Wednesday, January 16, 2008

voices and accents

My sis, Jahooni, was talking on her blog about accents, so it made me think about accents and voices. And if you haven't checked out her blog as of late... you might want to... she seems to be in a rather spunky mood as of late.

Before moving to Bahrain, I was pretty lame in that the British accent was a pretty big deal to me. Yeah, I'm small town! ;) Now, after hearing accents from all over the globe, I must admit that my preferences have changed a bit. Not that the British accent still isn't a favorite mind you, but after falling for the hubby, I would have to say that his accent is now my favorite. It just has this ..... how do I put it... well, it makes me tingle all over!! It's very sexy, deep... and just the way he says his words... aaahhh, I'm like chocolate in his hands! ;) hmmmm... I wonder if that's a bad thing?!! you think?? ;)

And... coming in a close 2nd would have to be the German accent. Just love it.... and wouldn't ya know it, hubby can speak some German! ;) and with a good accent!! hmmm....

Then, I'd have to say, that my old favorite, British, pulls in a third... but, even in saying that, I have a hard time distinguishing between the British, Scottish and Irish accent. They all sound very similar to me, altho I know they're not and are different in their own special way... I sorta liken it to the various accents in the States. But.. I will say, that over time, I think I'll get to the point that I can tell the difference or hope I can because in thinking about it, I can also say that I have a hard time telling the difference between the British and South African in some ppl. I think that between those three, the Irish is the easiest for me to pick out.... I'm sure all you Brits would strongly disagree w/ my evaluation here... but like I said, I'm small town! ;)

I really like the French accent, but I find it difficult to understand.... and talk about not understanding.. I have a hard time with the Indian accents. Not all, but many. I have some Indian friends that have British accents, but the guys that you find working in shops around Bahrain or the guys who work in gas stations and such in the States... well, forget about it, I can't understand a word that comes outta their mouths. Indians talk so fast... I think that's a big part of it.

anyway... this is my take on accents.. and the voices, well... to me, they just make a good accent all the better....


Jahooni said...

Well Well Well, look who has rosen from her slupper to post a new blog!?!

Yah, I always liked accents (except for texas accents, I still re-live those childhood days... but going there next month makes me wonder if I can catch on so soon..??)

Anyhoo, yes I agree accents are somewhat attrative. But sometimes not when a BIL tells me to Hallah Hallah all day long! ha!

Matt-Man said...

I melt at the sound of a woman with a British Accent. Yeah, I'm small town too. Thanks for stopping by yesterday. Cheers!!

Real Live Lesbian said...

Sounds like you need a candy coating! You know, so as not to melt! ;)

I love accents, too!

eshda3wa said...

british accent makes me feel ... naughty ;)

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hey, you didn't mention the Australian accent! And it's the best. Actually at world conferences they apparently like it because it's not so tight as pommy accents, twangy as Americans. Okay now I've offended how many of you! We have broad Oz accents and 'educated' accents which is more like middling British I guess. I like the Irish accent best.

Um Naief said...

wendy, ooohhh, i LOVE the Australian accent and you're right... it's not twangy... nor pommy, but not really sure what that means! ;)

i have always thought americans have a boring accent.. not anything to it really.... very unimpressive.

eshda3wa, hubbies makes me feel naughty! ;) but i didn't say that!

real live lesbian, hey... you know, i thought of candy coating... but, you know, they do melt, but not in the hands! ;)

jahooni, yallah, yallah :0 get with it chick! don't pick up the texas accent... go more southern, like georgia! :)

ammaro said...

theres a chance that you've seen this already, but it still makes me laugh:

not exactly about the british accent, but theres a lot to laugh about here :D more meaningful if you've ever met any persians :p

anyhow; australian, south african and UK/Scot/Irish accents are similar to outsiders. I can do a jolly good british accent, but my scottish accent is a mix of scottish and irish; i find it tough to differentiate, and ive lived there!

eshda3wa: you probably feel naughty because youre thinking of austin powers! groovy baby yeah!

Rock Chef said...

Although the British Isles are very small, there is a huge range of accents. I live in the bottom right corner. We sound different to people from London. Londoners have different accents depending on where they come from (Eastenders?) Travel to Cornwall and it is different again. Go to Newcastle (North East England) and it is like they talk a different language. Wales has another accent (and language!) Scots are different and when you get to Ireland there are distinct differences between accents in the North (quite harsh) and the South (soft and sexy).

Me? Chinese accents fascinate me!

As for melting like chocolate, that is definitely a good thing!

Sunshine said...

i used to like the aussie accent, till i moved to australia.. lately i feel like iv had too much of it, i would just kill for a bahraini accent :)

Jane said...

I am keen on Scandanavian accents, especially Icelandic. I also adore Irish accents--so sexy!

The Moody Minstrel said...

Which British accent? North London? East London? Manchester? Newcastle? Cornish? Dubliner? Kentish? Cork? Cardiff? Non-Cardiff Welsh? ...etc?

(...pant pant...)

Which German accent? Berliner? Kieler? Upper Saxon? Lower Saxon? Kolner? Bavarian? Schwabish? Rheinlander? Salzburger? ...etc?

(...pant pant pant...)

Which Australian accent? Queensland? Sydney? Tasmanian? Perth? ...etc?

(Okay, not so many of those, but still...)

In fact, while we're at it, which American accent?

I imagine the Arabic-speaking lands must have regional accents and dialects too.

Um Naief said...

moody, hehehe, yes, Arabic has many dialects all depending on what village you're from.... so, indeed, you're right.

and the americas have them too...

boy.. things sure have gotten mighty complicated... i guess accents aren't so simple after all! ;)

Olivia said...

How funny! I am watching a documentary right now about the voice and they just got through explaining why English speakers don't understand the Indian English accent - there is a different musicality and intonation that completely misses our brains.

I have become somewhat annoyed by the British accent, despite the fact that I have one...I am letting a little of the twang I picked up in Texas come through when I am tired and fed up, and when I leave the office I sometimes singsong, "See you tomorrow, y'all." Although of course I do still have a bit of a giggle at it. But then I tease my mother for her Guyanese accent and can copy her to a tee.

It all depends on your approach? aspect? (can't think of the word!) because when I was dating the american I found his light (not strong) Tennessee accent endearing.

And now I have missed a load of that documentary, but never mind - I am totally catching up on my blogs tonight and nothing will stop me!