So I wait in line to get up to the counter for what seemed like eternity and when my time finally rolled around, I go up there, ask for it, she gives it to me and then asks to see my identification. I pull out my passport (as I was told I needed it from another pharmacist to get the medicine) and they wouldn't take it. In order for me to get any medicine that's behind the counter, I have to have a valid ID or driver's license from Calif. I was totally miffed, to say the least.

Couldn't believe it really. I told her that I had been told at Walmart that I could get it w/ my passport, but she refused, saying that it's State law that in order for me to obtain this med, I would have to show a valid ID from the State of California.

Here I am sick, needing this med, but can't get it. I came home, told my mom to get her ID. In disbelief that they wouldn't give it to me and cussing under her breath... we start out the door to go and get it, but... just as we're about to leave, sisterpoo gives me some regular Claridan that she has, tells me it's the same and to use it.

So, I used it and am now out. Me and mom, baby and niece are about to head out to try and pick up the infamous "other" medicine, so we shall see if we're allowed to get it. Sometimes the crap that you have to put up with here in the States gets under my skin.

I hate being sick.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

I'm sorry to hear that your are unwell and had a bad experience trying to get medication. Rules are crazy at times. Best wishes for your recovery soon.

ammaro said...

sometimes these laws just end up making life hell, dont they? hope things work out for you, get well soon :(

ps. heard you guys just got weed vending machines there. might as well just roll up a joint to get over the whole headache :D

Um Naief said...

ammaro, you know, i saw something briefly about that on the news yesterday, and i wondered what was going on... i'll have to look this up and find out what's going on. i know they give out maryjane to ppl w/ eye probs and such and w/ particular types of cancer - i think - but not really sure about it.

don't you wish they had the same in bahrain! ;) imagine it!!!!

wendy, thank you my dear. i hope that we get better soon. i picked up the other med yesterday and it seems to be helping more than the other, so hopefully it'll kick this out w/in no time. the baby is on antibiotics until tomorrow, so i just hope it does what it's supposed to do w/ him as well. seems the u.s. has this flu strain all over and it lasts up to 3 wks if not longer.

Olivia said...

Yes Clarityn/Claritin has been over the counter for a few years now and I stick to it throughout the spring and summer.

Sorry to hear of your issues with the pharmacy, but hey, even you know from Bahrain, every country has its own silly set of rules.

I hope you and Naief get better soon, it takes so much out of a holiday when you don't feel great.

(I've got shingles right now and can actually say that, along with food poisoning, I would never wish it on my worst enemy. In fact, the flu is better!)

The Queen said...

Claritin and other drugs with the same ingredients are behind the counter because the ingredients are being used in making meth, at least I think it is for making meth. The purpose of showing ID is to keep track of who is buying and to make sure no one is buying large quantities. They must put your Lic # into the database. They should have the name option for people that don't have licenses.

From what I heard about the marijuana vending machines, you would have to have a prescription and get it filled and then you would get a PIN to use in the vending machine. You would only be able to get the dose and kind that your prescription called for. It's not like a vending machine where you get choices and anyone can buy from it. I think it is probably being done that way for better control over it.