Friday, March 14, 2008

back and rested

We've been back for a couple of weeks now and finally starting to feel like I'm back in the game. Feel rested and happy... which is always a good thing.

Traveling w/ Naief went well - a lot better than I expected. Had heard a lot of horror stories about traveling w/ children, but didn't experience any of that w/ him. The only probs we had were when we spent the night in London. He couldn't fall asleep for anything and cried most of the night away, but slept well on the flight, so it all worked out okay. Getting him back on the time here was a bit difficult, but he's finally settled in and all is well.

The one big issue when we got home was that the woman we have working for us didn't pay attention to the cats and one of my favorite kitties got out and is gone. I was heart broken for days. When I told her, she blamed Hashim's friend who had been house sitting for us. I don't know who did it, but I think it was probably her, since she's very absent-minded and doesn't pay attention to much that's going on around her. I've been calling Porsche and looking out for her, but still nothing. She was such a sweet girl and I wonder if she's still alive.... because.....

I guess about five months ago, our cat, Wilson, got out thru an open window that the woman left open and didn't come back. I called out to him and nothing. I think I may have even blogged about it... because I think the day he got out, I heard the wild dogs that night and thought that maybe he had been killed and figured I'd never see him again.

Well... the night we came home from the airport, I saw a cat that looked just like Wilson cross the street in front of me and, at that time, I thought it might be Wilson, but then figured it was the outside cat that I take care of that looks just like Wilson, but is called Tigger. Once we got inside the house, I realized that Tigger was inside our house! so it couldn't have been him... but I let go of it and didn't think about it again until a few nights ago.

I was standing at our bedroom window and saw a cat - looking just like Wilson - run up a tree when the neighbors came out of their house. After they left, I called his name and he turned around and looked at me. It was then that I saw the white rings around his eyes and knew it was Wilson. I called his name again and heard him cry back to me... and to hear Wilson cry, well, there is no mistaking him for another because it's such a pathetic little cry! :)

I told Hashim that it was Wilson and went down to the street and over to the neighbors immediately. I walked the front of their house calling to him, but nothing. Then... as I was turning the corner, Hashim said, "look there", and low and behold, it was him crouched down in the middle of the street. I said his name again and he cried and came over to me. I slowly bent down and stroked him... thinking that maybe he'd run since it had been sooooo long... but he didn't. He cried and cried, so I picked him up.

Now... he's back in our cat family and everything is the same as it was before... altho he's much thinner now. It took a day of keeping him in another room for him to calm down a bit, and after letting him out w/ the rest of the cats and fearing that there would be some major cat fights, I'm happy to report that there were none and they've welcomed him home.

It's weird because I didn't take Wilson as a survivor. He was shy and a wimp. I would have never thought he would have been able to go up against the wild cats outside, let alone survive on the streets w/ cars.... something he wasn't used to. But he did!! He has a few scars on his ears, is super thin, but I'm really thrilled to have him home.

This fact helps me to have hope for Porsche. I hope that I see her again and that she makes her way back to our neighborhood and home.

other than this.... the house was a complete and utter mess when we came home. I don't think she had cleaned for weeks - or it smelled that way. She's been cleaning like a mad woman since we came home and since hubby threatened w/ sending her back.... I hope it stays this way.


And for missing my family... I do, but I know it won't be long before I see them again. I'm hoping that my sister and mom come for a visit this year of next.... they say they will, but I've heard that before! ;)

I had such a good time in California. I love being there. I love the ocean, the trees, the mountains, the fresh air, the clouds, the rain (altho it rained too much for my blood this time), and I love being around my mom and sister. Naief had such a good time with Katelyn and I miss that every time I look at a picture, but the next time he'll be bigger and will be able to play more, which will make her happier because she won't have to fear that he'll tear up her toys! ;) Even though he didn't break one thing!

anyway... we're going to the Spring Culture event tonight and I'm so looking forward to it. We're taking my husband's mother for her birthday and I hope she likes it as much as I'm sure I will.

Good day all....


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

So you are back! And cat stories too! You must write a children's story for your son about the adventures of house-cats when they suddenly find themselves in the big wide world. My friend wanted me to care for her cat when she was going overseas, but I just sneezed when she brought it around, and Peceli said no. It's an indoor cat. Well, her brother took it but insisted it find some adventures OUTSIDE! I just wonder what happened to it.

Rock Chef said...

Welcome back - glad to see you blogging again, I was getting worried that you had given up.

Good news about Wilson. I think cats are better survivors than most animals, so I hope you get Porshe back soon.

Lulwa said...

Welcome back! Glad to see you're settled back in again. I hope you continue to update more often now.
I'm a huuuuuuuuge cat lover, and it broke my heart to read about Porche. When I was in Bahrain, I made sure my cats never left the house as we had wild cats wandering in the garden and was worried my ones wouldn't be able to defend themseles. Well, I was right. One of them wandered into the garden, and the next thing I hear was a loud scream, and my cat was sat high up on a tree. It was scared like anything and it took me hours to get it back down and safely into the house again.
Lovely having pets in the house. For some weird reason, they bring a feeling of calm into the house.
I miss my babies!

The Moody Minstrel said...

Welcome back(?)!

I'm happy to hear that Naief did so well traveling. I could probably add a thing or two to the horror story collection (if you haven't heard them already) with my own kids.

You did blog about Wilson disappearing, and it is great that he came back! I was pretty worried and had more or less given up hope when my own cat disappeared for a week back in January. Wilson's story is far more impressive! I'm sorry to hear about Porsche, though.

You have another woman working for you? After all the problems you've had with housekeepers in the past? *whew*

How has Hashim's muse been doing recently?

Olivia said...

Hey, it's a relief to see you back, but I'm sorry you've lost Porsche, let's hope she will come back like Wilson did.

I've lost count with your housekeepers. I'd be SO mad if I came home to have my place in a mess *and* smelly. Poor you!

Puppy said...

WELCOME BACK!!! We missed you!!!

How r u doing? Sorry to hear about ur cat, but i think she will come back, they have this instict.

Take Care

Jahooni said...

welcome back my dear... i missed you **snickers**

it is still wierd you not being here but I know that it won't be long until we are together again since we didn't kill each other! ha!

Um Naief said...

hi everyone... our internet has been on the outs since coming back from bahrain, so i only get online when we're at his families - but not even then every time... so, hopefully it'll be up and working in the next couple of wks...

moody & olivia, as far as the housemaid issue... well, i agree... i said i wouldn't do it again, but w/ this woman, we were sorta forced into it from the family because they had done her visa and didn't want her to watch the nephew any longer so we took her, and i wish we hadn't. she's older so i thought it would alleviate probs w/ men and those other things, and she only works in the mornings and doesn't live w/ us... but even still, there are a whole set of other issues that i just get tired of dealing with... but.. her contract is for another year so hubby said we'll keep her until that's over then let her go.

hopefully i'll be posting more over the next few wks, especially once our connection is back. it's a pain not having the net to cruise whenever i want!! :)