Wednesday, January 09, 2008

look at me

This is the first time that Naief has stood on his own.

My sister snapped these shots tonight while he stood for maybe 10 to 15 seconds. Not a great length of time, but standing nonetheless.

I could hardly believe it. And at one point, I could swear that he was going to take a step... but he didn't.

I think he'll wait for you, hubby, to walk... but grandma thinks he'll be walking in the next couple of weeks! Just so you know, he was thrilled at standing and giggled while he stood there.


Jahooni said...

Look at the cute pictures that I took! Where are you DADDY?

Rock Chef said...

Boy oh boy, are you in for it NOW!

Lulwa said...

I love Rock Chef's comment...
I can't believe how adorable he is, especially the PJ's he's wearing... Makes his cheeks all the more kissable! Sweet!
I hope you're having a fantastic time in the US.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Well, look at you, Naief! All ready to join the World of the Bipeds!


ammaro said...

hes up and standing :D before you know it hell be running around and jumping and so on :)

SoulSearch said...

UmNaief, you have got to cherish these moments,,, I was watching a home video of my kids last night (my kids are 5 & 3) and it made me feel nostalgic for the times they were babies! At the age of 5 & 3 they want to be independent and you'll miss the way you can mummy them all day!!

Um Naief said...

soulsearch, believe me, my dear, i tell myself this every day. he's already getting independent, but there's still that side of him that loves being mommy'ed... and i know, even when he gets independent, there'll be times when he wants that...

time goes so fast. can't believe it's almost a year... but even when i say that, i love to see how he's changing, what new things he discovers about his world every day... i love that, but i know when he gets older, i'll look back at the videos, like you, and long to see those years again.

my sister does the same as you! we've been watching some of the videos of my niece when she was naief's age. and now my niece is almost 8!!

memories :)