Monday, March 24, 2008

run aways and the everdays....

Today while out driving along Budaiya Rd., I was about to go around one of the last roundabouts before Al Osra and who did my wondering eyes see??? Bali, the guy that ran away from my FILs employment! I'm not sure that he saw me... he looked in my direction and turned his head quickly, I thought, but I'm not for sure. I watched him and saw where he was headed.... for I've heard from the woman who works for us that his wife, the girl that worked for us, is working out there. We had been told that he was working in Gudabiaya (sp?), but now, after seeing him, I doubt that.

He was carrying a bag of what looked like groceries and a bundle of flowers. I'd bet they're working for expats, and was told that by our house woman. Me and hubby have decided to do a sting operation this coming Friday. I called him upon seeing Bali - even wanted to turn around and follow him - but was told not to do this. He'd more than likely run upon seeing me and who knows if I'd find out where he's at... and they could run again... so I didn't.

I figure he was coming out of the cold store there at the corner, so we've decided to go there on Friday, early... maybe around 11:15, since they always cook lunch close to noon, and, if we see him, will let him go into the cold store and then try to nab him. I'm sure if we got him, he'd more than likely give up on where he's living, that way we could potentially go and get his wife as well. I have no idea how the family will take it, but I think we have a legal right to get them and take them to the police.

While in California, I learned that Bali is suing my FIL for not giving him pay during the months after he ran away. I find this to be utterly ridiculous. Here he left, upon his own choosing, but expects my FIL to pay for all of those months. He also wants plane tickets to go back, which I know is our responsibility, but feel like we shouldn't have to do. I understand giving ppl rights, but how far does that have to go?


Naief is growing so much. He's now on the verge of walking. He took four steps the other night towards me, but has yet to do it again. I think he could probably do it if he wanted, but I have a feeling that he's still a little scared at this point. He has 14 teeth now. His fang teeth are coming in and, without a doubt, these have been the worst. He ran a fever, had cold symptoms, and was in a lot of pain. Poor little guy, his upper molars and these fang teeth have all been coming in together... I try to imagine what it must feel like, but it's hard. I just know that I hate tooth pain and never hesitate to give him pain meds if he's crying and pulling at his mouth a lot.

He is now riding in his car seat without any big issues. He'll cry here in Bahrain for me to take him out, but while in California, he was a real trooper. I'm glad that we had that opportunity there because it's the thing that got him truly used to it. I think it also helped to get him used to eating in his high chair. He's not crying any longer and has started eating or rather trying to eat with a spoon. He's quite messy - altho he doesn't rub the food all over his face or in his hair (yet) - so I feel pretty lucky. He does like to fling it on the floor, but I read that once they start doing that that it's time to stop eating.

He has also found his screaming voice. He loves to scream in public. Not scream or cry, just yell demands. ;) His usual yelling words are Ma Ma, Ma Ma. We were at Geant the other day and he decided to start doing this while going thru aisles. It embarrasses me somewhat and I'm trying not to let it - always remembering that anyone with children will understand what's happening - but that doesn't stop the stares at times. If they look at me, I just smile. I also read that when they do this - which is usually a phase - to try and play the whisper game. I did this last night and it helped a little, but sometimes he just loves to be the center of attention with all and won't stop until he's had his fill.

We cut his hair a week back. It was filled with curls and most ppl thought he was a girl, so we decided it was time. Didn't cut it too short or leave it too long, just a nice in between. It's cute. Sometimes I put cream in it and do the whole messy hair thing on the top.... it's precious really. He doesn't like it though and will sometimes take his hand and pull at it or cry if I'm spending too long.


Wilson, our cat, is getting along w/ all the cats. It's as though he never left. It took a bit for his sister, our black cat Petunia, to accept him. She'd hiss and growl at him and they may have even fought a little at first, but now she has allowed him back into her life. Maybe she was angry with him... but the other day in the kitchen she was bathing him and it was just so sweet. I'm giving the cats Bach drops in their water to help them all w/ this transition back into the home. I've used it in the past when taming feral cats and it always worked, so I hope that within a month or so, all the cats will be calmer because of his addition again into the family.


We're house sitting this cat for a woman I know. I don't really know her per say, but she used to work for my MIL at the school. She doesn't have any children so this cat, Jack, is like her baby. He's a beautiful white, long haired cat, but he hasn't been neutered. She's been asking for me to let him in the house, but I can't do it. If he feels threatened whatsoever, the likelihood of him spraying our house is high, and I don't wanna smell cat urine all over the place. She's also asked me to have him fixed for her and that she'll pay me in two months, but I'm just really torn with this.

Apparently she's married to a Bahraini man who is fooling around w/ this Moroccan woman and they have 6 kids. He keeps this woman, that I'm cat sitting for, in a flat someplace, but from what I've heard, he didn't pay her rent and she got kicked out. So she's now living w/ friends and looking for a new flat. The last time she came and visited, she hinted on the fact that if she doesn't find another flat, she'll have to get rid of Jack. I know she wants us to take him... I think this is one reason she's pushing the neutering issue... but hubby has given a firm no to this, and I'd rather not add another cat into our furr family. We're keeping him in one of our bathrooms right now and he just cries and such when I feed him and spend time with him - wanting out when I leave - but I just can't let him out in the house. This, in and of itself, makes me want to get him fixed... but if I do it and she doesn't pay, that's another "why did you do that, you knew she wouldn't pay" or "now she wants us to keep the cat... what do we say"... and the possibility of "oh the poor kitty... what if he doesn't find a home" going thru my mind and pretty much beating myself up mentally... so what to do?!!

For now I'm having the house woman clean the bathroom and hubby feed him so that I don't get attached. It's way too easy for my heart to go out and for me to wind up doing what I don't want to do.... and I have to listen to my husband this time.... you know?!! and I don't want another cat really, if the fact be known. We have our hands full now... and if Porsche does wind up coming back... well... you know what I mean.

okay... I'll run... good day my friends.


Olivia said...

You seem to have endless problems with home help and other people's animals...! A theme going there.

I'm confused, are you cat-sitting for the wife or the Moroccan woman?

If you have to listen to Hashim, than that's that. It's good that you're keeping aloof from the cat, and seek every opportunity to return him to his owner, or find out if she knows anyone else who can take him in turns from you.

All too often it is easy for those who are too kind to say no, to be taken advantage of by others.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Bali and Wife, inc. seem to be like a recurring nightmare that just won't go away...

Some male cats will spray even if they're neutered. We used to have a Siamese that did that. Definitely a strange fact of cat-ness.

"I kan has leak on chair?"

Olivia said...

Hehe, I love that kitty English that's been used lately on cat photos.

The Moody Minstrel said...

That's called "LOLcats". Look for the website. It's loads of fun...or totally stupid depending on your sense of humor.

Jahooni said...

i need to see pics of his hair!

i miss you all so...

guess coming to cali was a good thing, taught us ALL somethings!

give him kisses from Auntie Jahooni.

Um Naief said...

you know, olivia, we do have endless probs w/ these women. for one, i think i'm too soft on ppl and when they start trying to take advantage and i get pissed, then all of a sudden we have probs. i'm such a stickler on laundry and just recently she did the laundry after my telling her not to for the 4th or 5th time and some of hashim's shirts shrunk.... and i threw a fit. maybe it wasn't the right thing to do, but after so long i'm starting to see that getting angry about the what isn't done right is better than letting it go and not saying anything.... trying to be nice.

i'm cat sitting for the indian woman. i let the cat out w/ the rest of mine yesterday. my oldest male, frankie, hates him already. i've heard some loud screams but so far there haven't been any fights. he cries all thru the night which i assume is because he hasn't been fixed. he was following around one of my females today, so i'm really hoping he doesn't take to trying to mate w/ one of them!

moody, yeah, we have that prob w/ wilson. he was spraying before he got out and i haven't noticed it this time around, but i'm a wee bit worried that he'll start again w/ this "new" cat being in the house. and yes, bali and wife won't go away, it seems. we went to look for him today, but nothing. we'll leave it and let fate take it's course.

jahooni, he walked again yesterday twice. i was at SILs and he walked to her for an apple! it was so sweet. he won't do it now.... so hashim still hasn't seen it.

Olivia said...

Sometimes it's hard to let go when you were brought up to do things yourself, and then to have to rely on others to do them for you, as nice as that sounds from here...But then we never found fault with our housekeeper. She had this magical way of folding fitted sheets into perfect squares.

By the way, news from Kissyfur. He's studying and can't get onto the blogs from there. I told him you were in a similar situation.

Rock Chef said...

So how did it go? Did the Sting go wrong and land you behind bars?

Miss you and your side of things!

Jac said...

Ha ha ha Um naief

You have not given us a post but a whole news paper !!! LOL

All the best.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hellloooo! Where are you these days? You haven't posted something for a few weeks now. Hope you are well and everything is fine.